Reviews for Life Flipped Upside Down
Menoko chapter 1 . 10/7/2010
Ok, I read this first chapter a while ago...sorry for reviewing so late...

This chapter is soooo...undiscribable. i really don't have a word for that. I like your discribtion of Joan. I kinda can really understand her...

I hope you will soon continue to write!

gd Menoko
jacklova chapter 1 . 9/28/2010
Just an update that I edited this chapter on 9/28!
Pierre Gringoire chapter 1 . 9/27/2010
It was a cloudy day in England in mid- May and Joan couldn't stand it

Where in England? London? Portsmouth? The countryside?

She sighed and wondered what it would be like out on the sea, where her father had escaped to. You see, Joseph Neill had left her, her mother, and her two younger sisters when Jade, her youngest sister, was only three.

Jade batted her dark eyelashes. She was about 5'4" with almost black hair and light brown eyes. She was sixteen now and ready for love

If Jade was only three when the father left and ten years have gone by, she'd be 13, not 16. Also, where exactly does the money for the maids come from? Is the father still financially supporting them? Inheritance?

"How dare you! You have no idea what it has been like, raising three girls on my own! That dirty, rotten-"

"He was a good man and you know it! That's why you hate him so much because you realize that he was in the right! By god woman! If I had been born a son I would have left you too!"

I'm sorry, but I'm on the mother's side here. If the father was such a good man, why did he abandon his children? So far we've only got Joan's word that the mother is 'crazy' and Joan seems to be more of a spoiled, inconsiderate brat than her sisters. She's not very sympathetic and she's more of a caricature of an 'independent' woman than how a woman of the time would actually behave.