Reviews for Sons of War
FledglingInkstand chapter 4 . 4/22
I absolutely love that you have Shruikan in here! I have never seen that before, and I can't wait to read more! Thanks for the excellent writing
Guest chapter 35 . 2/21
Is the other prisoner Elva?
kumar LaVoixDuSud chapter 74 . 2/2
Amazing chapter ! Eragon seems happy, and I'm sure Saphira will help his healing, eventually. :D
I would love to read more about this travel "back home". You know you are my great. I am looking forward to reading more... and more, and more...
Please, post again soon. :D
Mix and Match toy chapter 23 . 2/1
Your story is really good
I am the Story Teller chapter 74 . 1/29
My heart breaks into thousands and thousands of tiny pieces when you write about Eragon. It physically hurts, and poor Saphira! I'm dying for those two! Please please please post soon!
Restrained.Freedom chapter 74 . 1/29
What an interesting development.
I wonder if this direction {Vroengard} will make a difference in how the situation unfolds at Dras Leona. With the empire poised to pull out, it would have been the best time to plan the conquest of the city... at least until Galby becomes wise to the changes in his chain of command...
I can't wait for more... I am dying already, so I can't imagine what you will have in store for us...
Fantastic Chapter... Again!
Aren chapter 69 . 1/25
Oh wow, I think it's well over a year since I last read this, but oh the joy of coming back to see new chapters! I remember when this fic was still in the first dozen, damn what a ride. As always, I can only sing praise to you. Your characterization, your descriptions, the way you get into the characters head and make us see through their eyes and feel the story, your whole writing basically. You good. Very good.
*sighs* this is still so good...
I can only thank you for sharing your talent and your lovely thoughts and time with us poor folks.
kumar LaVoixDuSud chapter 73 . 1/15
What a marvelous chapter ! I'm so happy for Eragon. At last, he finds again the bond of his heart, his beloved Saphira; and his laughter. :D
Despite all the adverse conditions and the problems not yet being resolved, I hope both brothers and Riders somehow will manage. They are together in this, and together they can do miracles.
Thorn was amazing. :D
You are amazing !
Thanks for sharing this magnificent story. Please, update soon. XXXD
Restrained.Freedom chapter 73 . 1/14
You give us such amazing emotions and scenes. I absolutely adore your portrayal of every character. The banter between Murtagh and Thorn was wonderful, but the more visceral interaction between Eragon and his "Eyes" {I couldn't stop grinning.} His toddler-like delight was just... delightful. XDDD
And Halia is "41" eh? I wonder how much Elva knows of the elf's condition, if she knows about the spells on Eragon. And I have to wonder about what happened to Glaedra, Angela, Kidasku, and Sicorro... Oh... so many Questions

As always this was a Spectacular Chapter!
Guest chapter 73 . 1/14
Yayayayay! They r reunited! Please update soon! More Eragon and Saphira! Please oh please! *gets on her knees and begs*
Anon chapter 72 . 1/13
Spoilers for those not up to date/ I have read this fic loads of times and love it so much. About those last few lines of this chapter, Murtagh building a monument and hosting a burial, it reminded me of the eldunari who have asked to be destroyed. I couldn't help but imagine the smashed remains of the eldunari being shaped into an awesome, multi coloured dragon statue monument etc. with the help of dragon magic of course. Saphira especially seems to have an affinity for transforming/fixing super large gem/diamond things. Anyway, it was just an interesting thought I had when I was busy imagining the elves helping Murtagh cleanup/bury all the dead dragons etc (or whatevers going to happen) and then being pissed off at Murtagh when they realise the eldunari will be smashed :p.
Although I'm really not sure how that will go as I've always found this story very unpredictable and original and want to make it clear that I will enjoy what you have in store, whether or not you involve a large colourful dragon monument. The next chapter is always better than I imagine it to be.
Restrained.Freedom chapter 72 . 1/8
Nices... Very nices.
The first thing I thought was "How is Thorn there?" And then I thought "Murtagh you should be sleeping. Then when Halia woke up and seemed alright I thought "This was too easy... It has to be a trick.
Little by little you led us to know that Murtagh was not awake in the real world, and having him again encounter Oromis is just delightful. Even when he is cryptically annoying, that elf has some pretty good advice.
And I'd like to give Murtagh a little kick in the seat of his pants. He and Thorn are finally free. He has rescued his brother, Elva, and his favorite red-head-elf. He is the heir and leader of all the dragons and their hearts. If you ask me, things are starting to look up for the red pair... and still he is tempted to go moody?
I guess old habits die hard... XDD
Fantastic Chapter! {as always.} ;)
kumar LaVoixDuSud chapter 72 . 1/8
As a review I will give you three words only.
Ansy chapter 71 . 12/5/2014
Nice chapter. I like it. I will wait for next chapter.
Camilinha chapter 71 . 12/4/2014
Your story is amazing! I loved it... i love halia and murtagh together... poor eragon going nuts... I just hope Murtagh will be able to fix him fully because I cannot think of him as useless and much less weak... i just hope saphira and him can be healed fully... please update asap! I can barely wait!
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