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Gage hernandez chapter 1 . 10/16
Palees update to chapter 33 I what' to see the 4 hokages I what' to see hashirama tobirama sarutobi minato bringing back to life I am a big naruto fan papers bring the next chapter out
Guest chapter 1 . 10/4
Not to be a stickler to good fanfictions, but decisions like this wouldn't be this fast, they would have to acknowledge not JUST their personal background, but their knowledge of politics and maintaining a nation's economy, their patience and maturity (hence why almost all leaders both irl and here aren't teens), and how they will improve the nation better than their predecessor.
Ander Arias chapter 32 . 8/10
For some time now, I only decided to (mostly) read fanfics that are featured in TVTropes, either with their own articles, or are in the Fanfic recomendation page. This fanfic has both, so I expected to read an amazing story.

And said expectations have been met :)

Man, I loved this story from the very beginning. Well, maybe not from the beginning since it had kind of a slow start, but after that, it became a neverending ride of one awesome event to another.

My favorite part has to be how you made the Konoha 11 relevant to the story once again. Seriously, after Pain, every character not named Naruto or Sasuke barely accomplished anything, and had to rely on these two to face all the enemies. Their battles, as well as their emotional struggles (the highlights being Hinata and Choji having to fight their respective fathers) were a very enjoyable read.

This also has the side effect (I'm going to guess that it was intentional) of actually showcasing the "new generation will surpase the old one" theme much better than the manga attempted to do.

The way yoo portray the war, with all the horror that the manga glossed over, is one of the other stronger points in this story, as well asw more named character dying, even if they are secondary characters. It ceratinly gives the main characters a sense of loss and grief. Because let's face it, Neji's death in the manga came out of nowhere, and felt more like a cheap attempt at drama.

Like most naruhina fanfics, you tried to make Hinata more powerful, and I'm glad that you did so without turning her into a Mary Sue. Though then again, I wish that you came up with something a bit more original than the Hoderi, since it felt way too similar to the Susanoo.

Now, while this story is great, it's not without mistakes. Besides a few spelling mistakes, there's also some backstory mistakes (for example, the bloodline purges in Kiri were started by the villagers who grew to hate ninja, not the Mizukage), though the things that bugged me the most was on this very chapter, which is Sasuke's being good again. I felt it was incredibly rushed. It would have been better if, say, they incapacitated Sasuke, took him to the Alliance HQ, and there Naruto and Sakura had a long talk with him in which he realized how much of a dumbass he has been (and capitalize a bit better the whole "New Danzo" thing, which I loved).

I also wished the story had a few more Naruto/Hinata moments, but then again this fic is tagged as Adventure, not romance. Still, I hope to see more of them together, maybe fighting side by side in the battles that are yet to come (just like they did against the Juubi in the manga).

Can't also wait the moment Kushina finally meets Naruto. I hope she doesn't die shortly after that, since it would be an incredibly cruel thing to do.

Anyway, good story overall. From now onwards, you will have one more regular reviewer, as long as the story keeps being as good as it is now (wish I had found this story earlier). I'll be eagerly waiting for the next chapter.
Zyr0TruthCanExist chapter 32 . 7/27
You do realize that Naruto and Sasuke never really surpassed Madara and Hashirama in canon right? It is debatable if Naruto surpassed Hashirama (personally i think that Hashirama would barely win against SO6P Sage Mode Naruto) and Sasuke definitly never surpassed Madara. Madara surpassed Kaguya at the end of the series. Also, the Byakugan doesn't have a 'magnekyou' like form, it just evolves straight to the tenseigan. Danzo's body would not have been able to withstand the Rinnegan and Shisui's Magnekyou, when Obito in his Prime couldn't withstand and use Rinnegan techniques. All in all, you have a decent story, with a fairly good concept, but got major parts of canon wrong and it changed everything.
StampedingYak90 chapter 31 . 7/19
Another fight that improves on established canon. Gotta say, I respect that you've velievably turned Hinata into a powerhouse without changing her into something totally unrecognizable. Not only her, but the rest of the Konoha 12 apart from Naruto and Sasuke. It makes Itachi's words hold up under scrutiny because it's one thing to say don't shoulder everything on your own, and then have Naruto be the only person doing the heavy lifting in the war or in general. So kudos on that. As for the fight, it was expectedly kick-ass against a Nagato at full strength being potentially the scariest foe in the series shy of a 10 tails jinchuriki. In that light, and going along with the theme of teamwork instead of one supreme being, it made sense that it took a team effort to put him away for good.
Please keep letting these people know that biju sage mode is really not a game! In that mode, he's already in the realm of the strongest in history. With the innumerable and nearly tangible after-images, which is a really great touch both strategically and feat wise by the way, and the incredibly sharp and slowed down perception of time granted by his senses, Naruto is really getting his Wally West on against people. Only question is, the impression is given that when Naruto actually "charges up," his speed is essentially at the level of the hiraishin, or at the least near instantaneous (scarier since it's raw speed and not space-time ninjutsu). I'm rambling, but I'm truly enjoying this story and your battle scenes. Hyped for Naruto vs Sasuke part 3!
StampedingYak90 chapter 26 . 7/18
I gotta say, you're an impressive writer dude. I'm consistently amazed by your ability to add nuance and strategic modifications that only compliment and build upon the established world. That said, the Naruto vs Ultimate fight was way too damn good for me not to comment on it. Ultimate is a straight up tyrant! You made the Third Raikage into a monster worthy of his physical abilities and Black Lightning, but you also planted the seed for Naruto's Six Paths potential. First, kudos for continuing to hammer home just how FAST Nine Tails Chakra Mode makes Naruto. He can blitz just about anybody out there and it seems like that was inconsistent in the manga. Therefore it only stands to reason that combining both modes may put him past A for fastest man alive or at least neck and neck. Second, the combination of Kurama Chakra Mode and Sage mode isn't something to simply be glossed over. It's a legitimately incredible and unprecedented feat. Naruto's genius and sensitivity when it comes to handling, combining, and understanding chakra in and of itself is literally second only to Hagoromo even before the six paths upgrade. Finally, the senpo: wind release biju rasengan is badass, and I can only imagine the craziness that will result in Naruto building on this. In my opinion, he's already as strong if not slightly beyond canon Biju Mode. More reviews on the way dude. This fic is an underrated gem mostly because of your writing skill.
ChloboShoka chapter 32 . 7/18
Sasuke and Naruto's rivalry is so intense, I like how you've captured this in your fic.
arinasution5 chapter 16 . 7/17
SkywardStrike chapter 32 . 7/15
Alright, I've been a reader of yours for nearly twenty chapters now, its about time I gave this story some well deserved praise.

You are such an amazing storyteller.

I am amazed at how good this is. And its all so simple. You take Kishimoto's work on the third act of the story, you twist and turn and fix it just enough so its interesting to read and then you go the extra mile with worldbuilding and character development. I can't help but love it because this is what fanfiction should be all about, taking what the author gave us and expanding it in a way where another story can be written over it, regardless of wether something as menial as Canon such as the villain's identity is sacrificed for good storytelling, this kind of thing makes it worth it.

Of course, not to say this is perfect. On this chapter alone I can find a few flaws that could use fixing. Naruto and Sasuke's battle came out of nowhere, Sasuke's turn was a bit too rushed for how gone down his path you made him out to be and having something of this scale happen just after Itachi is gone and having him make no comment on it seems like a bit of a waste. However, compared to the overall execution, with Naruto and Sasuke just outshining each other one at a time with their powerups and taking it all a step further at every turn culminating in the ultimate clash...those problems are no more than nitpicks.

With that kind of quality in a simple fan work, I can't help but to bow down to you in respect.

So, just keep doing what you're doing. Its been a great ride so far and I can't wait to see where it all goes next.
StampedingYak90 chapter 8 . 7/14
Hey! I've done you a real disservice by continuing to read this without leaving a review. I really like this story because instead of abandoning canon as if there's nothing good in there, or worse, just making a novelization of canon, you're doing things that just make sense. Naruto by the time he defeated Pain was legitimately one of the strongest living shinobi, and you're treating him as such. Sasuke was also batpoop crazy and it's great that you touch on how him becoming unhinged doesn't favor his precision and focus based fighting style. I also respect that everyone has received proportional buffs to make them viable threats to the enemy. Most of all, GREAT JOB acknowledging that any war effort isn't just front line fighting but supply and transportation. It adds a strategic layer that was absent in the manga. All in all, more reviews coming down the pipe. Keep it up buddy.
Guest chapter 32 . 7/11
I can already tell bringing the Jinchuriki back to life is going to screw over Tobi majorly in chapters to come.
Hisui Kitsune chapter 32 . 7/9
Been waiting for this story to update, and it was 100% worth it. I agree the line between reaching and surpassing madara & hashirama's level was exceptionally veiled and rushed in the canon, and the final battle was quote superb. As far as you're AN, actually, I believe kurama's. Conciousness also inhabits the avatar, as seen on Naruto: The Last, when kurama fights the golem while naruto lays the beatdown on Toneri.
Kellybliss chapter 32 . 7/9
let me jst complete it 600 reviews hn!
Kellybliss chapter 32 . 7/9
let me jst complete it 600 reviews*nods*
Kellybliss chapter 32 . 7/9
your doing great,great story the best war fic in this sight but u dont update early jst dont kepp o readers waiting
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