Reviews for A Feminist's Speech
chocolate chip wookiee chapter 1 . 12/4/2010
Cute little story :) Their light-hearted banter made me smile and I like how you built it around a real event.

The ending where john says "Helen, you will be the death of me" was interesting. Knowing how their relationship progressed and whoknowswhere it might end, this seemed like foreshadowing the darker future. It may or may not have been intentional, either way, I like it :)

Thank you for a good read!
Di-Bee chapter 1 . 10/10/2010
Okay, right. I'll be direct on this one. You just killed me. I squeeeeed and grinned to death, and that's all because of you. If I could decide of the order of my favorite fics, yours would occupy the first place right now. And let me tell you I've read amazingly written fic before. But that one is BEYOND amazingly written to me, and the idea and content, and whole phrasing is purely ... squeeable. I might have fangirled more than someone my age is supposed to on that one, but..; is there really an age limit for irresponsible fangirling? I doubt that. SEe, I might look 19, but I'm still 5 in my head. And that fic seem to have reached both the 5 and 19 year old. So that review might get twice as long as it normally 'should'

I won't copy and paste all I truly liked, because otherwise I would the whole fic. Just what had really striken me.

First, let me tell you about your title

Knowing your style and that you would write about Helen, I could have expected that kind of story, but certainly not to that extent. I really like the way you've handled the subject, moreover with our favourite couple, and the whole chemistry there.

And before I begin copy and paste amazing chunks of greatness, let me tell you : your English writing style alone made me squee. For me, this fic is like a big chocolate cake, and your English style is that extra layer on top. Yummy! And there's just no way I'm going to begin a diet now!

First, at the very beginning, I'm not going to copy and paste the whole paragraph, but really, the way you describe Helen's attitude as she doesn't realize the men's entrance, and then

"She briefly lifted her chin to allow John to drop a lingering yet chaste kiss on her lips before he sat down next to her as James sat in a chair on the opposite side of the coffee table. John looked over her shoulder and soon discovered what had caught his lover's attention among the many unimportant news. He shook his head and chuckled slightly.

'Only you, my love, only you.'


is the best I can come up with to describe those paragraphs. kay, maybe I can do better. I really like the way you write that interaction between the two.

I also love your view on James' look over the situation. REAlly sweet, really..; to me it just really fits how I imagine all them at that time.

Especially this : "Throughout the exchange, James had watched his two friends with an interested and amused eye. Helen and John's interaction had always been and would always be a thing of wonder that he, as an investigator, could never tire of witnessing. As usual when they were together, they had completely forgotten they weren't alone in the room and they were aware of nothing but each other."

Made me squee as well. Because, really, the way you have to write this... the shipper in me... just gets overexcited. And the extra layer of chocolate doesn't help:p

Oh, and I bet you've done research for the newspaper fact? Or was it a finding that was unrelated to your writing, and got at the good moment, at the good place? Anyhow, really great use of this!

I also love the way you make of Helen such a feminist. At least this way. I love that you make Nikola reluctant to admit her place, because it's the way I see things as well!

' And, even though Nikola might still refuse to admit it out loud, they all knew that she had become the centerpiece of their group. She was the one and only irreplaceable element that the group could not function without. Probably because they were all more than a little smitten with her and had come to value her opinion and suggestions more than anyone else's."

Loved that. Especially the end! And the begining. Okay, I loved all of it, but again, there's not a word in that entire story I didn't like.

Oh, and I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEed I you pointed to Victoria! SEriously! GReaaaat!

I also love the way you underline the difference between queen and mayor.

"Helen narrowed her eyes as she watched the two men in the room. They had both leaned back against their seats, and were sporting content smiles on their faces. She could almost see the glass of scotch they both wished they could be holding at that exact moment."

That was just perfect.

"'Helen, you are such a beautiful sight when you get into those discussions. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.'

The terms 'beautiful sight' earned James a sharp look from John but he ignored it. His friend wouldn't make anything of it. However, if it were any other man uttering those words about his lover… Helen glared and turned to look at John, a questioning look in her eye. He shrugged, smiling slightly. He gently grabbed her hand and linked their fingers.

'He's right. There is so much passion in your eyes when you talk about women rights, it's quite astounding.' She pouted again, mostly for the show. 'And, you know that you do not have to prove the value of your opinion to us anymore… One would think you actually like those little displays of feminism.' He teased, his grin widening when she blushed."

That's really sweet, both because, as John knows James, he allows that familiarity, and the link between the lovers, and..; everything in this scene is perfectly timed and perfectly written. Amazing!

"He couldn't resist leaning in and kissing her cheek. It didn't matter that they weren't supposed to show their affection in public places and that it wasn't appropriate; much less for a non-married couple in which the man had not been specifically chosen by the woman's father. They had done more inappropriate things. But those, no one was supposed to know about and they were only for Helen and him to have any knowledge of.


that had the shipper in me squee, and totally adore your view, because this is another time, another place, but still the same people, and the way they act, and the way you write this is just... overwelmingly squeeable)

I also love that John acting as a gentleman can have that affect on her, and so on... REally well seen!

Oh, and that final scene between the two of them is pure perfection, again. I know I've been repeating myself, but even in French I'm lacking the words to express that. The way she seduces him, his reaction, and the final sentence..; this is definitely going up in my most favorited stories, and you might have some hints again in the coming weeks, months and so on, because..; really... that was...Wouh!

Now, you know what that word mean, and I can tell you : that's definitely, overly positive!

Thanks to writing, and publishing this. And thanks for reminding me I hadn't read nor reviewed it; I repaired my mistake, and intend to do so with the remaining of your Sanctuary stories in a future as near as my school work will allow (already glaring at it!)

Again, you stunned me, and both the small kid and the nearly grown up are thanking you for that!


Rosajean chapter 1 . 10/5/2010
LOVE this story! The feminist in me is squealing in glee! :)
melissaadams22 chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
Hey there,

Chilly here but just a little over a week left for the new Sanctuary premiers...aren't I excited? Yep you bet and this story was TERRIFIC and has 'keyed' me up even more so! Great job, truly great so keep it up please.

NoCleverSig chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
LOVED IT! Oh, so in character! I could see this playing out so well, and I could see Helen being EXACTLY this way. The conversations were PERFECT!

I loved the James/John interaction as well. You and I must share a brain! I just finished a James and Helen story, and he fits a little bit with something you allude to here. I shall be posting it soon!

Anyway, back to this wonderful story. Very well written. Lovely. Could see the whole thing playing out. I LOVED Helen's interaction with John, especially at the end. Also, nice to read a story as uplifting and simply fun as this. Thank you!

NoCleverSig (Nancy)
mgamberger chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
Very nice, and it's interesting and sad that after more than 100 years Helen's speeches isn't old at all. Women still have to fight for their rights, as other parts of our society.

Can't wait for more of your fics!