Reviews for Dress Code
PhineasFlynns chapter 2 . 11/5/2013
MaiWishes chapter 2 . 9/4/2013
Seriously? You actually didnt finish this? A three chapter short story? The whole build up was to see Jarvis's reaction. Thanks for wasting my time
anne192 chapter 2 . 12/24/2012
THIS WAS HILARIOUS! And terrific writing to boot! Please continue with this plot! IT IS WONDERFUL.
Purple Majestic chapter 2 . 11/19/2012
I love this story and cannot wait to read more!
9th Doctor chapter 2 . 10/2/2012
Thi' is so fantastic! Oh author why didn't you finish it?! Rose 'll be so disappointed, thi' fic is one o' my favorites yet! Please help a doctor out and gimme another chapter. I'll take you in a ride on th' TARDIS if you finish it.
anne192 chapter 2 . 9/8/2012
Aww man, it's so sad to see this incomplete! This was just too good to be true! What a riot you made; I can't believe how endearing you've made Tony and Jarvis' relationship. I hope you get back to this some time. Please? /:)
Silvara chapter 2 . 8/13/2012
"You misunderstood me, the bra's not for you..." That was what made me burst out into giggles for an hour, seriously worrying my family.

How to make your readers hand desperately over your fanfiction? Well, simple: conclude a climatic chapter with "The game was on." Darn! You... X]
Silvara chapter 1 . 8/13/2012
Author, I love you!
Nothing in the normal, mildly interesting summary could prepare me to the brilliant writing contained in these two chapters! At this moment, this is by far, my favorite Iron Man fanfiction here!
In simple words, you made my day. No many fanfiction can make me laugh the way this one did. it was a wonderful surprise to see a fanfiction handled with such refined style and pertinence. The others character are excellent and hilarious in their little roles here, and Tony Stark and Jarvis are Perfect!
The fact that you treat human / sentientcynical machine here helps a lot granted that I am a huge fan of these. The fact that you write that relationship through a very original and endearing situation definitely won me over! Not even talking about the witty dialogues.
The first chapter is serious and deep and moving and the second is downright hilarious (and sadly short). I can't wait to find out what you will serve us in the third. (I feel like a child giddy to get his Christmas gift. )
The feelings you induce in your approach are vivid and refreshingly realist for a fanfiction dealing with an AI so special as Jarvis! If I were to quote what I enjoyed more in this chapter, I would have to quote everything, literally.
I admit that for someone use to Asimovian relatively sentient, strictly restricted, and potentially dangerous robots, the Jarvis from the books makes me slightly wary. I would have took him down, let an AI that evolved on its own, rewrite itself and can reverse engineer anything... to let it handle your whole house... Really, Tony?
But then, you got me there: "That was when Tony realized he trusted Jarvis (...) A thousand times more than (...) he should, but... there was nothing logical about emotions." and I couldn't deny that even engineers can sometime forget the inside gears and simply enjoy some techno magic. Which is to be especially expected with our adorkable Tony. :p Now, this Tony is a man I can understand relate to. More tastier then in the movie.
Ah, but you couldn't have done a better publicity for the Iron Man books than writing this! They are the first thing I am going to buy now. I mean, i wish I was wrong, but it seems that interesting AIs are rare in nowadays' fiction, isn't it?

PS: Do you know approximately when you are going to publish chapter 3?
LynBird chapter 2 . 8/7/2012
awww lol
closet chapter 2 . 7/26/2012
I'm so sad you haven't updated. *crying*
Zuzanny chapter 2 . 5/23/2012
I am enjoying this fic so far. Jarvis was one of my fav characters from Iron man. I look forward to reading more! :)
KatanaDoshi chapter 2 . 9/14/2011
1) Thank you for introducing me to the books (I hate not having novelized versions of my favorite comics. HATE IT).

2) I love the JARVIS/Tony interaction. It's awsome.

3) I love your writing style.

and 4) I totally get that this is nearly a year old but... could you possibly, maybe update it just for me? Please?
Kino Wolfie Head chapter 2 . 5/6/2011
I don't know if you're ever gonna continue this fic, but I think it's quite brilliant. Going a step beyond personifying Jarvis then having him act hardcore like a human being but worse cause he can totally shut someone out indefinitely.

I think you made a Legion movie reference in the first chapter with the "what one wants and what one needs" line. I'll admit, I don't know much about Ironman aside from the movieverse, but I like your fic and I think it's awesome.
indramiel chapter 2 . 11/25/2010
Oh dear God! This story is so amazing. The way you write the characters is beyond words. I love your Tony and understand why Jarvis is so upset, I would be too.

Also I want you to know that because of you I have to read Ironman novels, it just cant be helped, I must :D

Please update soon, I can't wait for the reaction Jarvis will have when he sees Tony in drag.
rowen raven chapter 2 . 10/14/2010
Well this is something. I admit i know nothing of ironman, only what comes out in the movies and i was instantly taken with JARVIS, the sarcasm and the drop dead sexy voice of Paul Bettany are just to die for. So yeah he is my fave character in anything super hero related. I'm not a comic fan but i'll be damn jarvis is gorgeous. so much so that i'm in the process of pursuing the novels you mentioned. so yes i think this is brilliant. Poor jarvis he most feel so hurt and betrayed by tony and his silly prank, i can't wait to read more of it.
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