Reviews for Rememberance
The Jabberer chapter 1 . 2/5/2011
I shall have to SQUEE.

I loved it. I personally can't imagine Atobe becoming a professional tennis player since he'd probably inherit the Atobe corporation, so I love how you incorporated that into the fic. And OSHITARI! Some swooning is in order, because I just wish he'd show up with cake in front of my door.

I want to go on and say more, but I just... can't describe it words. Does that make sense?

The only thing I'd recommend watching out for is your verb tenses. Sometimes you use present, and then you'll switch to past. Ex: "Because he is who he is, he was able to do remarkable things".

Again, LOVED IT!
Frog-kun chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
This was really cute, a really nice change of pace from the usual PoT fics. *has still been too lazy to go fic hunting*

I like the ending. Oshitari's being nice :O

The descriptions through Atobe's point of view were also really awesome. XD Imma add this to mah C2 Community.
ChocoholicAddict22 chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
Oh my gosh! This is so sweet~! This is when Atobe has inherited the company, right? So it'd be hard for him to just go outside unprotected, right? And so he was alone and he hadn't expected anybody remember his birthday - but his entire team did! That's so sweet~! OF COURSE HE LIKES IT! Haha, he didn't want to see them go because he was so close to them and they remembered...! But what's the big deal about 10 years? Was he like, forbidden to see them or something? About the other 9 years, couldn't they have a party then?