Reviews for The Phoenix and the Serpent
LordTheo chapter 37 . 3/16
The best story I have ever read on this site, without a shadow of a doubt. The events of the fic themselves might not be what I want to read, but the humanity of the characters and the fact that they are not just descriptions of people and feel as if they are real through their actions, their hopes and their fears is what makes this story so incredible - please don't leave it unfinished.
mckertis chapter 28 . 7/27/2016
If there is a moral in this story - i find it rather disgusting.
Eagle-Eyes chapter 37 . 4/28/2016
Love it. Would like to see the scene with Jamie and Ginny and a scene with them and Harry.

Keep writing as life allows
Owain1 chapter 37 . 4/23/2016
I first read this quite a few years ago - well over a decade now I think (Through the Glass Darkly was the last chapter then). I thought of it again recently and realised I'd never reviewed to say how much I loved it.
It's beautiful, it's glorious, it's sad, and it's amazing.
Thank you.
Psych0Geek chapter 37 . 8/21/2014
Wow , what an amazing story . Harry's journey reminded of Frodo's and when you find your story compared to the Lord Of The Rings , you know exactly how epic your fic is.

Your description of war is brilliant and the tactics employed by the dark side have never been depicted better in any fanfic . The Romance is very well written and your OCs are amazing . Gallowbraid is easily the best OC ever and Dahlia is not too far behind . A few complaints do exist, mostly regarding Harry's weaknesses ( he is even weaker than canon which is frustrating ) and voldemort ( and dumbledore too I guess ) not making any direct efforts in the war ,and the most of the Order refusing to kill the enemy , which is utterly unrealistic in any war - Danny letting Aragon go was just stupid - but most complaints are just swept aside by the the sheer epicness of the fic.

I really hope you do finish this story someday , but it seems like a fool's hope at the moment. It's a shame that one of the best fanfics ever written would go unfinished , but it was bloody amazing while it lasted.
Rizwan chapter 37 . 8/13/2014
Best fanfiction I have ever read. Period...
I stumbled across this last week and during this time I have already read the entire fic twice. My only humble request/ wish is that you finish this fic.
Fingers crossed!
marinka chapter 18 . 7/23/2013
Ha! That was really funny chapter!
Hawk29 chapter 37 . 4/6/2013
This is probably the most intriguing piece of Harry Potter fanfiction I've read. You took the series in a completely different direction from all other authors I've read, and I greatly enjoyed it. You stayed true to the setting and the feel of the Harry Potter series but you made the story more realistic, more gritty. You've built a war where JKR could not or would not. I've greatly enjoyed going through your story.

If I had one complaint, it would be the tremendous amount of OC's that display prominently in your story. Danny, Lyle, Jamie, Dahlia, and a number of others on both the sides of light and darkness. Too great a reliance on OCs when there are characters in the series to fill that role (though there may not have been when you started the story, which I fully understand).

Your writing style is very refined and professional. The occasional grammar error is rare enough to not be too distracting. Your story flows well and I like the alternate points of view that give a rounded view of the political and military picture we don't have access to when watching from the perspective of just Harry. I hope you find renewed interest and come back to finish this story off, as you've come so far. Thanks for writing and sharing it with us!
endless-waterfall chapter 37 . 2/22/2013
Incredible. That is all I can say. Awesome characterizations, amazing, original ideas (like the crystal, magical theory, etc), awesome descriptions of duels, this story is one of the best fanfics I have ever read. It holds up very well, given that it started long before the series was completed, as well. Fantastic job!
Golgar chapter 24 . 6/7/2012
This is an awesome story. Especially the last chapter was the most tense one. The battle scenes were great, but you seemed to have set up the homunculus becoming more human just for this moment where everything could have happened. It was to be expected, but still...

I hope you might consider continuing this story, even if it has been a long time.
Inert aka Dr. Snakes chapter 37 . 3/14/2012
Absolutely brilliant. No other words will suffice, really. This story was started in 02, and yet it remains not only readable, but very, very enjoyable. That's something that few authors can do, and I congratulate you on accomplishing it. You've written a story that has stood the test of time and innumerable cliches, and I'm glad that I've been able to take part in reading it.

I do hope you continue, but not at the expense of the wondrous quality you've created here. Thanks for this great story.
Epicurous chapter 37 . 2/23/2012
This story is truly one of the best stories I've read in a while, not just counting Fan Fiction. Beautifully written, beautiful ideas, beautiful character development. It is rare to read a FF and find true references and ideologies not simply clich├ęs. Actually, as I write this I can't say that I have read any FF that has truly had meaning. I've read plenty of great action stories, suspense, supernatural, etc. etc. The meaning, however goes as far as good versus evil vengeance vs love and never truly explores the nature of these ideas. You've done this.

I worry that perhaps this story won't ever be updated again. Though I remain hopeful, since you've been writing since 2002. If it isn't that's alright. It has been a pleasure reading your story and, to be honest, chapter 37 is a wonderful ending if not a little too happy haha.

Best of luck and keep writing.

Toebang chapter 37 . 12/17/2011
All things considered this seems about as good a place as any to abandon this fantastic story. Heart warming and joyful.

I wish it were completed but you don't get everything you wish for. Thanks for writing.


P.S. it's never to late to pick this story back up.
Belenor chapter 37 . 8/26/2011
Except for some minor spelling and grammar mistakes, this is one of the best HP fanfics I've read - and I've read quite a lot.

As far as I see it, this story offers:

Captivating plot: Check (couldn't put this one down, actually)

Believable characters: Check (great characterization of the canon characters before OotP, well-rounded and diverse OCs)

Fast-paced action scenes without drifting into the unrealistic: Check

Romance, heart-warming but not sappy: Check (the scene with Harry and Ginny communicating by Flamel's makeshift mirror on the leyline was one of the most romantic and sweet scenes I have ever read, and fits their characters very well)

Some philosophical points about life, death and knowing oneself: Check (great job with the Crystal Cage, Dahlia and the sentient Homunculus)

Thank you for this, and I hope you will find the time to update again sometime.
Mike chapter 37 . 6/26/2011
Loved the story. Just found it on this site and read it all day. I noticed you haven't updated in a long time. I'm guessing you've moved on. I understand, life happens. It sounded like you had more of the story atleast planned out, though. I would encourage you to finish if you ever come back to this site or can find a few minutes each day to write alittle and then post it. I think you would find a greater sense of accomplishment with having your work finished. Anyways, thank you for the story.
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