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TobiGB chapter 66 . 3/30
Not bad, I have a few questions though, like for one which Gohan is this? is it the Teen Gohan version or the Adult version? I have been wondering that since the very first chapter with him!

Also which version of Nightwing is this? I mean keep in mind there are several incarnations of him, remember my story Robins?

Anyway nice chapter.
WWE Universe chapter 65 . 3/30
We are glad that your back. Here's more info for further chapters, remember we want a new Chief Operating Officer, General Manager also a corporation of several superstars and making a parody of D-Generation X. Remember of what's "Best for Business" and what's better for the brand of WWE Animated. 3/30/14
WWE Universe chapter 64 . 3/30
What if you could add more cartoon characters from the past and present and also include a Chief Operating Officer(not Triple H)
also a corporation. It could make more interesting for your chapters and events. Think of what's "Best for Business" of adding more characters and some appearances of real WWE superstars and Divas.
I hope some of the ideas could give more effort.
IWC Supporter chapter 1 . 3/28
You pretty much set me straight with everything XP. But about the pin-up scandal...I'm a decent guy and I'm slightly interested in it because it's a storyline that's new to me, granted its a bit weird. But its pretty sane compared to Gwen's Attempted Murder Storyline going on now. Death and Wrestling isn't a good mix at all, especially when you had real life death controversies like Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit and Paul Bearer and the storylines WWE (Real Life) used.

If I were Gz-King, I would still use it, but not to extreme scenarios, with Yang or Danger Duck since it's surrounded those two. You guys may be tired of it already, but we had to suffer through YEARS of the same SuperCena shtick, overused rivalries, and jobber superstars/divas that never got a decent push.

I'll see about getting an account here XP.
IWC Supporter chapter 1 . 3/28
I apologize if I sounded rude and brought up things that have been discussed, I took out my frustration with WWE's current booking and everything on you guys.

But some of my opinions still stand. I stand corrected with you guys trying to support AWE. Though I feel it was still somewhat shunned. Maybe a 'Most Improved' award or something should've been added, I mean, there were things AWE has done that I enjoyed. GzKing made Slade who he is, based on his Teen Titans character. Few promos, but still a major threat to everyone, thats what I liked about Slade.

I wouldn't chastise those who won, because they somewhat earned it, but their popularity influenced most of the votes. I didn't bring up ACW or any of the other companies that haven't awards as well because it was their companies first time in the awards. I didn't bring up JC and CWF because they actually won awards. I brought up AWE because its been around as long as CWF has, but has NOT won an award.
IWC Supporter chapter 1 . 3/27
Responding to your post on the 'Fiction Wrestling Multiverse' group you are a part of, regarding the FWMAs.

I don't have an account, but I do have some of the companies on my favorites list so i can keep track. I've been reading the Fictional Wrestling Multiverse for about a year and a half, but I am caught up with everything.

I don't understand why you, or the admin of the group decided to use 'polls' to decide the winners of the 'awards', major upsets like the Gwen Tennyson/Joan are bound to happen. 'Conspiracies' like these are very likely to happen. AWE is getting the heat for most of it but that is generally part you, and the other members of the FWM's fault because of it. You give waaaay to much credit and spotlight to your big companies.

As 'Gz-King', who has a pretty funny icon, stated, he was the very first to make the FWAs a big deal. But can you blame him? You rarely gave him much attention in the FWAs, and even if he wasn't around for the planning, you guys could've done 'SOMETHING' for him and explained it to him whenever he gets on!

Posting the rankings like the Olympics is like mocking him. And the 'wake up and smell the coffee' posts ARE NOT HELPING!. "You'll get it next year"...what happens when that clique doesn't live up to its meaning? He was told that the 2011 Awards, the next year, the 2012 awards, nothing...he was told it again after 2012 awards, this year, the 2013 awards, nada!

I'll stop for now and wait for your responses.
TobiGB chapter 65 . 3/21
First, you're link doesn't seem to be working.

As for the Joker, not bad you have him a little tame, but still not bad. keep trying and remember Joker is a mad dog that can't be controlled so don't hold back on him, not bad on the "Killing Joke" Reference there.

All in all the chapter was alright.
George boothman chapter 1 . 3/19
WebDragon chapter 63 . 1/30
WebDragon Network Review: Wrestelmania 29 Toon Town

Money in the Bank Match:

Man the first match and we already got a match of the night contender. Amazing everything on it tons of spots to tide the match over from Stewie's debut to Charlie Brown all the way to Raimundo taking it all and finally winning. The only thing that detracts from it is the always hectic Money in the Bank match spot heavy antics leaving room for little else but still great beginning and does it well.


Tag Match for US and IC titles.

Not as good as the first match but still a great one so far as the event keeps on going. The Canadians take it and I think my only concern was the finish where it just seemed as if timing was off all around. Outside of that great match and two new stars make there mark.



Who is the Digi-Destined Tai vs. Davis

Amazing match here and definitely full of twists and turns but still a great match riding with the MITB match. The only problem I had was that the match ended up being really spread out from spots so it takes longer then it should have after a certain point. Sort of like Freiza vs. Goku's five minutes but much less padded but basic idea. Some times it went far too overexaggerated where I felt it detracted from the match. Still great though but the flaws that it had keeping it from going over MITB.



24/7 Match

Just like with the Ladder match in TWF I really don't think these matches are good on the rating scale. Unorganized mayhem with a neat finish and a minor story in it if you can pierce it together.




Two bad bitches go after each other in a WAR. Good match on all ends and I really liked some of the spots while I felt the finish was a bit dumb. I mean I've sort of grown out of the leap and fall as a revenge tactic screw up when they can just stomp the hell out of the person right there with much less risk. Then again KAYFABE so let's ignore that and just leave it as it is a fun match.



Ten Man

I'll be honest dumb storyline finally ends. It has a good pay off if nothing else with retribution being got and short match solid ending got Vegeta Jr (I refuse to believe GT is real) and not much else going on as outside stories.



Women's Title Segment

I won't rate the match it self as much as the moment which was glorious. The commentator's especially sold the moment to anybody. And ending the chapter with a great quote "Sailor WON the War". Message was clear concise and while I might enjoy the Thresh promo more it's probably my top segment without a whole ton of talking to illustrate a point and just as good as that promo.



Gwen vs. Sailor

Not the greatest match but moment wise nice. Sadly it really just rests on the last two spots and probably illustrates the biggest problem with these giant paragraphs they lose the spark if you ask me. Still though good match and the finisher was definitely great ending the story.



TLC Match

A bit to much on the WAR emphasis from Vegeta as the match wasn't all that brutal for that proclamation. That said loved it and legitimately made me read through it twice as I think everybody thought that the WTTT were there to be thrown around.



Hell in a Cell

Sort of had a weird ending but out of that great match. Loved it the spots were great the build up to said spots were great just great all around. I sort of feel the Kame Kick at the end was sort of out of place but it still was good as a he wins after all but that was dashed by the great Togashi's First Main Character who take out Gohan.



Ash vs. Linus

What a feud to finally lead us up to this moment and it didn't dissapoint. Everything was going well the match was amazing and that SOB Brock turned on his own man and I was think it was over Ash just got screwed. Read a bit father and he got up and he took down the blanket loving freak and kept the streak going as he's the 'Best No One Ever Was' and takes the Match of the Night so far with that near fall selling just how big this match was right at the end. Few times where I've ever thought match is DONE and was wrong as I was scrolling through.



Broly vs. Dan

On the good note match was fantastic even if turned into an almost murder at the end. That said the post match shennanigans HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh god I'm sorry but that was so out THERE him dying in the ring I lost myself and laughed for a while there. I'm sure I'm not the only one Jesus that was cheesier then the Thresh Broken Dreams promo Champ's gonna be pissed somebody out cheesed him.



Goku vs. Taiki

Once again that finish is what got my intention and it confused me a bit how did it work exactly. He does a flip and ... I'll save it for later. That match was greatness all around and having a transformation sequence in ring was just odd but good none the less. I'll admit I thought Goku won't down a bit easy and was expecting the small package or something like that to get the job done for Taiki but still good match all around and in my mind he just got up and got hit by a finisher instantly becaise I can't make heads or tails out of the ending. It does take over as the match of the night however.



Main Event

I'll be honest here this match started of rolling and then slowed down for the long hall with just a bunch of sequences for a while. Not a lot of big stuff happened till around the end of the middle when the match heated up once more. The ending went off on all cylinders to bring the match way up and the only thing I can say is Naruto showing up was just .. ugh. I would have prefered him to just not show up or maybe just at the end to save DP from a beatdown from a vengeful Itachi or something. The ending segment was great and while Itachi might be ridiculously OOC to his real counter part he keeps up with his actions of coming and going by taking a vacation. Still great match not the best match of the night but still one of the better ones.

90/100 (or 9/10)

206.25/240 or an 86% percent on the new system and let's add the bells and whistles (A.K.A taking out the meaningless matches and upping the more meaningful matches as well as the rest of the more misc. stuff) brings us to a new percentage.

95% as it takes an entire nine percent higher after adding it all in after the upping and devaluing process. The whole method hasn't been completely figured out but whatever right. Anyways I'll leave the Top ten on the Forum because this has gotten big enough.
airnaruto45 chapter 64 . 12/17/2013
why you little (insert homer strangling sequence)
Dante The One Winged Bloodedge chapter 63 . 11/21/2013
JeanKazuhiza chapter 63 . 11/21/2013
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Itachi's streak is NO MORE!

That was a great Wrestlemania!
alex 988 chapter 62 . 11/18/2013
Cant wait for chapter 63!
Dante The One Winged Bloodedge chapter 62 . 11/17/2013
OH MY GOD! WHAT A MATCH! Still wish Goku should've won but Gohan backstabbing his own Father!? WHY GOHAN!? WHY?!
JeanKazuhiza chapter 61 . 11/17/2013
Maybe Broly have won... but Dan has survived in the end!
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