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Grizzmon chapter 2 . 4/20
Ah, fate is not written in stone after all.
Grizzmon chapter 1 . 4/20
Looks Interesting.
jcampbellohten chapter 15 . 4/19
To clarify: Though the particular treasure being copied may be intimately known to Gilgamesh, he says in Fate/Zero that the contents of his treasury expanded beyond his knowledge of it ages ago.
jcampbellohten chapter 13 . 4/18
I may have said it before, but great characterization of Gilgamesh (and, I guess, Kirei, though I have less of a grasp on his character).
JamesX chapter 26 . 4/17
I think this chapter is more like a semi plot development the things will get more interesting in the next chapter hehe i really like the way that you write illya and shirou relationship i hope to get more saber in the next chapters
continue with your great work and i hope to get more updates sooner
trasgo.artifexdiaz chapter 26 . 4/14
Update? hell yeah. Good things come to those who wat indeed
It seems like things are about to turn very nasty for our heroes. So im loking forward to the next chapter.

"it's been almost six hours since you were humiliated in front of someone. That's probably a new record."
That made my day haha
Temporal Knight chapter 26 . 4/14
Yay an update! And perfect timing too as I literally caught up the day before this was posted.

Utter. Comedic. Gold.

I really, really like mischievous teenage Ilya though honestly the only real difference from usual mischievous Ilya is how hilariously distracted by the sexy she kept getting. And Shirou's attempt to take refuge in the uncertainty principle was...priceless.

Love the confirmation that they are officially dating by the way. "I didn't know" is a far cry from "no we aren't". Well...maybe not to Shirou's close enough.

Ah Sakura. Yet again I am torn between loving the utter adorable cuteness and despising the complete lack of self importance which prevents her from hurting those who hurt her. I really do like Medea though I feel I'm starting to fall into the trap of thinking of dream Medea and Caster Alter as two separate individuals which is obviously not what is intended. They both just seem to act so differently. The section with Caster getting annoyed with herself over liking Sakura helps somewhat but it doesn't really go far enough to reconcile the two personalities on display. I'm still hoping that Caster/Medea manages to save herself through Sakura by the end of the story though. Damn. Now I'm hoping for an HA ending and that sort of thing just doesn't happen in normal Fate stories...sigh. Darn you for making me care about these Servants again!

By the way, the friends with benefits line was another hilariously appropriate line.

Kirei is such an utter dick. I am seriously starting to think of him as one of those annoying fae that make it their life's mission to lie as blatantly as possible while still telling the complete truth. So frustrating because it is so damn effective!

Ooh I vote that Rider gets to inflict bodily harm on Shinji! That would be so much fun to read about!

It's nice to see Shirou getting the full picture about Sakura and Rin getting the info about the Crest Worm. It's also wonderful to see her progress with giving up the magus coldness. It's a shame that now Caster is going to interrupt before he has a chance to tell Rin about the Dark Grail aspect though now that more than just Ilya knows after things quiet down again there is a chance for things to start moving towards an endgame.

Please don't end with Ilya disappearing like most of the game routes...please? You've made her too cool and entertaining and an Ilya route just shouldn't end with the main heroine dead anyway so keep going with the awesomeness and get everyone out of the storm alive and kicking!

As a potential idea, to get Archer and Rider into the fray at once without having Rider back with Sakura or Rin comatose...perhaps one could go to Ilya? Like Archer? I know that it is blasphemous to suggest he leave Rin but considering he loves Ilya like a sister it seems like it could make a lot a sense especially once Shirou and Ilya both learn about how much of a strain the two Servants are on Rin. Though since Ilya is likely to be kidnapped next chapter I guess that could throw a wrench into that, just something to toss around.

Anyway I am still utterly loving this story and I can't wait for the next installment!
Generalmoose2nd chapter 26 . 4/14
Great story. I'm glad to see Illya be Shirou's main interest. If only this was rated M with lemons. I also hope to see Saber control the darkness or at least not convert over to Casters side. I think she can do it. Archers true identity will hopefully be revealed eventually too. I want to see Shirou actually know whats going on as well. It's kind of ridiculous that he is this far into the war and knows so little. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.
pucflek chapter 26 . 4/14
this story is goddamn badass
Mingyu chapter 26 . 4/13
I've never seen Illya portrayed so adult-like...and it was hilarious! Sounds like Sakura is breaking down to Medea's influence (or vice-versa). Can't wait to see which side that lands on. Thanks for the chapter!
Disciple of Ember chapter 26 . 4/13
Oh boy. I'd say poor Shirou, but he kind of deserves it a little. Maybe not in this specific incarnation, but some of his others certainly worked up a hefty karmic debt.

I'm honestly finding it hard to pick out little details to review seeing as everything is such high, and consistent, quality. Everything from the quality of the writing, to the pacing of the story itself feel perfectly executed. It might be slow to come around, but that just makes things more interesting and detailed during the journey.

So Shirou finally knows (or at least is starting to really understand) just what's at stake here, does he? That's a good thing. If past experience has taught me anything, it's that he's capable of some very improbable feats when things get serious, and this looks like the kind of situation that would need a miracle to work out well.

If they survive at least. Given the fact that almost every one of the major players is converging on their location at the same time, that might be a tall order. Here's to hoping that the main cast manages to endure what looks to be an all out assault of devastating proportions.

All in all, an awesome chapter. I really love your writing style and each time I see an update for this story, it's like an early birthday. Excellent work, and I'll really look forwards to seeing what you have in store for next time.
coronadomontes chapter 26 . 4/13
adv chapter 26 . 4/12
excellent chapter
FanFicReader712012 chapter 26 . 4/12
It was funny about Shirou's suffering but now, you are just plain mean.
claymore78 chapter 26 . 4/12
Shiro finally understands how bad things are... about time.
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