Reviews for Torn
Kiki68 chapter 94 . 5/12
Just read your author's note for this chapter. So sad to see this story coming to an end, I feel like this story has to much more to give-so much more healing to be done. The last few chapters you see a big change in Bella's personality. Excited to see the last chapters play out!
VryUnique chapter 66 . 5/10
Edward should have told her that he is a teenage boy and wakes up most mornings like that.
Siera-Knightwalker chapter 94 . 5/9
What about surgery to remove scars?
Jesstew chapter 94 . 5/9
please update soon
NeeNee246 chapter 94 . 4/29
I am so happy for this update and I can't wait for more! I've been here from the beginning and I will be here until the end! ;)
Xxx chapter 12 . 4/26
There’s a difference between slow burn and a dwindling flame.
TMTF chapter 94 . 4/26
I can’t wait for the rest!
TheOfficialJam chapter 42 . 4/26
TheOfficialJam chapter 12 . 4/24
Oh sorry, I just needed to read another sentence and you told me.. lol. I’m impatient
TheOfficialJam chapter 12 . 4/24
Is Laurent her birth father in this scenario?
Laurenm09 chapter 94 . 4/14
Thank you for updating again! I’m so glad your one of the people who like twilight that has stories and is still working and writing them. Thank you again! Please continue with this amazing story!
Guest chapter 94 . 4/11
It’s so so so good
Grella chapter 94 . 4/8
Keep up the great writing!
Miss-Beckie-Louise chapter 94 . 4/8
Just read the whole thing in 4 days. Absolutely amazing story and found new music (thanks!)
looking forward to the rest of the story. i can see this carrying on for another 90 chapters but that's just me.
Your writing is so powerful.
if you need a hand, please message me.
MBL xxx
Vampyira chapter 94 . 4/8
Thanks for the update! I've been following this story for a few years and I can't wait to see where you take the ending.
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