Reviews for Dear Kunsel
Grey the Wanderer chapter 1 . 8/15
Shit man, reading this always makes me feel feelings that I don't usually feel.
regfurby chapter 1 . 6/26
[ Additional Cutscenes for FF:AC ]


As Zack and Aeris meet up with the helmeted trooper, the trooper turns back to look at Cloud briefly, then his mouth quirks up in a small smile and he waves the PHS in his hand.


Several days after Sephiroth's renewed defeat, Cloud is sitting outside of Seventh Heaven, alone and lost in his thoughts. On a whim, he takes out his PHS - which he had painstakingly retrieved from the bottom of the lake - and scrolls up through the sparse few messages of the past two years to the last message he had received from Kunsel, the mysterious SOLDIER who had supported him every step of the way from AVALANCHE's failed bombing of Sector 5's reactor to the last moments before Meteor fell. He had often wondered what Kunsel's last message contained, regretting - not for the first time - that the poor connection in the Northern Crater had resulted in the entire message sans subject being lost.

Idly, he selects the message and brings it up for view.

His eyes widen.


From: Kunsel
Subject: Become a hero
'I knew you had it in you.'
regfurby chapter 1 . 6/26
In FF:AC, was that a helmeted trooper Cloud saw standing in the bright light beyond the church's doors waiting for Zack and Aeris? Hmm...
UnLike Us chapter 1 . 6/22
What a touching story. Love all of Kunsel's messages. Your title is well chosen. It hints at what the story is about. A message exchange with Kunsel. But it also expresses what is left unsaid in the end.

Thank you for writing such a nice story.
Fortune Maiden chapter 1 . 5/29
This story... No I refuse to believe it. Kunsel's PHS was just destroyed during Midgar's destruction! Of course he's okay! He's a SOLDIER! An actual one!

Tearjerker ending aside, I love the setup of this! Zack's old friend being a player's guide for Cloud and filling him in on all the things Cloud should have known about SOLDIER and the setting and being a support for him during the journey. Cloud's team may have done all the heavy lifting and fighting, but Kunsel's the true hero!

(on the off-and-totally-unlikely-chance that he didn't survive the ending... I hope he meets Zack in the Lifestream ;_;)
I'm a Coffee Bean chapter 1 . 4/25
When I read Kunsel's last mail to Cloud, I just knew that something happened to him but reading the end where he doesn't reply anymore is just... so painful and heartbreaking. After all, he's one of my favorite characters.
Btw, the way he just 'disappeared' reminded me of Zack. You know, the part where he went missing and they lost contact of him. Just... heartbreaking. And beautiful.
naru-chan 92 chapter 1 . 3/31're EVIL.

That last part...oh, that last part.


I keep tearing up just rereading it.

You did this to me.

Making a poor girl cry!

Excellent storytelling. This was a bittersweet fic and one I'm glad to have read.
Galerians chapter 1 . 2/13
Let's be honest here, this is just a fanfiction. A story. A simple one, at that. Just a bunch of messages, some dialogues, and a bit of narration. It's just a story...

So why am I honestly tearing up, dammit?!

This was supposed to be just a story...

Rihito Shinryu chapter 1 . 10/16/2015
...I'm not crying. I'm sure he just dropped his PHS right?...right?...Oh who am I kidding KUNSEL NO! *cries manly tears*
Helmeted Intel chapter 1 . 10/10/2015

You have just created a roller coaster oof emotion and I barely surevive through the ride but got caught in a jam at the end. Now allow me to say what a great and excellent writer you are while I'm wallowing myself in the well of sadness and desperation. ;;;;w;;;;
C chapter 1 . 10/7/2015
Oh my goodness, this is spectacular! This is exceedingly creative and quite well written, especially considering the peculiar format. The ending was quite sad, but oddly fitting. Thank you for sharing your creativity and talent.

"The price of Freedom is steep."
~Zack Fair
Alyss Penedo chapter 1 . 8/24/2015
...What. What...?
frumpgirl chapter 1 . 8/19/2015
omg why, WHY!? My feelings my feelings!
great gospel chapter 1 . 7/31/2015


I was definitely not expecting that ending, but I really love the idea of Kunsel working behind the scenes for Cloud, like he did with Zack. I always did love Kunsel in Crisis Core, so it was nice to see him again in the original game continuity, even if only through this fanfiction. Well done!
0-Mighty Bob -0 chapter 1 . 7/30/2015
Just found this through TVTropes; fantastic read, though the ending had me calling you various unflattering things. Way too hard to find good stories in this fandom, but it was worth trudging through the endless yaoi orgy filled garbage ( seriously, I'm pretty sure a good 80% of the fics here are written by folks that haven't even bothered to play the game. It's ridiculous )
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