Reviews for Torn
Guest chapter 84 . 5/7
Awesomeness! Sequel? You are a great writer!
thebabyseal chapter 85 . 5/5
Update!update!update! Update!
Guest chapter 85 . 5/1
please another chapter please .I readed you fuction like 50 times.I love it I love it.I cant wait to know whats gonna happen next
Guest chapter 85 . 4/23
This is truly amazing please send it to a publisher.
I literally found it difficult to put down. thankyou
divyvicki chapter 66 . 4/22
Wow, he finally asked her. Hope u plan to update soon.
Kayla00 chapter 27 . 4/18
It was a riveting read, one of my favourite fan fics I have ever read, and I've read the complete fic before.

Just a quick note; earlier on Bella mentioned that she liked any book without romance, as she doesn't like romance, and yet many of the classic books she loved at the book store (and later buried herself in) were romance novels, especially Romeo and Juliet?

Just a little something I noticed whilst re-reading the last couple of chapters.

Anyway, great fic, and you have a gift. Use it wisely! ;)
mcamastow chapter 85 . 4/18
She has really come so far in her healing its wonderful.
jewelerjess09 chapter 85 . 4/17
That was awesome!
Guest chapter 74 . 4/17
Please post again soon on chapter 74 after reading for a few days and you haven't updated in a month! Your breaking my heart here:( hope all is okay!

Your new fan, bourbon.
amy chapter 85 . 4/17
Love love love. Been waiting for an update forever!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/15
I love this story. I'm reading it again for the second time! Incredibly impressed with your dedication. Especially after five years. Thanks so much. One of the best Twilight fanfics out there. :)
sue chapter 85 . 4/14
I so enjoy the story. Wonderfully written. I can't wait for more. To see how Bella can finally put her past behind her, by confronting her deepest fear of telling her story to the authorities. Going to Renees wedding happy. I so hope you continue.
karlellewellyn chapter 85 . 4/11
I just posted a comment asking what the horse did walking away from Bella. I had a horse years ago but am not familiar with this form of therapy. Could some one please message me and explain? I forgot to log in with the earlier comment.
Karl chapter 85 . 4/11
I feel bad. I use to have a horse Apollo. I loved that animal and he me. But I'm not familiar with this form of therapy. So I did not understand what happened when the horse walked away from Bella. Could some one message me and explain?
Leia chapter 85 . 4/11
Beautiful chapter, no more words... Amazing...
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