Reviews for Torn
Guest chapter 90 . 5/5
Ooh shit
Mooley22 chapter 90 . 5/5
I really really can't wait for another update. This
Story is probably the best I've read on FF :)
Halie-Rose chapter 1 . 5/5
I hope u update again. I would really like to read more!
SuperAsh chapter 90 . 5/4
Thanks for the update! I am so very saddened by the end of this chapter but other parts give me hope. It's amazing how many wonderful people there are in our world, if only we look around for them. This poor girl has been through horror after horror. I hope she can continue to find happiness with the Cullen's 3.
LuvinTwilight143 chapter 90 . 5/1
This is my first time reading a story that is already so far in and I'm so happy I did. This story is truly amazing and I'm so happy you didn't rush through it and make Bella fine within a couple chapters. This is definitely one of my favorites and I can't wait to read more and see how you end it.
Sparkleq2 chapter 90 . 4/30
So worth the wait. Thank you for keeping the story going. Love your writing, love the story. Take care of yourself. Your fans will be waiting patiently!
ilovestudly2003 chapter 37 . 4/30
I admit on the first chapter I was a little skeptical about reading it, but I am head over heels in love with this. The way you have written Bella is perfect, your story is so beautiful. I have to carry tissues with me when reading, I tear up a lot. You are an amazing writer and would love to read more of your stories. I feel I can't put this book down and that's only ever happened with one other book(Angels Fall by Nora Roberts). I love this story you are such a gifted writher, now if you dont mind I'm gonna start chapter 38 (grabs hot chocolate, blanket, and Tissues)
lily duh chapter 90 . 4/30
How dare u end this fucking chapter on a fucking cliffie that we know wont be answered it makes no fucking sense at all! (I say fuck to much):-P
CQCullen chapter 90 . 4/30
Glad to see an update! Can't wait to see more if Bella's history.
canadiantwilight chapter 90 . 4/29
:O :O :O :O :O :O holy moly
siriuslymay chapter 90 . 4/26
I think I forgot to review when you posted this chapter! Wow talk about worth the wait! Every chapter you give us out does the last. Thank you for your post and thank you for keeping this story alive!
HopeStreet chapter 90 . 4/26
What a horrible realization.
Olivia17 chapter 90 . 4/25
Oh man I love this story. Please update again soon! I can't take waiting xD
SimpleL0v3xoxo chapter 90 . 4/24
Wait I'm lost in how they came to that last conclusion? Lol someone help me understand
MSerrada chapter 90 . 4/24
Still here. Still reading and enjoying your storytelling.
Thank you for continuing as you can.
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