Reviews for Retrieve The Xros Loader
ShadowGoddessHikari chapter 2 . 4/5/2011
Darn you. You got me hooked on your stories. I have finished two, counting this one, and a slight suspicion that I'm going to love the rest of them too.

Reason for reviewing this chapter and not chapter 3 is to take advantage of the Vamdemon rant. Just in case you didn't know, though more than likely do, Xros Wars has a Neo Vamdemon slotted for a villain spot in arc two. Seeing the rant in this chapter gave me the giggles at the irony.

I know I would absolutely love to more Xros Wars fanfiction in general, but to see it from you would be amazing.

Thank you both, you have made my day.
Lunamew chapter 1 . 10/2/2010
My heart nearly jumped through my throat when I saw the mention of "Mugen E" in the author note. One of my all time favorite Digimon humor series, how I miss it! It's so great to have you back, you have no idea!

And so far, I love the abuse Kiriha is getting. "Yoink!"
Reiji chapter 3 . 9/30/2010
Congrats on finishing this one! I do hope you also enjoyed writing this as I have also enjoyed reading this. Chapter 3 was the most hilarious! Who can imagine Tactimon bathing in an onsen in all that armor of his. One can imagine what he looks like naked. Hehehehe! That Troopmon's excuse of not being able to subdue Kiriha just because the Blue Flare leader himself still reeks was priceless, IMO.

I guess Shoutmon in the end got a lesson not to underestimate Chibikamemon.

...I have to confess two things before ending this review:

1. Much like Taiki in this fic, I am not veeeery knowledgeable about historical Chinese warring eras nor the Romance of Three Kingdoms; Only a bit of my knowledge about Zhuge Liang and some were due to my younger sibling Koei's Dynasty Warriors game for the PS2.

2. Chapter 3's title; "Night Raid" caught me off guard! I was expecting you've indeed thrown in a Xros Wars version of a certain Digital Vampire, but hooo-boy! I was wrong! Hehehehe.

Again, thanks for making this Xros Wars fic, and thanks as well to little Taiki for uploading this under your permission.
Reiji chapter 2 . 9/30/2010
I think the Romance of the Three Kingdoms element you've attributed to Tac-Chan solidified/bolstered his name more in this fic.

When I first saw Tactimon, I was expecting him in the anime to be using clever war strategies with PERFECTION. Though instead, we're already treated with a glimpse of how strong he is on his own back in the Magma Zone arc. Though, the current Xros Wars manga chapter seems to depict him utilizing strategy. Hopefully a future episode will depict him using fierce war tactics in full scale battles. Speaking of full scale battles in Xros Wars, 10 and 11 were the episodes to show it in motion.

Anyways, I have enjoyed reading this like I did at the first chapter.

Characterizations are satisfactory, though ChibiKamemon and Cutemon should occasionally utter "Kame" and "Kyu" respectively at the end of their sentences;

"I want to be of help too Dorulumon, kyu~!"

"I-I'm amazed Kiriha's plan worked...I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you guys up front though, kame..."

Also, despite a bit cruel, I'm giggling at Shoutmon's behavior, Hehehehe. As well as the latest Bing Fa-Way to burst Tac-Chan's bubble.

A Xros Wars Vamdemon? Sure! For a decent departure/change of pace from his evil Adobencha self, and an ally for a change! You could also imagine him with a red and black bat shaped fan.
Musical Darkness chapter 1 . 9/28/2010
Yay! Kiriha's in a fic! He's slowly pushing Kouichi into second for absolute favorite character... but anyways, great job! I loved it!
Reiji chapter 1 . 9/28/2010
Truth be told, I definitely enjoyed reading this more, and not mention more glued on it than Mugen-E. Great work as all of the human cast are almost in-character, Tactimon was kinda bit OOC with the 'yoink' gag, though I guess that's how he would act like if he decided for once to goof off. Though it was rather a laugh when he stole Neo Touma Saiba's/half-baked blonde bread's Xros Loader when he was peeing.

Speaking of Tac-chan, I love his little Bing Fa corner at the end of each chapter. I am guessing this is an equivalent to the Monitormon segment at the end of each Xros Wars Episode in the anime.

Thanks for your time writing this. This was indeed a lot better than Mugen-E, and has potential to soar at great heights For a starting fic after seven years, I say you still have it, Ori. Congratulations.