Reviews for Chaos Theory
The Loud Person chapter 43 . 4/16
Pixelitus, shut the fuck you whiney bitch. All you do is just complain because of something you don't like. Well fuck off with your bullshit. You never wrote a story capable of over thousands of favs and follows and managed to be in a Tvtrope. So you are nothing but a jealous cunt.
SaLaX chapter 43 . 4/8
Reader below me stop bitchin plz
Pixelitus chapter 43 . 4/7
Honestly, this story feels to have degraded to the point I only read when Gilgamesh or Shirou are doing stuff.
Pixelitus chapter 42 . 4/7
God, this is simultaneously an amazing story and a horrible one.
Pixelitus chapter 41 . 4/7
Honestly, I don’t see these characters as the true characters anymore. My favorites are Ko-Gil, Shirou Emiya, and slightly Rin due to them being the most in character. At this point, I just replace the name of every character you write in with another name, and imagine them to look differently.
Pixelitus chapter 39 . 4/7
At this point, I'm just skipping all Saber parts.
Pixelitus chapter 38 . 4/7
Honestly, sometimes, I can't even tell if Shirou Emiya is the protagonist anymore. I really can't
Pixelitus chapter 37 . 4/7
Honestly, I’m liking these villains more than the heroes. I wouldn’t be TOO upset if you pulled a Devil Man Crybaby, heck. It would be more original than MOST stories.
Pixelitus chapter 34 . 4/6
I… don’t exactly like the way you made Ilya and Shirou’s relationship.
Pixelitus chapter 30 . 4/6
I don’t see Sakura as an antithesis to Kotomine. I only see Kiritsugu and Shirou as an antithesis to him. Maybe if Sakura married Shirou and took his last name I would consider her an honorary antithesis or an honorable mention.
Pixelitus chapter 29 . 4/6
I feel bad for Shinji. Not because he’s a good person kind you, but lose of life in any form is simply not right. Who are WE to judge right and wrong on our own views? Who are WE to ask another’s life and take them away from their families while we live happy and with families? It’s the high my of hypocrisy and selfishness to kill a person, and I don’t believe it to be right. But it also wrong to judge your work on my own views, and you to judge my review for yours. I personally never cared for Sakura, and only thought ‘oh, that’s bad.’ when I knew what happened to her, and I never felt true rage against Shinji. I will never forgive the taking of another’s life, but I will not bring judgement down on them, for it is not my place to do so. Perhaps after that, I can move past it, but never truly forgive, never truly forget, just accept, because it’s not my place to do so, it’s the place of those who they did wrong.
Pixelitus chapter 28 . 4/6
Stop making me hate Sakura, redeem her in my eyes, make me hate hear again, make me like her again, and repeating that over and over!
Pixelitus chapter 24 . 4/6
You mean Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern right? Because that’s what she is named, her name is DEFINITELY not Justicia(Really? Justice in Spanish?).
Pixelitus chapter 20 . 4/5
You made me dislike Rin and Sakura so much with this chapter. But. Just a bit. Sakura redeemed herself just a bid with that end of hers. Though my fondness for that might be related to that voice in my head that’s quite fond with murder. Do I need a psychiatrist or psychologist or therapist or something?
Pixelitus chapter 17 . 4/5
Funny. Assassin showed no photos of Shirou(Why was I calling him senpai in my mind?!).
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