Reviews for Unintended Consequences
Mario Tobler chapter 24 . 10/31
Melodramatic and slightly wimpy Harry. Emotionally codependent, vindicate and unable to forgive the simplest of slights, delights in inflicting emotional pain on his friends. Hermione 'abandoning' him was innocuous. In your own story she tried to convince Ton to go back and then told him they would leave first thing in the morning. Harry did a good job of convincing them that his melodrama and emotional weakness was their fault, and it really hurt them, making them rethink even themselves. A very selfish lead character. That being said, very good story. I enjoyed the twists, the alternatives, and the lessons this fan fiction is able to bring. I'm glad it go so many favorites, it deserved them. Thanks for writing!
Mario Tobler chapter 11 . 10/31
I love how quick it's moving, but I do wonder how you will fill the next 15 chapters with one horocrux. Looking forward!
Mario Tobler chapter 10 . 10/31
This story isn't Ron and Germaine bashing... But it's close. Still uncomfortable with how quickly they used the l word. Usually a sign of a short term, codependent relationship
Mario Tobler chapter 9 . 10/31
I'm a very sentimental person, but for some reason, every sentence that ended with babe, or sweetie took me completely out of the scene. I think it was rather random. Two people that have a great, but not deep relationship break up, don't see each other for six months and there's no awkwardness. 'Oh hey there luv!'
Mario Tobler chapter 8 . 10/31
Great freaking chapter. I loved every bit
Mario Tobler chapter 7 . 10/31
Dumbeldores house. I haven't seen that ever, good twist
Mario Tobler chapter 6 . 10/31
I've been watching like a hawk and you've been quite good at not having minor characters say 'Voldemort', that's always a story killer
Mario Tobler chapter 5 . 10/31
More good changes. I would have liked this chapter combined with the last one. I'm more of a longer chapter guy though, so it may just be personal preference
Mario Tobler chapter 4 . 10/31
The changes are good so far, interesting enough. I can see the frustration in Ron and Hermione.
Mario Tobler chapter 3 . 10/31
Weepy Harry, douchey Ron. The plot moves along
Mario Tobler chapter 2 . 10/31
Nice setup. Harry seems a little moody in an odd way. Harry was never a cryer in canon, more of a 'wouldn't it be funny if the room fell on me? I'd be warm then.'
Mario Tobler chapter 1 . 10/31
Good prologue. I can't wait to see where this goes. I'm hoping for not too sappy right off the bat!
Elle chapter 5 . 10/5
I love that Harry got a kitten, it's totally adorable:) wonderful fic so far, I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to see what happens!
twilightlover212 chapter 25 . 8/8
Wow! I must say that was a very interesting take on the whole thing! Im sad Severus had to die but ecstatic that Fred and the Lupins didn't die
CoolFanfictionLover chapter 25 . 6/12
WOWO just wow loved the whole story
please do continue
bye sumi
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