Reviews for Lester's Notes
Guest chapter 48 . 3/31
oh good grief. boys will be boys young and old.
I thought the slingshots and gumballs was fun.
Guest chapter 47 . 3/31
Yes and your grin is a gift to anyone that receives it.
I am so glad, with *help* from Lester and Steph that Ranger realized what he all missed. the part about the sandcastle trophy and pics and Trey calling Les daddy were the best!
Perfect ending.
Guest chapter 46 . 3/31
yes please help Ranger make the right choice regarding his son.
Guest chapter 45 . 3/31
aah poor Trey.
so young and he feels unloved.
so very, very sad.
I hope Ranger changes for his for the better. he is missing out on such wonderful things. I thought for a minute Trey was going to ask to live with s/l.

I love les' end notes.
Guest chapter 44 . 3/31
omg another triangle!

Les cut it close he almost was not there for steph and his daughter.
glad all worked out ok, and yes, waterguns or moving is definitely in their future.
Guest chapter 43 . 3/31
that was hysterical!
those guys are nuts!
Guest chapter 42 . 3/31
I'm lovin' Mama Manoso.
then when he goes off them he will have sugar withdrawal. too funny!
Guest chapter 41 . 3/31
I loved the dolls and tea sets set around too but I was thinking Pepto Bismol
Guest chapter 40 . 3/31
oh my gosh she and Les are baby making machines!
Guest chapter 39 . 3/31
LOL They are ALL down for the count.
That was fuun!
Guest chapter 38 . 3/31
that was such fun with the mothers such a good idea! and now Mr. Manoso and Abeula.
Guest chapter 37 . 3/31
I love that the mother's were sicked on them.
good going.
Guest chapter 36 . 3/31
oh that was good and it's only going to get better!
Guest chapter 35 . 3/31
I really like the suck it ups! lol
now they are trying to blame Les!
Vinnie would go wild when they all started waddling. Too Funny.
Guest chapter 34 . 3/31
that was really good!
walk a mile in her shoes AND with a pregnancy belly!
well done!
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