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thenamelesssoul chapter 18 . 4/4/2011
I finally got off my lazy arse and reviewed! :D

First, I think the most appropriate type of reaction is... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ATOBE KEIGO, YOU TOTALLY (maybe. Sort of. Slightly. I think.) DESERVE THIS. Walking in while Tezuka and Fuji are about to do the horizontal mambo heh.

I wonder how he's going to react. Poor Ore-sama. (:

And for Fuji-senpai, wasabi chocolates are... completely out of even my abnormal taste ranges. And I've eaten some really weird food that should not be mentioned here or you might puke from knowing. :D

I love this story, and each chapter that you update is always worth the wait!


yHime chapter 18 . 4/4/2011
yay! another great chappie! this totally makes my week! xD waiting for the next one loyally! x3
Perfect.PairFan2278 chapter 18 . 4/4/2011
The ending there killed me. I just love how Atobe reacted to that. X3 Anyways, onto review.

I only suggest you look back and reread at times. There were a few typos in it, though they were minor. Keep up the good work on this, and I must say...the tension is building rather nicely. However, my ideas on the stalker have changed some...Yukimura is still top guess, but Tachibana is a close second. My third...well, I'll save that for next time.

Rating: 9/10

Kimmytrainer chapter 16 . 4/3/2011
idk what chapter this should be for but please update soon! i'm really hoping that Tezuka will replace Atobe in the play and that he and Fuji announce their relationship or something. I can't wait to read more! and really, you're such a great author! your writing style is awesome and fun to read. which is probably why this is the 2nd message i'm sending asking you to update... hehe sorry *sweatdrop* i just can't wait! XD
Apple E. Yen chapter 17 . 4/3/2011
the mystery is killing me.


hahaha, sanada and atobe obviously love tezuka. -lol-

mawahaaha, always love your stories. keep up the good work.
Kimmytrainer chapter 17 . 4/1/2011
ok this story is seriously awesome so please please please please please update soon!

haha sry 4 sounding like a little kid but i wanna read more. oh right, i've been thinking hard about who the stalker is and I think its Yukimura. I can't wait to find out if I'm right! So please update! XD
Usami fan 2 chapter 17 . 3/31/2011

I want to know what happens neeeexxxxtt!

I can't wait for the next chapter! :D

Usami fan:


I've read 'The Rumor'! HAHAHAHA

It was EPIC fun reading it HAHAHA

I keep laughing. I don't know why. HAHA

I'm graduating tomorrow. :D I guess that's why I'm laughing. :D


brukleflesche chapter 17 . 3/30/2011
Oh my goodness! What a treasure this story and its prequels are! FujiTezu stories are some of the rarest in this fandom, so I have to say thank you for writing such amazing and satisfying works and sharing them with everybody. :) The stories have actual good plots, too, which I really appreciate. Not that I'm against PWP every once in a while, but other times I'm in the mood for something I can really sink my teeth into, and this fic and its predecessors meet that criterion wonderfully.

May I point out one mistake? I noticed it in the prequels as well. When you describe someone as being angry, you used the word "pisst," but the word you're looking for is "pissed." I know it how it sounds when it's spoken, but it is spelled P-I-S-S-E-D.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to reading more of this fantastic story! Best wishes.
Usami fan chapter 17 . 3/29/2011
Yay! I am the 200th reviewer:D

Please update soon,I can't wait to know what Atobe was doing in Tezuka's house:)

Usami fan2,

Poor Ore-sama has got himself into unwanted trouble:P
rumiio chapter 13 . 3/29/2011
Nice Story and everything. This is actually a review for Chapter 17, but I couldn't review twice and had to find one that I could review on, that I hadn't before. But I absolutely loved that chapter so much! But when is Jirou-kun going to come in again? I think he should end up with Atobe. And I can't help but notice that you keep emphasizing that Syuu-chan and Mitsu-chan are always practicing Syuu-chan's lines with each other and that Mitsu-chan has memorized them almost all the way. Is he going to be the new Romeo when Kei-kun freaks? That would be great!

By the way, I need MAJOR HELP! Pretty much, I've been trying to update my story, Thinking of You, but I can't because of that Error 2 thing that is going around. You said you found a successful way to overcome it? Well, could you share it with me pretty please. If anyone else knows either and is reading this, could you please tell me. PM me or anything. It's a great favor because I really need to update!
Ai-chan chapter 17 . 3/29/2011
Uwaa! I've been following the series for a long time now! Sorry I just reviewed today!

Hn... the way you tell stories is really good. It's pieced together in a good way.

For a long time, I've had Jirou as my top suspect. He's rich enough to send the roses (I know how expensive they could be), not to mention that the stalker incident happened 'after' what had occurred between him and Tezuka (the time Tezuka saved him - I think he became infatuated after that, considering that he brings Tezuka food and sweets). I've a theory that he sent Fuji flowers as a way to get Fuji and Tezuka apart. The note that said 'stay away from Fuji' didn't sound as a threat to Tezuka, rather, a warning or a desperate plea. The late-night stalking... I'm not so sure, but he's an athlete, so he's flexible enough to hide.. though not so stealthy as to not get heard. c:

Oh well... it could've been anyone, for all I know. I can' tell until you post all chapters~ Please continue updating the story! :D *looks forward to it*
yHime chapter 17 . 3/28/2011
yay! another chappie~~~ 3

as always, it's great and intriguing...making my head hurt trying to figure out who the stalker is...pretty sure its not atobe..tho i wouldnt know until the end~~~ xD

hmmm, i think the stalked want tezu instead of fuji tho~ lol. x3 or mayb im just delirious from lack of sleep xP

well, b4 this gets too long, wanna say thx for sharing another great chappie, as well as thx heaps for posting that message as to how to update/publish stories, since i was getting super worried n frustrated over it~

cant wait for d next one! .
Perfect.PairFan2278 chapter 17 . 3/25/2011
I, without a doubt, don't think Atobe is the stalker. :p Atobe is too...Atobe to pull this off. He'd probably get Kabaji or someone to do it. Anyways, on a completely off note...thank you so much for adding that to your reviews! :D I had no idea how to update, and I was getting really frustrated, so you really helped me.

Now, onto the review! Great job, again. I love the way you describe your stories and I love you you make the normally non-emotional Tezuka so awesome in your stories. Grammar and such were impeccable as always...and now onto my theories!

Tachibana has the most clues pointing to him, but as in most mysteries, it's probably not him, is it? I'm betting that it's actually Yukimura, since he's the person no on really suspects and this chapter made me even more suspicious of him. I'm fairly certain it isn't one of the Seigaku students. As much as they tease Tezuka, they care about him too much to do this. And I doubt it's anyone from Rokkaku, since Saeki and Bane are the only ones in there who are of much importance aside from Aoi and Aoi hasn't made much of an appearance.

More theories to come!

Rating: 10/10

rumiio chapter 17 . 3/25/2011
E-eh? O.O Atobe? Is he the stalker? Or just tailing tezuka? Confusing! Or is it really tachibana or yukimura? Hwaiting!
BleuFleur chapter 17 . 3/25/2011
Atobe and his silly obsession with Tezuka. There's no doubt in my mind that he's not the stalker, but he's enough of a distraction from the real stalker to be a problem.

Tachibana is still my leading suspect (geez, he ran over quick, even abandoning a tennis match, to see if Fuji was alright from a little shove), but Yukimura is starting to bother me. He's been politely cold to Tezuka the entire time, and he did admit to having a pocketknife, but I always thought he was annoyed with Sanada for paying so much attention to Tezuka. He is pretty clever, so that might be why there aren't many obvious clues leading to him. Maybe I need to take him more seriously as a suspect. I might need to double-check to see if he's had much interaction with Fuji.

Poor Bane. You're finally wearing Saeki down; don't lose hope now!
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