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Anonyma S. Riter chapter 1 . 1/28
According to Pottermore, Ravenclaws have access to a private library that leads off our common room, and since it's very expansive, Ravenclaws wouldn't go to the school library until around about Fifth year.
Guest chapter 6 . 7/8/2014
More! More! More! Please tell me there's more coming...
Lena Skye chapter 6 . 2/24/2014
Are you gonna continue? You should this is interesting
heywhoknewit chapter 4 . 6/13/2013
I agree with your idea of her intelligence but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't make such a big fuss if she was just the smartest in her class. Personally, think they meant the smartest of her generation
Josephine Stone chapter 1 . 3/12/2013
I just wanted to note on your question: Is the House system that divided?
In every book I've read with house systems based on real schools that have them (not just Harry Potter which changes a bit), they are that divided. In Among Others, they are allowed to buy their friends biscuits and have them given to them during dinner, but the main character gets 'in trouble' (from her house) for giving one to a girl in a different house that she is friendly with. This friendship is actively discouraged. You are to be nice to each other, but they worry about you undermining your own house.

JK, was doing something different or maybe she was trying to make a point about certain characters by having them have friends in different houses. (Like since they don't let their houses dictate their lives they are better people.) Harry/Cho should have been a huge scandal, they are both seekers on opposing house teams.

In RL they don't spilt up siblings, so the twins in Ravenclaw and Gryffindor wouldn't happen.

But in HP's world, friendships between houses seem to be okay, so I agree Hermione should be able to make friends elsewhere if she had any interest in making friends. Though the library is a great place to run into people it isn't the best place to talk. She'd probably be annoyed with someone who approached her there and I doubt she approach someone else.

One thing that always bothered me was her lack of muggle friends. I was not the most agreeable child and even I had friends. Harry and Ron had no interest in their best friend's life. There are lots of possibilities for her to have many other friends. She just never mentioned them to Harry and Ron. Think about it, the only reason they found out about Krum was the dance. He had to have talked to her before, at least to ask her out, and she never told them about the conversation. We get brief mentions of him and didn't they day for over a year?
Guest chapter 6 . 12/29/2012
You should really update! tbh i would prefer if it was Anthony/Hermione
TinchoRavenclaw chapter 6 . 10/19/2012
Hi! This fic is awesome! Please I need to know more, I really like it, you have to keep going, please? Greetings From Argentina!
Venetiangrl92 chapter 6 . 10/12/2012
you should finish this story! i like it a lot! please please please please please update soon! and please please please continue this story! xoxo
BrightsideDC chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
It's a shame this story seems to have been thrown to the wayside. /
1529 chapter 3 . 1/14/2012
You know, overall, I love the concept of this story, but execution seems to be more stereotyping than anything else. Your initial concept was and remains good, but, instead of really addressing anything, you simply switched the problem. Hermione is now a part of a 'Blue Trio' in Ravenclaw with a hanger-on (to this point) in Luna as well as a possible in Neville, where is the larger group of friends? Furthermore, your characterizations of the Gryffindors is extremely unflattering. While few probably live up to the standards of the Ravens (although how that would be known if the ranking structure is dependent upon students submitting their own grades, since the vast majority actually caring that much would be Ravenclaws, is questionable), it is completely unreasonable to expect that they completely lack talent. It is commonly shown in canon that Neville is a genius with herbology, much as Harry is with DADA (although it is mostly shown in 5th year, it is implied elsewhere). The claim that the 'claws are tops of their year doesn't really hold up to wider consideration. Ravenclaw, throughout canon, has a competitive Quidditch team, meaning that the number of points gained there is about equal with the other houses, they break very few rules (probably, and you are going by that idea), meaning fewer points lost than either Gryffindor or Slytherin. Since the end result is not the runaway victory of Ravenclaw in the House Cup, we can easily see that the actual intelligence and class leadership of the 'smartest house' cannot be overwhelming, or else they would win hands-down over the other three.

While it is not overtly stated throughout canon, any real look must lead to the knowledge that Fred and George are probably the stand-outs of their own year academically (in those courses they try in, which are probably the core classes as well as perhaps ancient runes and arithmancy), and Hermione is the top of their own year. Outside of those two, we don't have any real idea, but the preponderance of the evidence (what little exists) does nothing to prove the intelligence of the Ravenclaws (not to mention the bullying that is very nearly universal in the house in canon).

Your Hermione here is a little unbalanced as well. While you present her as a very rational character, you are also saying that she is blaming Harry (very nearly an unrelated individual) for her own pursuit of answers... that is completely illogical.

Canon's Hermione is an avid reader with a great memory who routinely reads ahead of her year. I can personally attest to the fact that those two traits (reading ahead and better than average retention) can allow anyone to stay miles ahead of their peers in an academic setting, I did with fairly poor study habits (I just graduated summa cum laude with a BA in business with very little studying needed throughout the entire course of study).

Despite what it might sound like, I do really like the story concept and the story so far has been good, it's just that you seem to pick what you change subjectively. When Harry started Hogwarts it was a new start for him and he wanted to do well (until meeting Ron when suddenly his reading, etc. went out the window), but Hermione was a crutch for both Ron and Harry throughout their Hogwarts years. Without Hermione present to help with homework, it would be necessary for Harry to study more as he would not have her to lean on when he waited too long to start an assignment. While you have changed Hermione quite a bit from the very first, your changes to Harry seem mostly to magnify his failings while minimizing his greatest capabilities (such as his courage and unfailing will to accept danger... HE went back for a teacher? In canon, Harry would have walked through the fire without the potions before leaving someone else to go forward).
1529 chapter 5 . 8/17/2011
You're probably getting tire of these chapter reviews so close together, but... I think that you nailed how Harry really should have acted in canon. In the Philosopher's Stone we see that Harry reads his books before going to school (Hedwig's name came out of his 'interesting' History of Magic book), so he is at least partially interested in learning, but Rowling seems to have immediately hit him with a stupid curse as soon as he gets to King's Cross. I suspect that the reason was that Ron Weasley could not have been friends with someone who liked to read (as proven by seven years of Ron and Hermione disagreeing).

I am still truly enjoying this story.
1529 chapter 4 . 8/17/2011
I am still enjoying your story. Your take on Hermione matches fairly closely with mine, although I've always thought that Hermione deserved the title of 'Brightest Witch of THE Age' rather than 'her age' due to her always being able to help out when it comes to knowledge. I would say that she is immensely intelligent (genius level) with a work ethic and a drive that years of put-downs and social neglect would have fostered due to her relating more to adults than other children.

As for your opinion on Ginny, it is right on. In the later part of canon, Ginny is treated (where it comes to her relationship with Harry) as a Mary Sue, yet none of her other actions that we see (however few they are) support this viewpoint. There is never a real transition from fan-girl to true love, except some talk that could lead to simply suppressing the fan-girl until the wedding is over. (If you haven't noticed I can't really stand H/G).
1529 chapter 1 . 8/17/2011
Your points at the end of the first chapter are quite good, but...

Looking at canon, very few individuals have very many friends until later years, at which point, arguably the addition of Neville and Ginny as well as (sort of) Luna bring the friends of the trio up to the maximum group that we see.

Another thing is that Hermione was shunned originally due to her showing up the other students and this would probably be even greater for the 'intellectuals' in Ravenclaw where we see bullying is the order of the day from second year on so it would not be surprising that Hermione had a hard time making friends. Actually, the hard work ethic of Hufflepuff would probably be the best house for Hermione to make friends in within the canon universe as the entire house is sort of outcast (much like Harry, Hermione and Neville in their own year) due to their 'duffer' status.

Your point on Hermione's ability to be at the top of her class is possibly true, but not necessarily. I am an individual that has always had it easy, I have rarely had to study particularly hard and have usually been in the top few percent of any class I have been in due to my ability to quickly and easily absorb information, so it is not completely unreasonable that Hermione has as easy a time of it as it seems.

Your comment about Hermione's character and avoiding people who put her down is spot on, but I feel that, unknowingly or not, Rowling set Hermione up in a dysfunctional and potentially abusive relationship that (according to psychology) could actually happen. Due to her emotional and social problems from prior to Hogwarts, it is possible that she would continue to try until finding acceptance, even if minor and spotty, and pursue a relationship in that direction. I think that the R/HR pairing was especially wrong to put in a children's book due to the high potential for abuse in the relationship, but...

I am so far enjoying your story and believe that your concept of Hermione will work from Ravenclaw as she will not be isolated as the only 'brain' not in Ravenclaw, therefore her intelligence can be more easily accepted and overlooked by others. Just my few cents, and like I said, I a enjoying the read.
Karin Ochibi-chan chapter 6 . 6/21/2011
I really like this. The development is well paced and it is well written. I like your versions of Hermione and Harry too-that's a bonus to how good this story is. I hope you decide to continue in the future.
The Dain chapter 4 . 6/17/2011
Long author's notes. I feel compelled to answer. :)

[2] While I have no problem with the possibility of a secondary school student being enough of a prodigy to already start on some legitimate research (it happens, such deals were in fact encouraged at my school, although in the linguistic area), I think your foundation for such an event is off here considering Hermione's personal history, which ultimately makes it appear far-fetched. Her title as 'the smartest witch of her age' aside, she spent three months of the last school year petrified and is currently trying to catch up on her second-year curriculum. On top of that, potions was previously described as one of her weaker subjects and you established that far from blowing her year-mates out of the water, she merely competes as the 'first of equals'.

People who are offered university-level research need to be far enough ahead in their studies to be actually able to reach university-level knowledge. A requirement which this version of Hermione doesn't fulfil at this point in time.

Slughorn, who is tutoring her in her grace period, can probably see how smart she is and expects great things from her in the future, but right now, she should have no hope of picking up on Lily's advanced work. Lily was skilled in potions and had seven years of studies under her belt. If Hermione is even able to understand half of what she wrote about her cutting-edge research project, it would be a slight against Lily's intellect and call the professionalism of the entire field of potions into question. So my interpretation of Slughorn's gift would be that it was a test, or an investment as you say, to see what she would make of it - he's also playing his people's skills, motivating her to advance her studies by giving her a connection to another intelligent first-generation witch.

You generalization of intelligent people into just two categories is a bit flat. It's essentially a grouping into either super-smart-but-likely-handicapped or not-that-smart-but-studious. :) There are more nuances, duh. XD

Genius expresses itself in very different aspects in different persons. As for canon!Hermione, the way Rowling probably intended her, I'd say she was a person who was very, very good at learning by rote, had an almost fanatically good work ethic and excelled at adapting and modifying her school knowledge when in a positive environment. But she tended to freeze up or make bad decisions when under pressure. I'd class her as too rigid in her beliefs and too caught up in her books and authority to be what we'd consider a true genius, since she would have trouble with the actual investigative and creative part of the scientific process. Amazingly, Rowling got it right: she makes a better lawyer than scientist. :D

[2.1]On the 'smartest witch of her age' moniker: Was that actually mentioned in the canon story? Anyway, this is one of the areas where the smallness of the wizarding world comes into play heavily: Hogwarts seems to be the only school of magic in Britain and wizards don't appear to be any less or more intelligent than nonmagical people. Being the smartest person in her age group of maybe ten thousand magical people world-wide is an achievement, but overall not that exceptional after all. It doesn't require genius-level intelligence. The picture painted of her in canon can easily be reconciled with her title under that viewpoint.

Of course, I agree with you that Rowling had problems writing a truly intelligent character and it shows. So I have no problem with portraying Hermione and the wizarding world in general in a saner, more rational way. For some reason Rowling seemed to have equated 'smartest witch of her age' with 'typical rote-learning high school overachiever you are likely to have met dozens of in your life'.

[2.4]The way the HP books were written, her quest of fitting in is futile. Even after six years of intensive studying, canon!Hermione hadn't managed to reach a point where she was familiar with wizarding culture. In fact, if you want to interpret it that way, then Dumbledore's final gift to her in his will, the Tales of Beedle the Bard (?), were essentially a subtle mocking of her failure in that regard - that no matter how hard she studied, pureblood wizards like Ron would always know more about their culture than she. Dumbledore forced her to pour over a pointless children's book for months, making her search for any hidden clues in stories which pureblood witches would have known by heart. Well, he was always a heartless bastard.

[2.5]For all her faults in canon, Hermione did invent new spells there, too. Or at least she modified and adapted known spells to new practical purposes.

[3] There is no satisfying explanation for the time-turner because it was a plot device needed for the finale. Her schedule makes no sense whatsoever. In fact, the only way that her schedule could conceivably work is if we assume that either A) She is the only one in the entire year who is taking Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, or B) in spite of all signs to the contrary, there is more than one elective class per subject and year (even though we see students from every house in CoMC) and Ravenclaws have a saner schedule which Hermione couldn't take since she was in another house.

[10] I'm pretty sure your Ginny is OOC - as far as we know, she wasn't quite as delusional. For instance, she didn't get territorial with Cho Chang or Harry's Yule Ball date. Her approach was much less obvious. :)
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