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SMGbest chapter 57 . 5/15/2011
Good chap.

Funny beginning, it seems our lovers to spend any free time together)

I don't fully understand about Sunnydale, the Council knew about the prophecy of the Hellmouth but did nothing to stop it (not called the Guardian), because Buffy was slayer who don't perform their orders?
ashes at midnight chapter 58 . 5/14/2011
this is great i love it and am so looking forward to what you have planned to finish this :P
Angellufy chapter 58 . 5/14/2011
Can I say that I love Angel in his protective mode! The way he took charge of Travers was really good. Also, the exchanges between him and Giles back in Chapter 57 was wonderful because it meant Giles really believed him to keep Buffy safe... and he had really forgiven the whole Jenny thing.

And Lily... such a little Willow! I have yet to love a new character in the gang (except for maybe Renee in the comics) as much as I do like Lily and Olly.
Angellufy chapter 57 . 5/9/2011
No matter. I'm now in the same way. Real life sometimes just suck... eheheheh! I hope everything will turn out ok.

I'll be waiting.
NinaGrace chapter 57 . 5/9/2011
I look forward to next week)) Good luck with arrangement at the new place.

May 9 we (the Slavic countries) are celebrate the Greatest Day of Victory over Nazism Germany. Eternal glory to the Heroes! You saved the world.
ba2006 chapter 56 . 5/1/2011
loved this chapter :)
ashes at midnight chapter 56 . 4/25/2011
awesome chapter hun! Spike is a crack up ;P
Angel N Darkness chapter 56 . 4/23/2011
you did a great job on this chapter... love it... update soon...
NinaGrace chapter 56 . 4/23/2011
Wonderful chapter!

Lovely sweet morning after Buffy & Angel (only one question is unclear: it seems that Muddy didn't have sexual relations with boys, but in this chapter this fact doesn't been confirmed).

"Oh god, you two finally shagged didn't you?" & "Got a bit of a kinky side, do we mate?" - haha! Well said Spike!

It's strange that Byron was able to escape from vampire group and the First-Buffy. Spike had a lucky night) Ripper is a cool man! Torture with boiling water. I guess in the hands of such men (as Ripper and Angelus) an instrument of torture could be any subject. I remembered the scene when Giles strangled Ben for Buffy (episode "The Gift").

I look forward to the next update))

Happy Easter! & good luck)
Angellufy chapter 56 . 4/22/2011
Wow! I missed Riper pretty much! How come Spike didn't make any remark about Riper? He sure would have compared Angelus and Riper or said something about the side of the watcher he never saw before. Ehehehehe... Giles also can threaten to give Byron to the vampires.

Ehehehehe... it was good to see BA waking up together an d be so sure that nothing will happen to them... at least for now.

Great chapter.
ba2006 chapter 55 . 4/22/2011
loved this chapter :) cant wait for the next update
Angel N Darkness chapter 55 . 4/17/2011
you did a great job on this chapter... love it... update soon...
NinaGrace chapter 55 . 4/17/2011
Yes! Excellent chapter!

"They had to make the most out of every moment they had together." - this's true (and not just because of the apocalypse and demons). Good scene, I believe. Will the morning after?

Lily and Olly' scene is cute and funny.

I look forward to update)) Get well)
Angellufy chapter 55 . 4/17/2011
Finally! I hope this time Buffy and Angel can wake up together to have their well deserved morning after. I absolutely adore Lily is mastering magic. It seems she can do it without the same mistakes of young Willow.

I am so waiting for the next chapter.
philly cheese dude chapter 55 . 4/17/2011
Hi, I've been following your story for some tike now. I haven't reviewed as much as I could Because I didn't have time,(Poor excuse, but its the best I have). The story flows well and it works very well. The plots are well thought out and written out. The only thing I kinda have an issue with is that Cruoris demon. Is the thing that virtually unkillable? I mean, its taken out slayers upon slayers and has a past where no one could defeat it? Cmon, everything has a weakness. Its just, one of those things wasn't even gazed taken on Faith and Buffy at the same time. I know they're not that godly in strength. They seem stronger than Glory at this point, a she was a God! Maybe they should pump one of them full of buckshot from a shotgun, but knowing their dislike for guns, I don't think they would try it. Anyway, besides that uber- demon that makes Glory seem weak, the story is going very well! Keep it up!
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