Reviews for Unexpected
missHydz chapter 1 . 11/13/2010
When I read the ending I wanted to cry . I loved the ending though, angst stories are my fav :3
idiotique chapter 1 . 9/26/2010
hello ) julz here.

so i just want to say that this was amazingly written. the way you worded everything made it so easy for me to feel exactly what axel was feeling at that moment, which is ironic since he isn't supposed to be feeling anything P

the axel x catlady joke on khtumblr is hilarious but you showed a somewhat serious side to well as subtle and maybe even a little romantic. i like that. it actually sounds...plausible (axel don't kill me) with the way you've written out their relationship.

the end was bittersweet with his unexpected disappearance, but with the arrival of lea it sort of instills a sense of hope within the reader. it kinda makes you happy knowing that there's another part of axel that is still with the candy shop lady, and it makes me smile )

well this was a pretty lengthy review so i think i'm gonna stop here, haha. again, this was splendidly written! amazing job ) definitely one of my favourites!