Reviews for Darker Shades
Halfcent chapter 34 . 14h
Sigh. The end. Of this one, at least.

Now I can move on to the next one, but if I'm not mistaken, that is the one that is in progress. That means that when I catch up, I will have to...*gasp!*...wait for updates like everyone else! Oh well, such is life lol.

I liked this way you wrapped this up. Still some open questions, but it's continuing in the next 'book' and of course we already know some of the major points. I wasn't ready for the three to already be preparing to leave, but I knew it was coming. I hope that they do still have some time left in the next fic before the new three take their places. But I guess they'd have to be if you are following canon, because Tommy is the white ranger before that happens.

I do hope they all get a chance to get over their awkwardness with each other and remember why they are friends so that there are no loose ends when Jason, Zack and Trini leave.

I was rather chilled by the reveal of Skull's graffiti, but I suspected there would be some tell-tale sign somewhere, at some point. I like your rendition of Skull more and more, and even Bulk, but especially Skull.
I am kind of curious about where Ernie was during two weeks. I had always suspected, even in the show, that he knew more than he let on, although they never explored that possibility, and I am hoping that you have something good planned for him at some point, but we'll see.
I have a feeling that Adam's awkwardness while near his brother, when they met Kimberly, might be a hint at some familial stuff that might be revealed in the next book when we get to know them. I wonder...are you going to continue to write Jason, Zack and Trini's characters after the transfer, when they are in Switzerland, concurrent to the ranger's story? Or just going to let it go, they way it happened in the show?

I loved the scene with Sylvia and Tommy lol, I had to laugh. I love a little bit of comic relief when things have been tense for so long.
Halfcent chapter 33 . 18h
GREAT chapter. I am sure there are points I wanted to mention here that I've forgotten, because I read part of this chapter a day or two ago and the rest of it this morning. So this is probably going to o only touch on the couple things I distinctly remember freshly, and maybe a couple things that come to me from other chapters that I forgot to say at the time (as happens occasionally lol).

I love the way you ended this. I was hoping there was some way for the town to go back to normal and the public to forget. While it would be interesting to see how they cope with being outed (permanently rather than temporarily), I can't see it going well. Plus, it's not canon, and I know you are trying to stay as canon as possible with the major details, and because it's not canon, such a thing would affect things in the story that weren't affected in canon, since they'd remained hidden.
At the same time, I'm glad the parents still know. While that little detail is not canon, it seems that, for the story, it would certainly make their lives a bit easier (and maybe even harder, in some aspects). Of course, even with the things I successfully predict or have a hunch about, I have still learned to expect the unexpected with this story, so it's entirely possible the families will forget, too, somehow. I'll have to wait and see.

I liked the little hints of what we all know the future holds. Tommy seeing a 'white warrior' (not verbatim) during one of his hallucinations or portal hops; Adam, Rocky and Aisha being called heroes, as the power rangers had been referred to, which I think was the Titan's way's of hinting at their future. Even Aisha's musings about how Rocky will freak out initially, then calm down and sort of take control/pull them together when things are at their worst, which I saw as a portent to his future leadership. I enjoy the way you tie things in.

I'm curious to see what is going to happen with this Eltarian power of Tommy's. I don't see it lasting too long, and he obviously becomes a power ranger again, although it doesn't seem like it's quite time to become the white ranger...but again, I will just have to see :D

Great job!
Halfcent chapter 32 . 7/30
I've been meaning to say this since very early on, but I keep forgetting. I love that you have portrayed the rangers as more knowledgeable than ignorant about the command center and certain duties. It had kind of been something that bothered me a little, the idea that Billy, and only Billy, took the initiative to learn anything about the command center and the consoles and all that. I mean I get that he's a genius, but they are there all the time, they ALL pilot their zords and the megazord. It got annoying that they knew pretty much NOTHING unless Zordon, Alpha or Billy told them about it lol. I liked the weekly meetings along with the 'duties' like checking on the zords, repairs, and anything else. And making Trini fall into the 'medical care' field was pure genius. It gives them real roles other than just running out to fight.

Along with that is the actual battles. You must have put a lot of thought into that. I enjoy the scenes in which they are inside the Megazord and each ranger is responsible for a specific part of it's function. We never really got to see any of that in the show, obviously, and I like the idea that it takes more than just jumping in and pressing a few buttons lol.
Halfcent chapter 31 . 7/30
Interesting developments. I was curious how the differences between Rita's sort of spell and Zedds sort of spell might manifest. It's interesting to think that Kimberly might return to the rangers without the spell every having been broken. I can't imagine that would do much for trust, though.
Skull is so endearing in his unflagging devotion to Kimberly. I am liking this version of him more and more.

I had always thought of writing a story about one of the rangers (Billy as my first choice) somehow with Zordon in his dimension. I am intrigued at the idea. I kind of wish you'd gone a little further with it. But I can also understand that the circumstances don't allow for a lot of time for Tommy to be wasted. I wondered if all those dangerous power transfers were going to have a part to play later, though this is absolutely nothing that I expected.

I'm also beginning to get anxious to see Tommy reunite with the rangers and Sylvia again, and their reactions (and if that possibly breaks the spell on Kimberly!).
Halfcent chapter 30 . 7/30
It was good to see what Bulk and Skull and Kaplan and all them were up to. I have always been intrigued with the characters of Bulk and Skull. Like I mentioned before, they are complex people lol. I like how you've integrated to eventual three new rangers. I was disappointed, at first, that Adam wasn't there, then rejoicing when he showed up lol. While I don't necessarily love the changing of the guard, so to speak, of the three, I have to say that as individual characters, Adam is right up there with Billy as one of my favorites. Hm. Maybe I have a thing for the shy, quiet types lol.

Well, I guess it was Trini's turn to mess up. She fought Kimberly instead of capturing her, and she'd probably had many chances during the fight-turned-beat down. Again, harsh words between them, especially on Trini's part, but they were true to what she must have been feeling. Best friend or not, these are things that have to pile up inside of someone when there are huge things between them. I think Kimberly is going to have a very, very hard time coming back from this when she's rescued, and I think Trini is going to have trouble letting some of it go.

I have to wonder how much planning you've done on these stories, how far in advance. That was a good tie in, a chapter or two ago, Kimberly watching Tommy's recording of the beginning of the power rangers. I love little details like that, things that connect even long after you've forgotten about them.

I wonder if Tommy's new dimension hopping abilities are going to be useful in the future. And yay! Zordon! I missed him, so it's good to see one of the rangers getting to see him, even if it's still not on Earth.
Halfcent chapter 28 . 7/30
The bedroom scene was...disturbing, I guess. For some reason, I liked Rita as the 'bad guy' more than Zedd, but that is probably a hold over from the show. However, I also prefer Tommy's bad boy act better than Kim's bad girl act, and his connection with Rita over this one. I had always gotten the sense that Zedd's 'interest' in Kim were not altogether innocent, if you know what I mean, and it's reflected even in this story. I think part of it is also the fact that Tommy was a sympathetic character, the way you wrote him, with his responsibilities at home, his broken home, his loneliness, that you couldn't help but be glad that, evil spell or not, he was finding people he felt close to in the Moon Palace. He'd fostered relationships, and I don't really see that happening with Kimberly. I'll say it...Zedd scares me rofl

I'm glad Bulk and Skull made an appearance. I had vaguely wondered where they were and what they were up to during all this (same with Ernie and Mr. Kaplan). I had also wondered where Tommy's mom and Kimberly's real father are. I mean I know they can't get into Angel Grove, though I'd have expected Kim's father to be there with Kevin having been kidnapped and all. I also wondered if Tommy's mom was going to make a big deal about him living with Sylvia instead of her, but of course that was before the escalation to all out war. As for Bulk and Skull, I have a feeling they are going to play a major (ish?) role in any sort of revolt in Angel Grove, if there is one.
Halfcent chapter 27 . 7/29
This. Was. INTENSE. Even with all my suspicions that some parents might discover them as rangers, I never envisioned it to this degree or in such a dramatic, action-packed way.

I'm actually kind of glad. I like the idea that their families will now be a bit more understanding of their seemingly irresponsible behaviors, although I can't imagine their parents fears for them being any easier. It's the public reveal that worries me a little. Its not going to be easy for them with all of Angel Grove (or the world?) to know who they are under their helmets. I'm hoping there is some sort of 'memory wipe' for the public later lol.

I think that Sylvia would have the hardest time of all with this, since the her son was so brutalized by the green ranger, who turned out to be the young man she loves as another son. My heart stopped when Alpha told Billy that the plane was being targeted. I'm so glad he saved her. Kimberly's family can't be feeling too great right now either.
I had to laugh at Mr. Taylor's remark about one of his sons destroying his car, though, haha!

I had a good feeling they were going to all camp out, so to speak, at the command center because, really, what else are they gonna do? No homes left and targeted by the enemy to keep the rangers distracted and/or in line. Honestly, I had always seen that as a huge plot hole in the show. The enemy always knew their identities; it would have made things easier on them (the enemies) to do things like this. Of course, children's show and all, lol. This particular chapter put me in mind of a series I read (and still love, despite that it's for kids) called The Animorphs, by K.A. Applegate. Near the end of the series, the identities of the kids became known by the enemy, their families were targeted, the kids had to rescue their families (revealing themselves to them in the process) and they spend the rest of the series in a hidden area that they used as their command post, with their families, as they continued to fight (though the command post was eventually discovered and attacked).

I feel horrible for Kimberly. When she is rescued and/or comes out of this spell, she is going to be guilt ridden, I bet. So far, her actions, out of all of the rangers, are having the biggest impact, the biggest consequences, than anything any of them have done. That is not going to be easy for her to deal with, I think.

Jason is working so hard to remain the leader, and remain strong and confident for those who will be afraid. I'm glad that the parents have realized that while they can't be on the front lines like the rangers, there are things they can do to lighten the load. I particularly loved Jason's father's words, and I have been waiting for them from the beginning lol. I sure hope they find Zordon soon, though, and come up with a way to fix all this without giving him up.

And yay! I knew Tommy wasn't dead. Now to see how he escapes.
Halfcent chapter 26 . 7/29
Seriously. You are killing me lol.

First off, I'll say that I don't believe for a moment that Tommy is dead. Or at least, if he is, that he isn't brought back somehow. You, yourself, has made it very clear that without Tommy, this story doesn't exist lol. Plus, if you are following all the major canon points, then of course Tommy can't die yet, haha! So for those reasons alone, I'm not too worried on that front. So I'll just have to keep reading to see if there is some twist in here that brings him back.

However, that being said, it's still heartbreaking, because the characters have nothing else to do but mourn.

I suspected sort of early on that Kevin might find out in some way about Kimberly, although not necessarily the rest of them (though even a 10 yr old could probably deduce that her closest friends were the rest of the team). I feel for the poor kid, and having seen the rest of the rangers pretty much crumble before his own eyes, he can't have too much faith that they are going to rescue Kimberly and get her back. And having to fake it all for his parents...that's been harsh on the teens, it's going to be horrible for a kid.
And wow, the memorial scene with Finster, Squat and Baboo was a tear jerker. I was hoping that Finster was instrumental in having saved Tommy at the last moment. After all, Kimberly didn't actually see his death, if I recall it correctly. She saw only what she immediately assumed to be his ashes.

Regarding this chapter...Lord, it was so hard to read. I hate, hate, hate seeing the team in a shambles like this. At each other's throats (the Jason and Billy argument that Kevin witnessed was particularly hard for me), depressed, defeated. It's not a pretty picture (but makes for a great story!). And all this right on the heels of the evil Billy clone, so they are still, in effect, dealing with the after effects of that, as well.
I'm glad Billy is not believing that Tommy is dead, but the harsh words from Jason had to hurt.

I was totally not expecting Kimberly to show up at the door. Similar to Kevin, I expected Jason's family (or at least his dad) to discover in some way that he's a ranger. Even more so than with Kevin. With Kevin, it was just a mild 'I wonder if...' but with Jason's dad it was more like 'I'd bet anything he's gonna find out eventually'. Mostly because having to hide it has been causing so much strife between Jason and his dad since early on, and I could sort of feel that the climax to that would probably be his father finding out and realizing why his son has changed, so you didn't disappoint :D I wonder how it's gonna go now that they all know, though. And if the rest of the parents are going to find out. I can totally see Sylvia finding out...and maybe even suspecting already (or maybe John told her on the sly, though I don't really think he would). I actually expected her to find out much earlier.

Another thing that made this chapter tough for me to read was seeing the development of the things that make Jason, Zack and Trini want to leave the team. I mean we all know they left, and I've always said that it wouldn't have realistically been that easy and seamless- the process itself or the gradual coming to terms of the decision for each of them. But to see it in more mature terms, actually watch the toll this hidden war is taking on them, that makes it hard. I almost feel like, at this point, they wouldn't part as close friends and comrades in arms, were they to leave right now. There is too much between them all right now, too many issues that need to be worked out, too many traumas that they each need to overcome (or at least cope with) individually and together. And if this does take us into the Zeo canon, I would certainly hate for them to leave with things still questionable between them all. That's just me, though lol. In real life it doesn't always work out nice and neat like that, but I'm the kind of person who always hopes for at least a little hope and promise at the end. Not necessarily a 'happily ever after', because that doesn't always work, but at least a ray of sunshine in the distance lol.

Plus, that would make it very difficult for the new rangers to take their places, into a not quite cohesive team. But that would happen regardless, I'd think, because it's never as easy as all that. You can't just walk onto an already established team, even if replacing others, and hope it's going to be smooth sailing right off. Adjustments have to be made, and if you follow the way things go in the show, Zordon doesn't really give them 'adjustment' kind of notice lol. It's more like...hey,'s three new people, the ones you met once.

Well...that was quite a tangent :/ Anyway, great chapter, and the fact that it was so hard for me to read is testament at how great it is. I'm emotionally invested in the story, the happenings and the characters and I can feel what they are feeling. I won't say I haven't found a few other MMPR authors I enjoy, but you are the ONLY one I've found that does gritty, realistic and more for an adult audience. And by the way, I'm really glad you don't go into detail with the sex stuff lol. That's fine in it's time and place, but you do well and letting us know what's going on without all the dirty details that I really don't care to read in this particular fandom or setting. I don't have anything against such stories, and read them myself, sometimes (although I'm not a big romance fan...though sex isn't exactly romance lol), but I prefer it without in this particular fandom. Of course, I could just skim over it any time I don't want to read it, but I guess what I'm saying is, I'm glad it's not the focus of your stories.

Okay, I've rambled enough. On to the next chapter (though that might be later today).
Halfcent chapter 23 . 7/27
I know it's been quite a while since I've reviewed (like through a whole story, plus all of this one up to now lol), but I'm still with the series. But I know that these are all complete, so far, so I don't even know if you are getting them, plus I often have to read on my phone and it doesn't let me review.
I thought it was time for one, though.

I enjoy how you are handling most of the threads that are canon. I hated two main events in the show and how they are handled; the way Tommy so easily became the leader, with not a single word or reservation from Jason or the others, as if it was just so easily done to change such an important thing on a team...and the downplay of Jason, Zack and Trini leaving.

I felt like both could have been handled better, but I realize that for a kids tv show, that would have taken too long to focus on and taken the attention away from the newer replacements.

I like the way you are showing wear and tear, in a realistic manner, on a bunch of teens turned soldiers, and the lead up to the reasons that not only does Jason 'step down' as leader, but that the three of them leave. Your portrayal of Zedd is chilling; you give him an almost omniscient feel, especially from the perspectives of the Rangers. The hints were very clever. I have a very good idea for what Trini's means, leading up to her choice to leave the team, and I did research on Jason's to discover what the word means, so I figured his out. Zack's was a total mystery to me. I have an idea about Kim's but that will have to remain to be seen, it's a very vague idea. Tommy's SEEMS obvious, but I have an idea that you are going to throw a twist in there that surprises me. But as for Jason's, Trini's and Zack's, it's clear to see the lead up to them leaving, which wold have been heart breaking if this was not a story about an already established fandom in which we already know they leave. I hated it when they left. But I like that you are addressing it, and giving clear hints and reasons for it, unlike the show. (As a side note, I am actually part way into the next chapter - Kim just teleported into their new Zords after she told her parents that she was going to look for her brother, but I didn't want to wait till the end of the chapter to review up to now).

As for Billy. Ugh, you killed me. I totally misinterpreted 'Victor' at first. Totally expected it to mean victorious...even after I realized he was creating a clone. I realize that was probably your intent, so very clever mislead lol. His chapter destroyed me! I think I mentioned this before, but he's my favorite character. I'll be honest...I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story, the entire series, and I wish more were written in this more adult and realistic manner (it has inspired me to consider writing some in this fandom, and in similar manner), but it's clear that Tommy is your favorite character, because a few times you have left hints that you feel he is the superior character at pretty much anything...but just vague hints, so while I was able to just push them aside, you also didn't let it get too out of hand and bring the story down.
As for Billy...the darker shade of blue chapters killed me, like I said lol. I felt like it put Billy in a very bad light, but I also recognized that they have ALL had their questionable moments. I don't like the strife that is happening with the team right now; it seems like they aren't very cohesive. It's disturbing, but realistic, and that's what I like about this series. That's not a bad thing, it just shows how emotionally invested I am in the characters you've portrayed and that's a good thing from a writer's and reader's perspective.

You killed John, though! Ugh, I hated you for that lol. Truly. I was hoping he'd be somehow revived or fixed. That was rough, for me. I really wished they'd at least been married first; that would have made things a bit more legal where Tommy is concerned, at the very least. I keep wondering if that's going to be an issue later, like his mom wanting him to come with her, and legally having the right to force it.

One of things that was seriously lacking in the show that you are, again, hitting just right (as far as I'm concerned anyway) is Jason and Zordon's leadership. I think they could have done better with that. For a 'general' commanding soldiers that are defending an entire planet, Zordon was rarely as 'in charge' as I felt he should be, adn I like that you are giving him a bigger personality than he ever had in the show, especially in regards to his position. As for Jason, I had always felt that he was a bit too ambiguous and uncertain, struggling to find his roles between friendship and leadership. I think you handle it well, and I'm enjoying a more leader-like Jason. Even his slowly crumbling desire to lead, because of the toll it's taking on him. Like I said, a good lead up to when Tommy takes over, if you are going to take this series that far.

If you do, I'm going to be very interested in how Tommy compares to Jason as a leader, how the team feels about it, and how the three new rangers fit in with the team. I've always liked Adam's character, don't care a lot for Rocky. Tanya/Aisha were devoid of personality just enough to make them interchangeable, sadly. Kat was just...very underdeveloped in my opinion. They could have done so much more with her, but she was disappointing, to me. I'll be interested to see what you do with them.
GinsengH chapter 24 . 3/21
I've been reading this entire series the last few days, and it has come a long way since the beginning.

The writing has certainly taken on a more mature tone as the series has progressed. Not just mature in the sense of being dark, but I mainly mean that the writing has improved greatly. Early on there was an obvious attempt to make the story more serious than what the original show had been, but there were too many instances of rather non nonsensical happenings. Now, though the story seems to flow more naturally with these darker themes, and the characters have been building up quite nicely.

Speaking of characters, I originally clicked on this series of stories because Tommy and Kimberly were in the character filter (my two favorite rangers). Your Scorpina has completely won me over though. I can only hope that she makes an appearance at some point again.

The camaraderie shown early on between Tommy and the Moon Palace forces was a nice touch. It created a deeper sense of realism that this was actually a fighting force in a war. Commentary on the war itself has also been interesting as there have been points where the perspective of what is evil and what makes a criminal depends upon which side you find yourself on.

Good story and looking forward to reading more. I can't say that I'm looking forward to Kimberly turning evil though. It could have worked early on, but the problem is that your writing has become formulaic in this regard. First there was Tommy with his evil stint as the Green Ranger, then there was Billy with his 24 hour mind control, then Billy again in the form of a clone, and now we are facing an evil Kimberly. Even if Kimberly does find a way to circumvent becoming evil (though that seems unlikely as I happened to see the summary for the next story in this series) it seems as though this series can not have a major source of conflict without turning one of the Rangers against the others in this manner. It makes for great military strategy to turn your enemies against each other, but its intrigue as a plot point when used with such frequency is immensely lacking.
Mirajane92 chapter 15 . 11/30/2014
The notion that Billy would be more comfortable in the battlefield than Jason is really weird. Though I do understand it, with Jason, Zack and Trini leaving, but still. But I love this fic. It's one of the best PR fanfictions I have ever read.
Linariel chapter 34 . 5/19/2014
I finally finished it. All I can say is wow I’m overwhelmed, and in awe. This story is genius! I loved your Evil Green Ranger saga and this is even more of that goodness. OMG I’m still not over this fic not in the least bit. I don’t know how you did it but you were able to completely rewrite the whole The Green Candle, things in between, and Green No More in a way that just made it even better than ever. You pulled at my heart strings and emotions. Placed the rangers in impossible situations put them through hell. But through it all you built their characters and transformed even more so into the the Power Rangers we know and love but with even more depth and emotion. You even manage to make all the villains into characters you can familiarize with. You made Zedd even more terrifying then how I remember him as a child when he first appeared to the rangers before they dumbed him down a bit. I love all the backstory you give the villains and rangers but especially the villains because you make it work. You make it make sense. I never thought of Lord Zedd being the way he is because of all the power he’s wielded eating away at what he once was. But it's the perfect explanation.

I really loved how you brought the rangers' parents into the whole conflict with evil. After Zedd threatens their lives. Especially how you play it real and your not afraid to add conflict because any parent would react in somewhat the same manner after learning their children are fight evil forces. I actually laughed at some of those parts as well. Okay I didn’t know how you would do it but you managed to completely sell me on Evil Kim. I always saw potential for it. But they never really explored her being evil in the show, and Goldar never was able to turn her evil before. But I can see where you went with Zedd’s infatuation with her. It was sick and wrong but you never went overboard. The whole way you brought in him wanting to turn her into Rita was perfect as well because essentially he tried to do that in the show. But still through it all you subtly put how Kim was trying to fight the spell. Tommy being killed I never completely grasped being true so I was relieved when a few chapters later you brought him in. But it still killed Kimberly that she did that, and it made her transformation into Zedd’s pawn natural. You explored one type of evil with Tommy, then subtly with Billy, and now Kimberly. You put the core rangers who stayed long into the final days of the Mighty Morphin team through the most challenges, and trials. They all have a certain connection they’ve all been evil or something of that nature. And yet as with Tommy, Billy has managed to pull through everything and become strong once more, I know Kimberly will too it’s just going to take some time. But I see the bond between her and Tommy stronger then ever. I also enjoyed the fact you had Kimberly break her own spell, she had to come to realization and no one could do it for her. The tender scene of Tommy healing her with some the last of his powers was beautiful as well. You’re one of the best writers of this couple I’ve ever seen.

At first I wasn’t onboard with the whole greek gods bit but as I read it, well it worked really well. And it was the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen on this show. You wrote all them perfectly too. I loved this whole greek gods bit. It something that was really had a real challenge for the power rangers. It wasn’t the simplest thing to accept but as you built into it it made so much sense. Especially the Venus Island bit because it does say Aphrodite more then the fly trap monster. The apocalyptic Angel Grove I didn’t expect but it was so interesting and perfect that I really enjoyed the whole bit. I love how you brought in Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. Oh god that was just so perfect. Them being freedom fighters and helping a city that wasn’t even their own was beautiful truly. It shows how much they are already power rangers in their own right. I do hope when they get the power coins that they get back their memories of the whole battle with the greek gods. Because what they did was just as important as what the rangers did. And I feel as if they shouldn’t be left in the dark about what transpired they need to remember it. Even if it wouldn’t be easy to come to grips with everything I’m sure they’d prefer it, You managed to write the trio so well. I could honestly see them doing just what they did. Their introduction was genius. Also awesome work having each of the trio working with their predecessors, I just loved to see that. It’s something that was sorely missing from the show. Jason getting help from Rocky, Trini getting calmed down and brought back to reality by Aisha, and Zack getting saved and supported by Adam. Yes I really am ever so happy you put that in. I love the first red, yellow, and black rangers. Nevertheless I still enjoyed their predecessors so much as well.

Tommy was incredible as ever in this story you put him through a journey. And this journey it just shows subtly how he’ll become the white ranger, the leader of the power rangers. And how his white powers represent purity, leadership, and everything he's cultivated to become. You wrote him in such a way that he’s coming to grips with everything. I didn’t like the way they got rid of Tommy myself however the thing was despite this there was always the fact that Tommy sacrificed everything for them all in the end when he wasn’t even a power ranger. He defeated Lord Zedd without his power coin. And you did the same with this story but with much more build up and feedback. Also I enjoy the fact the the eltarain energy Tommy was receiving had side affects because it make so much sense for it to happen this way. When you look at it logically and scientifically. Zordon’s energy actually saved Tommy and allowed him to dimension hop. Tommy wasn’t around as much for the last book but that didn’t make him any less important, and I liked how you balanced that all out. Also you’ve grown Tommy up a lot but at the same time you focus a lot on Kim and Billy which I enjoy as well. All three of them have been through hell but they are still fighting as rangers for one reason or another. Now that Kim has been evil and Kat will be evil I think they will have an even deeper connection. So anyways also liked how you did the whole Billy and his clone part oh god that warred on my emotions so much it was one of the most nerve wrecking books in you series. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Okay now I’ve got to say one of my favorites parts overall of this story was the clues Zedd gave them. I couldn’t wrap my mind entirely around any of them. Not until the rangers realized them for themselves. They were plot point that warred on the rangers and made them question everything and anything. I especially like how you used these clues to drive point about Jason, Trini, and Zack’s decision to give up their powers. It wasn’t an abrupt thing over time you’ve shown how they’ve been broken down and why they want to stop being rangers. It’s been a gradual process and might I add written out beautifully. You’ve convinced me more then the show ever could why they wanted to leave. It wasn’t about just simply the peace conference in this story it was just a part of the reason and you didn’t even bring it up till the end of the story. You showed how everything happen you’ve been gradually building up to this point and in a way that makes so much sense. So well done very well done. I knew and accepted that Jason, Trini, and Zack would move on soon but you you wrote it in a way that makes it even better. While those three are starting to crumble you’ve shown their replacements rising head on to meet the challenges, and having their backs, even if they don’t know they are going to become rangers yet.

I love how you show no favoritism and give all the characters their just desert when needed yet at the same time make us feel for them. Sure I can see people being a bit biased still regardless of the story. But you you wrote this without showing true favoritism. You stay true to the heart of the characters and their story. A good writer knows that you must play true to the heart of the characters, and not deviate completely from who they are. And you don’t you really don’t. You showed sympathy even for Lord Zedd in this story. You play from all their points of views not just one.

On a side note I adored Silvia through this whole story. I wish she and John could have been together and my heart still breaks from that whole scene but I understand why you did it. I do love the fact that she shows pure love for Tommy despite everything and what he put her through as the green ranger. She still just loves on him. Tommy needs this in his life. I liked seeing the closure between Jason and his father as well which was something that if I remember correctly was tough problem for the red ranger in your first story. Congrats on writing an even better version of Doomsday then the one from the show, I loved how you really showed how much the others were missing Tommy and how it affected them. I also loved the unexpected surprise of Tommy saving the day for all of them. All of that was so good. I just loved every way you redid every episode you played out it was just so purely amazing. I can’t begin to describe it all.

Looking forward to seeing how you do the power transfer and if you will have our rookie rangers remember what happened during the greek god war. Also I can't wait to see more of Scorpina, you're even bringing Rito in from the background early which is awesome. Who better to look for his sister I rather like that. And of course I can’t wait to see Tommy as the white ranger, and what you’ll be doing with that. I can’t to see Rita and Zedd’s marriage too. And just everything! Oooh please tell me you’re doing the whole 2 part episode where the rangers become children because of the rock of time. I actually
scotty26 chapter 24 . 2/22/2014
okay i think i have to say my piece after this. You are EVIL but in a good way kind of EVIL! you are doing what MMPR as a whole couldn't do because of "Americans" restriction on violence and since they couldn't touch the "tone" of MMPR counter part are more or less doing that...which I like. This is like the 5 or 6 story of MMPR that I've read that I actually like..well technically speaking 3 since 2 of those are xover with Harry Potter. I - personally - never like Rocky as a whole - especially during Zeo - because he came across as a whiny emo idiot. I was recently watching a few episodes of Season 2 of MMPR like The Wedding and The Return of The Evil Ranger and while I know see why he was good as "EVIL"...the plot and the way they had to literally circumvent the editing as not to show the costumes of DaiRanger...makes it just outright *ugh* and just show i would rather watch Sentai Sub Episode than the atrocity that this show is - even if it was gear to kids -because of the "themes" and the major "violence" on the Sentai show. If you watch any of them ...especially Zyruranger you will know what I mean. Zedd as a villain at first was pretty cool and then towards the latter half of MMPR..they turn around and made him an "EVIL" buffoon of epic know what I mean? You probably do since you writing this as your own fanfic and giving Zedd his proper due.
Marie Kenobi chapter 34 . 1/25/2014
Until you mentioned it, it had never dawned on me that the three Rangers who remained were the three who had been evil at some point in time. Surely it was coincidental; the show's producers couldn't have seen into the future to know which actors would leave. Still, I was impressed by that observation.

I also like the fact that you're touching upon Jason, Trini, and Zach leaving BEFORE bringing in Tommy as the new leader. It makes a hundred times more sense than the way the show was done, and again, it has to do with the original actors leaving, but they still could have handled it better in post-production.

I'm super excited to see Rito getting pulled into this. (Earlier than in the series, I think? Can't remember at the moment.) He always made me laugh and I'm sure you're going to do a great job with him. I'll be waiting eagerly for you to post the first chapter of Brighter Paths! :-D

Marie Kenobi chapter 33 . 1/24/2014
Such a great chapter to help wrap the battle up! Maybe it's the dimension hopping, maybe it's his new Eltarian power, but Tommy sure seemed to gain some confidence! I loved the way he handled Zedd! lol I'm also very interested in how you'll handle him becoming the White Ranger and Jason's loss of leadership. Please, please, please do a better job of that than they did on the show! (I have no doubt that you will. :-) )

One more chapter to go. I'm glad things are wrapping up neat and proper for the Rangers, but I'm sad to see this story coming to an end.

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