Reviews for Reading the Clues
Guest chapter 27 . 1/22
For some reason, my first attempt at leaving FB disappeared into the ether. My apologies.

Now that that has been said, I must tell you that I was literally unable to stop reading even though I didn't start your novel until quite late in the evening. I loved the way that you were able to provide such depth of character to Woody, his family, and the MM.

Whilst I am a "Babe" at heart, I genuinely enjoyed reading about Stephanie's romance with Woody as well as her close friendship with Lester. I literally laughed aloud when both Lester and Tank felt compelled to teach Woody a lesson due to his failure to protect Stephanie at all costs. The way in which you wrote Stephanie and Ranger's conversation about the babies and her relationship with Woody was quite touching. It certainly made up for his apparent lack of concern for her when he left for Miami in the beginning of the story. Finally, you also have my gratitude for giving my favourite of the MM, Lester, a HEA as well. Well Done!
alix33 chapter 27 . 8/28/2013
"I went back to work when the babies were twelve weeks old and they never had to stay with a nanny. I suggested it just before I resumed my job and the guys were horrified about "their kids" being with a stranger all day. Instead, anyone who wanted to volunteer was put on a rotating schedule and they sat with the kids in four hour shifts while I worked. To be considered for the shift you had to complete a two hour baby care training with Bobby. Outwardly I laughed about it, but I attended twice to appease Bobby that I approved of his methods, and to learn from him because there was no doubt he had done his homework on the best way to care for an infant." - Hehehe, so the RangeMan kids had mannies (the male form of a nanny).
"I decided to try and really fix it today so I began with a little of Mr. Alexander's special gel. The gesture wasn't missed by Bell and her eyes got big when she realized I was going to make it look like mine. Then she ruined the moment by asking, "Can I wear some mascara too?" I couldn't help but laugh at her as I gently told her no, but offered her some light lip gloss as a compromise. I brushed her hair and used a large curling iron to slightly straighten her hair adding loose waves in place of tight curls. For once she watched mesmerized, as her hair seemed to change in the mirror." - AW!
"and Ella's dining cart she saw Lester come off the elevator one day and let go of Bone's hand to walk across the hallway to her Tio Lester who picked her up," - "let go of Bones' hand".
"When Marina tells you to go then you walk down the isle," - "walk down the aisle".
"the vows were the same as the ones we said and as they repeated after the priest I caught Woody's eye and smiled when he winked at me. We continued to look at each other, oblivious to the happenings around us and it only took seconds before I felt the familiar spark between us ignite. I wondered how rude it would be to leave the kids at the reception for a while to find a place to celebrate privately with my husband. I took a deep breath willing my stubborn hormones to calm down. We had hours before we could slip away, but I made up my mind to call Ella as soon as we were home to see if the kids could have a sleep over with her and Louis tonight. Looking at Woody in his suit made me aware of the fact that I was going to need hours of uninterrupted time with my husband." - Hehehe.
"Woody grabbed my arm to get my attention and pulled me to him to whisper, "Talk to Ella before we leave the church to see if they can go home with her for a sleep over. That service was just long enough for me to come up with all kinds of ideas of things that I want to do to you tonight. We're going to need hours without them at home, and I think you should arrange for a late morning too so that you can rest in to recover." I would have made a witty come back about him thinking pretty highly of his skills, but I knew Woody never over exaggerated in this area and if he set his mind to it, he could darn well make it impossible for me to walk the next morning so I held on to him while waiting for my balance to return and then I dumbly nodded my head that I understood and would take care of it." - Hehehe.
"To think we could have been doing this for seven years instead of five is mind blowing." - "mind-blowing" gets hyphenated.
alix33 chapter 26 . 8/28/2013
"we'd drive home today and would be there in time for dinner in case they wanted to go to Shorty's for pizza to celebrate our return. According to a text I got from Les this morning, most of the guys wanted to meet us since they had only been told that I had an announcement, so they brought in a couple of contract workers to cover the monitors and most everybody would be there for dinner. This would be the perfect opportunity to tell them of our marriage and the fact we were going to be welcoming two babies instead of one." - What an apt place for those announcements.
"then he handed me a key. "Are you sure?" I asked him. "Of course I'm sure. You need a key to your home Stephanie. This isn't my place anymore, it's ours and I want you to feel like you can come back anytime you want," He explained pressing the cold metal into my good hand." - AW!
"He volunteered to take me to my parent's house for dinner," - "my parents' house".
"I can see it," Ranger finally said breaking the silence in the room. "See what?" I wondered. "The connection to Woody," He offered. "He's a good man, and his past with his family isn't that different from your own. Plus, he's loved you for a long time. I think you'll be happy with him." I sat up a little to look at Ranger. "You knew and never said anything to me?" "It wasn't my place to play matchmaker. But I noticed how he always volunteered for shifts with you and how he would trade duty to be on your detail when you needed extra coverage. And there were a few nights when Joe went out drinking with his friends that I know Woody intervened and sent him home to you before Joe could step out into trouble." Ranger explained. Thinking back I had come up with similar stories of things I had not noticed at the time but now could see as signs of how he felt about me. I opened my mouth and said the truth, "I'm a very lucky woman." Ranger shook his head slightly, "No Babe, I've got to tell you that I think Woody's the one who won it all on this one." - AW!
"while we were away I had a few check ups with a midwife and we discovered that not only is my pregnancy moving along smoothly, but we are having twins. So there will be two little RangeMan babies running around at the end of May." At this the guys openly cheered and most of them stood up to hug me, put a hand on my stomach and speak to the babies" - AW!
"while we were away I had a few check ups with a midwife and we discovered that not only is my pregnancy moving along smoothly," "checkups" is one word.
"She'll be in her cubicle by 10:00 in the morning." The last comment got a few laughs because the starting time around the office was usually 8:00. When the guys starting picking on me I called out, "Hey you try growing two babies inside of you and see how early you want to wake up." - Hehehe.
"I laughed when Woody locked the door and then moved a chair to block the way in as well. "What?" He asked seeing my expression. "Do you really want to make it easy for the guys to sneak in to check on you?" Seeing his point I asked if he thought one chair was enough." - Hehehe.
Gestational diabetes means the twins are going to be big as well, as all that sugar in Stephanie's bloodstream has to go somewhere, and it goes into the babies' bodies (or baby's body if it is just one baby in the womb).
The plans for that apartment in the RangeMan building and a little yard are fantastic.
alix33 chapter 25 . 8/28/2013
Yay! Lester is going to be at Stephanie's and Woody's wedding!
"Bones came back yesterday and told us all about it. You were amazing…you always are." He said before laughing a little and adding, "Bones has been bugging Ranger to have him hired on and permanently assigned to work as your partner. That drew a lot of complaints that if you were going to get a partner some of us with more seniority wanted the chance to be considered over a contract worker." "Don't I get a say in whether or not I'll get a partner?" I teased. "You certainly do, but if you're going to work in sales the way Tank and Ranger want you to, you will definitely have a partner whenever you go out so that you can focus on the task at hand and your partner can watch out for you." Les explained." - Hehehe, I now see Bones and Hector duking it out over who becomes Stephanie's partner…
Yay! for Lester and Marina.
"Does Ranger know about me and Woody?" I asked not sure what I wanted the answer to be. "No, at least not definitively. He most certainly doesn't know about the baby. He probably suspects something on Woody's part, but I doubt he has any idea about how you feel. Seeing you married will be a shock to him." Les told me. "Is that fair to him? I mean, shouldn't someone tell him so that he doesn't freak out when he sees that we're married and I'm pregnant?" I wondered. Les spoke quickly, "I'm sure someone should tell him, but none of us want to be there when he reacts to the news. We all agree that it will be best for you to tell him in person when you come back home. I mean, he can't call you to the mats and he can't do anything to make you change your mind." "I guess you've got a point, but it still fells wrong somehow. Like we're all sneaking around trying to keep him out of the loop," I countered. "You can feel free to call him, but I'm not going to tell him," Les summed up like he was issuing a playground dare. "Thanks, but no thanks," I replied. "At least not now; today I only want to think about Woody and my friends that are here to celebrate with us." - I already feel sad and angry on Stephanie's behalf over that conversation, as Ranger is sure to contract a sudden, debilitating and possibly devastating bout of foot-in-mouth disease during it.
I know so little about wedding couture that I had to Google "princess sleeves" to learn what they looked like.
I agree with Stephanie: Ella was a better and more loving mother through the actions in this chapter than Helen Plum has ever been to Stephanie.
"I wanted to be sure she was feeling the same was as Les was." - "feeling the same way".
"I told Bobby, "I'm so sorry about the nights you were downstairs. I had no idea you could hear so much." Bobby erupted in laughter before saying, "Well, I did call Gina this morning to be sure we could get together as soon as I get back. I told her after having to listen to the two of you if I couldn't see her soon I was sure I'd go blind." We all laughed at his reference to having to take his needs into his own hands," - Hehehe.
"I confess that even Louis and I have argued over who will get to the hold the baby first." - "get to hold the baby".
Ella's letter is SO sweet and moving.
"and I did a self wax to be sure I could wear the skimpy panties Ella sent along." - Yet one more instance IMO where Stephanie proves her prodigious courage: I would never be able to do a Brazilian or even a far more timid little bikini wax on myself, even though a fair few beauty therapists have told me they perform their own, so technically it is possible.
That nail polish colour sounds very pretty.
I have heard - never tried it myself due to starting to wear contact lenses in my early 20s and any and all eye makeup made the subsequent dry eyes even worse, so eye makeup was given up in favour of being able to see - that blue-eyed women should use brown eyeliner pencil (or whatever form of eyeliner) and brown-eyed women blue eyeliner pencil (or whatever form of eyeliner) to really make their eye colour stand out.
"I had some lipstick that nearly matched the polish I used earlier so I used that." - I now SO covet that lipstick, as I have always been a lipstick or lip-gloss girl.
Excellent plan, with the lace doilies over the brace!
I am a bit sad too, that more of the Merry Men, are not there.
"Bobby and Hector each took a moment to touch my hand and compliment how I looked. I thought it was interesting that no one but Woody seemed to want to get very close in the way they normally would. The guys were usually eager to hug me or pull me to them when I was dolled up for a distraction. But even I could tell the difference in how I appeared for a distraction and the way I looked right now. I knew there was a glow about me that I'd never seen before, and I knew it was there because of Woody. Perhaps the guys recognized that too and out of respect for their friend they were keeping a distance." - AW!
"After I took my first bite of the cake Stella had prepared, I told her how impressed I was that she managed to make a wedding cake with three layers: the top and bottom were laced with pineapple and the center layer was a banana cream combining our two favorite desserts. She had iced it with a whipped cream icing to give it a traditional look. I moaned my way through every taste of it making Stella beam and all the men shift uncomfortably." - What a fantastic wedding cake, and the men's reactions to Stephanie's moans are as always, very funny.
"We walked everyone to the front porch and I kissed my guys goodbye thanking each of them for everything they had done for me. Of course, that caused the tears to pool up that I had expected earlier. Woody came over and did a man hug with each of his friends practically glowing as they walked away with Robert and Stella." - AW!
alix33 chapter 24 . 8/28/2013
"Everyone seemed to be staring at me so I picked up my fork and tried to get some of the white rice up that wasn't Mothered in the thick gravy." - "rice up that wasn't smothered".
"I was thrilled by the combination of tastes in my mouth. I hastily took another bite that had rice, meat and gravy in it and moaned as soon as my teeth sank into it. I looked over to Woody and noticed him look at his watch before whispering, "You've got less than an hour to get that plate clean and make your excuses or I may take you right here." I nearly choked when Liddy said, "None of that, if you have something to say you can tell us all." I suddenly realized what he meant when he told me his sisters were like little Mothers too. I turned red instantly at her comment but Woody just smiled and shook his head." - "Big rude, loudmouthed, untactful dictators" would be my description of his sisters instead of "little mothers". I am liking Woody's sisters less and less every millisecond they are around.
"I was struck by just how much Woody and I had in common. My Mother and his Father were a match made in heaven." - Their heaven, the seventh level of hell for the rest of their unfortunate relatives.
"His Mother seemed kind enough, but she didn't stand up to his Dad and seemed to just keep quiet to avoid confrontation. The resemblance between her and my Father was striking as well. Of course Valerie liked to boss me around but that isn't the same thing as treating me like a child so I couldn't really relate to his sisters except that I had plenty of people in my life who seemed to think their opinion of what I should do was the most important one." - EW!
"When his attention shifted from me I noticed something moving to the side of the porch but before I could panic or get up I realized it was Hector with his finger over his lips telling me to stay quiet. I relaxed instantly knowing he was there. Theoretically there was not a threat to my life any longer, but I still felt better knowing there was someone trustworthy to watch over me. By the time a smile came to my face Hector had disappeared from my view, but I knew he had not gone anywhere. I could feel his protection close to me." - A very relieved Phew! from me that Stephanie ahs Hector close by.
Only come home five days after your son's birth and then be pissed-off your wife named him after her own father? This guy has no idea of cause and effect or consequences of his actions!
I fully understand banks are kind of needed in the society we have nowadays and banks need staff, but jeez, not even I have ever wanted to work in a freaking bank! Why the hell should Woody?
"Guilt as a motivator seemed to be something else my Mother and Woody's Father had in common." - GR!
"Woody guided me back over to where his family said eating something out of little bowls. "My Mom made some banana pudding and I saved you some." I remembered sharing some banana pudding with Woody on our first date in his apartment. I loved it and wondered if his Mother's version would be that good. Woody must have noticed my silent thought because he handed me a bowl and a spoon and said, "It's better." I took a bite and moaned, realizing he was right. This could give my Mother's pineapple upside down cake a run for its money as my favorite dessert. It only took a few Moments for my spoon to begin scraping the bottom of the bowl leaving me wishing for more." - This woman needs to grow a freaking backbone, not skills at making freaking banana pudding.
"I kept one hand on the counter and put the other over my stomach, even with the brace between us I felt like I was more connected to them with a hand over their home. Damn it, I'd tried so hard to protect the babies from the danger over the last few days and it seemed like I was the one who was failing them anyway. Woody shut the door to the bathroom effectively blocking Bobby's view and pulled me to him. "Stop it, Steph," He demanded getting my full attention. "Let's go downstairs and stretch out on the couch together. Bobby can put a line in and you can have some dinner with us while we watch a movie. By the time the movie is over you'll feel better and see that this is what you needed to help you and our little guys in there." He finished while putting a hand on my stomach. I chose to believe his optimistic words and challenged him by saying, "What if they aren't guys? What if they're girls?" His sexy smile took over his face and he replied, "As long as they are just like their Mother, then I'll be a happy Daddy." I loved how he used the tender term Daddy to refer to himself." - AW!
"I thanked Bobby for his care, stopping his work to put my hand over his. "This is far beyond just watching out for an employee of RangeMan." Bobby touched my face and admitted, "I don't do this for RangeMan; I do it for you. It would break my heart if something happened to you. And now that there are babies coming that are a part of you, we're all excited about how that will impact us and pull us even more into a family." - AW!
"We don't need to you cover the first floor for security reasons anymore," - "need you to cover the first floor".
"I've had to put the breaks on so many times over the last few days I'm not sure I can do it again," - "put the brakes on".
"I answered realizing I'd probably agree to let the minister in right now if he would just keep him mouth on my neck." - "keep his mouth".
"How soon do you want to get married?" He asked with his warm breath blowing against my skin. "Soon," I answered realizing I'd probably agree to let the minister in right now if he would just keep him mouth on my neck. Then he decided to play dirty and moved one hand up to my neck rubbing those irresistible circles and moving his lips to the shell of my ear. "Stella said there's a justice of the peace that's a good friend of hers and he could come over to the house tomorrow afternoon and marry us here before the guys leave for home." "What time?" I asked, causing him to pause as though he hadn't expected that response. "How about 5:00? We could get married by sunset, and then have a nice dinner to celebrate," He offered. I considered it briefly and couldn't think of a single reason to say no. More important than that, I could only think of reasons to say yes. "That sounds perfect." "Are you sure you want to do this here? Are there people in Trenton you wish could be here?" He offered. I stretched my neck to the side as an invitation for him to keep up the sensual kisses he was planting on my skin. "I definitely don't want my family there. I'll miss Les, but he'll understand as long as he's one of the first people we tell when we get back." Then I spun around to put my arms around his neck. "I'm ready to be your wife. I don't care about the ceremony, I just want the world to know you're mine and I'm yours." - Yay!
alix33 chapter 23 . 8/27/2013
"As long as you are alright, then I'm okay." "Si," Hector replied. "I okay." I smiled at him and then moved his hand to my stomach to tell him, "We're okay too." His face lit up at my sentence" - AW!
"Do we have anymore of Stella's soup leftover?" - When used in that sense "left over" is two words.
"pulse and even pulled out a Doppler receiver to listen for the babies heartbeats." - "babies' heartbeats".
alix33 chapter 22 . 8/27/2013
"The idea of the world being able to see it as evidence of our love is a total turn on." - "turn-on" gets hyhpenated.
"then Bone's shoulder must not be too badly injured." - "Bones' shoulder".
"I briefly remembered how much a body guard's presence used to bug me," - "bodyguard" is one word.
"Woody's father stayed in the barn and I heard him complaining about how things were stored followed by the loud sound of him rearranging things to suit his own opinion of how it should be. Did this man understand what a boundary was?" - About as well as Helen Plum understand that.
"I was desperately trying to come up with a change of subject for Woody's Mom when I heard a single gun shot." - "gunshot" is one word.
alix33 chapter 21 . 8/27/2013
"Woody's father said in a condescending tone. "Jesus boy, has it been that long since you'd been with a woman that you had to fall in with the first thing that threw herself at you?" I was about to say something letting his father know that I didn't care for the way he was talking about me and to clarify that I didn't throw myself at anybody. At least I didn't think I did. Hell, I didn't even remember that night. For all I knew I may have thrown myself at Woody. Maybe I should be quiet and let Woody handle his father on his own. "No," Woody interrupted my thoughts and his father's next sentence. "I didn't say anything to you because I refused to let you ruin the first thing that had been precious to me in a long time. I didn't want to hear your critical comments and your holier than thou speech about yet another choice I'd made that you didn't approve of." "So instead you chose to hide her away?" His dad jumped in. "Say what you want, but it looks like you were ashamed of something." "I am," Woody replied with his voice softening only slightly. "I was ashamed to let Stephanie see the kind of judgmental family I came from. I didn't want my future wife to know the kind of people that she would be gaining for in-laws." "So you're trying to put this all on us?" His father asked building up to a full head of steam. "I'm not trying to do anything; I'm just telling it the way it is." Woody answered. "Stephanie and I are starting a family; we are going to get married, and you can be a part of that by stopping the constant criticism or you can go home." "What makes you think you are capable of caring for a wife and a child? Boy, you can hardly take care of yourself." His father interjected refusing to let go of the spotlight. I had heard enough. If he insulted Woody or his choices one more time I was going to blow. As it was I barely contained the fury I felt in my voice. "I can answer that," I began talking as stood up. "Your son is a good man, and honorable man, and the only person that I want by my side. He has cared for me here and back in Jersey and he has cared for and protected a team of men across the world. I have seen him defend the innocent and care for those who need it with great tenderness. I don't know what you see when you look at your son, but when I look at him I see a man with no equal and someone I consider myself honored and blessed to spend my life with." My words had the effect of forcing Woody's father to stop attacking his son, but it only caused him to swing his temper in my direction. "And what gives you the right to lecture me about what kind of man you think my son is. How long have you known him? How long had you dated before you realized he had a little money and you decided to try and get your claws into that for yourself? What do you know about what it takes to protect people who are innocent?" I didn't even have time to react before Woody had moved to within inches of his father's face to say through clenched teeth, "She knows plenty about protecting the innocent. Who do you think kept those men from getting to you and mom? Who do you think put herself in harms way to keep you out of the line of fire. Not that you deserve to know, but I've known Steph for three years and during that time, not once had my bank balance come up. She is too good for me, and after meeting you I wouldn't blame her if she ran back to Trenton and refused to speak to me ever again." I'd had enough. I had known through the example of my own mother that there were some people you could talk to until you were blue in the face and it wouldn't do a thing to change their minds. I decided to put my breath to better use and spoke directly to Woody. "The only way I'm running back to Trenton is if you are going too. I don't give a shit about your money, but I do care about you. We're in this together, not because we have to be, but because we realize that we need each other and we want to be. You are the only person I can picture myself waking up with each morning. And you are definitely the only man that I could see by my side for this adventure." As I spoke I drew closer and closer to Woody so that my hands were on his chest by the last words and his arms went reflexively around my back. "You and me, Darlin'," He replied. "We're in this together forever." With that declaration he leaned down and kissed me. It wasn't a hot passion filled kiss; his tongue barely entered my mouth. But it was a rich kiss that promised a lifetime of love and devotion. With that single connection any concerns I had about marriage vanished and I began to feel an urgency to become his wife. When we pulled back he looked in my eyes searching for something. "What happened?" He finally asked giving up on using ESP to figure it out. "I'm ready," I explained. "Anytime, anywhere, the sooner the better," I couldn't help but smile at the expression that came over his face. "Really?" He asked as though I'd just given him a gift too good to be true. "You really want to marry me now? You don't want to wait until after the baby comes?" I shook my head no. "I definitely don't want to wait that long." I confessed. Bobby came over, perhaps trying to insure Woody's father didn't have time to ramp up the emotional interaction again and said, "You guys have plenty of time to figure this out. Right now, just this once, I want you to go upstairs and get some rest. All of this isn't good for Stephanie or the babies and I've got to check on the guys that are still outside." Woody looked at me and raised an eyebrow asking if I wanted to take Bobby's advice. I wasn't exactly ready for sleep but I did feel like I'd been through an emotional wringer so escaping the mood of the family room was pretty high on my priority list. Liddy came over in response to my hesitation, "It's probably is a good idea to go stretch out for a while. I'll talk to Dad and the family" - Liddy had better tell that SOB sperm donor that he had better start thinking with the head between his ears (instead of the one between his legs) for the first time in his life, or else…
"Who do you think put herself in harms way to keep you out of the line of fire." - "in harm's way".
"there was a piece of me that was relieved that you weren't locking yourself in a small space with my father. I'm so sorry for how he spoke to you." - I am relived for the same reason.
"I'm sure the news of our relationship from Stella is why they showed up unannounced." He explained before adding, "And as a lesson in keeping her mouth shut, I'm going to have Hector play the audio of Dad's words so she can hear what you had to endure and know that she is to blame for you being exposed to that." "No," I quickly interrupted. "You can't blame her for what happened downstairs. She was just trying to defend you by sharing that when everybody left you alone you found someone you are happy with and you are planning a future in your own way. She never meant for this to happen." "That's the point. How many mothers do I need? She should have followed Liddy's example and kept her mouth shut to give me the chance to introduce you when I thought it was best." He complained." - I agree with Woody: Helen Plum's uncontrolled mouth is one more than Woody and Stephanie should be having to cope with; they do not needs his other sisters' and his mother's too.
"My eyes got bigger at his off handed manner so he kept talking." - "'off-handed" gets hyphenated.
"Understand that isn't because I would want to hide you or our relationship, but because I feel the need to protect you and our children from my family. I hated the constant criticism I grew up with and I swore my own kids would never have to put up with it. Not from me and most certainly not from him." When I looked at the silence for what it was and realized that he was trying to protect me and our children I was no longer offended and hurt, I felt loved. I was going to have to learn to trust Woody more. Joe never minded telling me how embarrassing he found some of my antics and how he wanted me to change in order to make his life easier. This was quite the switch and not jumping to the worst possible possibility was going to take some getting used to. I didn't know how to explain this to Woody so I settled for putting my hand against his face and scooting closer to him." - Yay!
"Woody's family was no where to be found when we came downstairs. As if he sensed my thought Woody explained, "I had Stella open up her home to our family since she made the call that brought them here." I narrowed my eyes watching him, wondering if he had blamed her for what happened earlier. "Don't worry, I didn't make her listen to the tapes, but I did tell her Dad was less than welcoming and she understood." - Stella's just deserts, IMO, but only to an extent. Her lips still need to get the message properly that they should flap less and in certain directions only.
"Woody's family was no where to be found when we came downstairs." - "nowhere to be found".
"For once I just wanted to lie down next to Woody and actually sleep. Maybe the day had shaken me up more than I thought if my hormones were even picking up their head at the thought of being in bed with Woody." - "were not even picking up their head".
alix33 chapter 20 . 8/27/2013
"Hopeful I could find something worth while but I was clicking through without much hope of succeeding." - "find something worthwhile".
"I watched them for a few moments longer as they approached the front door and just let themselves in without knocking. When we made it out of this mess Woody and I needed to have a chat about boundaries with his family." - A talk Helen Plum also needs to be given, by the same version of Woody who told her off so excellently about shoving Morelli down Stephanie's throat so endlessly.
"I couldn't see a thing so I switched to an internal view of the house and then screamed out loud when I heard gun shots ring through the earphones again." - "gunshots" is one word.
"I saw an ear piece and neck microphone like the guys used to communicate when I was working distractions so I put those on in case something happened while I was away from the monitors I could still hear what was going on." - As is "earpiece".
Good shooting, Stephanie!
"That system is way too tight so you'll have to make due with Plum for getting what you want." - "make do with Plum".
Woody's dad sounds like a total and utter son of a bitch.
alix33 chapter 19 . 8/27/2013
"but my bladder had other idea." - "bladder had other ideas" or "bladder had another idea".
"I heard Woody's voice first. "What were you thinking?" "What was I thinking?" Bobby repeated. "I was doing what you asked because you assured me she was still sleeping. But while we're on the subject, what were you thinking?" "Me?" Woody asked a little defensively. "Yes you," Bobby countered a little louder making it much easier for me to eavesdrop. "I thought I said that she should come to bed to rest. From the look of her body there are enough marks and hickeys on her to mean you kept her awake for hours. You know she'd feel better if you would leave her alone." "You need to let this go, Brown. I'm willing to forget that you saw my woman with no clothes on because it was an accident. But if you want to make a point of describing how much time you spent staring at her skin then we need to have an entirely different discussion." Woody's volume was definitely growing in response to Bobby's. "I wasn't staring at her man, it couldn't have been move obvious because of how pale the rest of her skin is." Bobby countered with what I knew was the wrong thing to say. I quickly looked around for something to put on and found Wood's t-shirt that he had brought in to wear after his shower. I slipped it over my head and stepped out just in time to see Woody in his towel clad glory slowly walking to Bobby. "I'm going to give you five seconds to tell me why you felt the need to comment on the color of her skin when she had on no clothes." Woody said through clenched teeth. Woody was clearly gearing up for a fight and I had to stifle a laugh at his attire. It made me want to tell Bobby to watch out before the Gladiator got mad. I shook my head to clear that thought and walked between the two guys. I couldn't help but notice this was not the first time I'd put myself between Woody and one of the guys when things got heated because of me. "Woody, I think Bobby just meant because of how worn down I am that I'm more pale than usual and since he thinks some rest might help to restore me he wanted to imply that I would gather more color if I would heed his advice and get some." I knew that it was a round about sentence but I had to say something fast and I didn't have time to prepare a better speech. Bobby agreed that I had summed up his intent perfectly. Then he added, "Stephanie, I'm so sorry about walking in this morning. I should have left the tray or opened the door and announced myself first. It won't happen again. I'm so sorry." He was rambling out of embarrassment so felt the need to let him off the hook. "Bobby, it's fine," I told him putting a hand on his arm to assure him. "It was an accident and I bear just as much of the blame. I should have left the covers on me until I was ready to get up. You have nothing to apologize for." Woody was about to disagree with me but I put my other hand on his arm and shook my head. Luckily he let me silence him so that Bobby could leave while they were still on speaking terms." - AW, poor Bobby.
"I knew that it was a round about sentence but I had to say something fast and I didn't have time to prepare a better speech." - "a roundabout sentence".
"At least now I new his body was definitely more drool worthy." - "now I knew".
"I asked if I could have a tour of his place today. "My pleasure," He agreed, "But you need to start referring to it as our place. It's not just mine anymore." - AW!
"The plaid shirt he was wearing was a western cut with snaps instead of buttons. I was having trouble concentrating on looking around when all I could think of was ripping the shirt open when we got back upstairs. I wouldn't have to worry about ruining the shirt by tearing off the buttons. Woody noticed I was lagging behind and asked, "Are you feeling okay? Am I going too fast? Is everything alright?" I held up a hand to stop him from firing questions at me. "I'm fine, I just got distracted. You're so much more relaxed here than when you're in Trenton, I like it." I decided to toy with him a little and added, "Relaxed Woody is really sexy and I'm having trouble concentrating on anything else." I didn't have time to blink before Woody had pulled me to him and his lips were on mine. We stood there in the middle of a grassy area making out like a couple of desperate teenagers. It wasn't until Stella cleared her throat behind us that we reluctantly broke apart. "I was going to see if you wanted me to saddle up the horses for you, but I'm not entirely sure that's what you want to ride now." She said with a wink. I blushed and put my head down just as Bobby walked up from the other side and put in his two cents worth. "Stephanie can't ride horses. Am I the only one reading up on this shit? It could cause a placental abruption and miscarriage. You can't put her on a horse." Woody took a deep breath and I saw the tension building in his shoulders. "I wasn't going to let her ride, but I did want to show the horses to her, if that's alright with you." The sarcasm was dripping from his voice but Bobby seemed to ignore it and responded, "Only if she isn't close enough that there is a risk of her being kicked. We have to avoid any kind of situation that has a possibility of a trauma." "You have met me haven't you?" I asked Bobby hoping to diffuse the situation before we had a recreation of the shootout at the OK Corral. "My normal life is one possibility of trauma after another. I think I'm safer here than anywhere." Everyone laughed at my statement knowing it was true, but as I said it I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Not in the tingly 'Ranger is near' way, but in an 'I'm being watched by someone creepy' manner. I looked around squinting my eyes in an attempt to see further but only saw the rolling hills of the pasture and the forest beyond that. Woody and Bobby both noticed my change and sandwiched me between them immediately. "What is it, Steph?" Woody asked. "I don't know, maybe nothing," I replied unsure of how to explain it. "I just had a feeling that I was being watched, but that would be ridiculous here, right?" Bobby hesitated, considering my words but then said, "Maybe it was one of the contract wokers. They're stationed at the edge of the property so there maybe someone in the woods or just beyond the fence line." "That has to be it. I guess all this Bertucci mess has gotten me paranoid," I accepted his suggestion of why I felt off" - This whole bit made me smile though I do feel Stephanie's watched feeling needs to be checked out.
""Maybe it was one of the contract wokers." - "contract workers".
"I hated Tony Bertucci more and more for ruining my escape here." - Yes, every fibre of my being loathes, hates, detests and abhors him too, on Stephanie's behalf.
"the bowl held an enormous amount of potato soup that had been topped with cheese, bacon and chives." - Yum!
"Woody gave me the bowl to hold and got up to let Bobby and Hector in the room. I was so glad to see Hector. He had been using his talent for disappearing like smoke since we arrived and I'd missed him. Hector walked right over to my side and was about to sit on the floor but I moved over and patted the bed by my side insisting he sit beside me. He obeyed, although he looked a little stiff and uncomfortable with one foot still on the floor and the other leg bent at the knee to keep his boot off the comforter. I looked at him and shook my head. I knew Bobby and Woody were both watching us but I didn't care, Hector had often risked his life for me and I never wanted him to be uncomfortable when I was around. I linked my arm around his at the elbow and rested my head on his shoulder. When he turned his head to see what I was doing I looked up at him and smiled before telling him, "I've missed seeing you and I want you right beside me." He looked pleased, but confused when he asked, "Why?" My lips pursed while I considered his question and then I told him, "Because you make me feel safe and you always take my craziness in stride." Hector chuckled softly and I hoped he was about to say something funny because he rarely laughed. "Chica, you make me feel normal." I tightened my hold on his arm and informed him, "Hector you aren't normal, you are so much better than that" With that Hector moved his arm from mine and then put it around my shoulder to pull me closer to his side. I looked at Woody who had a curious expression on his face. It wasn't jealousy or aggression like I'd seen when he was with Lester or Bobby. I'd have to ask him about it later" - AW!
"Bertucci defiantly left town and from what they can gather he went south," - "Bertucci definitely left town"? though seeing as how Tony Bertucci is now going against the Family's wishes with his grudge against Stephanie, it could be defiantly too, as that is an adverb that means "in a disobedient manner".
"Then he addressed the other two guys and said, "There some extra measures we can put into place to help the guys at the perimeter so if you want, we can slip out and spend a little time setting things up." The look of excitement on their faces made me laugh at the image of what they must have looked like as kids at Christmas." - Hehehe.
"Put your hand on the safe scanner behind that door and it will open to a small weapon's safe should you need something." - "small weapons' safe".
alix33 chapter 18 . 8/27/2013
"Bobby snatched the bag from my hand and when I rolled my eyes at his refusal to let me carry my own bag, he said, "What? You don't need to be carrying anything heavy." Feeling like picking on his constantly serious caregiving attitude, I responded, "That's not heavy, it's full of panties, bras and lingerie. I wanted to be ready for any possibility." Lester and I were practically crying from laughter when Bobby dropped my suitcase and then snatched the bag Woody was holding to put as much distance as possible between himself and my unmentionables." - Hehehe.
"Then he decided to play dirty and began running his thumb in circles on my neck so I figured it wouldn't hurt anything if I just shut my eyes for a few minutes. I mean someone had kept me awake for the better part of the night in the name of celebrating our engagement. I let Woody move my head into his lap and sighed contentedly when he began to run his fingers through my hair." - AW!
"Stephanie, just tell me when you want me to start planning the wedding. I can get all the details worked out quickly so that you're married in time." Woody stiffened when she said that, "In time for what?" He asked. Mom smiled at his obvious lack of a Burg upbringing and explained, "In time to be your wife before the size of her stomach makes it obvious why you proposed." My laid back, calm fiancée went from easy going to pissed off in less than a second. "I need to be very clear that I didn't propose to Stephanie because we're going to have a baby. I asked her to marry me because I love her. I don't care when we go through with the service. The fact that she is willing to do it after having you shove it down her throat for years with Joe is a miracle in and of itself." - Yay! for Woody telling it straight to that Helen Plum (I gasped out loud when I read it).
"He may have planned on saying something else, but I cut him off by pressing my lips to his and silencing him with a kiss. I'd never had someone say something that beautiful about me and my need to connect with him outweighed my usual stance against public displays of affection. When I pulled back we were both breathing heavier and my mother's jaw was practically hitting her chest." - Yay! for Woody once more.
"By the time we got back to Haywood, my mom had left a message on my cell phone saying she wanted us to come over for dinner next week so that we could celebrate our good news with Val and her family. Woody didn't even pretend to be disappointed as I returned the call and said we'd love to do it, but because of a case we were working on we'd be out of town for a while so I'd have to call when we got back and see about scheduling something then." - Take THAT, Helen Plum, you utter bitch.
"Woody nodded his head and wrapped an arm protectively around me leading the way to the front porch of a three story white house that looked like it was once a plantation home for a wealthy land owner." - "landowner" is one word.
"She said that was how often the dentist said to change them and she wasn't going to waste money buying us knew ones every time we went to the drug store." - "buying us new ones".
"Woody pulled me in his arms and rested his cheek on the top of my head. "I liked that story. It explains a lot." "What, it tells you what a freak your girlfriend is for dental hygiene?" I teased unsure of what he meant. "No," He corrected, "It tells me that my fiancée has been her Daddy's girl for a long time and it is just one more example of how you love life. You notice the little things that most of us miss and that's what makes spending time with you so special. When you notice something like that and bring it to our attention it makes us pay attention and snap out of the rut of how we view the world. The way you look at the world is much brighter and it lightens up all of us." - AW!
That caddy with duplicate products sounds wonderful.
"She's laid back and gentle and she's great with animals." - "laid-back" gets hyphenated.
"Bobby was the first one to see me and quickly made his way over to my side picking up my free hand and putting his fingers on my wrist to check my pulse. I was about to object that I was fine, but he shot me a look and I remember Lester's comment to take it easy on him so I let it slide and patiently waited for his nod to confirm what I already knew. I put my hand on Bobby's cheek and said, "I'm not going to break. I know it's hard to see, but it doesn't mean anything is wrong, my body just isn't used to this yet." "I know, but you've got to take it easy, at least for what's left of tonight," He replied looking at Woody with a threatening expression when he said the last part. Woody's raised his hands in mock surrender making Bobby smile and walk back over to his seat." - AW!
"Robert was watching his wife, clearly confused about what we were talking about. I couldn't imagine being in a family that didn't constantly gossip and tell everyone's secrets. Woody must have noticed the same thing I did because he said, "Rob, I didn't realize Stella didn't tell you. Steph and I are going to have a baby. We've just found out that she's pregnant and the morning sickness has been a bit overwhelming so we're trying everything we can to help control it." As he talked, Woody left one hand flat on my stomach in a comforting gesture. His other hand moved up to my neck and began to rub slowly. Had I been a cat I certainly would have been purring." - Yay! for Stephanie acquiring some non-gossiping and non-secret blabbing in-laws.
"Hector came over and held his hand up as though he wanted to touch my stomach again as he had the other night at Haywood, but he wasn't sure I would allow it. I quickly took his hand in mine and pressed it against my still flat belly. The smile that lit up his face was more than worth it. I knew very little of Hector's life other than the fact his skills had been learned on the street and life had not been kind to him. It was rare to see such emotion on his face with the tears permanently marking it. He leaned over and said something in Spanish to my stomach before rubbing it briefly and turning to leave." - AW!
"Woody surprised me by sweeping my legs out from underneath me and carrying me upstairs in a very Gone With the Wind gesture. I heard his boot connect with the door of our bedroom to slam it closed and suddenly I didn't feel so sleepy anymore. As far as I knew we had nothing to do tomorrow. Our basic plan was to just stay here until we got the call that everything was clear to return. It wouldn't matter if we stayed up for a while and then slept in later tomorrow. With that thought I held onto his hand when laid me on the bed and tried to stand back up. "We don't have to go to sleep just yet," I told him in what I hoped was a sexy voice. The expression on his face told me I'd succeeded in getting my point across. "It would be a shame to sleep in a new bed without fully testing it out, wouldn't it?" He countered while toeing off his boots. As he covered my body with his I gave myself to him and realized any similarities with the old movie were over. I most certainly did give a damn and from the feel of what was being pressed against me, so did he." - AW!
alix33 chapter 17 . 8/27/2013
"But I saw the size of that needle and I was convinced he did it to punish me for putting myself in harms way and nearly giving us all a heart attack because of the results." - "harm's way".
"Just before I climbed back into bed Bobby and Woody appeared at the door of the bedroom staring at me. "What?" I asked worried about why they had come back together. Bobby looked down but spoke first, "Um, the guys are in the hall and they are insisting on seeing you." "Why?" I asked confused about why they were acting so strangely. This time Woody explained, "Apparently we were wrong about nobody going into the conference room after we left. Hector went in to set up some equipment for a presentation tomorrow and saw the blanket. He knew it had been wrapped around you and he instantly thought the same thing we did. He asked a few of the guys about it and now they're all standing out here demanding to see you." "Why didn't you just tell them what happened?" I asked. "I did," Bobby confessed before continuing, "And they were relieved, but now they want to see for themselves that you and the baby are alright. This life is a big deal to all of us and they just need to know it's okay." I smiled at their thoughtfulness and love. Understanding that sometimes it was easier to accept something if you could see it with your own eyes, I walked to the door and opened it. Leaning against the wall and standing in the middle of the hall were at least a dozen guys all looking at me with worried expressions. "We're okay," I told them. "I'm sorry I scared you." Hector pushed his way through and pulled me to him with a sense of immediacy. He whispered softly so that no one else could hear and said, "I thought we'd failed you." I replied at equal volume, "No one failed. I'm fine." Then I took his hand and put it on my still flat stomach and said slightly louder, "We're both fine." Hector's face showed the surprise of me letting him touch me in such an intimate way, but then his eyes shown with the joy of what he was touching and he whispered something to my stomach in Spanish before kissing my cheek and leaving with a nod to Woody. One by one each of the guys filed past me and hugged me, then said something to my stomach while resting their hand there briefly. My favorites were Cal who told the baby to, "Rock on, little one," and Hal who surprised me by saying, "Sleep well with Angels while you grow and you bloom." When I looked at him questioning what that meant he said, "It's something my mother said each night to us kids when she put us to bed. I always liked it," He explained while he blushed and tried to shrug nonchalantly. After everyone had a chance to speak to me and the baby they left. After everyone had a chance to speak to me and the baby they left. Bobby was the last one standing there and he too put a hand on my stomach and said, "Give your mother an easy day tomorrow. She's going through a lot to take care of you right now." Then he too nodded at Woody and made his way to the elevator." - AW!
"I walked back to where Woody was leaning against the doorway and let him hug me to him. "Is it hard to watch?" I asked wondering if he was jealous about the guys touching me the way he was with Les. "Strangely enough, no," He answered sounding surprised by his own answer. "I think our baby is going to be the luckiest kid in the world to have so many people who love it. And, I'm glad to know there are so many people watching over you too. They were really upset to think that you were hurting in the apartment and they couldn't do anything about it." - AW!
"but was a real clothes horse," - "clotheshorse" is one word.
"When the party officially ended I drove her back home and walked her up to her door, but instead of kissing her or trying to figure out what to do, I stopped one step shy of the top with her and I took her hand and kissed it instead, but I held it to my mouth to make it last longer." He explained with a little apprehension about what I would say. "That was a pretty smooth move," I told him exceptionally impressed with how he handled a potentially awkward situation. He laughed, "I thought so. I took it from one of those damn movies you made me watch. You said girls loved it when guys did things like that and wondered why we did it so rarely. I thought I'd see if you were right." "How did she react?" I wondered. "She smiled and told me she had a great time and would love to do it again sometime soon." He answered. "So…" I moved my hand around, hoping to prompt him to just talk to save me the effort of dragging it all out of him. "So, I wondered if you thought I could call her this afternoon and see if she's free one day this week for lunch?" He asked. I was so proud of him." - I am proud of Lester too.
"Woody said pushing me forward so that he could sit behind me in the corner of the couch with me leaning against his strong body. I wiggled against him enjoying the feel of my body against his trying to get in the perfect spot. I settled down as soon as his arms went around me drawing me closer. At least I think he was drawing me closer, he may have been trying to stop my wiggling because I'm pretty sure that wasn't a pillow pressing against my back all of a sudden." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 16 . 8/27/2013
"I awoke to the sound of someone pounding on the door to the apartment. I could hear Woody swearing about someone knocking before 7:00 since everybody knows I don't do mornings." - SO sweet of Woody to swear so Stephanie will not have to.
"Woody didn't let me go and I realized how sweet he was being. His presence didn't feel obtrusive in any way and I appreciated his calming support. I cherished it even more when he said, "How about you let me help you stand to freshen up here and then we'll get you to the couch and I'll make you some toast and some hot tea?" It seemed like a better idea than my plan which had been to stay on the floor until the baby was ready to be delivered, so I went with his suggestion." - AW!
You know what makes breakfast cereal - or at least I find it is the case with plain corn flakes - even tastier? Using a cup of black coffee instead of milk to pour over it, then the proportion of liquid is exactly right, you do not have any of that icky milk (which always grosses me out so majorly even the thought of it has stopped me from eating corn flakes altogether at times) left over afterwards and it tastes loads better than the icky milk.
"He stood up to get ready but turned back quickly, "Not that I don't love seeing you in my shirt, because I do, but just in case you need them, Les brought over some clothes for you. I put them in the bedroom for you." Good, that answered what I was going to do for clothes." - AW! for sweet, considerate Les.
"Maybe it would be different enough from my normal fair that it would distract my mother when I told her I was pregnant." - "normal fare".
"she told me, "You call me tomorrow so I know you survived dinner with your mama." - AW, bless caring friend Lula.
AW, at how sweet that Woody/Stephanie interaction was after he brought her lunch.
"Zip had driven us and told me he would be in the car all night, and to just send him a text if I needed any help inside. I thought he meant in case Jenkins somehow contacted me or slipped through their defenses, but I couldn't help but feeling better knowing I had back up if my mother got too far out of control." - I think at the moment Stephanie is in equal danger from Jenkins than from her mother.
"I knew my mother – I didn't learn how to get to denial land on my own. I was raised by a woman with a clearly fixed road map there in her mind." - Yay! for Helen Plum getting some blame back for once, even if it is not out loud.
"Once her bottle was secure again in it's now obvious hiding place she turned her attention back to the salad and started talking." - "its now obvious hiding place".
"He looks like he could be up for a long midnight ride and I've been reading online about ways to make it last longer for a man. When I tried some of the tips on Mr. Lewinsky he nearly passed out, but your stud looks like he's got the endurance to give it a go." Grandma Mazur commented. My mother and I locked eyes obviously thinking the same thing." - EW! would be my guess at Stephanie and Helen's identical thought.
"The sudden change in topic seemed to have temporarily shut down Grandma dolling out sex advice," - "doling out".
"not trusting my voice since Woody's hand move further up my leg and closer to the promise land." - "the promised land".
"My mother was watching us very closely so when she turned and went into the kitchen I was glad for the chance to escape from her pressure about us getting married. When she returned to the table she took my plate and sat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in front of me. I looked up at her confused and she explained, "You can't force yourself to eat things that your body doesn't want when you're still going through morning sickness, but you have to eat something. This will give you what you need to keep from getting hungry." I guess the body snatchers that took my mother during our last visit left her replacement for this one too. She wasn't pushing about the wedding and she was being understanding about how I was feeling so unsettled. Of course she did have a smug expression on her face that told me she thought she had won a major victory. I'd have to rerun everything that had been said later to figure out what gave her such a dose of happy." - Body snatchers indeed.
"she cleared the table and brought out tiramisu for dessert. I was shocked when the first serving went to Woody instead of my Dad. When Woody reached out for the plate my mother held on to it for a Moment getting his attention before saying, "You take care of her and that baby." "Yes ma'am," Woody's tone showed how seriously he took taking care of the baby and I. She let go of his plate and finished serving everyone else, including me." - AW!
"I said a silent prayer when I put the first forkful of dessert in my mouth. I loved tiramisu and didn't want to have to give it up for the next nine months. The relief was nearly overwhelming when it hit my tongue and the flavor was amazingly delicious. I moaned in delight and in relief and jumped when Woody squeezed my thigh with his hand between my legs. Apparently he liked the sound but didn't want me to keep making it here. I tried to be quiet, but it was so good that I'm not entirely sure I was successful. Of course if he kept rubbing those damn circles on my leg with his hand that close to my doodah I might begin moaning for an entirely different reason." - Yay! for the tiramisu (one of my favourite things to eat too) conquering baby Plum and the all day sickness.
"I was suddenly feeling very cold. It was early in the fall so a cool evening wasn't all that unexpected, but the shivering I was suddenly doing seemed a bit extreme. "Steph," Woody said trying to get me to focus on him. He had to be able to feel me shaking and I didn't want him to worry so I told him, "I'm alright, j-just a little cold." He took his hand away, which only made me cooler, but when I realized he was digging around in the back of the SUV I knew he would come up with something to warm me up. Sure enough, when he turned around he was holding an off-white blanket which he wrapped around me quickly before pulling me into his lap to share some of his body heat with me. I'd have to remember to thank Bobby for updating the first aid kits in the RangeMan vehicles. At the time I resented it when he said they each needed a blanket in them because I knew it was to cover me up if something went wrong at a distraction, right now I appreciated his thoughtfulness as well as the soft fleece blanket that Ella had purchased." - Soft fleece blankies are fantastic: My parents got me one as part of my birthday presents a couple of years back and in winter it goes under my down duvet and in summer it is the only thing on my bed.
"We went straight to the conference room on five and I was thrilled to see Bobby walk in with his bag. Woody told him to check me out, "She says she didn't get hit, but she got cold suddenly on the drive back and I think she's in shock." I stood up to object, informing Bobby, "Woody is the one that got shot, for goodness sake stop with the chivalry act and take care of the guy with blood on his shirt first." My words seemed to do the trick as Bobby moved his attention to Woody who rolled his eyes in a way that made me smile at the effect I was having on him. He may not be from the Burg but if he wants a relationship with a girl from there, he was going to have to learn to accept eye rolling as a form of communication." - Hehehe, I would say Woody is already near fluent in eye rolling.
"Ram began by saying, "We got Jenkins right after the first shot rang out. I hit him with a single bullet in the leg and Hector got him with a shot in the chest. The EMT's were working on him, but after he coded a second time attempts to resuscitate him were stopped and he was pronounced dead at the scene." Vince then jumped in, "I got the guy who was with him with a shot to the shoulder. The EMT's patched him up in the field and Eddie and Big Dog hauled him off none too gently," He finished with a smile. I had some good friends at the police station and it was nice to hear that they were still looking out for me. "Who was he?" Tank asked. Cal answered, "Tony Bertucci's cousin, Nick." He had a gun and fired off a shot, but I don't think his aim was good enough to be the one responsible for your little scratch." - Yay!
alix33 chapter 15 . 8/27/2013
"Woody had to bend over to get the jar out of the bottom of the fridge and I couldn't help the moan that escaped from my mouth at the sight in front of me. Woody, however, didn't understand what was the purpose of the sound and spun around assuming something was wrong. My face flushed immediately realizing he was going to expect an explanation of the noise. "Would you believe I was just appreciating the view?" I asked sheepishly. Woody walked back to the counter where I was sitting and pushed his way between my knees sitting the jar beside me. He nuzzled in the hair next to my ear and said, "You bet I would Darlin', I've made the same sound myself when I have watched you." I shivered from the sensation of his deep voice vibrating and warm breath tickling my ear." - AW!
"I was just about to loose myself to his talented mouth when his tongue came out and traced my lips but the sound of someone behind us clearing their throat brought us back to reality and Woody pulled me tightly to his chest while he turned his head to see who had interrupted us." - "lose myself".
"The idea of telling my mother I was pregnant and not married and that I had no intention of staying home after the baby was born made this mess with Jenkins pale in comparison as a danger to my life." - Stephanie makes a fair few excellent points about her bitch of a mother in this bit.
"I wondered if you might be willing to sleep with me tonight." He nearly dropped the spoons he was trying to use to set the table and then jumped in again quickly adding, "I mean, I just thought literally to sleep, to stay with me." His face, as red as it was, couldn't be any more adorable. Not that I was allowed to use that word very often when referring to the guys. He started to talk again to explain that his intentions were entirely honorable. I shushed him and said, "I would love to stay with you tonight. I think I would rest better if I knew you were close enough to hold me. I may think that going out in public is the best idea, but the notion of being in danger or putting our baby in danger isn't all that appealing. If you don't mind me pushing my way into your bed, then I'd love to be here." - AW!
"Woody also told me that after he brought me downstairs for the first few hours there had to have been at least a dozen guys just hanging out in the hope that everything was going to be fine. Bobby kept coming out with regular updates on my stats and once he announced I was stabilizing Tank had to order most of the guys to leave so they could get back to work. It was touching to know they were so concerned about me. My thoughts were interrupted when he added, "You know most of the guys have never been around a baby before, but they are all excited about this little one." He said pointing to my stomach. I sat back and remembered what Les and Bobby had said about how they were going to be great uncles." - AW!
"Can you bare it if we keep going?" - "Can you bear it".
alix33 chapter 14 . 8/27/2013
"On the trip back down he started at my collarbone and went at a snails pace until his hand moved over my breast." - "at a snail's pace".
"His phone made another sound which I assumed meant someone had left him message." - "someone had left him a message".
"there was a loud pounding on his door. This time Woody stopped and shook his head in frustration. He lifted some of his weight from me but didn't move away immediately. "The next time we do this, I'm giving you a gun and you can shoot whoever dares to knock on the door." I made an unintelligible sound that I hoped he understood meant I was very unhappy about the interruption and would gladly shoot whoever was on the other side of the door. He gave me one more lingering kiss that was devoid of the urgent passion we had just shared, but it promised all the good things to come and I reluctantly let my arms fall to the side in defeat. I knew he had switched gears and there was no point in trying to keep him in bed with me no matter much I wanted to. "Go on," I told him. "I'll be right here when you come back down." He stood up and adjusted his clothes to hide the evidence of what we had been trying to do. "Make yourself at home; there is plenty of other food in the fridge besides leftovers. You need to have some lunch soon," He said completing the transformation from sex crazed boyfriend to bad ass tough guy. "I'll be fine, go on so you can come back sooner." I told him and he winked at me before turning around and walking out. I laid on the bed for a few minutes trying to get my own hormones under control. I don't know how we were going to work it out, but if we weren't able to finish what we just started soon I was going to combust. I was sure of it." - AW!
"he was asking for advice on helping me manage the morning sickness which in my case was apparently all day sickness. That only seemed fitting; I was never much a morning person anyway." - Good thing I am not likely to ever be pregnant, as I am not a morning person either.
"He let out a long breathe and pushed my feet off the sofa to sit down and then pulled my feet back so that they were in his lap." - "let out a long breath".
"I remembered the questions I wanted to ask from the doctor's office and since he seemed to be in a talking mood I wanted to take advantage of that. "What did you mean this morning when you said everyone had their strong suits?" He did a double take at the unexpected nature of the question and I was touched at how unguarded he was being with me. The guys were all masters at controlling their emotions, but he let me see that he was surprised by my question. He wasn't trying to hide with me and I loved that he was being so open. Of course I knew that it also meant I now needed to be this open with him too and I hoped I would be able to when the time came." - Yay! for Woody and I am holding thumbs for Stephanie on the being open in turn thing.
"I thought took the opportunity I had and blurted out, "What's Tank's strength?" Woody smiled, "Have you seen Tank?" - Hehehe.
"I thought took the opportunity I had and blurted out," - "I thought I should take the opportunity".
"If you are going into an impossible situation where you are out numbered Lester is the one you want to lead the charge on your side." - "outnumbered" is one word.
"What about Lester?" I wondered. Woody moved back a little at the mention of Lester's name. "He's a hell of fighter with absolutely no fear despite the odds. If you are going into an impossible situation where you are out numbered Lester is the one you want to lead the charge on your side. He'd do it without thinking twice about it. And, of the rest of us, he probably has the best people skills so if a situation needs a little finesse he is our best bet." "Why did you straighten up when I asked about Lester?" I pressed, wondering if I might regret this question. "I can't help it. I like Les, honest I do, but there is a piece of me that is insanely jealous about the amount of time you two spend together and how comfortable you are with him." He confessed" - AW!
"Listen to me," I began, needing to be sure he understood what I was about to say. "We are comfortable because we are clear about our relationship. We have not been, nor will we ever be more than friends. There just isn't the attraction for that. I need you to understand that we have a history, and it's what makes us such good friends. But that history doesn't include any kind of romantic relationship." "I know," He answered turning back to face me again. "But this is all so new and every time he is near you I just want to knock him out of the way and wrap my arms around you to show the world you are with me, not him." He paused for a minute before adding, "I'm working on it." I leaned forward this time and put my hand against his cheek, loving the way he leaned into it automatically. "I think a little jealousy is an attractive trait. Too much and it seems like you don't trust me, but just a little is sexy." He smiled at my comment" - AW!
"Hey Con, it Steph, listen I need a favor." - "it's Steph".
"She said before adding, "And I'm gonna be a bitchin' Auntie." I had to laugh at that and began to wonder if my baby's first word might be influenced by some of the colorful expressions of the circle of people that made up my extended family. I decided it was way too early to worry about that so I let it go and just enjoyed talking to my friend." - Hehehe, though I kind of like it that toddlers learn to swear, as I did (and it could IMO not be helped: I do have two journalists - who are all bitchin' at wearing by virtue of their profession - for parents), :-)
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