Reviews for It's Good to be Bad
silver fire wolf chapter 1 . 9/29/2012
Name: Kirin Nozomi

Age: 15

Appearance: Kirin has chin length black hair except on bang that covers his left eye. His eyes are blue with a green rim, yes eyes he has both still. He has tan skin that's mostly unmarred, except on his left arm were theirs a long thin deep looking scar that seems to be made by a fall. He looks feminine enough he could be mistaken for a girl.
The outfit he's clad in consist of a black hoodie covering a dark blue t shirt, black fingerless gloves, a metal 'dragon claw' necklace that's holding a dark blue glass orb in it, black jeans, and dark blue and black shoes. His hoodie covers up his scar as well as a white bandage he refuses to take off unless he's changing it to a clean one. His outfit doesn't help with his feminine appearance.

Personality: Kirin is a relaxed calm and kinda prankster like guy who likes not rushing into things. He's got a big sense of honor and hates lying with a passion. He cane be very serious if needed and can't really relive the tension of serious moments. He is hard to make angry which is why it's VERY scary if he's mad and you DON'T want to be the one he's mad at. He WILL strike out with the cold harsh truth when he's mad and maybe add a few other things in, but nothing that would be lying.

Hometown: Lavender town

Pokemon: Vice-Ariadose-male-Insomnia-Bold-Hates to lose-Spider web, string shot, Poison jab, shadow sneak
Zang-Beedrill-male-swarm-Brave-proud of it's power-Furry attack, twin needle, agility, cut
Sycer-Scizor-male-swarm-serious-alert to sounds-metal claw, x-scissor, Nigh slash, protect
Shinota-Ninjask-female-Speed boost-Timid-quick to flee-Agility, screech, shadow ball, silver wind
Navira-Vespiquen-female-pressure-Naughty-Mischievous-Power gem, heal order, Air slash, hidden power (electric)
Avidir-Parasect-female-effect spore-cross poison, giga drain, dig, flash

History: Kirin is probably the least liked person in his family. Only his twin brother Kaen, who except for some things is Identical to him, Mother, and his older sister cared for him. He'd often be locked up in his room. At night he'd sneak out and play with the wild pokemon, especially the bug types. He was ecstatic about when he became ten. He left home and vowed never to return their unless he was visiting his mom.

During his journey he was first a trainer. He trained only bug types obviously. He never faired to well in gyms that had their weaknesses in them but had fun and learned things about his pokemon. He became a photographer after some one asked him for help on some things. He enjoyed it quite a bit though he'd still go to the gyms to bearable to keep in pokemon for getting wildly out of hand, all but Shinota liked battling.
Type: Photographer
Badges/Ribbons: 6
Klutzilla01 chapter 1 . 12/5/2010
This... This is interesting. You have me hooked. Seriously. Lisa and Harold? My favorite already. Especially this Harold boy "We're going under the direction of Nova, the Salamence of Team Rocket. Why aren't you pacing?" he retorted angrily." That made me LOL.

Mind if I put in an OC?

Name: Halim Catherwood

Age: 13

Appearance: An obvious female, Her hair is a deep black cut to her chin. Skin tan, and her eyes almost always closed unless she's being crafty. Despite being a girl, for some reason, Halim has always been fond of wearing men uniform's, and each day it's something different... but her default is the basic boy's middle school (you know, black with yellow buttons and black pant)uniform. She is of Average height, and of Average weight; but she's a bit muscular looking.

Personality: Halim is generally a mild person. The type who goes with the flow. She's not usually picky, and usually, nothing bothers her. Usually. Unfortunately, due to some sort of past trauma, she has developed this EXTREME dislike towards messes. In fact, her impulsive natures then kicks in, her eyes open wide, and she becomes crazy. She runs around and starts cleaning. Everything. Afterward, she becomes mild again, and has a passive-aggressive attitude towards other people for a few days. But otherwise, her personality is pleasant, and she doesn't like to pick fights (unless it's a certain duo...).

Hometown: Pastoria, Sinnoh


Doggy: An Arcanine: his moves include Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Protect, and Extreme Speed.

- Doggy is a fighter, and he won't go down so easily... but he fears Halim. Although protective of her, Halim scares the living daylights out of Doggy- which says something since even his nightmares don't scare him...

Clamp: A Cloyster: Her moves are Toxic Spikes, Withdraw, Supersonic and Ice Beam

-Clamp is an anti-social Cloyster. She hates small talk, and prefers to do action rather than words. She's very prideful but tolerates Halim for her Mildness (and secretly fears/respects her due to know)

Tropical: An Exeggutor: He knows Hypnosis, Stomp, Psycho Shock, and Wood Hammer

-Tropical is friendly, and mild, and very, very sleepy. It's his favorite pastime...Their favorite pastime. Tropical gets really scared of Cloyster because she constantly yells at them for speaking a lot. They're the few who have not experienced Halim's problem.

History: Halim was once normal; living in the wonderful city (she loves) of Snowpoint. One day, cruel destiny forced her to go and live in Pastoria where she met them. They who shall not be named are the cause of all her trouble. Initially, there father were friends with her father, and of course; she was immediately grouped with them. They grew up. and, mess, after mess, after stupid mess piled up; and she was always left to clean it all up. One day; after a particularly big mess happened; THEY did not get blamed. Instead, she was, and... she snapped. Later on, She managed to scare 2/3 of her Pokemon with this quirk and left Pastoria to help calm herself... ho boy.

Type: A watcher (Someone who sketches Pokemon. Think Tracey Sketchit)

Badges/Ribbons: 4 badges (one from each region) 1 ribbon (a gift from a friend actually).

Well, I hope she's okay. I will patiently wait for the next update! :)
Stolloss chapter 1 . 10/24/2010
It's refreshing to see a Rocket-centric fic that somehow manages the double feat of avoiding everpresent doom and gloom of smoke and mirrors operations, yet still makes it clear that Rocket is a dangerous organization, specifically with regard to Giovanni.

To start off, the story is very clean. There is nothing distracting in the way anything is phrased or spelled to impede the story, always a basic plus. Reading over it again, there are a few sentences I'm not sure about (sending seven people out there was the smallest force he could send) but since they didn't pop out at me until I looked for them, they might not be worth going back to fix.

Giovanni is not a pansy cowed into complying with whatever demands the first person with a spine comes up with, but has the personality to earn his spot at the top of the Rocket hierarchy. He is also not pure a pure cold-blooded killer, the other extreme, but has other facets to his personality, most notably intelligence. This is good; he is a reasonable person with a history, not an archetype made to fit a mold.

There is a bit of a math issue in that section. Nova states that she cannot build a base with three people, subordinates presumably. Giovanni then supplies her with two more for a total of... seven? Is he sending someone in addition to her group, that she is unaware of?

Hmm. Nova seems to have a large reputation along with her demeaning nicknames. The two don't often happen together, so I'm interested in figuring out how this came about. She starts out seeming laid-back, critical, and incompotent, just from the first three lines, but that view rapidly changes throughout her exchange with Giovanni, and then completely reverses itself when she introduces herself to her two new subordinates. More on her after taking a look at the two grunts, though.

Lisa and Harold. So far, they aren't crossing many lines. Worry about being placed under a new commander, a general attitude of, "I don't know, but it keeps me up at night," especialy Harold. They have only been shown for the equivalent of a minute, and their personalities didn't get much light, so I'm looking forward to being able to get a more detailed glimpse at who they are. Harold mentioned Pokemon Tower, which confirms that this has some relation to game events; some characters may have even interacted with the main game characters.

So, Nova. She appears to be the hard-core, cool type. A face like stone when she wants, or one intimidating any she looks at. Overall, the feeling I get is control, over herself and those around her. Obviously not everyone, as shown by Giovanni, but powerful nonetheless. It remains to be seen what she does in her missions or elsewhere, so a large part of her remains to be shown, but she looks like an interesting character so far. I'm very interested in seeing where you go with her and this story.
Chilltown chapter 1 . 10/10/2010
Villain Protagonist stories tend to be pwn, so I'll be keeping up with this one. And I'll be sending an OC for the Rockets.
7MukuroRealm7 chapter 1 . 10/7/2010
Can I submit two?

Name: Akira Saroyan

Age: 13

Appearance: He wears a dark grey jacket over a black shirt and jeans. He has headphones around his neck, and a yellow bag. He has brown hair and light brown eyes, and a big smile. He has a black belt, with six pokeballs on it.

Personality: Akira is normally very relaxed in nature, which reflects onto most of his pokemon. He enjoys battling, but doesn’t like his pokemon getting hurt. Because of that, he trains daily in order to ensure victory. He’s a very good cook, and is concerned for his pokemons’ well being first at all times. He gets along well with everyone, and he likes listening to loud music, sleeping, and hates listening to long conversations (which usually lead to the first two).

Hometown: Twinleaf Town


Glaceon: Glaceon walks with him at all times. She is fun-loving and playful, liking to jump on top of others.

Moves: Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Iron Tail, Mirror Coat

Luxray: Luxray likes battling, and she protects others and is Akira’s main form of transport.

Moves: Discharge, Iron Tail, Crunch, Thunderbolt

Turtwig: Turtwig doesn’t like battling much. He’s very lazy, often sleeping and eating.

Moves: Giga Drain, Synthesis, Leaf Storm, Energy Ball

Shiedon: Shieldon is used as a wall pokemon. He is really shy, and doesn’t like fighting.

Moves: Flash Cannon, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Metal Burst

Quilava: Quilava is fiercely competitive, liking to battle. He also picks fight with other pokemon to encourage them to have a fight.

Moves: Rollout, Flamethrower, Dig, Eruption

Swampert: Swampert was hatched from an egg found in the hoenn region. Because of her parents, she uses lots of ice moves.

Moves: Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Blizzard

History: His brother is a researcher, so he decided to train his pokemon and challenge the gyms of sinnoh.

Type: Trainer

Badges/Ribbons: 8 Sinnoh Badges

For the 'bad guys':

Name: Hiruko Mitsubayashi

Age: 19

Appearance: he is at about 6’, and has messy green hair and green eyes. He wears the black team rocket uniform, with the addition, of a green scarf.

Personality: He’s a highly manipulative person. He acts like a charming man, and uses that to his advantage, manipulating people easily. He enjoys his work, though he sometimes questions how he ended up like this.

Hometown: Veilstone City

History: He was originally a trainer, but due to unfortunate occurrences, he ended up joining team rocket, due to lack of money.


Scyther, male:

Moves: Fury Cutter, Night Slash, Slash, Double Team

Scyther enjoyhs fighting, and will often challenge other trainers’ pokemon.

Zubat, male:

Moves: Wing Attack, Bite, Leech Life, Supersonic

Zubat is not good at fighting, and hardly ever fights. Instead, he enjoys spying on others.

Larvitar, female:

Moves: Bite, Sandstorm, Rockslide, Superpower

Larvitar is hardly ever used, no matter what the occasion. She doesn’t like fighting.

Rank: Field Agent

I hope you can at least use one of these two. Thank you for considering them. Until next time,

Mukuro out
Fenikkusumaru chapter 1 . 10/5/2010
Name: Kurogasa Kururugi

Age: 14

Appearance: Has brown hair that is somewhat spiky and has blue eyes. Wears a silver t-shirt with a long-sleeved cobalt blue jacket over it. Wears light-blue denim jeans, black shoes, and black fingerless gloves. Also wears a crystal pendant shaped into a Suicune.

Personality: He is one of those guys that's cool to hang out with. He is kind and helps those in need whenever he can. He is also protective of his friends if people try to harm them.

Hometown: New Bark Town, Johto


Typhlosion (M)- Nickname is Flare. He is the strongest of the team and he and Kurogasa are best friends. Knows Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Flare Blitz, and Blast Burn.

Pidgeot (M)- Nickname is Aero. The first Pokemon Kurogasa caught. He is the fastest of the team and keeps his cool in battle. he is also Kurogasa's main way of transportation. Knows Fly, Aerial Ace, Wing Attack, and Brave Bird.

Lucario (M)- No nickname. He is found when it was a Riolu when he was abused by his previous trainer. He is loyal to Kurogasa and obeys his commands without question. Knows Aura Sphere, Force Plam, Bone Rush, and Close Combat.

Honchkrow (M)- Caught when it was a Murkrow. He is the one that always causes mischief. Steals things that are shiny, but eventually gives it back. Knows Night Slash, Dark Pulse, Aerial Ace, and Shadow Ball.

Sandslash (M)- Nickname is Slash. Was a Pokemon egg at first given by Professor Oak when visiting the Johto region. Sometimes can be a klutz. Knows Earthquake, Dig, Slash, and Earth Power.

Umbreon (M)- Nickname is Shadow. Once was an Eevee, but Kurogasa found a Moon Shard and evolved into Umbreon. Like Aero (Pidgeot), he is also fast and always gets the job done quickly. Most of the time, when he's out of his pokeball, he usually take naps. Knows Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, Payback, and Giga Impact.

History: Wants to win Sinnoh's badges and League.

Type: Trainer

Badges: 8 Johto badges and winner of the Silver Conference.

Phew! There you have it! Hope my OC gets in your story. I'll keep an eye on this one.
Silver Don chapter 1 . 10/5/2010
Awesome! a new plot, a new tale and a new story... i cant wait to submit an oc, but i was curious if i could submit a failed hero/villian? cant wait to see how the story progresses.

VastStride chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
Name: Pasty Whinum (Yes, strange last name -_-)

Age: 15

Appearance: Petite but graceful, alot like a flower. Pixie like, as people have called her. Purple hair in a spiky bob (with a few pink streaks), short sleeved team rocket shirt. White long sleeves under them. Black mini skirt, white tights, and black ankle boots. Silver eyes.

Personality: Patsy may seem sweet and polite on the outside, but thats only because she's good at her job. She is actaully cruel and sneaky, and even is very convincing at times. She takes pride in her work, and puts herself, her job, and her pokemon, above anything else. She tends to be snappy with rookie Team Rocket agents, and has upmost respect for higher rank Team Rocket agents.

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Jhoto Region.

History: I'll message you later.

Pokemon: Smoochum - Knows Sweet kiss, ice beam, dizzy punch, and sing.

Scorupi - Poison Sting, Iron Tail, Bite, and quick attack.

Rank: Feild Agent
Thegreatest777 chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
I really like your story so far, your writing is great, and the idea sound really good.

I'll make my OC one of the good guys.

Name: Joseph Diamond

Age: 13

Appearance: He's average height, with lightly tanned skin. He wears a plain black t-shirt, khaki shorts, sneakers, and he wears a gold and black baseball cap backwards. His hair is black and messy, and it sticks out from under his cap.

Personality: He's loud, flirty, and implusive. He tends not to think things through, and always tries to do what's right. He tends to usually not have a plan, and perfers adapting to the current situation, which makes him a good battler.

Hometown: New Bark Town, Johto.


Male Typhlosion, nickname: Baku. Knows: Flamethrower, Earthquake, Solar Beam, Thunder Punch, Giga Impact.

He's got a firey temper, but the rest of Joseph's pokemon tend to follow him. When something gets him really angry he enters a state of tranquil fury.

Male Lucario, nickname : Rio. Knows: Bone Rush, Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Dragon Pulse, Swords Dance, Extreme Speed.

The opposite of Baku, is always calm, and willing to lend assistance. Almost never gets angry, but tends to be extremely destructive when he is.

Male Ninetails, nickname: Tai. Knows: Nasty plot, Flamethrower, Hyper beam, Dark pulse, Energy Ball, Hypnosis.

Tai is the smart guy, and tends to fight more defensivly. He tends to make sure the others don't kill themselves.

Male: Espeon, nickname Eon. Knows: Physic, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Morning Sun.

Eon is the sarcastic guy in the group, who tends to get sucked into whatever the rest of them are doing. Reo is his brother.

Male Umbreon, nickname: Reo. Knows: Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Moonlight, Toxic, Iron Tail, Physic.

Reo is the nut in the group, and tends to be similar to his trainer in personality. He keeps everyone from trying to kill each other. Eon is his brother.

Male Luxray, nickname: Ray. Knows: Thunder Bolt, Thunder Fang, Iron Tail, Giga Impact, Signal Beam, Superpower.

History: Joseph traveled around Johto for a while, and managed to earn all eight badges. He tend traveled around Kanto, and managed to win the badges there, and has now decided to travel around Sinnoh.

Type: Trainer.

Badges: 0 Badges, as he is just starting his journey.

I really hope that my OC get's picked.
Lunary Canary chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
:O ha, wow, this is already interesting :P so whos bubblegum? i assume the 1st and last part...and nova lady in 3rd person was in the middle...hmm...

Why am I just imagining one of the characters turning on the tv and rotom popping out? o.o its gonna haunt me tonight..