Reviews for Torn
Lubelula chapter 62 . 6/15
I just love the progress Bella is making. And for her to be in love and asking for a kiss! Wow! Nothing short of a miracle.
Lubelula chapter 42 . 6/12
'EYA'. Yes very much so, want to tackle hug him, and not let go.
Lubelula chapter 18 . 6/7
Again, intense does not begin to describe your story. WOW! I love it.
Guest chapter 17 . 6/7
I know yo you wrote this story a while back, and I just discovered it. I love the intensity, the why you involve your reader into the story is amazing
But with this chapter I just read, this story is not for the faint hearted. I'm pulling my hair, just like Edward.
SKDMHG chapter 90 . 6/3
I've been reading twilight fanfics for the last 8 years but this so far is the best story i have ever read. So many twists and turns and development. I'm in love.
Olivia17 chapter 2 . 6/2
I'm losing my mind waiting for this to update xD I love it so much!
Guest chapter 90 . 6/1
Please finish this story!
nickaroos chapter 90 . 5/31
Many of these chapters are gripping, but this one seems to just tear at me
GoldenShadow401 chapter 49 . 5/30
To tell you the truth I've never stayed reading a story this long (without having followed it in the first place) and stay interested. I'm not even noticing how many chapters it's becoming each time I click next. This story is beautiful, horrific and mind blowing. You are doing amazing with the development, taking your time with it to make it as realistic as possible but also making sure that readers don't get bored. Your writing is a gift, never stop
irelandk chapter 90 . 5/29
Thanks for writing
slytherinshadowhunter67 chapter 90 . 5/28
I've burned through every single chapter you've written so far of this amazing story, and I'm beyond amazed at how gripping, believable and emotional it is. I feel like I'm growing and changing right along with Bella and even the rest of the Cullens :) You've written such a heartbreaking depiction of the kind of abuse I'm so privileged not to know, and I've learned through simply reading this that everyone's got stories I can't judge upon first meeting them. Your writing is basically flawless and brought tears to my eyes more than once, and this story deserves every single review, favorite and follow that it gets! I love this story way too much, and I hope that there's still more to come; thank you for blessing us with this brilliant work of art :)
aliciaalexander2015 chapter 90 . 5/27
Update soon
amsrule chapter 90 . 5/26
I am absolutely loving all of the development in this story and I really cant wait to read more! hope things are going well in your life and that you find some time to write more of this!
Lindalake chapter 90 . 5/26
So, I've been reading this story for a while now. I think your writing is really good. It's such a long story and it never gets repetitive in a boring way.
I'm really looking forward to the next update, staying positive that you will finish this story :)
Jadeeeee chapter 90 . 5/25
Please update
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