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Guest chapter 1 . 4/17
wrestling's fake
FootballCasey chapter 113 . 3/11
Will Henry Wong and Dawn join Digivolution and betray Digi-X and Dan Kuso for a later storyline?
FootballCasey chapter 111 . 3/5
You probably gonna have Henry Wong and his wife Dawn betray Digi-X when they reunite as a stable and betray Dan Kuso and join Digivution in the next storyline or on the CCW/WWE Supershow
R98 chapter 46 . 1/2
That's it Linus and his goons, Sailor Moon and her goons, Digivolution and Itachi are in my enemies list for hurting innocent people and I won't holds clutch against them bitches.
R98 chapter 41 . 1/2
Them dirty lunatics, I have know that Animaniacs (I think I spell that right) with th "special sauce" -_- yeah and love the part with Deadpool breaking the 4th law
R98 chapter 36 . 1/2
Holy Sh!t, Ed vs Vegeta and Ed won...Holy F% k.
R98 chapter 31 . 1/1
Nappa: Are we there yet.
Are we there yet.
Are we there yet.
At we there yet.
R98 chapter 30 . 1/1
That is something that Vegeta would do respect a legend.
?: Fuck off that knock off.
...take a hint.
AmericanWatcherStory chapter 113 . 12/21/2016
In Your House - Broken Hope, Shattered Courage Review

Ellie vs Misaka Mikoto: Nice story being told here with Ellie's needing to adjust her style. We definitely saw a bit of a different Ellie during this match, and I'm guessing it's the Ellie we may be seeing more in the future as she advances higher up in the card. Misaka is not someone I knew too much about before she came to Animated but I do like her personality and Stiff Style wrestling. And the coin flick pre finisher is awesome, IMO. But...she was the right loser here, because as I mentioned, she already seemed to have a pre-established storyline that just needed to catch up to her. Ellie beat X-23, so she needed a new story, and she gets one here as she advances vs Aelita in the finals. Which should be a killer match, but more on that later.

Saints vs Team Odd Jobs should be an interesting story line, and another showcase of how good the Women's Division is with multiple stories, ESPECIALLY if we compare it to RAW, which has only now started exploring multiple Women's storylines.

Intercontinental Championship: Decent match of three hated people battling it out. Black*Star was proper to win here, the IC Title has changed hands a bit much if we just take into account the actual Animated storyline (Obviously for forum-goers, it's felt like longer between reigns.). Wolfgang don't need a belt at this stage. HAN...could win a belt again but I think that won't happen, just because of what his big match is probably going to be in the end. I'll touch on this later as well, but another contrast from real life WWE is I'm glad you just pulled the Scott return trigger. I thought it would be at least another month, but he's back now and he decimated the division, which was the best part of the match. I'm guessing we're setting up a 4-Way here, which should be wicked.

JUMP Mega Stars vs Uchiha Clan: 4 Hardcore matches in one night is a little iffy especially when one gets added impromptu, but they did all feel different in their own ways, so hey. This was the most fast-paced one, IMO. Nice stuff in all. Was not expecting the Rock Lee return, and was also shocked when it didn't lead to a Mega Stars win, so swerved me there. So...feud's over right? Uchihas have now disassembled Naruto twice, both clean within the context of the matches, and now Ichigo as well technically. Nice opposite from ACW there. I'm presuming Uchihas now head to Tag Division, while Naruto & Ichigo...IDK.

Law Of The Jungle: Match Of Show right here, no doubt about it. Story was very well told, could argue perfect, but I would need to analyze deeper. This is whole nother level of Hardcore match, even with the other 3 on this show, which I guess is a problem, because this match totally deflates the other 3 ones. Win some, lose some. But yeah, awesome match...I'm admittedly iffy on Nation losing, but I guess the Animals needed the win, though while I see where the Nation goes, I do wonder where the Animals go? Not another Hardcore title match, I'd personally hope.

Dan Kuso's Return: First things first, I've been always iffy on this "Punk-esque Rebel" Kuso. Because it's always felt a little weird to me. Kuso never felt like a rebel guy, though admittedly I haven't really watched Bakugan, so maybe I missed something. It does make sense in the context of his first title reign and all that, but it just feels odd to me personally. Also, personal bias, I hate how his fucking up of 02's careers by having them join his stupid rebellion is rewarded with both the Toon Title and getting his Universal Title back. And I've always felt "Fighting Spirit" characters are corny-ish. My "meh-ness" towards Kuso aside, I do like the other two guys. I like "trying to deny his mortality" Vegeta. In his mind, a part of him know he's reaching his end, but he's not gonna air his grievances about that in public because he wants to win dammit. And the fact he's exactly what he's complained about on commentary essentially, a glory-stealing old guy. I also like Timmy and the addition of Chloe is good heat. And the fact he's now gone a little loco from Vegeta screwjobbing him. The match on next Animated should be fun. Dan's gonna win, I'll be rooting for Timmy.

Aelita vs Kari: Yumi attack setting us up for a Supershow storyline I presume? Another match based around the winner needing to adapt to an older style they'd abandoned to get the win. Interesting parallel in the fact Ellie had to be a little more Technical while Aelita had to pull out some Brawler qualities. Aelita was always going to win here, it was the right option. Only way it couldn't have happened would be if Cato like shelved her. And it seems Kari may be on her way out, unless she comes back to try to take down our new psychopath, who should be fun and I look forward to seeing more of.

Dragon Ball Triple Threat: Back to the IC Title match, another case of just pulling the trigger instead of months of teasing. Right into the Henry heel turn, and I already find him a heck of lot more interesting, with mah heel bias. TD didn't need to win and he shouldn't have considering he's had many opportunities for his short time. Henry vs TD should be cool, a nice Old vs New. Kai wins, which I get, I did forget to account that we did lose a heel out of the Dragon Ball when Timmy left and we had already lost Taiki as well. Probably shoulda gone with Kai. But based on this match, you must have plans for Chocolove which do probably involve him on the losing end for a few months more. Kai's alright, but he's literally just "The True Champion with a Plus One", hopefully he can get some more character soon.

Ben vs Drago: Very well told story here. Ben shouldn't have won this entirely clean and he shouldn't have done it in a traditional matter either. That would just make the Drago build-up pointless. Drago basically dominated with Ben getting nice false finish moves. Both men came out of this looking fantastic. The Wot swerve was a nice swerve, and not one that was totally out of nowhere considering the Futureshock 2 Card sorta hinted it. Though I do need some more time to get into Wot. I doubt he beats least clean. Gingka's a face again and I'm presuming he'll be transitioning out of being "broken". Drago's streak is likely continuing. Luthor is fired. And McMahon is done. I'd argue the trigger might have been pulled a bit early, we only got to the actual all in vs McMahon not even a month ago...but I actually won't complain too much. The big intent here is to also show that Animated is a cohesive unit compared to CCW I presume, which is basically being held apart by eachother, Kazama, and Gwenifer.

TK vs Davis: Funny how both of the 02 Matches were "right into the action" matches with story told as we went long. Went from backstage all the way back into the ring. Admittedly...besides the near Davis Pillmaning, this felt soft compared the other Hardcore matches. Which is a negative point considering the history. But this was meant to be more story anyways IMO. And it concluded in the best way it could have. I said Davis, but it could have gone either way and still be "right". TK doesn't become the monster Davis was, he's Hope after all. And 02 reunites versus the worst enemy...QUARTERBACKS. Hopefully that blond kid's along for the ride. He's sorta cool. *Snark*

This was good, I actually liked it more than the first IYH. More fun in general IMO.

Match Rankings:
1. Law Of The Jungle (DUH)
2. Ben vs Drago
3. Ellie vs Mikoto (Both this and Aelita vs Kari somewhat told the same story in different contexts. Ellie / Mikoto is above just because of the Hardcore overuse on this show.)
4. Aelita vs Kari
5. TK vs Davis (The fact that I liked the storytelling boosted this one a bit.)
6. Dragon Ball TT (A flippy threat with a big turn and good false finishes.)
7. JUMP vs Uchihas (Just a hardcore match, with interesting results.)
8. IC Title (Scott. Scott. Scott.)
MK-Konnor chapter 113 . 12/19/2016
FIIINALLY found time to review... }:I

Good IYH, man. The matches on the card lived up to their hype, especially in the cases of Law of the Jungle and Ben Vs. Drago. It's made excited for everything that's to come in the future. :O

All in all? I'm hyped for all the updates coming from Animated and Showdown in the future. XD Update soon, you guys!
R98 chapter 1 . 12/18/2016
Hey Toon there is something that is bothering the heck did Deadpool and Tifa Lockhart become boyfriend and girlfriend.
R98 chapter 63 . 12/18/2016
Ok so Deadpool was draft to WCW Showdown and become first ever, Cartoon World Heavyweight Champion and last Toon World Champion...huh strange.
R98 chapter 25 . 12/18/2016
/...Deadpool, who the fuck was the Immortals.
Deadpool: They are our version of WWE.
Are these fuckers gone.
Deadpool: Yeah after that I went on the winning streak.
FriendlyWeirdo845 chapter 92 . 12/18/2016
Well, Davis is an asshole.
R98 chapter 113 . 12/15/2016
Oh my god I thought like right I thought that TK was going to be heel and I hate that, that someone u like to stay face the whole time and not to be heel like The Usos, James Ellsworth...i think that's it, I don't know.
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