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twerd4ever chapter 85 . 3/9
This chapter is so beautiful! I love to see how much progress Bella has made and the epiphanies she worked out in this chapter are so promising and warm/fuzzy. It made me smile ) Glad to see another chapter go up on this amazing story, and I can't wait to read the next one. Thanks for sharing your talents!
Guest chapter 85 . 3/8
As always that was absolutely amazing! I really love how you introduced horse therapy! I work on a farm teaching kids to ride and even though I don't focus on exactly the things you talked about, I do find it fascinating to see how the horses react to different people. So far I'm extremely impressed with the authenticity of the therapy and if you ever have any horse related questions feel free to let me know! I look forward top the next update!
LaSpia chapter 85 . 3/8
I really love this story. Besides your beautiful writing style, I also enjoy the pace. It is so much more realistic, especially in a situation with the trauma. You do a wonderful job of building Bella's relationship with the family, each have a unique contribution. With Edward, I think it works because they really do help one another. He's both calm and patient with her, developing the trust and friendship Bella is desperately needing. I hope she become comfortable talking with him openly. I know that it is likely difficult, but he seems to really understand what she needs, and gets her to open up. If she could share her thoughts, he would understand her perspective on so many things. It would further build that trust and maybe make her more confident. Also, she needs to know how much their relationship helps him. Knowing he doesn't see himself as "perfect" may help her to be less hard on herself. Her relationship and revelation with Rosalie was interesting. I love how you have woven pieces of her confidence from the unique attributes of each member of the family.

I hope you are not bored with length, because this is truly a wonderful story that you can take in many directions. It is, after all, your expression. I love Thanks for sharing it with us.
Blueheaven8910 chapter 85 . 3/7
That's was absolutely beautiful! I didn't know horse therapy existed, and I don't know horses could sense feelings like that. I really hope you update soon though because this is my favorite fanfiction ever!
thunnababy chapter 84 . 3/7
Thank you for the update, I had given up hope that this wonderful story would ever be finished.
She is making progress, slowly yes but forward all the same. Edward is such an understanding young man, it's got to be hard on him in more ways than one! Each chapter inches her closer to healing her old scars and I hope nothing terrible happens that will have her plummeting back down the dark hole she is slowly climbing out of.
irelandk chapter 85 . 3/6
divyvicki chapter 63 . 3/6
Such a sweet chapter.
Nina05 chapter 85 . 3/5
very beautiffull chapter!thanks you!
Irish Charm chapter 85 . 3/5
Oh what a wonderful new tool for Bella. I volunteered/worked at Shriners Hospital for children for 4 years and I assisted in horse therapy with the children. It was a wonderful experience. Shriners used it for muscle therapy as well as giving the kids confidence.
La muta larmo chapter 85 . 3/5
I follow your story for 2 years or longer and still enjoy it so much.i'm fortunate to experience the magic horses can do every week,since I began horseriding as a 10years helped me through a lot of hart thanks for this chapter!
ragbagdharma chapter 1 . 3/4
I had just decided to re-read this wonderful story and all of a sudden there was an update in my email the next day! I could not have been happier. This story is just amazing and I am so very glad that you are still posting chapters!
artri chapter 85 . 3/4
Lovely chapter.
DeadTomorrow chapter 85 . 3/4
Thank you for a great chapter that really lets the reader to connect. I grew up with horses, still works with'em 27 years later, and I can really see why they have this effect on people. I hear this story in almost every person I meet in the stable. Over and over again. You forget the bad stuff and focus on the good here and now. The most magical I've ever seen was when I was working with a ridingschool for people with a handicap. How in tune the horses was with the riders, so sensitive that a eleven year old girl paralysed to the neck could steer her horse by just turning her head everso lightly.
sassygirl156 chapter 85 . 3/4
I would love to have the experience you described here-I would do it in a heartbeat. Animals do have the ability to speak to us in a way humans often cannot.

I am just reading this story for the first time-it's absolutely amazing! I was looking for something with some depth to it, and Torn has that and more. My heart has broken multiple times as I read about the hell she's been through. She is courageous and much stronger than she knows. When you mentioned something a couple of chapters back about this not being the end, I did an internal fist-pump. I am not ready for it to be over, not by a long shot. Bella is slowly coming out of the darkness of her past. I hope to see her journey into the light and blossom into the woman she has the potential to be. The burgeoning romance between her and Edward is sweet, even as it brings more of her physical, emotional and mental ghosts to the surface. I so want to see her conquer those ghosts. A little justice for her in seeing her abusers pay for their actions would also be welcome.

Thank you for taking on such a difficult story topic. You've done an incredible job of making it believable and realistic, while giving us hope that the human spirit can and will survive. I'm so glad I found this!
Guest chapter 85 . 3/4
I've been following this story for two/three years now and it's without doubt the best one I've read and I read a lot in both English and Swedish (yup, your story made it all the way to Sweden :p ), I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
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