Reviews for The Harassment of Buchou: Game and Match
CherCee chapter 28 . 4/24/2020
waaaa... this is amazinggg!
evelyn-san chapter 28 . 3/29/2018
So I happen to be a big fan of both tenipuri & legend of zelda and thus having read every single one of your stories (multiple times), I have to say that you blow me away. I've never ever in my life come across a writing style that I adore more than yours. You write in such an enchanting way that captivates and enthralls your readers, in every story, and even though it's been years since you posted something I've never been able to fully recover from your amazing stories (yes, I come back to read them again and again because I can't get enough). You truly are a unique writer and ever since the first time I read something of yours nothing else has been able to compare or be good enough. I think you might be as talented as the actual akihiko, you honestly need your own awards! xD My point is thank you so much for deciding to share your talent with the rest of the world, I'm so grateful that these stories exist (even though they've become like an actual drug to me lol). I know it's been like 6 years since these were posted and it's unlikely for you to come back, but I swear to god it'd be so nice if you did. I'll never stop hoping that one day I'll get to read another story from my favorite author on earth :3 Wherever you are, I hope you're doing okay! I might just be a random person but you'll always have my support and respect, even if you never post anything again. I'm commenting on this particular story cause it completely blew my mind and I strongly believe that your tezuka/fuji fics need more recognition! You've managed to make me blush and giggle every time I watch tenipuri :3 This is incredible and so are the rest of your stories. Thanks for giving me a reason to smile all those years! *prays for you to come back someday*
Izanami118 chapter 28 . 10/3/2016
Hehe. I wonder what will happen if it was 'the harassment of tensai'! Hahahaha! I bet it will be interesting. Tezuka getting all possessive and jealous.
fuji's fan chapter 27 . 7/29/2016
uwaaaahhhhh! jirou is now in love with... atobe? wrong choice, jirou! wrong choice! but i really find it funny thinking about how distressed sanada was pleasing yukimura hahaha and why are our perfect pair so cute and cheesy now? i am so jealous!
Guest chapter 26 . 7/29/2016
wow atobe is really pitiable here! haha after being traumatized at four seigaku regulars' orientation, now he couldnt act as romeo. i WAS happy that tezuka had the chance to play instead... but then... wahahahahaha he was still that serious and stern! haha and on the last part... i was thinking that juliet would kiss romeo after waking up and finding romeo's cold body beside "her" but... i should have known what fuji could do! *face palm* you are one crazy bastard, fuji! but... am i the only one who wanted to see/ read fuji getting fucked by tezuka on her beautiful dress? lol
ps. i also have an idea what yukimura did to sanada the night before hehe
fuji's fan chapter 25 . 7/28/2016
it is so hillarious to think that atobe was one of the most traumatized characters in the story up to this chapter (okay, i dont want to talk about sanada... i just so hate him now. although i hated saeki more last time hehe)

fuji is just so, so, obsessed with tezuka. it was like he wanted so much to remark him without even thinking he must be still terryfied of what happened and he may not be in the mood the do it. but i guess tezuka trusted fuji so much that he would be able to erase the previous touches. but heck, i wanted their kiss longer because sanada kissed tezuka twice! it was really cute of tezuka to tell fuji exactly where he was touched, well, of course except "that" part. but then fuji went to his possessive mode again. he was really scary at times! but was also so sweet. good thing he has his pair of rings with him to give to tezuka that day :) so sweet!
Guest chapter 24 . 7/28/2016
waaaahhh! i feel so sad for the rings that went on the furnace. although i know fuji has another pair. it would be more romantic if tezuka would offer those rings rather than fuji.

but...sanada. really? i thought he didnt like yaoi? or was that some defense mechanism? darn, i suspected yukimura so much because i thought he was jealous of the attention sanada was showering tezuka. i didnt see the possibility of sanada falling so mad for tezuka!

but hey-i thought fuji was asking where tezuka went? why on earth are they still on stage?

on another thought, i kinda feel bad (only now?) about how fuji forced tezuka before. to be honest, i enjoyed reading their every intercourse, not thinking any of the anxieties or fear it left on tezuka. and now he is getting harassed again, and in a much more humiliating way. poor buchou :(
fuji's face chapter 23 . 7/28/2016
i was laughing sonhard when saeki realized eho true admirers were. i also realized at some point why there was a partial finger print and that was echizen's. goodness poor echizen and momo for the 2K laps haha but who knows if their buchou would change his mind. but wait, even atobe knew the whole stalker thingy? i was relieved it wasnt jirou (because i never believed it was jirou... or at some point i did?) and he was so concerned with tezuka :) but dang! the culprit is out now! i didnt think much that it could be him, although i thought of the possibilities because of what happened on the previous chapters... gaaaah fuji! come quick! come really, really quick! i have spoiled myself somewhere and read that tezuka will be further harassed (just wow how this fic coukd keep up to its title!) and i think it will be happening on the following chapter. but wait... if everyone, i mean fuji, oishi, saeki, bane, tachibana, ryoma, momo and atobe will all come down to rescue tezuka when he was getting molested... i think that would look more humiliating for our buchou so... maybe they should take their time walking down until all the harassment thing was over? ne, kidding

but wait. why was yukimura on the basement anyway?!
fuji's fan chapter 22 . 7/28/2016
i knew it! i knew it wasnt tachibana! but why the hell was jirou lacking sleep the night before? dont make yourself look suspicious jirou! i am also your fan TT but congrats oishi! err, but maybe you also shouldnt do things in odd places, right? hehe poor atobe!

three sets of fingerprints - tachibana's, echizen's and the culprit which i still suspect as sanada. although it puzzles me why yukimura was also down the basement.
fuji's fan chapter 21 . 7/28/2016
before inui could say anything on the following chapter, let me hand in the data i gathered hoho!
at first i thought that if tachibana, yukimura and sanada are being followed, yet another person is following the perfect pair, then it points that only jirou can be the stalker. but clumsy as he was, he was caught by tezuka. and i dont think that if he was really the stalker, he would be caught easily. second thought: tachibana is upset because he lost his pocketknife... and the culprit took it. so that makes tachibana NOT the culprit. and yukimura has his own pocketknife so he needed not to steal anything from anyone. but sanada was acting quite strange this chapter. it seemed like he needed something to do, maybe find the pocketknife h stole and used to ruin the bed. but... i still doubt sanada feels something for tezuka to stalk him, molest him in his sleep, and threathen him to leave fuji alone... unless those letters arent from him but from either momo or echizen (which i doubt... but i really am sure now what they are doing hehe. i just want to know exactly the rules of their bet)
bottomline, at this point, sanada is my sole suspect.
Guest chapter 20 . 7/28/2016
waaaaaahhhhhh fuji is suspecting jirou! coming to think of it, there was a time when the hyotei regulars decided to eat out but jirou wanst allowed to join them. and i think that was the night before tezuka woke up early and decided to throw the trash outside. if jirou eally stayed out all night, he had a reason he didnt appear on the park the next day. but jirou was always so sleepy so i think it would be hard for him to keep stalking the pair especially at night. and again, i believe jirou felt something for tezuka (or realized he felt something for tezuka) AFTER the bar of soap appeared on tezuka's locker. but my memory might be wrong too. but i really dont want to suspect jirou. tachibana is getting suspicious again, though. but i guess it was really yukimura after all. i think the thing they saw below the stage was the pocket knife which probably held the culprit's finger print!
fuji's fan chapter 19 . 7/28/2016
darn i knew it! the moment oishi said that the auditorium was locked, i sensed that there will be some surprise and it will involve the bed. okay, since i already figured out about the admirer, and tachibana seemed to know what echizen was up to, tachibana is really out of the list. even if he onve said he was jealous that atobe was romeo. i think the stalker was really after tezuka. either sanada or yukimura are my suspects; with motives like jealousy for yukimura and extreme obsession for sanada. although i still think sanada only sees tezuka as a rival. but... atobe. poor, poor, atobe! he was probably more traumatized than sakuno. geh, i am still hoping jirou isnt the stalker... but i guess with the bed now torn into a complete ruin, the "bed scene" will be written out for sure this time
fuji's fan chapter 18 . 7/28/2016
wait, i forgot to say. did atobe see things right? it said that the "hand" is hidden. though it also appeared inside tezuka's pants. but he might think that the injury was... on a rather sensitive area? lol
fuji's fan chapter 18 . 7/28/2016
now now, was that really just a dream or the stalker molested tezuka? but where did he hide himself when tezuka searched the whole house? and was the stalker really after fuji or tezuka? my biggest suspect is still yukimura. and i am thinking the sandbag may not be really torn from the rope but was rather thrown. i wanted to suspect sanada but he seemed somewhere else during the first incident, helping horio out of the room. moh, will i ever know what momo and echizen were betting on? i am only kinda frustrated fuji ate the chocolates... who could he really be? wait- i am kinda having a bad idea now. could it be possible that fuji's admirer is different from the stalker and... was actually a prankster? could it be momo and echizen's bet? shoot i think i am making some possible spoilers. hmm, then it makes sense why momo runs out of money and echizen's hands are full of bandages haha! but what exactly is their bet? which of the flowers or the chocolates will fuji accept? eh, that's why momo said he'll win the bet? lol so the only problem now is the stalker who is after tezuka. but... it wasnt jirou right? waaah, jirou is such a cute and nice guy. i hope he really isnt the stalker!
fuji's fan chapter 17 . 7/27/2016
wow. sanada and atobe are just so obsessed at fighting and defeating tezuka, eh? that scene, after atobe revealed about tezuka's supposed injury, was really hillarious! and then it was so cheesy when he jumped to save fuji from falling yay! here comes my suspicions to yukimura and tachibana again. but wait, tachibana already gave tezuka a call before! dies that make him less or more like the culprit? less because maybe he had a different number? and mire because if "private call" also appears during his call, then it could really be him. but i am starting to doubt kamio too. i remember how he was kinda related with the first incident of falling backdrops, and how he could borrow tachibana's pocket knife, and how he the so called speed demon could run and hide fast while following tezuka. but i believe he has a thing for an, in canon at least. but why did aanada stayed up late last night too? and why does yukimura know? and why is jirou suddenly a suspect to? and... what the hell is atove doing in tezuka's house? dont tell me he is the same stalker last night? hm, probably not. he wont afford to lose sleep unless it is okay with him to wake up with dark under eye circles the next day lol
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