Reviews for Torn
soccerlover21 chapter 90 . 1/13
Woah. I’m speechless, my breath was taken away from my body. Your writing is so touching and detailed it’s astounding.
cheshire15 chapter 90 . 1/12
Love this story. Cannot wait until the next update
Dance along the light of day chapter 90 . 1/7
I spent the last few days rereading this story and once again I’m blown away with how thought out and compassionate it is. I absolutely love it and hope that you find the time to update soon :)
grim chapter 90 . 1/6
Please update soon!
Hetwaszoietsals chapter 4 . 1/4
Reading this story for the third time... and still it captures and amaze me. I hope you will continue one day because its just simply brilliant!
riskeybusiness chapter 1 . 1/4
Just reread this with the new chapters for the first time in what must be more then a year. Such a well written and great story. Thanks so much for all the work put in it and can't wait for more
Puppy 17 chapter 90 . 1/3
Nooooooooooooo. I need something after that! I'm anticipating the reaction that's sure to come.
Puppy 17 chapter 88 . 1/3
That almost gave me a heart attack
Spawn chapter 90 . 1/3
I would love to see this story completed if you get the chance. It is too good to sit around gathering cobwebs.
Puppy 17 chapter 67 . 1/2
My God. I'm so excited for the reaction to Bella's dress that I'm actually shaking.
Puppy 17 chapter 66 . 1/2
You know what? I haven't even read this chapter yet. As soon as I saw the authors note I had to say something. The people calling your story "fake" and "phony" are wrong, it's a great story. Also, amateur authors or amateur anythings only get better with practice, which is exactly what writing a story is.
Puppy 17 chapter 34 . 12/31/2017
Yes! So much progress for Bella! Not that it wasn't difficult but I can see how much she has changed .
Puppy 17 chapter 28 . 12/30/2017
I think the Edward Biology scene was a good idea. The fact that the whole school knows of Alice's struggles with Trig is pretty funny.
Puppy 17 chapter 15 . 12/29/2017
It feels mean how happy I am about Edward breaking up with Jessica...
Puppy 17 chapter 13 . 12/29/2017
Wow. I cannot find words to describe this, the story your telling is a deep one, involving many different perspectives and ideas. I can't imagine being in their situation, I have never experienced anything like it in my life. But it is eye-opening to read about Bella and how she and her new family are coping. I can't wait to keep reading!
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