Reviews for ChessMaster
Sunder the Gold chapter 1 . 2/10/2011
Only one other review? Well, I certainly can't allow that. Perhaps if you also posted a copy in the Nanoha archive?

Anyway, it's wonderful, to see more GrimGrimoire fanfiction, especially by a new author! And I do so love crossovers. More GG crosses with Lyrical Nanoha would be nice, but there might be some fun possibilities with Touhou Project...

Accurate insights into the characters and methods of our two beloved masterminds.

Hayate playing mindgames is something much more prevalent in fanon than canon, though. Not that it seems inaccurate - StrikerS could only have been improved by using it.

Lillet holding up against mental pressure and finding a way through the challenge certainly fits what she accomplished in her story.
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 10/3/2010
Hah! You actually wrote it! (I guess this means that the GrimGrimoire fandom is growing up-we're actually getting crack fiction!)

All in all, I thought it was a cute little fic. No belly laughs, but a lot of grins and snickers (when I spotted who one of the competitors was, or at the allusions to Lillet and Hayate's roles in their original source materials (Lillet's "better at best two out of three" due to her Groundhog Day time loop, and Hayate being better at sending in her friends at the end due to how Nanoha, etc. ends up confronting Jail, Quattro, Vivio, and the like, or Hayate's reference to Nanoha's fan nickname...).

And Hayate's "Xanatos Gambit" at the end was priceless-if she wins, she wins, and if she loses, then she gets to make a point to her friends!

So I had a lot of fun with this little piece of crack; thank you for writing it (aw, and for all the shout-outs). Now, of course, I'm looking forward to your first serious GrimGrimoire fic (hint, hint)!