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Eon Penumbra chapter 16 . 12/26/2010
Name: Nick Storm

Nickname: Usually just Storm.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: He's got jet-black hair with spiky bangs that conceal his eyes unless he brushes them out of the way. His eyes are cobalt blue, and the look like they're crackling with lightning. He's really tall for his age, about 6'3". Slim, but wiry, he looks like a track runner. He wears a worn-out grey flak jacket over a blue t-shirt, and darkwash jeans with a black leather belt that his Pokeballs hang from.

Personality: He's usually quiet and reserved, unless he gets on a topic he likes. He's a steadfast defender of Pokemon and their trainers, anyone who insults them or creates trouble, he gets annoyed with and argues with them. Somewhat lazy, but he's smart and has good intuition. He has a quick temper, but he rarely acts physically through his anger. Enjoys living on the road and traveling.

Brief History: His parents were Pokemon trainers, so he's been surrounded by Pokemon most of his life. He left at the age of 13 to travel with his Vulpix, which would later evolve into a Ninetales. He's lived a bit like a freelancer these last few years, taking on any job he could for money or supplies, even slightly shady jobs. He’s descended from Lance.

Trainer or not a trainer?: Trainer.

If trainer, are you good or evil?: Good, but somewhat indifferent unless it concerns him directly.

Pokemon: Ninetales Lv. 47

Moves: Will-O-Wisp (can be used from tails), Energy Ball, Dark Pulse, Flash, (if more than four moves) Overheat.

Gender: Female

Beedrill Lv. 44

Moves: Poison Jab (with stinger), Swords Dance, Solarbeam, Fury Attack, (if more than four moves) X-Scissor.

Dragonair Lv. 46 (hey, he’s Lance’s descendent, he’s got to have some kind of dragon)

Moves: Twister, Safeguard, Hyper Beam (can twist it like Lance could), Aqua Tail, (if more than four moves) Dragon Rage.
Alyssa12334 chapter 15 . 12/25/2010
Your Story is Great! I love all of the chapters so far! Keep Writing!1
cleggy2100 chapter 15 . 12/24/2010
And so the training begins. This will be interesting. Very interesting.

And Raiden needs some anger management classes or something. He is a very tempermental mouse.

And a very good Christmas gift of an update. :)
An Anon Fellow chapter 15 . 12/24/2010
So, training begins, I at first thought the squirrel Pokémon would be Emonga from Generation 5, due to it being a flying squirrel and also an electric type.

Otherwise interesting, training begins.
Yereton chapter 14 . 12/23/2010
Nice chappy hope ya keep updating :D
An Anon Fellow chapter 14 . 12/22/2010
Sneaky bonus chapter \o/

And the plot thickens.
cleggy2100 chapter 14 . 12/22/2010
"We must never seperate." It pretty much screams at me: We're gonna wind up getting seperated at some point x3

But chapter is great, and I can't wait to see what will pop up for the new trainers to get a Pokemon. Plus, I can just imagine Am or Sapphire trying to train them would be both interesting and hilarious.

As for what they get, I'm not sure how it would go, but i think that one would get a fire type, one would get a grass type, one would get a flying, rock, or fighting type, and the last would get a psychic, dark, or ghost type. Who gets what is really your pick or whoever made the OCs if they still chip in to it. ;
cleggy2100 chapter 13 . 12/22/2010
Well, the last chapter was a little short and not exactly what i expected, but it still helps to dig deeper into the plot of all things. More thick the plot, it'll give us a lot of light on it, but leaves plenty of speculation.

Though a few question be running through my head right now: where will they go next? Will the government be there waiting? Did the President give any real effort into catching them? If not, why?

And of course the big question: What really is the relationship between Chase and Topaz? x3
Once An Oddity chapter 13 . 12/22/2010
Hey, it might have been crappy, but at least we have some anwsers. I wonder why there are trainers helping the government. My gosh! Maybe there are spies in the resistance! -Or spies in the government! Perhaps this is understatment, but this thing is BIG. Still, the question remains: How does Topaz fit into all of this?
Something dictionary related chapter 12 . 12/13/2010
Name: Terry Quercusrobur

Nickname: For some reason people trip over his name and he is stuck with Tree

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: Brown frizzy hair, blue eyes, black chinos, cream top with red and black jacket and brown hiking boots. Carries a blue bag with, amongst other things, a sketchbook and an unlimited supply of biros and pencils. Plus 5 pokeballs and a medkit.

Personality: Generally good natured although often embarassed with Grimer. Used to correct people on his name but this has declined. Will if there is silence or not much activity sketch willing participants, but not in the presence of cops or other authoritative figure. He is good at hiding. If he or his friends are hurt he will anger quickly however.

Brief History: He is not related to the original dex holders. When he was younger he had an obsession of just sketching pokemon in a nearby field and would often hide his sketchbook from friends, family and teachers in the most unusual places such as inside a quilt cover or within the lining of an A3 folder. Near the end of his school days it was only then that a misplaced sketchbook was discovered and this act alone caused the headmaster to suspect him of liking pokemon and immediately called the Kanto police. He is still only starting out. A tauros he rescued from barbed-wire fence became his first friend.

Trainer or not a trainer? If your not a trainer, do you go to school with Topaz and her friends? Yes, he is a trainer and did not go to school with her.

If trainer, are you good or evil? Good

Pokemon: (only if trainer, no shinies, and no legendaries. level, gender, and moves) Tauros, Muk, Charmander

Tauros - rescued from a barbed-wire fence

Level: 10

Moves: Tackle, Tale Whip, Rage, Horn Attack

Gender: Female

Grimer - at one point Terry had to escape from the police by hiding in a sewer. Despite the cleaner society, sewage still exists and it is here he ran into and befriended a lonely Muk. Unfortunately now the Muk is a little too affectionate towards him.

Level: 13

Moves: Poison gas, pound, mud slap, disable

Gender: Male

Charmander - discovered abandoned in a forest near his home.

Level: 5

Moves: Scratch, Growl

Gender: Female

Okay, OC out of the way

I have been following this since earlier in December and i like this dystopian bieew. How did the president capture Chase?
An Anon Fellow chapter 11 . 12/12/2010
Name: Eiji Godai

Nickname: None

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance:Clothing: A long sleeved silk shirt coloured blue and purple striped (Vertical) Underneath it he have a multicoloured loose shirt with the colours; red, orange, yellow, white and blue. He wears loose beige pants. And dark brown boots.

Hairstyle: Eiji have long brownish hair reaching the middle of his neck. Dark brown eyes, and is roughly 5'6".

Personality: Eiji is quite strong willed. Another defining trait is Eiji will assist anyone he meet even complete strangers. However when Eiji is left to himself he can easily start wondering to learn more about the Pokémon. This trait has made Eiji quite the adventurer, and is rarely in the same place for more than a day, because he is always travelling between Regions. This has also given him a impressive Pokémon roster.

This type of travel have made sure for Eiji he only bring what he can carry without the use of a backpack, which is his PokéDex, clean underwear, a handful money, his Trainer ID and PokéBalls / Pokémon.

Brief History: Eiji coming from Isshu before the league was shut down there as well had started out a career as pokemon trainer and managed to compete in the last Isshu league.

After he travelled to the conjoined landmasses of Kanto, Jhoto, Sinnoh and Hoenn, learning that being a trainer was a bad thing. He decided to travel about of the roads and visit the cities as rare he can to protect his Pokémon.

Trainer or not a trainer? If your not a trainer, do you go to school with Topaz and her friends? No

If trainer, are you good or evil? Good

Pokemon: (only if trainer, no shinies, and no legendaries. level, gender, and moves)

Sceptile: Jukain.

Level: 75


Attacks: Leaf Blade, Energy Ball, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace.


Level: 67


Attacks: Calm Mind, Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball.

Name: Ononokusu (Pokemon #612 Kibago's final evolution.)

Level: 70

Gender: Male

Attacks: Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor


Level: 63


Attacks: Megahorn, Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Focus Punch.

Name: Staraptor, Muku.

Level: 60

Gender: Male

Attacks: Brave Bird, Close Combat, Double Team, Fly.
Vector2Darkness chapter 11 . 12/11/2010

Name: max stellar

gender: male

He is good

His pokemon is a zoroark. (yes, you heard me...)

He looks exactly like the pokemon black and white boy trainer.
yukimare chapter 10 . 12/9/2010
heres my oc

name: rain

gender: male

age: 13

appearce: has cargo pants and a red long-sleave shirt with a light-wieght blue, unzipped jacket, he has part light blue and yellow dyed hair, and blue eyes, he also wares some combat boots witch show signs of use in hand to hand combat

history: he ran away from his home at the age of 9, due to the fact that cops had come to take his perents away, he managed to hang on to his piplup and shinx, eversence then, he has been deturmened to live in the wild alone, his clothes are surprizingly in very good condiction and he is not afraid to go hand to hand with a adult, he wont even hesatate to make a law enforcement cay for his mom, he is deturmened now to end this unfair deal of anit-pokemon stuff, he sometimes says even if it cost him his life, but his pokemon dont seem so sure

trainer: yes

good or evil: good, but isnt afrad to beat up someone twice his size


piplup (puply)

gender: male


level: 70

constution (max hp):250



defence: 145

sp-defence: 110

speed: 90

info: dose not want to evlove, and is good at defending himself and others

shinx (sammey)

gender: male









info: dose not want to evlove, is deturmened to do the good of the world, tends to sacurfice himself and nearly gets killed every time
Guest chapter 10 . 12/9/2010
I just started reading this story, and it's really cool! Those poor trainers, being chased by society!

Anyway, here's my OC:

Name: Trent Lakua (pronounced La-kwa)

Nickname: Lakey (because he likes to be near water)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: Spiky, light green hair with aqua eyes. Light skinned, about 5'10". Wears a plain red shirt with a dark green jacket over it, black track pants and sneakers. Also wears an orange headband.

Personality: He loves Pokemon, especially Water-types. He is a quiet guy, usually deep in his thoughts. Usually ignores criticism, but gets angry when criticized about his friends and Pokemon. When a fight starts, he tries to calm everyone down, using his Pokemon as a last resort. Although he is quiet, he is very intelligent and is a strong fighter, never giving up.

Brief History: He grew up in Lilycove City, going to the seaside everyday to stare at the waves. He started his journey when he was 14, when he found an injured Mudkip washed up on the beach. He went home and when his parents saw the Pokemon, they were shocked and angry. They allowed him two weeks for the Mudkip to heal, then they said that he had to leave the next morning or they would call the police. He left and he set out to find a place where Trainers were accepted, travelling around the region. He heard about the Indigo Plateau, and that is where he has headed.

Trainer or not a trainer? If your not a trainer, do you go to school with Topaz and her friends? Yes

If trainer, are you good or evil? Good

Pokemon: (only if trainer, no shinies, and no legendaries. level, gender, and moves)

Swampert, male with Earthquake, Waterfall, Hammer Arm, Protect.

Espeon, female with Psychic, Future Sight, Morning Sun, Shadow Ball.

Kingdra, male with Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Smokescreen, Agility.

Milotic, female with Hydro Pump, Attract, Ice Beam, Hypnosis.

Floatzel, male with Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, Agility.

Froslass, female with Ice Beam, Ominous Wind, Ice Shard, Double Team.
hannyfish chapter 4 . 12/6/2010
I've been reading, and I love this story! Can I submit an OC? I didn't know whether it should be PM or not...

Name: Safaia Naito

Nickname: Sapphire (basically the english version of her name)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Dark, boy-short blue hair (like Dawn's only darker) and matching eyes. Quite pale skinned, about 5'9". Usually wears a black and red baseball cap, dark green combat trousers, a black T-shirt, leather jacket and trainers. Is usually thought to be a boy at first meetings, and gets angry about that.

Personality: A Pokemon loving girl with Pokemon hating parents. She cares for many people and things and will always protect her friends and Pokemon first. She has a bit of an anger issue (when people mistake her for a boy, for instance) and is a very able fighter, generally using capoeira (look it up).

Brief History: She ran away from home when she was thirteen-okay, she was kicked out. Her parents disowned her because she brought home her Pokemon without even bothering to hide him, and made her leave the house before they got found out that they had a Pokemon in the house. She took her things and left, travelling the regions with her one and only Pokemon, refusing to catch anymore. That's kind of it.

Trainer or not a trainer? If your not a trainer, do you go to school with Topaz and her friends? Yes

If trainer, are you good or evil? Good


Grovyle, male, (Moves) Leaf Blade, Detect, Absorb, Pursuit.
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