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PepperWho chapter 28 . 3/27
I think the mole is Noki. She is not very mole like but still is a sabotager, and she was the only one who didn't mention giving money to charity in the interviews. I've suspected her for a while.
Vivalahomestar chapter 8 . 8/15/2013
Oh come on! Gah! Of course Donkey is executed, that's just... bleh, I'm clueless. I can't say it was that surprising though, if he wasn't the Mole, then he was just an idiot and therefore he had to go. Three players having exemptions was kind of crazy and it made the execution all the more stressful. I'm not surprised at all that Pauline and Jojora cheated, there was no way someone wouldn't, though I don't actually suspect them for it. One player who has risen on my suspicion list is Birdo for the whole "final three" comment when she should have known about the Mole being there. Maybe she did know because it was her.
Vivalahomestar chapter 7 . 8/15/2013
This mission sounds very tricky, it's going to be interesting to see the various ways players can mess up. I'm not really confident in Mario's chances of winning this challenge. The players listing the players they wanted out is sure to cause more drama, especially between DK, Jojora, and Flurrie. Bootler's choice was interesting, but I don't really see it as suspicious. I actually haven't found anyone in this challenge suspicious yet.
I'd say more, but I'd rather get on to the next part!
Vivalahomestar chapter 6 . 8/15/2013
Donkey Koooooong! Of course he managed to do something wrong! So unless I'm mistaken, he's sabotaged every single challenge so far. Yep, he's at the top of my list. Speaking of, the list is:
1. DK
2. Flurrie
3. Noki
4. Toad
I really liked those two challenges. They were fairly simple in concept, but each player's actions made them grow more and more complex.
Vivalahomestar chapter 5 . 8/15/2013
Gah! I haven't been reading this, sorry sorry sorry!
You really seem to like making Flurrie sabotage and if she "just happens" to find another note then she's going to rise to the top of my Mole list. DK doesn't seem to be doing anything for once, which doesn't exactly help my prediction, but he still has time! Toad has risen on my list because of that ankle incident. If he's the Mole then he's taking some serious sacrifices for the sake of sabotage! Noki leaving seems absolutely ridiculous of her, but she is the caring type, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. As for the rest of the cast, nobody struck me as suspicious, so they can stay down on my list.
Oh and having them dress up for a MP7 board is kind of hilarious and a nice touch!
Vivalahomestar chapter 4 . 7/24/2013
Chapter 3: I like the idea of this challenge! Each section is truly unique and takes advantage of the whole area, which is nice. Each character definitely seems to be handling their challenges differently which has stirred up my suspicions. Donkey Kong definitely seems less suspicious, but Toad has become more suspicious, chances are I'll be frequently changing my guess for a long time! Also, I love how you incorporated costumes into the game, that's pretty hilarious.

Chapter 4: I'm sad to see Kooper go, I found it very interesting to have a former Mole crew member on! I suppose he would have been dangerously genre-savvy had he stuck around though, so I can see why he was executed. I'm changing my guess back to DK in realization that one of the things that cost the players the challenge was banana peels.
Vivalahomestar chapter 2 . 7/20/2013
So admittedly I never managed to finish your Mole stories seeing as I left the site when I was only partially through this one (and since then my memory has gone fuzzy so I'm starting over). However, I'm back and seeing as you've kindly reviewed my chapters, I shall do the same for yours! Though until I get to chapters I haven't reviewed, I'll just add my thoughts on each chapter here.
Chapter 1: I like your choices for the cast, Pauline was definitely an interesting pick, though admittedly I'm not too happy to see Flurrie. I've never liked Flurrie. It's also nice to see Superstar Saga getting some love with Jojora. Having somebody who's worked for the show is a cool idea and I can't wait to see how it pans out!
I like the idea of the first challenge, immediately testing the players' observations is an evil trick and one that should definitely prepare them for what's to come. Currently, without seeing the results, I'm not willing to make a prediction for the identity of the Mole.
Chapter 2: Yikes! That twist was cold! I expect the monetary penalty, but not players losing their items. I think I've got a prediction as to the identity of the Mole though: Donkey Kong. First of all: during the challenge he only got two right which is already suspiciously low, but considering his past, he should have been able to get him, Mario, and Pauline. Plus, he acts much more rowdy and stupid in the crowd, but alone with Jojora he's much more intelligent and focused, suggesting the stupidity is just a facade.
Ice Empoleon chapter 40 . 6/7/2013
Wow! He sabotaged over 200 000 coins worth out of the pot? That’s incredible! Although it feels to me that the amount of money Toad sabotaged is a bit too much, though I have accustomed to smaller total amounts of sabotaged money since reading Krisetchers’ mole fics.

The amount of clues … that’s a lot more than just few clues! I expected there to be a lot less. Although, wouldn’t the Colorful Helicopters clue be kind of moot point, since Jojora was originally planned to be winner, and the clue would point of them?

Judging from the amount Toad has slipped up I guess his saying without thinking attitude was indeed genuine.

I find it amusing that the first executed player, Kooper, and the winner, Bootler, were both from Paper Mario.

The parody final episode was hilarious. Especially funny things were Monty Mole rigging the executions, Mario desperately avoiding any exemptions and players completely failing at the missions.

Overall, I think it is solid fic and I enjoyed it. Not bad for the first Mole fic.

Oh, and apologies for taking me such a long time to read and review your story (I think there was at least one year gap between my reviews). So very sorry for that.
Ice Empoleon chapter 36 . 6/5/2013
Bootler was a great winner! Although it may take him some time to capture Toad, he was smart enough to split votes and not get executed. Even if he strongly suspected Pauline, he still split the votes. I think splitting votes at the beginning was a great idea, although it was risky during episode five, when both Birdo and Noki had the exemption. I also like how he never got involved in fight and just focused on finding the Mole and getting information about them.

It reminds me though, that getting into an alliance with a wrong person could lead to catastrophe.

Toad was a good liar and friendly character. He used his personality to his advantage and hid his intelligence. Although at least some of his personality was real, since he slip up in front of Bootler.

Pauline is really smart. She had her eyes on Toad and knew facts about how the Mole would try to get players like her off their tail. I’m very impressed of her.

Now, I’m off to read how Toad sabotaged.
Ice Empoleon chapter 35 . 6/5/2013
After reading Jojora’s adventure I would say she was a great villain! She was sneaky and smart, yet she faced drawbacks due to unseen circumstances and her own mistakes. She was humane and managed to keep her act all along the journey. She was truly a great player!

Looks like Birdo truly was the luckiest player ever, being saved by Flurrie taking the bribe, getting one plus during fourth episode and getting the exemption at fifth episode.

Pauline really showed her smartness for being the first to suspect the Mole. Too bad she didn’t vote for him at the fourth episode’s quiz.

Noki started out shy, yet became friends with Birdo and showed her heart of gold. She had a good strategy with Birdo and used other players suspecting her to her advantage. Too bad it took her very long time to figure out the Mole, and as such, lost to Bootler.

Although I laughed out at Toad’s random statement when Noki’s adventure was described:
Toad: I love being the Mole.

Looks like Noki’s clue had a different meaning than I thought. Thankfully it wasn’t the end of line for me, and I also suspected Toad for other reasons than just a clue. Still, it reminds me not to trust the clues so easily, although I must confess the clue affected my suspicions a little.
Ice Empoleon chapter 34 . 6/5/2013
Oh my god yes! I got the Mole! You have no idea, how nerve-wracking it was to find out who the Mole actually was. Although, I changed my suspicion from Toad to Bootler only after you finished the story long time ago, and I don’t have any proof that I didn’t just read the epilogue chapters and put Toad for the Mole’s spot over Bootler. So, half a point for me? Well, it’s really my fault since I took really long time reviewing this fic.

What is more shocking however was Bootler winning instead Noki. I seriously thought Noki would win, since she showed her great memory through the journey. But, Bootler was an amazing winner. In fact, all of them were great contenders for winner!

It’s great to see the cast getting along. Oh, and I found it interesting how you first revealed the Mole and the winner next.

Oh, and since the Mole was Toad, I’ll reveal Noki’s clue:
Although I’m pretty sure the clue would be revealed later, and I don’t have any proof I didn’t read the clue chapter:

Oh, and I’m very sorry it took me this long to get to read the epiloque!
Ice Empoleon chapter 32 . 6/4/2013
So, I have been re-reading this fic. Well… here are my thoughts on Bootler and Toad’s acts in the final episode:

When it was his turn to hide in The Three Questions Game mission, Bootler answered first two questions as straightforward as possible. However for the last question, he used trick games to justify his answer, ensuring they would fail. The next two turns he subtly directed to wrong way in choices, where choosing logical thing would be incorrect.

At the library challenge Bootler first missed the bookcase, then he suggested exploring the library, and finally he gave a wrong number for the category.

When it was his turn to bid money for the journal he tried to look as a genuine player as much as possible, even adding one coin to his bid. When he had choice of whether opening the book or not, he decided it would be too risky to sabotage.

At Final Journey mission Bootler wasted time finding keys by looking in places where it was not and mistaking a melon for a watermelon. He also performed poorly at two challenges and he was probably the reason for the flat tire.

When it was Bootler’s turn to hide in the Three Questions Game mission, Toad gave in at first two questions, leading them to failure. For the second round Toad agreed with Bootler leading them to failure, although he might have been playing mind tricks with Bootler on second question. When it was Toad’s turn to hide, he answered Noki on the second question while preparing to give them a full explanation for that.

At the library challenge Toad at first helped them. Then, when it came to finding Tales of an Ace book, he asked others which category it was. When he heard the wrong number, he used that opportunity to sabotage.

When it was Toad’s turn to bid money for the book, he went for 30 000 coins ensuring that at least 25 001 coins would be at risk.

At Final Journey mission Toad pushed Noki and Bootler off in minigame Mushroom Mix-up and fell himself, pretending to make it look like an accident. He might be the one to puncture a rear tire flat and having the excuse to stay back and let others compete in minigame with a disadvantage.

The major reason why it took me this long to write this review was because I couldn’t decide whether Bootler or Toad would be the Mole.

Remember what I said about Toad possibly exaggerating his bluntness and honesty all along in this journey? Well, that applies to Bootler too, only with being physically weak than being brutally honest. He could easily pretend to be much weaker than he actually was.

However, while Toad’s possible façade hasn’t been acknowledged, Bootler possibly pretending to be much weaker has been acknowledged. Thus, it makes me less suspicious of Bootler than Toad in that regards.

Plus, Bootler had done a bit too many suspicious acts, like losing terribly against Lady Bow during Family Problems mission and him not solving the first enigma during the Split Homework mission.
I don’t think the Mole would sabotage that blatantly, which lessens my suspicions on him a bit.

However, same applies to Toad. Him pushing Noki and Bootler off during the minigame Mushroom Mix-up at Final Journey mission lowered some suspicion on him. Also, would the Mole use the bathroom excuse twice during their whole journey?

So, I have been over thinking and wavering between Toad and Bootler. Even Noki crossed my mind, but I already eliminated her. Also I might have accidentally solved Noki’s clue. But I must remind myself that either I solved it incorrectly or the whole clue is false. So, I try to not let the clue affect my suspicions. Why did I decide to look at the clue in first place?

In the end, I have made my decision. I think the Mole is
Toad Phalloide

I chose Toad over Bootler for a simple reason. I have a policy that if somebody sabotages too much blatantly, then odds are they are not the Mole, but a red herring.

So the very blatant sabotages for Bootler are:
1. Mixed-up Possessions mission: Bootler only correctly identified 4 items.
2. Split Homework mission: Bootler couldn’t solve the very first enigma.
3. Family Problems mission: Bootler losing to Lady Bow badly.
4. Arts and Craps mission: Bootler not trusting Noki when latter asked him to stop

While the very blatant sabotages for Toad are:
1. Jewelry Robbery mission: Toad getting accused of being thief when he was in the bathroom the whole time.
2. Final Journey mission: Toad pushed Noki and Bootler to the water during the minigame Mushroom Mix-up

So Toad made less very blatant suspicious acts than Bootler, which is why I think Toad is the mole.

The other thing going for Toad is his actions during the Twenty Thousands Bucks under The Sheep mission. Him falling down was basically reason why the mission was an utter failure. Without that Flurrie would never have time to throw bags into the water and take the exemption. That was perfect sabotage and nobody suspected him!

Oh, and I think the winner Noki, since I don’t see any reason why the Bootler would beat someone with as great memory as Noki.

And the reason why I put this review in this chapter rather than the next chapter was because I didn’t want to be spoiled who executed players thought was the Mole in the preview.

So, in other words:
The Mole: Toad Phalloide
Winner: Noki Delphis
Ice Empoleon chapter 27 . 5/23/2013
Looks like it’s time for Jojora to go! And I actually kind of miss her. At the beginning, she seemed quite annoying and bossy. However towards the end, she showed her more strategic side, which made me like her more. She is not my favourite, but at least she is not in the bottom. If Bootler is correct about her behaviour however, her bitchy side could have been an act. Her action when she was eliminated would support that. The fact that she made it to final four without any exemptions also made me respect her more.

As for the winner I think it’s going to be Noki. She is going to be either the winner or the mole, and I have eliminated her from the list. I don’t think that Bootler would be winner at all. He seems to be a bit more static than the other two.

Both Bootler and Toad are heavy suspects of mine. I think I’m going to make a choose at the last chapter of next episode.

During the Arts and Craps challenge Bootler let Jojora do most of the work figuring that Jojora’s work would easily beat Noki and Toad’s one. He also refused listen Noki using the previous sabotages as his excuse. He then agreed with Jojora during choosing Noki and Toad’s masterpiece.

During the Distant Memories challenge he waited first for other players’ opinions during the first journal reading, and then sided with the wrong majority. For the next two journal entries he waited for other people’s answers and for the fourth journal entry Toad practically gave the answer. When it was clear they needed to make one more mistake for failing the mission, Bootler quickly agreed with Toad that the fifth journal entry belongs to Mario. He was aware of sixth journal entry and that would be easy to quess.

During the Antic Relics challenge Bootler wasted time for finding the first relic by mostly speaking to Toad and not deciphering plunder chest well enough for Toad. He practically wasted time for the next two relics, agreeing with Noki the hidden clue of their anagrams and not helping Jojora in searching the clues. He then helped Toad solving the puzzle for third relic which anyone could do it. Overall he wasted enough time so there would be no time or light for Toad to find remaining two relics.

Before the Arts and Craps challenge begin Toad was the first to let Jojora have her way before others. When making the masterpiece with Noki, he suggested having their art related to symbolism knowing fully well it would never do well in comparison to Jojora and Bootler’s one. Doing so also led Jojora and Bootler to fail identifying their masterpiece. He then succeeded to find Jojora and Bootler’s art to alleviate some suspicion on him.

During the Distant Memories challenge first journal challenge reading Toad was the one to deny it wouldn’t have been Kooper. It would have been more suspicious if Toad also though it was Kooper’s. For the third and fourth journal entry he helped the team by giving the right answer. He probably helped them in order to look genuine player. When the fifth journal entry came and he needed just one more mistake for the mission to fail he quickly suggested Mario. Too bad Jojora foiled that plan. Maybe his plan was to look as genuine as possible, and then make a last-minute screw up?

During Antic Relics challenge Toad wasted as much time as possible; by not picking walkie-talkie as soon as possible, wasting time when searching places and not giving the correct answer to Mr. I soon enough. He also let the flashlight on so the battery could be dead. Then he looked like a hero by refusing to take the exemption.

My suspect list:
1. Toad
2: Bootler

Currently, I am leaning towards Toad being the Mole, but it could change back to Bootler. Oh, and sorry for late review!
Ice Empoleon chapter 23 . 3/3/2013
Seems like Birdo was executed next! Birdo was definitely luckiest of the players, having won plusses in many episodes and being lucky at the exemption roulette. Unfortunately luck doesn't help much if you suspect a wrong person. Birdo still got executed despite the fact she got two freebie answers (she got the other from a plus one, another was a question 4).

I’m fine for any four of them being a winner, even Jojora. I will explain my reasoning.

1) She is only one who hasn’t won the exemption at all, and so has got this far with her skill and possibly luck alone. She was also the only one we can be sure who didn’t score lowest at the third execution (Bootler and Toad had the exemptions and only Jojora’s name was put to execution screen before Flurrie took the bribe.) This point becomes moot if Jojora wins the exemption next round.

2) At this point she is the only one who I think I can be certain is not the Mole. It would be embarrassing if the one you want to win turns out to be the Mole. Now watch me being completely wrong about the Mole.

3) A villain winning is very rare in Reality TV shows, especially in the Mole, and Jojora is pretty much a villain.

Since this is the end of sixth episode, I decided to finally eliminate one of the players from my suspect list. Six episodes should be enough to pinpoint the Mole and I promised to at least eliminate one person. So I’m just going to eliminate Noki since she is the lowest in my suspect list. Plus having three suspects in episode with four players left wouldn’t be fair.

Bootler is a calm and intelligent player. Calmness and intelligence helps him in his job being the Mole. On the other hand, he displays his intelligence a little too much during the puzzles. He seems a little too obvious.

Episode 6:
At the Mario Castle challenge, Bootler was in charge of solving puzzles. He didn’t correct Toad in anagram challenge so they would lose. I don’t know why he would want to take the exemption. Was it to make sure he would look genuine player? He also didn’t go help the other team so they would waste time.

At the Another Memory challenge Bootler was one of the people to refuse to give away his journal, although Toad and Noki refused too.

At the Instrumental Search Bootler pretended to pay attention to speech knowing it wouldn’t help them very much. He also didn’t bring the instrument using the lack of time to his advantage.

Toad is the hot-blooded one while constantly putting his foot on the mouth. I actually start thinking it is part of the act. It’s been shown that some players think he is not the Mole because of that. Plus he has shown acts of intelligence from time to time.

Episode 6:
At the Mario Castle challenge Toad was the first one to suggest separating teams. That way they would have harder time to compete the tests although keeping them in a group would just as likely cause the same. He also cut Bootler off before he could anagram the first word, which means offered. I think the exemption roulette was the one that didn’t “offer”, since the exemption was randomly chosen. He also didn’t go help other people.

During the journal challenge he was the first one to refuse giving his journal away. Bootler and Noki refused too, though.

At the Instrumental Search he didn’t pay attention to the tour. He also took long to get back so others would go to search him and possibly cause penalty

So my suspect list is currently
1. Toad
2. Bootler

I have theory about Toad. He might have been exaggerating his honesty nature, and make it look so nobody would think he would be the Mole because of that. He has also shown his intelligence from time to time. So for that reason Toad is the suspect number one.

I’m going to read the next episode. Sorry for the very late review.
Anonymous chapter 40 . 2/28/2013
Wow! Your alternate ending is better than Kris'!
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