Reviews for Chaos Theory
hoh chapter 44 . 8/9
a very, very well-spent six hours

feels like closure for a timeline where every time at least one damned character we care about has to reveal that they have some extra new problem and get themselves killed
Goten Askil chapter 44 . 8/4
This story is exactly what a "what if" fic should be: the changes can all be reasonably traced back to that one divergence point and the characters don't suddenly do everything differently with no reason. I'm annoyed at all the AUs advertising themselves as simple "what if", this one was a real breath of air.

It's basically the sister route of Heaven's Feel, the way UBW and Fate are sisters routes of their own. Chaos Theory could be the 4th route of the original game, with just an additional choice to follow Ilya at the beginning, it just lacks a sound track (which is completely unrelated to the fact I've had the Emiya song on loop for 3 days. Totally unrelated). It's like the pure awesomeness that Heaven's Feel was at moments, but without the worst parts and with even more Ilya. And Saber getting what she deserved. And just the right mentions of the other series of the Fate franchise.

Also, it should be noted that Gilgamesh should always destroy the big bad with pure undiluted arrogance. I'll be disappointed every time it doesn't happen.

Granted, that final arc turned a little bit too Grand Order-y to me and was less perfect than the rest of the story, but still, it doesn't even smear the fic. It's pure enjoyable fun, the characterizations are perfect, the story believable in the limits of canon, and the final as epic as you could ever want it. Couldn't recommend enough to anyone with the most general interest in Fate series.
vrksonagasya chapter 44 . 8/2
Ahh hope. Everyone can use a little hope. And you gave a sliver of it to the little child of winter. That was what i was waiting for this whole time. Thank you for this gift. I fucking love it.
Guest chapter 35 . 8/2
Gilgamesh is perfection given form and flesh.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/2
Shirou kawai as fuck's aventure ! Because even the loli recognize his kawainess.
King of fans chapter 10 . 8/1
Good chapter

If shirou is caught One more time by one of the girl, not even Hercules can save him. Beacse not even his 12 labors can compare to the wrath of the 3 girls.
Especially if They leane that he is on a date with his Loli sister. Shirou will be seen under a tombstone, located in a jail.

Someone please kick shinji out.
Thank you saber.
As a reward you have the opportunity to take the newly vankent holl in Sakura's hart. Better hurry Rider has had a Eye on that property for a long time, and Shirou won't to keep any open spotes in any girl around them is hart for long.

Lastly archer, lancer, and Assasion I think you may want to work together.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/1
FPI we have a woret for Shirou Emiya.
KTman891 chapter 1 . 7/31
Holy crap, is this ... the Illya Route!
King of Fans chapter 8 . 7/30
Good chapter

Caster alter. Now that's a scary though.
King of Fans chapter 7 . 7/30
Good chapter

It appeared that Berserker maybe have accidentally raddled Shirous Brian.

Not Avalon can fix shirou's trublw with women, or lack of brain power.

Funnily chapter

Why does the image of Iliya and shirou/ Rin and Sakura working together fill me with such joy and intrigue.

Lastly shirou's dead. It was agendt the law in Camelot to keep good food away from Altoria. If a offender of a crime is a liars, there sent this only going to increase.
Add in a angry Tiger with the same views and shirou would have better luck fighting Berserker with his arms and legs cut off.
King of Fans chapter 6 . 7/30
Good chapter

That old bug finally did something good.

I love Rin and shirou expressions after The Hercules boom.
King of Fans chapter 5 . 7/30
Good chapter

I see Archers E rank luck is in effect.

Don't fill to bad shirou about not being the one to fight archer. Because The number for mages I can see avoiding a archer class servant's projectile on one hand. Especially when they have a vantage point.
Heck there are some servant that couldn't do as well.

Nice plan all around.
Rin keeping rider and saber Busy with her own servant, wall she takes care of the masters is practically a guaranteed win in most scenarios.
Shirou makeing sheer Sinji doesn't get away in the Commission, and useing him as a meat shield/ distraction was pretty ingenious. Truy The most effective way to uses him.
Shinji's plan was pretty cowardly, but Clever non the less. Getting rider to sneak up on them was pretty good.

Next time Berserker smash shinji, and rider if you Play your cards right you can be with Sakura after this and as a result you can not act like a monster, be yourself, and have a good master in every area.
King of Fans chapter 4 . 7/30
Good chapter

That's why Sakura is a better master than her two male companions.

Yay saber is one of the harder to sustain servants, despite her above average cost. It is saber's appetite.
Truly affording to feed a saber face is ridiculous. It's Cheever to bring saber to a all that you can eat baffle than to buy food at the store to feed her.

Lastly Archer's wish has finally come true. A clear shots at shirou with Rin's orders to fire.
King of Fans chapter 3 . 7/30
Good chapter

The first change has been made.
A better relation ship with Iliya at the cost of Rin.
King of Fans chapter 2 . 7/30
For once shiro 'so heroic natcher has come in handy.
Helping a kid to a safe location at night is something in any hero will do. Nice job :)
Compared to stuff he he dose in Canaan ( Doing the jerk Shinji's chores, or perfecting saber even when she has it in hand and under normal circumstances would kill both of them).
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