Reviews for Torn
Guest chapter 89 . 9/5
This is one of the best ive read ever
Tanu chapter 89 . 9/5
I'm eagerly waiting for next chapters.
How long ...?
mrsckugs chapter 89 . 9/3
I remember reading torn years ago. Glad to see you are still working on it!
EchoLynn chapter 1 . 9/2
look forward to reading the rest when its finished :)
JazzyBoo90210 chapter 89 . 9/2
I'm really starting to give up on this story because of the lack of posting of having to wait 2 to 3 months for updates
Guest chapter 89 . 9/1
UPDATE GODDAMNIT! You and NemmaStar are as bad as each other!
Tanu chapter 89 . 8/31
Best fanfic... how long till next chapter ?
Guest chapter 89 . 8/28
Sage Clover chapter 89 . 8/27
This story is amazing, and I'm really glad I liked it. I rarely read unfinished stories anymore either and yet I read all that you have in approximately three sittings because I just couldn't stop. I really really hope that you're able to update it soon because I really what to read what happens next.

The chapter in the point of view of Carlisle was very likely my favorite chapter and I personally really hope you have another chapter in his point of view.
Guest chapter 89 . 8/26
ppatti53 chapter 89 . 8/25
Wow. I never ever read stories unless completed. I'm glad I took the chance because I would have missed the opportunity to discover another fabulous story and author. I'm quite certain that of all the FF I've read, this one has to be one of the very best. The research on abuse must have seemed daunting but you've written this as if you are an expert on the subject. You're quite the author, ma'am. Congratulations on a well written and highly addictive story.
Guest chapter 89 . 8/25
Why FF didn't send me my notification for this chapter? Really! I've been waiting for the new chapter soo long and it was ther waiting for me! I read a few reviews and it happened to other people too, i just change my email to see if there was any problem... I don't kmow, I just hope it doesn't happen any more :(
I read too that some people wanted Bella's mother to apologise to her... How can be so dumb? I mean, really? The mother leave because she didn't have any maternal instints, why should she apologise? She was a cobard and didn't love her daugher to leave with her and I don't even think she is thinks she did something wrong, so why they want her back? I even prefer if Laurent was in the car or even better, nobody! Even if he should be in prision... Please! I don't want the mother in the story, it doesn't have sense :(
I would like to know too whar happened with Bella when she was alone by herself when the police took Laurent.
jillangel chapter 89 . 8/25
Finally had a few minute to read this. Great update! Thank you'd
Lottie chapter 89 . 8/25
Oh my goodness! Please keep writing! Thi story has hit me so hard in so many ways. Everything about it is perfect, the characters, the pacing, the plot. You truly have a gift. So thank you. Its made me feel and think things I've never felt before. Thank you. Xx
Guest chapter 89 . 8/25
Could you make Bella explaine this to thr Cullens? :

"He got arrested and I stayed at home till they found me and put me in foster care with Stefan."

Or at least Edward? I really would lile to know how Bella felt those days
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