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The King of Awesome Style chapter 103 . 8/23
Forgot to add this prediction as you've just reminded me. :P So here you go.

60-Minute Ironwoman Match – Gwen Tennyson vs. Katara
– Picked Winner: Katara

Damien Sandow Catchphrase. :P
The King of Awesome Style chapter 104 . 8/23
I'm a little lazy to give a descriptive review over these monthcaps. ._. I will say I like what I'm seeing so far. :O The build from each of these chapters get me HYPED for what's to happen. BI Now to predictions where I just pick the winners and that's about it. :O
In Your House: Broken Hope, Shattered Courage Predictions:

Dragon Ball Tourney Qualifier Match – TD Kennelly vs. Kai vs. Chocolove McDonnell (winner gets The Two Star Dragon Ball)
– Picked Winner: Chocolove McDonnell

Black*Star [c] vs. Wolfgang for the WWE Toon Intercontinental Championship
– Picked Winner: Black*Star retains the WWE Toon Intercontinental Championship

WWE Toon Women's Championship Tournament Semifinals – Ellie vs. Misaka Mikoto
– Picked Winner: Ellie

Law of the Jungle Match – The Nation (Huey Freeman, Riley Freeman, Black Dynamite, Susie Carmichael) vs. The Hardcore Animals (Conker the Squirrel, Crash Bandicoot, Max Goof, Coco Bandicoot)
– Picked Winners: The Hardcore Animals

WWE Toon Women's Championship Tournament Semifinals – Kari Kamiya vs. Aelita Schaeffer
– Picked Winner: Aelita Schaeffer

Ben Tennyson vs. Ivan Drago (If Ben wins, WWE Animation Inc. gains autonomy; if Ivan Drago wins, WWE Animation Inc. goes back under The McMahon Regime's full control)
– Picked Winner: Ben Tennyson

Main Event: Street Fight – Takeru "TK" Takaishi vs. Davis Motomiya
– Picked Winner: Davis Motomiya
airnaruto45 chapter 102 . 8/17
you'll bring CB back though right? I have an idea on how to do it. You have Linus rant on how he sent CB packing but then a casket appears on the ramp when suddenly a bolt of lightning hits it to reveal Charlie Brown who then does an Undertaker style sit up stares Linus down and says : "Welcome to Hell Linus!" Linus tries to rebuke this as the pyro goes off but CB walks right through it. Charlie Brown then says: "I will walk straight through the fires of Hell to face you Linus. So from here on out I won't hold back and when it's over and I beat this whole great pumpkin crap out of your head the only thing you can do is REST...IN...PEACE!"
HardcoreAsylum chapter 64 . 7/9
can't find the draft
That One Wrestler chapter 101 . 4/13
Could you do another Bragging Rights soon?
HardcoreAsylum chapter 101 . 4/9
Dragon Ball Tourney Qualifier:TD Kennelly
WWE Toon Intercontinental Championship:Black*Star
Toon Women's Chapionship Semi-Finals:Misaka Mikoto
Law of the Jungle Match: The Hardcore Animals
Toon Women's Chapionship Semi-Finals:Aelita Schaeffer
Ben Tennyson (Rebellion) vs Ivan Drago (The Corporation): Ben Tennyson
Street Fight: TK Takaishi
ForceWalker chapter 101 . 3/28
Dragon Ball Tourney Qualifier: A triple threat match between three rising stars in the WWE, sounds fitting to me. Choco was a surprise based on his use before, but you can be one full of surprises. XD Well so far, Sora and TK are out of the tourney...but Sora MAY get back in because of the way he lost his ball to Conker. But for now, who's the fifth man? ...Not TD. Simply because of the Henry story. This seems like the time he'll blow, or inadvertently cost TD the victory. Henry seems destined to explode at TD's expense. Leaving to Kai and Chocolove. Choco would be a surprise, the upset no doubt...while Kai winning would continue his NWA storyline. know what? I'll go with Choco with the surprise upset pin on TD. Why? Because I doubt I see Kai being a Dual World Champ in WWE, and I feel Choco could use it more. Kai's probably got a lot more to go around without this.

Winner; Chocolove McDonnell

Toon Intercontinental Title Match: A match with ZERO FACES in it. The only one closely remote to one is Black*Star...a rare sight for you, Toon, based on how you think. XP But we have this match anyway, Wolfgang vs Black*Star coming off Fallout and P&G, and Han continuing to break off from Goku and inserts himself into the mid-card to rebuild himself. But here...I see Black*Star retaining based off of Scott Pilgrim's eventual return. Wolfgang COULD win, but not Han. Han seems a bit out of nowhere for this feud, but Scott has beef with Black*Star and Wolfgang, so either of them can win, but I see Black*Star pulling it off and being the Champion Scott takes on upon his return, but I see Wolfgang sticking around personally.

Winner: Black*Star

Toon Women's Tourney Semi-Finals 1: Ellie takes on Misaka, winner goes to the finals of the tourney. And already, I choose Ellie. Because Ellie's the one with the bigger momentum and character to go on, and Misaka seems to be preoccupied with the Saints and Pippi story. So I think she'll stay with that story there, while Ellie moves on, Ellie's got more potential as a top girl star in WWE right now. So yeah, I choose Ellie to take this one right based on how stories going and Ellie having more to her.

Winner: Ellie

Law of the Jungle Match: It's a tough one overall. Because Nation to push the new stars...and Hardcore Animals to have a feel-good ending for this. What's the way to do this? Which way to go? ...My idea? ...Hardcore Animals win. BUT WAIT...THE NEW STARS NEED TO WIN. SHOULDN'T THAT BE THE CASE? CORRECTION! ...They don't always need to win. :P Because if they always win against a particular veteran, then the veteran's ability truly to put over a star in defeat becomes hindered. Why care for someone who always loses? Problem with Jericho in 2013. And Animals lost a LOT to Nation to the build-up in this match. And yeah, you can say "they have other companies" to fall back on...but personally, that's a cop-out to me. Can't just bring down someone in one company because they have something in another, that LIMITS story opportunities and what you can do. Nation have SO MUCH right now, they've had a strong lead on the feud...but sometimes, the vet needs to go over, because hey, in defeat lies great story opportunities and other things, and I believe this is one. Hardcore Animals have SO MUCH POTENTIAL...bu they lose this feud so soundly, with so many losses to their name...what can they do if they are not effective as a faction in the long run? They need SOMETHING to show that they are "The Hardcore Animals." This won't kill the Nation, not if they put in the good performance, but I fully believe the Animals win to establish themselves as strong vets in the future, and Nation need comeuppance. Nation can survive, and thrive with a loss. To me...there's no reason for the Nation to WIN. They win, they continue "Smart Hardcore" in the same fashion as always. They LOSE...wonder what that will do. XP They've been put over ENOUGH in this feud...they need to lose. With victory...must come loss. Needs to at least be ONE vet victory here. Nation will still have the Hardcore Title...but I believe they are destined for bigger things than the Hardcore Division. XP So yeah, Hardcore Animals to win.

Winner: Hardcore Animals

Toon Women's Tourney Semi-Finals 2: The age-old story of veteran vs rookie. Does the veteran take over and win for one last ride, or does the rookie, the new star, take the world by storm? And my pick? ...Aelita. Because Aelita vs Ellie sounds like an infinitely more interesting match up with more possibilities to go around, PLUS...undefeated streak. I don't know if I see it ending here personally. I see Kari being used to elevate Aelita, to set up the oh so interesting match between Ellie and Aelita. Hardened and rebellious zombie survivor versus arrogant and high-living lyoko queen...that gets me. So Aelita to win and keep the streak alive.

Winner: Aelita Schaeffer

Ben vs Ivan; THIS...will be interesting. Mostly because of which way do you want the story to go? Do you want to PUSH this story even longer, do you keep it going? Or do you end it now with Animated victory? You could do Double DQ...but I DO believe that's just a MASSIVE cop-out for a stip this big. One you yourself aren't known to do. :P You're better than that. Then there's the final traitor...are the Winchesters a red herring? ARE THEY? If so, will the real traitor screw over Ben? Will he let Vince win... I'm...gonna go with Ben actually. Regardless of if there's an actual traitor or whatnot, Ben should win because I'm really unsure of where the story can go from here in its current form. The whole deal with Vince and Animated has been building towards THIS, and it's going to have the payoff which leads to other deals for Ben to go back to being the heel because he's too good as the heel. XP

TK vs Davis Street Fight: This is a big one. TK vs Davis, the Duos Champions beating the hell out of each other in a match that will settle it at all. Who will win? Does it MATTER who wins based on what might come after? Do they reconcile fully? ...Who knows? But either person can win this and make sense, it really can. It'd be easy to say Davis would win, but TK can also win and forgive Davis afterwards. I can see that from you.'s TOUGH...but I'll be saying Davis wins to throw him a bone. I may very well be wrong, but that's my prediction. After that...forgiveness shall finally be given.
airnaruto45 chapter 101 . 3/23
Ben must win
WatcherComesToHaddonfield chapter 101 . 3/22
In Your House: Broken Hope, Shattered Courage Predictions

Ben Tennyson vs Ivan Drago w/ Ludmilla Drago:

This may not be the main event, but as much as I like TK vs Davis as a feud, this is the match with the most ramifications behind it. Ben has somewhat reverted back to heroism, if only to stick it to Vinny Mac and keep the Animated Division out of his hands. Ivan Drago is Vinny Mac’s hand chosen monster, Animated’s Rusev (ACTUALLY A MONSTER) who has an undefeated streak that has not gone too far yet.

So how does this one break down? Ivan has the undefeated streak, but it hasn’t gotten far enough for it to be a big thing to end it per say. Sure, they’re all former champions he’s beat (exception of Levin), but Drago just hasn’t faced that many people yet. Ivan does have his supermodel wife, to provide support, but I think’s it’s been proven that Ben can and would deal with her if needed. Which he probably will have to. So it won’t end via her hands.

What tips the scales for me is one particular line via The Doctor: “There’s ANOTHER ONE of us, my friend. May NEEEVER see him until it’s too late. He is hiding out there SOMEWHERE.” The additional traitor, but those were The Winchesters, right? It seemed so. But the Winchesters are two, and The Doctor appears to only be referring to ONE person here. He used “him”, not “them”. “Another ONE of us”. The Winchesters are red herrings, and I think the Animation Division has taken the bait.

Let’s be real, despite the boys being kept in the back, this can only end in screwjob, and it will fall onto the hands of the “him”. So Drago wins is what I’m saying, right? Nah. This feels like a continuing storyline, this feels very early to end this McMahon vs Animation storyline. I think we get a shifty Dusty Finish of sorts here, or a Double Win / Loss, involving that traitor. I think this storyline may go on until SummerSlam. That would be proper to end it. And who do I think this traitor is? Gonna be BALLSY…..Shun Kazami. With Dan coming back at IYH, it would be interesting.

Prediction: Double DQ, to keep Ivan’s streak intact, keep Ben strong, and to continue this storyline further.

Ellie vs Misaka Mikoto:

One of the two Women’s #1 Contender’s Tournament Semis, containing who rookies who have only come to the E in the last in-story month. Ellie appears to already have gotten X-23 out of her way, which shocked me, I actually thought that feud might at least go to PPV. So now Ellie for now just has this. Mikoto came to the E, because she feels she hasn’t lived up to her potential AWF-wise. And she wants another Title.

The scale tipper, is the Pippi - Saints thing, which you haven’t quite shown yet, so I’ll hold my tongue for now, but I feel like you’ve established Misaka & Pippi teaming up. So Misaka has a story to go to if she loses, presumably teaming with Pippi vs The Saints. Ellie meanwhile, would have to find something new if she loses, now that she’s beaten her first rival. So, in the end….

Prediction: Ellie, because she has nothing to do if she loses.

Kari Kamiya vs Aelita Schaeffer - No Holds Barred:

Other half of the Women’s Tournament matches, with one legend, one rookie, I guess. Would Kari be legend status yet? Either way, Kari’s a little older FWM wise. Hell, Aelita called her the old woman of the locker room. Kari’s the older wrestler who wants to get back in the limelight, since Digi-X died for good it seems. And Iroh mentions this may be her last shot. Aelita, as you yourself mentioned Toon, is the hottest she may ever be, with her new Horsewoman gig. Aelita got to here by beating injured Sakura and using brass knuckles. Kari went clean over Rika and had some help with La Mariposa for Tron.

So this is a hard match. It seems that Kari “needs” it, based on that “it may be her last shot” line. But Aelita’s got superheat, and she has the Horsewoman association. No Holds Barred makes this interesting, because this is Kari’s element, but *cough* Making A Match With Your Good Stip Curse *cough*. Also, No Holds Barred opens the BAR for a Horsewomen run-in. OR, Kari getting a Senshi Boot to the face. The only girl Kari would have to help her is Yolei, and what was the last useful thing Yolei did? I heard silence. There we go.

Prediction: Aelita, because superheat, Kari stacking the deck against herself, and stipulation curses. Also, to continue the 02 Meltdown.

TD Kennelly vs Kai vs Chocolove McDonnell - Dragon Rush Tourney Qualifier:

Dragon Rush Tourney opens up a possible World Title shot for one of these guys. TD just finally “took down” his greatest rival he’s had thus far, and now he’s got a little “program” with Mr. Wong. More on that later. Kai...just HAD a World Title shot, but he’s already hungering for another one. Chocolove looked destined for lowerlowercard after Fallout, but now he’s suddenly in a good position.

Yeah, TD’s screwed. #PsychoHenry. You’re building Henry vs TD, and that will be a baller of a match, with Henry playing heel, or at least a rough Tweener? That’s how I see it playing out. Basically, your version of Jericho vs AJ. Kai….again, just had a World Title shot. He doesn't need to be in the running for it per say. Maybe I’m weird.

So, I think Chocolove’s winning? Well….yeah, I guess. TD has Wong & has a World Title reign and has had two (technically three) World Title matches already, Kai already had his opportunity (FOR POWER). Only makes sense to bring in someone completely fresh to the World Title. Also, Moon’s insistence that he won’t win only makes his win more likely in my mind. XD. TD takes the pin.

Prediction: Chocolove.

The Nation vs The Hardcore Animals - Law Of The Jungle:

No doubt, I’m pretty sure this is the endgame for Nation vs Hardcore Animals. Because you can’t escalate more after a match like this. ._. . So, presuming this is the finale, who takes it? Nation won via Riley at Fallout and P&G, Animals won at Road To Glory. Nation in general has taken more wins in this feud.

This isn’t for the gold, so The Nation COULD lose this, but still keep what is most important, which is The Hardcore Title. Nation losing likely gets us Riley vs some combination of the Animals at whatever the actual PPV is. But...we’ve done that song and dance before, heck we’re doing it this match. And as I said, this feels endgamey.

Now, let’s look at The Animals. Conker’s in Dragon Rush and has two balls, though he is giving Sora a some point, depending on Vanitas. But either way, Conker has somewhere to go should he not win this feud. Max just came back (Part-timer for this?), so IMO, this loss shouldn’t affect him much either way. At worst, he just leaves again I guess to reunite some other time. Crash & Coco….have other companies to fall back on. Meanwhile, The Nation are all WWE-exclusive for now, and this is their only feud right now. does this pan out? Simple. Nation wins, Nation...well...dominates. Sure, they’ll still have a title if they lose, but there is….no REASON for them to lose. What, we gotta keep “Old Hardcore” spirit alive? That point can easily continue with...really anyone. ._. Max will take the pin, because he just screams “part-time” to me.


IC Title: Black*Star vs Wolfgang vs Han:

Black*Star’s the new, overly cocky, arrogant champion, who has the “YES!” Chants. Wolfgang’s a pissed off Bully. Han’s a pissed off former son with friends. They both hate Black*Star.

I don’t see Wolfgang taking it, in fact I see Wolfgang taking the pin here. Why? I feel like Scott vs Wolfgang is gonna happen again when Scott returns as a blood feud match. No need for a title in that situation. I can see The Bullies finally “dying off” when Scott comes back to finish off Wolfgang.

So it’s between our champion and Han. Gonna be honest, of all people, was not expecting Han. Han...COULD win it. I see him and Black*Star going one v one after this though. And obviously Han eventually is going to have to meet his literal maker *Cough* GOKU *Cough*. So if Han does take it eventually, it won’t be here.

So Black*Star retains for now, to have a decent reign to make up for Scotty Boy’s one month reign and the Kirito reign.

Prediction: Black*Star retains.

Street Fight: Takeru “TK” Takaishi vs Davis “MAH BOY” Motomiya

The main event, the match this IYH is named after. First things first, I thought Davis / Matt were actually going to hold on to the Tag Titles, and this match would also involve “Winner gets to be Matt’s partner”. But Brady & The Game Grumps did what they do, and fuck shit up. XD. Traditional.

A decade in the making this is. Davis seems to just want to move on and get the ball rolling normally again. But TK...wants vengeance….wants it bad, and you can’t blame him. This match is very important, arguably “can’t lose” for both. But the thing is, SOMEONE has to lose. So who will it be?

Who needs it more? At this point, they both need it a LOT. Davis just lost the Tag Titles, TK hasn’t had a Title and had to live with a broken leg for a few months. But what make me think is what makes things more interesting in the future? If TK wins, then I feel this will just be like “OK everyone, we’re all good now”...unless TK ACTUALLY breaks Davis’s leg. ._.

Davis wins….remember in AWF when TK did the whole “Child of Despair” thing? I could see something like that going down. And that would be a unique storyline. Hmmm….also because I’m a troll and I want to put extra pressure on you, how this goes could affect my storyline for Willis in FWF. XD. Which is planned out already.

So my final prediction?

Prediction: Davis wins, to continue 02 Meltdown, and send TK into Despair / Darkness.

And there we go.

Even though haven't seen the non-PPV feuds, there are some good feuds just from what's been seen. REBELLION and No Courage No Hope top my list. Gonna be a good show. Looking forward to it.
Konnor 2K16 chapter 100 . 3/17
Wow, I haven't reviewed in FOREVER... ._. Let's change that now, shall we? :O

Pretty good couple of recaps, my man. Covers everything that needs covering while also letting us see the juicy bits up close and personal. }:D ...Ew, that sounded really dirty...but I digress, the build up to the next In Your House has been great...I'm not really sure if In Your Houses are supposed to be PPVs or not but hot damn...the build up sure feels like one. XD The Hype Train has left the station and I'm looking forward to seeing it keep chugging along! }:O

All in all, Toon, I've enjoyed the May month-cap so far. Looking forward to whenever the next chapter comes along! XD Until next time!
KingOfMyOneTrueWorld chapter 96 . 1/12
The women's division is kicking all kinds off ass!
KingOfMyOneTrueWorld chapter 95 . 1/11
Looks like shit is about to get real! XD

But seriously great job toon!
airnaruto45 chapter 94 . 1/8
Well who saw this coming
WatcherComesToHaddonfield chapter 91 . 4/28/2015

DIS SHOW WAS MY BAE. Let’s begin.

LEGION vs Gone With the Wind (Who were not Gone With the Win tonight): Thankfully this was not a Three Man Squash (YOU BETTER THAN DAT). Pretty damn good spots here like the Airton Bomb / Airsault combo. An obvious winner, not that I’m complaining. OH BOY. The Akuma vs Legion feud is interesting to say the least. Should be bloody and brutal. :D

IC Title Match: YAAYYYY SCOTT. All the video game character moves were fun to see. Actually thought Wolfgang would get it with the Pacifica-Mandy interference. And then BlackStar. That was my reaction: “Oh shit, here comes the girls, Scott’s FUC-Blackstar?”. And Scott STILL with the FISTS OF IC STEEL. Nice opening contest in all. BlackStar wants a shot at the IC Title. Will be interested to see where that goes. Poor Bullies. Guess the karma from 2011-2013 is still getting back at them.

Naruto vs ITACHI: Promo was good, of course I have the perennial promo boner. A very chaotic match, as it deserved to be. The masked man being Sasuke can be added to the list of “Things I should have seen coming, but didn’t in Animated”. The Uchicas are a Stable now...oh boy, I fear for the Tag Division. Naruto’s gonna need help, if he plans to continue pursuing the Uchicas. Blood is thicker than water, indeed.

Women’s Title: Ah, the double turn. Something seen rarely in wrestling. Only time besides this I recall is Austin and Hart, though I bet there was a few more. Haruhi, treated very viciously in the beginning (Wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up actually getting a concussion after that. XD). Haruhi, very smart, very devious. As you said, the win matters more than the reign, so I’m intrigued to see how far Haruhi goes with her NEW new villain self. Poor Katara AND Gwen. But that’s a motto in wrestling at this point: “You can’t trust anything or anyone.”

Kuso vs McMahon: I know I’ve thrown “Poor” two times already, but POOR DAN. I say this not having liked the dude after the Post Mania Animated. But after what he’s been through, yikes. And it only gets worse for him. Dan was destined to lose this from the moment this match was scheduled, and part of me thinks even DAN had to have thought that, right? Dan figured out Drago, but he wasn’t prepped for Digi-V nor was he prepped for Kai establishing he’s in with the Nu Corporation. And that pinfall, wow. Dan wants to make the Corporation’s life hell, and “Good Will Prevail, Evil Does Pay” seems to give hope for Kuso that he will succeed. This is going to be one to keep an eye on. But I feel it will get worse before it gets close to better, knowing you.

Hardcore Title TT: Yay, hardcore. XD. Conker, probably being the most vicious he’s been yet. Yugi getting his moments. And Riley learned some ball-bleeding lessons. Action every second of the match, as HARDCORE SHOULD BE, HELLS YEAH. What an ending as well, Chris House making a claim for the ECW Title. The New Nation’s reign continues. I’m guessing it’s either Riley vs Conker or Riley vs Crash next, since I think Yugi might be focusing on Chris for a short time.

FCA Submission: No breaks from last match, as IT’S MORE CHAOS. Not much to say, but DAMN, that was pretty intense. The car spot, the Omni-Drop, basically everything. Thought is was over for TD was Levin and the MOA came in. But the kid pulled it out. :D. TD’s got to moving on in the world now. That was a big win. Nice after-match segments as well, with Henry (I wonder where he’s going, after IYH.) and Vince.

TK vs Takuya: Not much to say, BUT HEY MY BOY DAVIS COMING OUT FOR THE SAVE. OHHHHHHHHH. And Kari forgives him already, it appears. But not TB. Hmmp. He’ll learn. XD

MAIN EVENT: THANK YOU PUMPKIN GOD. THE REIGN OF THE BLOCKHEAD IS ALREADY OVER. I didn’t even need to be butthurt for that long. SWEET. On less obnoxious talk, a very nice match. The announce table elbow spot, The Chokeslam kickout, it was a good match for seeming so mismatched. I knew Lucy would stand down, but LINUS going into action and taking out Brown was a big out of nowhere moment. Vegeta winning was...WOW. Did not ever see it coming. I was expecting a big underdog moment, and was almost telling myself it was obvious. But you twisted it, like always, and once again, I fell for it. I will get payback in FWF one day :D, but for now. Now, CB’s going after Linus (With a slight P&G / HABIT related detour.), but where will Vegeta go? PRESUMING he goes through P&G (Could very well not happen), who’s next to fight him? I’m predicting perhaps TD. Since TD vs Ben is done, I could see TD perhaps being an opponent that Vegeta actually respects in some way, of course not over his ego.

In all, a good PPV. ONE problem. Not a “clean” win, besides the preshow. And maybe Haruhi, but considering the circumstances, I don’t count it. I get why the endings happened, and that this is the PPV after Mania, and probably a story launching point. I look forward to the future. I await P&G and East Vs West (Which sounds like a Survivor Season.) with open arms.
TobiGB chapter 91 . 3/13/2015
Looks like Vegeta won, I don't know if I should be glad or mad... eh either way good chapter.
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