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SeventhAssassin chapter 24 . 7/1
Can I ask, when's the next update? Please tell me when it already does
i throw rocks at retarded kids chapter 24 . 6/11
wow this fic is amazing
i wonder how this will tun out in the end hmmmmm?
take your time for the updates tho hahaha
keep up the good work
Semi-Professional Scotsman chapter 7 . 5/6
I suppose I came into this expecting something different, which is my fault, but that still doesn't make me like the story any more than I do.

The very premise of your story was interesting simply because of the possible interactions with the characters, the fact that Minato could remake his path without as many mistakes and keep a version of himself from dying while he furthers in power through friends.

An unfortunately, this is absolutely none of that, it's a story about angst, drama and insecurity, something that is completely unnecessary because it's already happened before, meaning that regardless of his position, Minato should be the most confident out of everyone here, he should be leading the team into the fray to prepare, he should only be encountering mistakes BECAUSE of his changes, not because he's such a fuck up he can't even make them, or bypassing them because he doesn't think it's necessary.

I wish you best of luck, but I'm not going to continue a story where the main character is limited to one arcana and is a social link and not the one forming them, because your interpretion of him just isn't interesting enough for that, he's boring, annoying and insecure and rather than be because he's at the start of his journey, he's supposed to be at his end and he's not, therefore negating all past development in his character and refined to being a simple side character, one that's not even moderately important.

But most of all, your Minato just doesn't know how to take responsibility over anything, and that's the most immature thing ever, he doesn't take responsibility for his past, his present or his actions and at the very end of this story he's going to jump in front of the other character who has developed and he's going to sacrifice himself, not because he's the most powerful and he's the only one who can, but because he's just done nothing to deserve another fate thus far.

I suppose I just looked forward to a character that had seen it all before, who'd lived it, and so the challenge wouldn't be him scrambling for enough semblance of past power because he's so inept and rather him coming to the conclusion about where he belongs here, him steamrolling shouldn't be an issue and in fact would only add to the mystery about who he is, bonds aren't broken simply because you aren't there anymore, but the fact that they were in the very first chapter before anything simply speaks volumes about your character in the first place and why I don't like even a little.

Best of luck.
Vickstaroo7 chapter 24 . 5/1
Ah i was really getting into it
Awesome story man :)
Floodtalon chapter 24 . 4/19
This is a really good story and I hope it gets continued at some point in the future! I can understand when real life gets in the way though. Good chapter and good work!
Words of advice chapter 1 . 4/16
Another gem in a vast pool of small sized and poorly written fits. Read it all in one day. Your writing is astounding, especially compared to the average OP Naruto fanfic. Looking forward to see how you outdo yourself next.
CruelRuin chapter 6 . 2/1
I was wondering why this fic had such a low amount of follows and favorites, despite the starting being good and the writing being above passable. But then you went a fucked it up. Welp, have fun wallowing in mediocrity.
A huge fan chapter 24 . 12/27/2016
Honestly I love this fanfic I always will hell I came back to it after two or three years and I saw it had updated and was amazingly happy! Sadly every time I read your story I am left with a empty sadness that does not go away. I love this story and my only major wish is that in a future chapter we get a clearer answer on Elizabeth but I loved how you wrote Minato to think do Igor and Theo hate him? Margert probably wouldn't but Theo I dunno Igor since he has overstayed his welcome (Minato that is) yes.
Ryoji Mochizuki chapter 24 . 11/24/2016
great fanfic, amazing story, please update soon
safranbrod chapter 24 . 10/26/2016
YEAHHHH THEOOOO! It's only fair for Hamuko to have a bit of a relationship with Theo considering how it's the same for Minato and Elizabeth being his 'ex'.
DannyPhantom619 chapter 24 . 8/29/2016
Minato X Hamuko!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/7/2016
Guest chapter 24 . 7/3/2016
I love the story and the AU it is set in makes it very interesting!
grandshadowseal chapter 1 . 6/24/2016
i hope you continue to update!
illuminio chapter 14 . 6/2/2016
Haha, such hypocricy! Doing it for her? What a lie. Minato does _everything_ for himself. He feels guilt for making lots of mistakes, yes, but that doesn't translate in his willingness to sacrifice himself for others. The more you write, the more evident it becomes.

Minato is not a Hero. Not anymore. He is now a more or less normal teenager with troubled past - nothing more, nothing less. His resolve is spent, his will is torn and going with the flow is a natural response to everything. So he is afraid. Afraid that mistakes will be repeated, that people will suffer because of him. He is not a bad person, he never was, really.

That's why he scrambles to restore the shreds of previous calmness, self-assured confidence and focus. That's why he is spending his days avoiding the thoughts of change, drowning the doubts in a haze of normal life. And then tears himself apart trying to invent something on the spot when moment of crysis _that_he_knew_of_ comes. He is not a Hero.

But he is too afraid to do nothing.
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