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Dragon Tag chapter 6 . 6/4
The way Minato punch her freaking shocked me.
Clerriosol chapter 25 . 3/27
Huh, as a writer (that never post their stories), this makes me kind of sad to see. But I have to say I did enjoy this a lot. As a person who has never played P3P, reading this was an experience.

Hope that you're doing great as a writer, good luck out there!
Jaquan chapter 25 . 1/15
Shame it ends like that. I actually enjoyed it even with its downsides. I mean it would be pretty boring if Minato could one-shot everything. Although I didn't exactly like how he kept alienating others as if the only reason he talked with others was because of Social Links. I mean sure they could accelerate stuff but still it made his sacrifice feel less genuine.
kidgokuismywaifu chapter 25 . 12/15/2018
If you find the motivation for it, I would look forward to a complete rewrite. I think what's most important is having a good story, and if you have to start over from scratch to be satisfied with it, I think you should. If you don't want to that's understandable, but I would be interested in a rewrite. I think the concept has a lot of potential, and I have yet to see anyone explore that fully, so I would love to see what you can do with it now. Thanks for the story, I had fun reading it.
ShinyKyu chapter 25 . 12/14/2018
I did enjoy reading this. Your writing seemed to improve as time went on. I hope you edit the last chapter and continue, though I don’t blame you if you choose not too.

The only criticism I have to say might be about how much Minato recognizes the SEES members as they show up. He always finds them familiar, but doesn’t fully recognize them like “oh, that’s Fuuka” or “oh, that’s Ken.” Even if it’s been over a year, NO ONE would forget their closest friends’ faces. He’s known each of them for AT LEAST several months, and these are all people he’s fought with. Even weirder, he apparently remembers other, less important Social Links immediately, yet not all of the members of SEES.
Guest chapter 6 . 11/28/2018
Hamuko and Minato remind me of how my siblings fought in this chapter
Jon chapter 24 . 9/26/2018
hamuko and minato's relationship is so cuTE
JDH1080 chapter 25 . 4/23/2018
I've been following this story for quite a while. Almost since the beginning, I think. And every time an update came I thoroughly enjoyed each chapter. I am sad to see you giving up on this, I really did want to see how things turn out. But I can understand your frustrations, there areany stories that I have abandoned simply due to how much my writing has changed. Some of my more popular stories are ones that I now dislike greatly due to how bad my writing was. And I know I have no right to ask you to continue this if you don't want to, I'd be a hypocrite if I did, so I'll thank you for what you have given us this far. I hope your future endeavors prove fruitful for you, and if you ever do come back to this I will gladly keep reading.
Chai-Emlee chapter 25 . 4/20/2018
I'm honestly sad to see that this story will no longer continue. It's true that the beginning chapters were a bit of a slog to read through, with Minato and Hamuko's interactions feeling rather forced? Stiff? I think I dropped it at some point.

But I came back, and sometime during the Fuuka rescue arc, I fell in love with this story. It was a gradual change but by the time the island arc passed, I was definitely hooked. Things started becoming really interesting, and it made me think.

I'm thankful that you've made this note. Quite a few authors leave their readers hanging in hopes for a new chapter. As much as I want more content, I also understand the frustration of rewriting or continuing a story where you dislike the previously written chapters.

Thank you for this interesting read and I do hope to see more from your writing. It has definitely gotten better over the years.
Ashleythetiger chapter 25 . 4/16/2018
I really cant recall what got me hooked on this story:( I think it was the Hamuko an Minato reactions.

Tho i do recall looking up your name a year ago to reread this unfortunately after abit I have forgotten alot of the story.

In any case thank you for the story, if you ever do decide to come back to this either to rewrite or continue please inform us? (In the case of reviews I personally have moved on to spacebattles as its faster an easier to leave my thoughts than on this site)
Ultimate Black Ace chapter 25 . 4/13/2018
So, in light of your author's note, I found this fic yesterday. I rushed through it as fast as I could. And I greatly enjoyed much of it.

My experience with this fic, nothing of it was ever really bad. At worst, it was a relatively uninteresting transition that felt necessary to get to the 'good stuff.'

Minato's been in an interesting position throughout the fic. Really, his role is rooted in irony. He, ultimately, knows what needs to be done to save the world, but he pushes against it or is helpless. He refuses to let Hakumo fully be the team leader of SEES (in one sense), at least in how he keeps secrets from her, because he knows where that path leads and refuses to let her become this world's Great Seal. He can't do anything about Ikutsuki where he is right now.
In the original story of Persona 3, bonds become his power. Yet, to save the people whom he's become close to, for much of the story he neglects or pushes away the opportunity to form those bonds. But it is when he actually bonded with people and let them in a bit, that he came closest to actually getting around Ikutsuki, because despite his desire to not destroy the Full Moon Shadows, he... can't. However, when he opened up a bit to Yuuka and Hakumo, when he had their trust, they began doing some looking around of their own. Just a little, but enough that I think he could've had a shot at the end.
And ultimately, I really like the 'outsider' subplot he's got going for him and was looking forward to where it would go, as well as what happened to his Thanatos.

Hakumo's segments are... less interesting than Minato's, because she's not caught between as many things and has less knowledge, but more fun despite that. Her more fiery personality is fun, her early clashes with Minato were enjoyable and fostered growth in her as well as she sought to understand him. Where I enjoy seeing Minato's position explored, I enjoy seeing her grow.

I've enjoyed just about every character, because all of them seem significant, players in their own right. The fight scenes, while perhaps not the best I've ever seen, were still fun enough to keep things moving. Strega's position as antagonists, but potentially helpful ones (at least in respect to the Emperor Shadow, assuming that subplot hasn't fully gone away with its demise) was also really interesting to see.

So, while I'm sad that things end here, thank you for coming this far.
CaelynM chapter 25 . 4/12/2018
I loved the idea for this story, and even if I thought the execution was clunky at times, it was still a very enjoyable read. I would be very interested in reading a rewrite, but I also understand those are large undertakings that not everyone can find time for.
Grimmuald chapter 25 . 4/12/2018
I know the feeling of coming back to an old project years later and finding it's been way too long for you to just jump back in and continue after everything else you've learned along the way. At anyrate i ran into this fic only a month or two back and have enjoyed what you've created so far. So whatever you decide to do from here on out, this story was fun so well done.
Selias chapter 25 . 4/12/2018
Honestly, I think that the main issue is how long the time between updates is. I genuinely don't remember anything about this fanfic, and I don't want to have to reread it to refresh my memory, every time it gets an update.
burnt Bread chapter 25 . 4/12/2018
And for the record I thought this story was mostly well done with the exception of the hamuko focus parts. Just give Minato more abilities and cut down the amount of hamuko screentime.
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