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meep15 chapter 4 . 2/7/2015
You keep on changing bublelee's femme name, so far from sunstar to starstorm to stardancer.
ppppp chapter 17 . 11/1/2014
MissCHSparkles chapter 1 . 5/16/2014
Good chapter, I really loved this story when it came out. There were a lot of surprises in it.

PS. That bit at the end of your profile is the exact reason many people don't want to worship religion.
RioterGames chapter 59 . 4/6/2014
How about WaterRunner, EarthShaker, FireStorm, or LightningRod
Blue lightning 092 chapter 5 . 12/11/2013
Loved it
liliCartMan chapter 35 . 11/10/2013
"welcome Princess Skydancer" and then Bumblebee surprised :D it seemed to me a sort of crossover between 2 scenes:
1) TFA Transforme and roll out part 3 when Starscream arrives on earth for the first time "Hello you all Autobots, mind if I join the party?"
2) Disney "Sleeping Beauty" when Philip goes to the hut in the wood to meet Aurora, and Maleficent captures him: "Well well what a surprise, I had prepared a trap for a peasant and caught a prince" as if Megatron said "I have been fighting against some Elite Guard flops and space bridge technicians and now I caught a crown princess"

and finally, the reformatting: meaning both modifying her body appearance and giving her new "clothes"? that Ratchet will change too, putting her in stasis, making her tired? as if clothes were bond or a part of her body and needed "anesthesia" to be changed?
A bikini like in "A slave to love", then? like Leia Organa's one (and having the situation already under control like Amidala in the arena in "Attack of Clones", I'd add XD)
So realistic Bumblebee "losing time" in looking at Megatron's berthroom and then smacking herself, really, anyone could lose some time to examine the environment around, to look for any useful element :-)
And finally, Megatron arriving and getting ready, HAH! a rape... Hey Megatron why don't you even play the loving Mech and even add something like "relax and enjoy" like in "A slave to love"? XDXD enjoy it until it lasts Megatron, a surprise arriving maybe...!
liliCartMan chapter 59 . 11/10/2013
for Elements, heh son't worry give your mojo her time, I know what it means

3 last notes before telling you bye bye

1) in chapter 3 Optimus at the academy knew that Sentinel had a lover but didn't know she was Ambassador Starsun, and he had met her a few times (chapter 13). When did Optimus discover she was an ambassador? had he known her with her real name Windstorm, and only later discovered her ambassador name, when Sentinel felt disappointed by her because she had hidden she was a noble? or in which way else?

2) Sentinel met Starsun at his second year of academy (chapter 13) and she was a little younger that him and Optimus (chapter 3). So, imagining that Sentinel and Optimus were "17-19" years old (if they were Terrestrials) then, Starsun was so young, about maybe "15-16" years old (same way)? a little like Queen Amidala in Star Wars, who was crowned at 14 years old, a sort of enfant prodige, you had this in your mind?

3) Sentinel and Starsun continued to date a little time after Aracha 7 (chapter 3) and then she left him. So she discovered only later the truth about Aracha 7? in chapter 41 she said that she was in Metroplex at the beginning of her pregnancy and heard Sentinel telling his lie and then she immediately understood it was a lie, and left Sentinel without being noticed? or she continued to date him a little more, after Aracha 7, just as a pose and then went away?
liliCartMan chapter 58 . 11/10/2013
haaa! finally Bonded! :-) and I can already see Sentinel too showing Starsun the ruby necklace 3 a little quiet before any other mission against Decetpicons
Rouge in love with Bulkhead, is he in love too? and what about Clearstar and Ratchet, and Optimus and Lilacx? just friends as Skellington girl and I put in A new life? and Blitzwing and Outback in love too, or not? did we misunderstand this and made them Bond?
liliCartMan chapter 57 . 11/10/2013
the twins in the Royal Guard :-) did you mind if I added a little of ninja training in chapter 2 A new life, for Outback and Renegades/Windtrikers too? or ninjutsu only in Shadowstriker's and Lilacx's abilities? it was Skellington girl's idea to put Jazz, Blitzwing and Comet in a Polariusian dojo, but tell us if there's something to change
Moonrunner is Windstorm's sister not aunt, isn't she?
And so, maybe Windstriker is the real name of the strike force,but Renegades is a sort of nickname before they are real warrior in spite of the Polariusian's love for peace? or what else?
Sanctuary to non fighters Polarius heh so here Starcrusher took the example in "The Secret of Bumblebee" to show his will to stop the civil war :-)
And Sentinel giving his permission but still caring for Sky to this point
liliCartMan chapter 56 . 11/10/2013
Megatron if I was 10 metres tall, not only ice, I'd break all your plates...! she had still her dagger? heh Lugnut could be a little more careful, uh?
Skimpy armours heh, who knows why they reminded me Princess Leia's bikini in "The return of the Jedi" :-) not only the good FF A slave to love. I can already see Sentinel in his "daddy mode" like the second time (chapter 36-39) XDXD
liliCartMan chapter 55 . 11/10/2013
forbidden any Decepticon to have Sparklings durng the war... eh not the only one reason, you'll see at least in our sequel!
XDXDXD so difficult to Lugnut to stop Comet! heh worse against Silverwind in "The secret of Bumblebee" XDXD
Jazz so angry oh how surprising! but after all his lover too was kidnapped. And wisely Ratchet and Optimus say they can't be rash, they need a good plan. and Blitzwing coming and stopping Autotobt like Sunstorm in "A fistful of Energon", but with a sincere aim :-)
liliCartMan chapter 54 . 11/10/2013
how nice the scene of Sentinel and Starsun dancing and Bumblebee teaching Prowl to dance :-) love declared finally even with another samll hint of Sentinel's jealousy. Heh really it could seem cliché but it's not: actually he had just discovered his daughter and she's going to Bond so soon. And Jazz and Comet too :-)
And finally, Decepticons back and things are going bad again :-( ah cursed Megatron! but troubles near for him too, considering the twins...
How, Megatron discovered that Bumblebee was a princess but not that Starsun was her mother? so, he didn't manage to spy our heroes enough to discover this? or Megatron never saw Starsun staying with her daughter (even spying public conversation and meetings between Polarius and Cybertron)
liliCartMan chapter 53 . 11/9/2013
the cure for Bumblebee begins and iun the meanwhile, here's another important matter: going back to Polarius and become Queen... so, the Reenegades put our heroes to the test and they passed it. So, at least until the year finishes, or a little before, so Skydancer is staying on Earth? tell me if how Skellington girl and I did in our FF (chapter 3, her trial) is good for you too.
Oh troubles coming for the old warmonger!
ah for chapter 36: tight garmnent/cloth - THIGH garment/cloth (see the Latin "femoralia/feminalia" meaning something like underpants especially in the Middle Age)
liliCartMan chapter 52 . 10/31/2013
a sensible reason, sending Skydancer to Polarius back (past chapters), and not with only a "personal" reason behind /having been seen making out with Sentinel: heh Skydancer is so important to Polarius, too much to risk her to be in danger another time. But especially, Sentinel could be look after her in a trustful way only when je's totally changed, so that Starsun too wants to wait. And Rouge in love with Bulkhead? :-) so, a good choice leaving her on Earth in A new life? killing two birds with a stone?
"his Queen" hehe Lugnut's loyalty :D and I can already imagine Megatron trying to be kind to seduce Skydancer: like G1 one in "A slave to love" the first time with Elita! and Blitzwing's curiosity killing him eh if he only knew!
liliCartMan chapter 51 . 10/31/2013
poor Bumblebee, so many "faults" so that she feels so badly! not counting all the past facts she tells Prowl, she's right. And heh... here she attacks poor Comet too :D
Jazz and Comet: love is in the air, beginning fom this scene "Sorry" "don't worry I like this position" XD (so many things are arriving to this couple too 2 years later, not only for Megatron's prohibition...)
... and Blitzwing suspecting: oh Megatron be careful!
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