Reviews for The Harassment of Buchou: Game and Match
fuji's fan chapter 16 . 7/27/2016
that stalker is really something! staying overnight outside tezuka's house. darn, although tezuka echoed my thoughts, that tachibana doesnt look to be the stalker, the fact that he lacked sleep the night before adds up to the evidences against him. and now i remember him saying he wad jealous atobe was romeo when he saw fuji on a dress. is it really tachibana? and yukimura was innocent all along? oh no, i feel bad for pointing a finger at him. but anyway, the mystery isnt over yet. and what does tachibana meant when he said echizens bandages had nothing to do with the set design? does he know about echizen's and momo's bets? and atobe... is kabaji even his vice captain? seriously, who is hyotei's vice captain? i just realized i didnt know! and... it was kinda funny how saeki is the uke in his "relationship" with bane when back when he was still chasing fuji, he wanted to be the seme lol
fuji's fan chapter 15 . 7/27/2016
i am looking forward to the night of the festival when both of them would bring out their own pouch and rings lol. but that stalker... he must have nothing to do with his life other thank stalk tezuka, huh?
fuji's fan chapter 14 . 7/27/2016
dear atobe, go back to your teammates. you are so out of the suspect list now and you wouldnt want to know why fuji was in tezuka's house, i swear.
speaking of suspects, so i am open again to the possibilities that the stalker (the soap and backdrop culprit) could be different from the admirer. tachibana could be the admirer. but where the heck was his pocket knife now? and yukimura must really be the one stalking tezuka that was why he was late. although it could also be sanada since he was also late and he can move as fast as lightning (so he can easily hide himself whenever needed) but i still believe yukimura to have more motive than sanada. but with tachibana's pocket knife missing, maybe there was another person who could be the culprit?

ps. the side story of oishi and eiji is really cute!
fuji's side chapter 13 . 7/27/2016
okay, the opening paragraphs told me atobe was really out of the suspect list. but i read a review that tezuka will get raped again. as much as i am fond of cute little jirou, i believe he wouldnt do such, especially after losing to fuji (yeah, i am assuming he would loss, given their skills difference), so i have this feeling that atobe will develop something for tezuka and... and... he will be the one to force tezuka!
wait, why are these tennis club captains also their school's kaichou? i mean, dont they have any other student to pass the responsibility with? and... does kabaji live in atobe's house? wtf?

anyway, yukimura and sanada's convo somehow bothered me too, but i really didnt want to suspect sanada since i find him a reputable man and that he wouldnt go as far as hurting tezuka even if his invitation was turned down. although i am still suspecting yukimura

and i dont understand the relation between echizen's bandaged hands and momo's empty wallet. were they even related to begin with?

and finally... the latest suspect. tachibana buchou. gaaah! i realy dont want to suspect him because he is also one of the players i respect and look up to! but... yeah he had some uh, motive, like, maybe he fell for fuji after what happened during the kantou tournament and all. wait, why isnt akaya causing any ruckus? but yeah... tachibana is... uh, i dont want him to be the culprit!
fuji's fan chapter 12 . 7/27/2016
that stalker is really, really creepy. no wonder it is yukimura lol. i mean he was the only one surrounded with a rather eerie aura (i believe) and i cant see anyone else doing it. and motive must be really jealousy. and stalker sure was after tezuka and fuji. and fuji... seriously? letting the stalker hear them do? the guts fuji!

ps. sanada is so bitter at not having an unofficial match with tezuka hehe
fuji's fan chapter 11 . 7/27/2016
omfg. i was about to suspect echizen and momo until i realized what ridiculous bet they were talking about. darn! now there's no opposing to my guess that it was really yukimura! because obviously both atobe and sanada are so against male to male relationships. and i kinda believed tachibana wont do the seigaku regulars any harm. and... waaaaahhhh jirou! fuji has ince defeated you on a very one sided match, remember? and even if he didnt, you wont stand a chamce when tezula is the prize! but... now i'm thinking... if the culprit was really yukimura, then he has a thing for tezuka and not sanada?
fuji's fan chapter 10 . 7/27/2016
wew, i was able to breathe upon learning what atobe thought was tezuka's injury. wait, now i have a strong belief that tezuka's stalker is different from fuji's admirer. unless, the culprit is really after tezuka and not fuji. gor some reasons, i dont want to suspect jirou about the incident in the infirmary. i think he was too innocent to do something like that. well, i just think so... i guess it's either sanada or yukimura, tezuka's stalker i mean. or more on yukimura because he was jealous of tezuka. i dont think sanada would want to hurt tezuka just because tezuka refused to play him in an unofficial match. hmm, now that tachibana had another exposure, i'm suspecting him again. wait, should i also suspect kamio, then? gah, this is making me crazy!
fuji's fan chapter 9 . 7/27/2016
oh noes! those collapsing backdrops... are accidents, right? the culprit didnt plan on making that collapse to hurt tezuka? because if he did, they i would add echizen as the culprit! but... echizen already has sakuno! lol and i really dont want to suspect any seigaku regular... and i think atobe is again out of my suspect list since he seemed incredulous about tezuka's... mark. but i fo wonder what he "saw" back then. did he see how sore tezuka's bottom was? oh goodness, no! but... their lovescene was really intense! gah, fuji, you really never learn! i am a little scared of whoever was on the opposite side of the door back then. must be the stalker!
fuji's fan chapter 8 . 7/27/2016
DAAAAAARRRRNNNN! i still cant believe it but atobe is now one of my suspects! atobe and yukimura. im still thinking if i should add sanada on the list. darn, tezuka, why dont you get it? you are throwing the roses and chocolates given to fuji but you accept everything from jirou. why are you so dense when it comes to other's feelings for you? geez! now fuji seems mad to uh, punish you like that. but... i really wonder what bets momo and echizen are having...

ps. i believe jirou is a second year. and... on an earlier chapter, on the part the other schools first came to seigaku, (sorry for only saying this now) there's a line that was said by oshitari, but it seemed like for oishi (and remember the name was written as Oishitari) but idk if you'd still have time to change that. gah, need to finish this one review now. i wanna jump to the next chapter immediately to see how tezuka would... oh well...
fuji's fan chapter 7 . 7/27/2016
okay, this is now a mystery fic. although it is still not clear to me what is echizen's and momo's bet was about (kinda looked like it is over and the loser will help hammering whatever), i dont think they would pull such prank on the perfect pair. and i really doubt anyone from seigaku would do it, not from the regulars, the members, or the girl's team (speaking of, tomoka isnt part of the tennis team right?). the only one i can suspect now is yukimura, although i dont see any motive. could it be tachibana? hard to believe though. but it is surprising for atobe to call tezuka that night, as if he knew what sanada did. was he a stalker? then that makes him tezuka's stalker and not fuji's. or maybe he really was the culprit and he wanted to make it look like the culprit was after fuji! possible right? hmmm... but yeah, fuji aure is jealous. i was wondering from the start if he really liked those cookies. guess he only wanted to eat those so tezuka wouldnt. such a cute, jealous boyfriend haha! wait, where on earth are saeki and bane now? i thought they would do something to help?
fuji's fan chapter 6 . 7/27/2016
this is getting more and more troublesome! i really dont think jirou is the culprit. first of all, the roses appeared on fuji's locker even vefore jirou could have a motive to fall for tezuka. and obviously, the culprit is after fuji, not tezuka.. well, unless fuji's admirer is different from the soap culprit and that soap culprit is some random crazy stalker who wanted to blackmail our buchou. gah, you should seriously stop doing it in odd places, fuji, especially without ensuring all the doors and windows are locked. but gah, who could it be? the seigaku regulars are out of the suspects, saeki and bane too, tomoka and sonoko, of course. i dont think atobe will waste his time doing so. and i doubt sanada would do it too. but yukimura... since (i think) he has something for sanada and he is jealous with tezuka, he could be the soap culprit! my, my! when i read the word "sudden flash" i thought tomoka had the idea of making tezuka romeo but that was literally a flash. but who could that be? and inui... you really are smart for taking money from both tezuka and fuji! lol
fuji's fan chapter 5 . 7/27/2016
i think... i think jirou really has something for tezuka now. i even thought the paper bag was from him. but since its a bar of soap... wait, fuji wont do something like that, right? we all know tezuka's mood brightened up because of, ehem, sleep (thats probably because of a satisfying sex), and fuji loves doing tezuka in the wrong places, but i really doubt its from him! could jirou have seen them in the shower room? but he left with the rest of hyotei right? gah, now this is becoming a mystery fanfic! but i must say it was really nice and cheesy for tezuka to acquire those rings! i am so jealous, fuji!
fuji's fan chapter 4 . 7/26/2016
wtf! who is fuji's admirer? its not inui playing tricks on them, right? hmm, i'm thinking it wasnt saeki. gaah, its not yukimura, right? agh.. and jiro... was he building up something for tezuka? waaah i thought either sanada or atobe will stand in between the perfect pair but they both seem yo dislike the idea of yaoi xD i really had fun reading tomoka and atobe's lines as they quarell... and ryuzaki sensei is just so hillarious here!
fuji's fan chapter 1 . 7/25/2016
yay! this is really, really, really kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! i really like seeing the soft side of tezuka when it comes to fuji! so sweet! i'm jealous!
Guest chapter 28 . 10/19/2015
Amazing! You're a talented writer! I envy you! Though i don't like the rape parts but still...i can't believe how tezuka love fuji so much to be able to accept all what the tensai did to him! He's so soft and kind.
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