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Guest chapter 7 . 2/25
It's a great strory! Please continue it
AznMagicman chapter 1 . 11/11/2013
For Some reason it reminds me of C&C Red Alert 3 with the Soviets and the Empire
Misaka 20.001 chapter 3 . 10/13/2012
Stop at chp3. Your style like a i know this fanfic has nothing to do with the end of ww3 in canon, its still a bit scary to this development. And itsmsuch an old fanfic, may i know, when you write, you based on which canon?
Anne Fatalism Dilettante chapter 29 . 1/19/2012
I'm just not really good in reading military stuff, cause I don't know much about it. [bawls] But what I can say is, I can see that you've put in genuine effort for this story, and in return - you get an awesome A star from me! :D

If I ever need to write military stuff, I'm definitely going to study your fic very, very deeply. They can teach a lot.
Ciruno chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
This seems very interesting. I always like a war on a franchise that I like. Hope this continues
bumbabumbumbum chapter 29 . 12/8/2011
sure wish that i get to play this on an fps :D

cod:academy city perhaps?
ChaosVector chapter 1 . 11/9/2011
Accelerator is busy with Last Order somewhere else? I'm thinking of so many /things/ about that...

Anyways, Accelerator could just deflect the sound waves of the 'Capacity Down' tank. I'd say it'll only take 15 minutes, if it really is the "End Game" maybe less since they'd be grouped together. Maybe even the 5th Level 5, "Mental Out," could join in on the fun. Mind control a non-important commanding officer; and have him set a trap under the guise of a meeting, for one of the battalions under his command.

Anyways, fuji92, could I borrow the idea for the 'Capacity Reducer'? I'll just use its concept and I'll change the name. I'm currently doing a fanfic (I haven't published it yet) with Accelerator and Last Order as protagonists, it's set years after the light novel's WWIII.
Kuzumi Raito chapter 28 . 11/4/2011
Ah D:


I want see russian army face when they get overwhelmed by Accelerator :D
fuji92 chapter 28 . 11/3/2011
For Kuzumi Raito and also to firemagnet. Thanks for the reviews and especially firemagnet for giving me further explanation but I decided this is an Alternate Universe settings, I know it replaces the original WWIII Index arc but let's say this is an 'IF' situation, maybe their policy is basely on defensive and they never make automated fortresses like you describe. I'm not very good at digging this information about Academy City darkside and other scientific stuff but I wanna say that I'm not following the canon closely (because I only take some of it and mix it with my own 'reality'). Again I wanna point out that this is story of mine is an 'What If' story...I know the Academy City is great at making machine like you describe earlier firemagnet but let's say you said that the machine they create is an offensive machine...but they have to go defensive because the Russians attack first. I make this purely out of my imagination and not based on the cannons. So I hope others will understand that this is a fanfiction. I made for entertainment for other people to enjoy. Yes I can accept criticism but let my story go my way okay. Thanks for the reviews anyway firemagnet. I really appreciate it.

and for Kuzumi, let's say Accelerator is busy with Last Order somewhere else :3.

firemagnet chapter 28 . 11/3/2011
just noting a few things: spelling needs to be fixed, among other things, and your use of tense is awkward to say the least. I'm assuming that this is meant to replace the WWIII fought in Toaru, or does it take place after? regardless, if it takes place after WWIII, then a major plot hole is that a) Academy city placed automated fortresses all over Russia; it would no longer be able to sustain its own military.

one interesting point that you could add in, now that it's coming to the end game is war-crimes; if you look carefully at Academy City, you'll realize that the Dark Side of Academy City IS the real Academy City.

for example, look at the ranking of level 5s:

1. Accelerator: nigh impenetrable reflective barrier

2. Dark Matter: unknown substance able to penetrate and defend against almost anything

3. Misaka Mikoto "the Railgun": complete electrical control, up to and including: mind control, memory retrieval, hacking, electronic subversion, elctronic stealth

4. "Meltdowner/ Atom Smasher": high intensity electron laser capable of melting through steel in less than a second

5. "The Queen of Tokiwadai/Mental Out"/Misaki Shouko: MIND CONTROL

6. unknown

7. magnetic field/AIM field manipulation; temporary invincibility

8. (potential): the Academy Individual, capable of applying and removing powers via implantation of personal/individual realities.

now, pair this with the sports matches at the Daihasei: espers in what are effectively rigged matches, allowed to use their powers at level 3 to achieve an objective (destroying 3 targets). effectively, it's publicly allowed combat training and sanctioned maiming of normal humans who have no ability to defend themselves. What better way to train your private army of walking nuclear bombs to maim and kill as though it were normal?

also, the deliberate creation of level zeros, who have no rights (on purpose, considering that AC has no long term growth centers for Espers, and that they're sort of meant to be cannon fodder for other espers to practice against), and the massive inequality that comes with it. for example, level zeros live on the edge of society in all cases, and are often the subject of retalitory campaigns if they try to level the playing field (see the massacre of level zeros in Season 2, episode 26),and they often can't even get basic jobs despite being 4.0 GPA students, while level fours (to say nothing of level fives) are paid in excess of 2800 a week for various expenses, roughly 134k a year (the average american family earns approx 50-60k a year in a family of four with both parents working, by comparison).

upon analysis of these factors among others, it becomes blatantly obvious that Academy City's goal is NOT the achievement of the betterment of mankind via technology or pushing the limits of what is possible; rather, it's the development of an unstoppable private army for the 13 men who would play god with the world; you do not develop a mach 7 interceptor with global reach for "self-defense". you do not develop a tank that shames the M1 Abrams for "self-defense". you do not develop a supersonic motorcycle for self defense, and finally, you do not install no less than 100 x-ray and microwave based laser cannons in space for "self defense". these are offensive systems designed to make sure that if you act no one can hope to stop you.
Kuzumi Raito chapter 28 . 11/3/2011

This is good story after all.

With many militer stuff :D

but seriously..

Where's Accelerator ?

Just give him 30 minutes and Russian Army will easily wipe out xD
ChaosVector chapter 27 . 10/24/2011
I see a lot of wrong grammar... But, somehow, I found a way to completely disregard that since the plot made perfect and complete sense to me.

I felt depressed when I got to the part where Motoharu said that Index died, and to confirm it the two of God's Right Seat (one becoming the Pope) exchanged words about Index and her corpse... TT_TT I wonder how Touma'll feel after all is said and done?

Though there are times where there is nothing but sheer bliss in reading.

I just finished World in Conflict a month ago, and I was glad to see how you compared Kenji's sacrifice to Bannon's.

And the part with the Spec Ops mission in Siberia with USSF, JSF, and the Sisters... I thought to myself, "Finally! A mission WITHOUT friendly casualties!"

Well done. Marvelous...
rock96 chapter 2 . 10/7/2011
Well, while checking out the usafe of the word of 'tovarishch', I realised that I was mistaken about it. But this word... has synonyms, I guess? And you need to change some phrases ( for example, 'da, tovarishch' can't be used in army).

Hope, you can use it for improving story. Even if I all I did was bringing up dead theme~
rock96 chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
Err, I don't like when someone's writing about Russia. Especially, when one's using Tom Clansy's information~

Well then, in Russia people don't use the word 'tovarishch' with names or titles anymore. I guess, you can change it into "Mr. President". Also, why did you use 'GRU' with explaining it in Russian instead of English? And, y'know, second name of son is always the name of father of this child. Of course, it's rule just for russian people.

And wait, fixed year...? Oh right, this is fanfiction~

Well, why did I put it without reading nothing, excluding prologue? I just don't like mistakes which are too common when someone's writing about Russia.
H-xTruthtalker chapter 26 . 2/18/2011
As in the most stories here, russian phrases

are very unnatural. To people whose russian

is native (like me) it looks bad.

However, to anyone else they may be just ok.

Besides that, just one note about politics you're

writing about. Putting aside the fact that a question

of sending troops somewhere is never being decided by

the president alone, it is quite unnatural for the people

who hold power to change their opinions so easily.
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