Reviews for Harveste Addams and the Goblet of Fire
StrangePointOfView chapter 5 . 12/5/2011
Where do I begin? Harveste's pet Skrewt Bellpepper, killing Barty Crouch with Jam, Harveste going into the second task with snorkels? This story was funny, heartwarming, and macabre all at the same time.

I especially liked the relationship drama. Victor and cousin What are so adorable together, and Wednsday being crushed on by both Cedric and the Weasly Twins was marvelous. It's a good thing too, I can't imagine anybody other than those three who would survive being her beau.
Chimera chapter 5 . 11/6/2011
Wednesday's jealous? Wow. And I just loved the prank with Cedric... as a fox. ...Harry's smart, of course he wouldn't leave a body laying around.

Draco! Strawberries are lovely! Aww, the others are all worried about Harry. That is so sweet. Have fun throttling the teachers What! I really like how you described Draco, Blaise and Hermione. Haha, Cedric is just going to have to make do. (Though I bet Harveste would help if he was in actual mortal danger... maybe.)

Liking a Crucio? ...Yep a true Addams. ...I notice that Harveste is talking of humans like he isn't one... something to ponder later I'm sure.

Oh the balance thing is really smart. I see you have thought out this universe extremely well. That nickname fits Blaise very well. Whoot! Harveste killed the Dementor, with a cheering charm. Ugh, Dumbles is bugging me. (That's good by the way it means you've got a well written story.) I loved Harry's blowout with him. Haha, Blaise got pink hair!

By the way, I believe that you got that 200 reviews, doubled it even. Great job. You have a wonderful story.
Chimera chapter 4 . 11/6/2011
(Just read it all the way through* Wow. This is an amazing chapter. I totally forgot about the Third year thing. And Harry was so sweet to go hurt the idiots who hurt Draco. And wow... What is scary when angry. Great job.
Chimera chapter 3 . 11/6/2011
Yay twins! And eep, Harry's ticked off. Aww! Harry's being all protective over What. That is very sweet.

Eh? He kissed them? ...Ohh, I see. (sort of) Hehe, Ollivander's smart. Don't touch the wand indeed. You know, I should be grateful I wasn't drinking anything like Draco was, I would've spit it out the second I read what Hermione asked. ...He was on fire? Cool. Or not, I suppose. And of course the Addams would like the sound of merfolk above water.

The twins! And they asked Wednesday? Wow. But still... they evaded her. Haha, good idea Harry, Draco go with Blaise. Lovely chapter.
Chimera chapter 2 . 11/5/2011
Heheh, I like those muses. Tell them that they are very kind as to make you give us readers such lovely stories.

Wow... those ingredients... wow. Haha, staple gun. That's a smart idea. Aww, Draco getting all upset because of no Qudditch, yep that's Draco. And no! Surely there won't be anymore Addams, Hogwarts wouldn't be able to stand! Wow Draco. But I am glad your over it. Hmm, Hagrid does sound like he would be related to the Addams in some distant way.

Thank you so much! You just had Harveste think exactly what my personal stance is. It is refreshing to know that someone believes in possibilities.

Aww! A ferret! Yes Draco, it must ALWAYS be you. I like how you included SPEW in there. Smart. And a hug? Wow.

THREE? Three Addams? This is going to be one fun year. Heh, What is a very good name. And wow, that was surprising. I hope Victor and What are happy though.

"They start laughing. Till they die." Wednesday, that was amazing. Wonderful chapter!
Chimera chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
Hmm, it only makes sense for an Addams not to run from death. Oh yes Wednesday, that would make him even happier to test out the electric chair. Run guys! Run away from the furious Wednesday!

Wow. Harveste, and the others, are amazing. Aww! That is so cute, I never knew that they wanted to be apart of the family! *giggling all the while typing that*

Oh, them at the Quidditch World Cup... this will be fun. Aww, Harry is sweet. And the toys thing... yep an Addams would say that. Ah, fun.

Wait... Lucius invited the Addams family? The ADDAMS family? Wow.

Amazing job. *off to read the next chapter*
Cody Thomas chapter 5 . 10/27/2011
fabulous! Oh my gosh I LOVED the graveyard scene! it was awesome to the upteenth degree. love love love! I'm so happy that Harry was happy to finally be crucioed. He deserves some unpleasant happiness in his life.
CharmingKarma chapter 5 . 9/25/2011
Oddly enough, the Numa Numa song goes quite well with this. Who knew, right? XD I love how Harvest and the gang are changing eachother, a newly aquired macabre sense of humor here, a growing fondness for hugs there...ah! I completely adore your characters! You have made them your own while destroying Cliche's and tortruring Gary Stus and Mary Sues! You beautiful, wonderful person! Thanks so much for putting all of your time and effort into this! May your thumbscrews be rusty, and your cackle belly deep! Cheers.
Stina Whatever chapter 5 . 9/25/2011
I love Cousin What's and Viktor Krum's relationship
yr1104 chapter 5 . 9/24/2011
I freaking love this story. I love the gruesomeness of the Resurrection. I really like it. Hope the next story is even better.
HummingbirdsWildHeart chapter 5 . 9/9/2011
Oh this was positively darling! And now I am hoping more than ever that the pairing ends up Draco/Harveste or maybe a thing with all three hmmmm?

I love, love, love his reaction to crucio and Cousin What was brilliant! Your line about how he and Victor managed sex, had me in maniac giggles and I so adored Wednesdays flirting with the Twins and Cedric, her medieval antics were charming!

I just adore this wonderfully humorously gruesome fic! I'll be checking out the latest installment tomorrow! More Addams Family joy I am sure. What wicked things will he do to that ghastly Umbridge creature! I hope its something fun and messy!

Loved this,

i miss flying away chapter 4 . 9/4/2011
I love Harveste. :D
Diranish chapter 5 . 8/29/2011
OMG this is so awesome and i loved it so much. just had to leave you some love because you're really *fantastic* at this and it really really makes me want to be an Addams. Also I can't help thinking about Harveste as being Genderqueer (like me!) Though I suspect he's a little bit more complex than that...or perhaps not. I hope this is ok.
Bladre MKT chapter 5 . 8/28/2011
oh shame lil old moldy-shorts survived, but i guess its needed fer a six book eh? XD still quite nice, and soo cool how they crazy group its getting togheter... did not see the second round of kiss coming! XD
Bladre MKT chapter 3 . 8/28/2011
it took me 3 read and 10 min to get WHY did he kiss them... im impressed! also, wow... krum with what? and cedric is going down or not? D lets see let see
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