Reviews for Remember All
LEMarauder chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
All do respect, Ms. Rowling, but move over. Because this tragically gorgeous scene from newcomer N-Sarrova takes your side B-characters and elavates them to more emotional maturity and sophistication than some of the major characters from your series. Sorry.

N-S, this was bloody brilliance! Frank and Alice are two very important people (er, hello, their child was THIS CLOSE to being the Chosen One for Merlin's sake!) whose terrible fate has never truly gotten the attention/celebration it deserved...until now. I love how we fall so naturally in step with them on this seemingly ordinary night, when all of the Wizarding World is still in the throws of celebration. The settings and dialogue are hyper-accurate to the Potterverse and could be borne only from a writer intimately familiar with the world she is exploring. You cover so much ground with all of their interactions and conversations, but it flows incredibly naturally, and we as readers have NO FREAKING IDEA that we are gently being led to such a chilling and heart-breaking conclusion.

Love widdle baby Neville, and nice cameo with Augusta. It is how incredibly fitting that he doesn't enjoy Floo travel; and WHAT an adorable name for a House-Elf!

The Hopping Pot was a particularly well-thought-out addition, rather than just relying on the Leaky Cauldron. Benjy made me smile, albeit a little sadly knowing what becomes of him *sniff* And that unfortunate...leg...incident...thing. Ahem. Yes, well...terribly funny ;)

The adoption conversation stopped me dead in my tracks. This is of course assuming that the Potters' and Longbottoms' had in fact had that close a relationship (which would make all of Harry's kindnesses to Neville a dozen years later that much more bittersweet) but if something had happened to Sirius (are you operating on the assumption they knew he was Harry's godfather?) it is perfectly plausible they were next in line for custody.

Loved Alice getting slightly bada with her "Can I come?" SUCH an Auror line...And then-how COULD you? It jus-it just- no no no! Bellatrix's entrance filled me with dread (in some ways I find her scarier than You-Know-Who), and then to pull us away from the scene, and discover the fate of all the future major characters while knowing what was happening to the ones we had just grown to love? Evil, I tell you! *collects self* Moving on. Your closing line utterly sealed the deal and brought the story to its full, sad circle. It was just beautiful, you should be very proud indeed. (Although next time, a little more lycanthropy? Please?)


5thmarauder94 chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
woow, i am actually in awe of your writing skills. this sounds so real and to the series, i have to ask if you are a professional author? i really hope that you maybe do spin-off serieses with your amazing talent, such as maybe IF the longbottoms had raised harry and neville, what they have turned out like?

really love the effective ending. keeeeep writing :D :D
WolfGirl75 chapter 1 . 9/25/2010
i liked the story you wrote. it was so sad. i tried to read your other storys. but fan fictions got a major glitch going on right now and i cant get past to the other storys. so if you know who to get a hold of to let some one know. that would be great. cause the suport group it tells you to go to wont let me in. i want to read your other storys so please help.