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Faraway-R chapter 29 . 3h
Well... Fog of war.

This chapter truly deserves this characterization.

How should I put it... Every single snippet, every small episode... It ends exactly when it's perfectly clear just WHAT is going to happen. And then it switches to another location. To another character. To another viewpoint.

It would work. It would work very well in an animated video (and in fact, I've seen one of stories that reads like a movie would, and not like a book would).

But it still leaves something absent. Clarity. Clarity of words, describing the actual inevitable events. The stories to the lead-ups you have placed here. And that is what this chapter is - a compilation of lead-ups to climactic events, with few if any demonstrations and immediate aftermaths. Just because we see Rin grab her dagger to kill Shinji, and have Sakura see Rin afterwards, doesn't mean there isn't something absent.

And that is why "fog of war" is a fitting characterization for this chapter, IMO.
FanFicReader712012 chapter 29 . 23h
Summary Gilgamesh Strikes Back
-Shirou and Archer teaming up? Awesome and refreshing new.

-Rin learning the truth and killing Shinji? Rarely done by Fanfics and wished that there was more details with Rin killing Shinji.

Corrupted Saber in a no-holds-barred berserk fight to the death with all-out Gilgamesh? Epic.

Sincerely wish great things to happen from Shirou and Archer against Gilgamesh.

As said by Satire Swift chapter 29: "Archer tried to insult Shirou by calling him a child. Because if he is a child, that would make Archer a teenager in it's worst form: Cynical, jaded, and ultimately so sure of how the world works that the only way the can feel happiness is making sure everyone else has the same world view."
It also irritates me as well. Don't get the wrong idea, it is not like Rule Breaker can be used to free Saber and Lancer from the darkness like it did with Sakura from Heaven's Feel.[Tsundere]

Still all in all, this was a great chapter, it was not too long or too short, I was able to fully enjoy reading it.
Disciple of Ember chapter 29 . 11/24
Rin killing Shinji in a fit of oh-so-well-deserved vengeance? Awesome. Shiro and Archer working together in a dual-execution of the evil Lancer? Epic. Corrupted Saber in a no-holds-barred berserk fight to the death with all-out Gilgamesh? Legendary. All of this combined into the span of a single chapter?

You'll need to excuse me for a moment. I think my computer melted down from overdose of sheer, unadulterated win.

Anyway, this was an incredible chapter as far as action goes. It's a completely chaotic mess, but that only makes it all the more awesome given how well it's done and how fast paced all the action is. Jumping between scenes at just the right time. Keeping the twists and turns of combat flowing with the perfect touch of frantic, crazed energy. Just an all around rollercoaster of total badassery from start to finish.

Even in the midst of all this wonderfully violent conflict, there's still room for emotional development with Sakura's impeding sacrifice. Everything she's pushing for, and everything she's done up to this point, are just so twisted but so very heartfelt that I can't honestly tell whether I should be voting for her to succeed or to be stopped. One thing's for sure though, she's setting up for something big.

Probably my favorite chapter so far. The only thing I think could have possibly made it better was a bit of detail into exactly how Rin went about cutting down Shinji, but that's mainly because of how much I hate the guy. All around excellent work, and I'll greatly look forwards to seeing what you have in store for next time.
Guest chapter 29 . 11/24
Epic as always. Just after the showdown with Gil in "From Fake Dreams" we get this gem. I little let down for the end of Rider/Rin pair. Expecting great thing from Shirou and Archer against Gil: Double Unlimited Blade Works!
The Richmaster chapter 29 . 11/24
This was a pretty good chapter, I enjoyed the interaction with Sakura and Rin and the fight was nice too
Mingyu chapter 29 . 11/24
Great fights! You actually put in a Shirou/Archer dual tech. Nice! And the feels between Sakura and Rin ran deep indeed! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. That was quite a cliffhanger. Thanks for the chapter!
That one guy chapter 29 . 11/24
Amazing story as always and to think that it all started because two people met earlier then they were supposed to.
TargaryenKurosaki chapter 29 . 11/23
OMG! Excellent chapter. I just read all the chapters. And I can only say that this story is incredible. I like that very much. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!
talesfanjmf chapter 29 . 11/23
The heart to heart between Sakura and Rin in this chapter was my favorite part. With that being said, this chapter was quite epic.
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 29 . 11/23
oh shit... looks like Gil aint playing around, poor Archer
Mythfan chapter 29 . 11/23
Epic as usual.
Drow79 chapter 29 . 11/23
Gilgamesh vs Archer, this has been long anticipated.
PredatorPuck chapter 29 . 11/23
my god!
Grizzmon chapter 29 . 11/23
Yeah, things are way worse than canon.
Bobboky chapter 29 . 11/23
Very good
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