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fed45 chapter 27 . 8/28/2012
I just finished Interludes, after reading all the other adventures of Aedan and Leliana of course, and all i have to say is... WOW!
You are such an amazing author, I wish I had a fraction of the imagination and skill required to write fanfiction of this caliber. Keep up the good work.

P.S: At the end of chapter 20 your authors note mentions that you had the sparring scene between Fergus and Lucy coming up, but it never happened? Is it just my own stupidity and I missed it, or is it somewhere else?

Again keep up the good work, I eagerly await your next adventure!
Appealtoreason chapter 27 . 12/12/2011
I've just finished reading all your Aedan stories and wanted to say they're all amazing!
Ladyamesindy chapter 27 . 12/27/2010
I honestly cannot decide if it's "poor Aedan" or "Sneaky Aedan" for trying to get Leliana and Philippe to help decorate his study! ;)

Wonderful, wonderful story! I loved the connection between Cian and Aedan, the 'strengthening' of the father/son relationship. The concern Aedan had for Philippe as Warden Commander, of finally realizing that by not asking him to be such would be better. You pull everything together so well, so completely ... from beginning to end. Very well done ... another masterpiece to be enjoyed. Thank you!
Ladyamesindy chapter 26 . 12/27/2010
I so enjoy seeing your stories from Leliana's point of view. There is some connection I can make with her (aside from that she is female and a mother) that makes her observations so much more than just that.

Very well done, very well done indeed.

Oh, and Grace and her connection to Gerard ... perfect! )
Batknight chapter 25 . 12/22/2010
hmmm you know, i don't think Aedan is ever going to run out of women trying to kill him. good chapter
Ladyamesindy chapter 25 . 12/22/2010

Okay, *looks around* Where is he? I want THAT Alistair as my husband! )

Very nicely done! What more can I say? *reaches for another tissue*
Ladyamesindy chapter 24 . 12/20/2010
Okay - LOVE IT!

I started crying when Aedan told Grace "Hold on Princess"! Sooo sweet, and I think really is starting to reflect the balance (?) that Aedan is beginning to achieve ... pulling away from the berserker/Warden side, more ... if not focused, at least able to keep his wits about him in battle more? (Same with the observation of missing his leg plate mentioned later).

And Zev ... *sigh* Ahhh, Zev. I am so glad he is still around to help, guide, simply be a friend. I love how you portray him in these stories. And, hey, we can all want to be Kayley sometimes, yes? ;)

Very well done! I'm anxious about Luke, but now that Anders is there, I suspect (hope!) that things will be okay!
Ladyamesindy chapter 23 . 12/16/2010
Oh no no no no no! My poor Luke! *headdesks*

*sighs* I think I am perhaps too heavily invested in your stories, yes?

BTW, loved the observation Luke made, "Oghren would love that hammer!" .. so perfect for Luke! )
Ladyamesindy chapter 22 . 12/14/2010
You had me on the edge of my seat yet again! Very well written! (having to remind myself I can breathe now) ...

I am so very curious to see what you are doing with Grace! I have an idea, but I won't say anything because I want to see if I'm right.

As always, Aedan is learning something new! So very nice to know he can do that and not simply believe he knows all there is to know! And Zev ... ) I think you need a bit in here from his point of view! (just a suggestion!)

Lovely job, wonderfully descriptive ... and I saw it! "cleaving"! ) Brilliantly used!
Ladyamesindy chapter 21 . 12/10/2010
Oh my goodness! (*sighs as she hears Admiral Ackbar's voice shouting "It's a trap!" in her head) ...

What is going on with Aedan and Leli and the children?
Ladyamesindy chapter 20 . 12/8/2010
There is something about the way you write your Leliana that I can relate to so easily. I'm not quite sure what it is, but she is more than just a little familiar to me. ) Her chapters, no matter what she is going through (good or bad), are a delight to read because I know there is that ... extra element (?) that reaches out to me. *sigh* I know I am saying this badly because all of your characters speak to me, but Leliana is a special one indeed. Very well done (especially with Marin). I will be sad when the story ends, but I know you have more waiting!

Oh, and a story about Marin would be fabulous! )
Ladyamesindy chapter 19 . 12/6/2010
Oh my goodness! I hardly know what to say except that I love this chapter! So beautifully crafted from beginning to end ... Bart is such a scamp (as is Hugh, but what can you do about a full grown knight, eh?) and he's perfect as a boy that age (trust me, I have one!) I love how you portray Lucy as well ... she seems so sensible, but not averse to having a bit of fun or teasing. ) She was such a mom with her reaction to the leviathan story I thought! And Fergus ... Ah poor Fergus ... but I suspect, as his thoughts at the end indicated, he's strong enough to work through his issues to get to where he wants to be!

Oh, and you really need to do some shorts with Fergus, Aedan, Travers and Hugh when they were younger!
Ladyamesindy chapter 18 . 12/3/2010
Your writing always moves me ... and yes, I'm in tears again! YAY for Henric! (and all the others, though Landford is STILL chatting away in my head ... did you model him after Erna perchance?)

Another beautifully written chapter! So much is conveyed between Henric and Alistair, so much ... knowledge? and without much speaking at all.

Wonderfully done! Absolutely wonderful!
Ladyamesindy chapter 17 . 12/1/2010
What a poignantly beautiful chapter! I could feel Aedan as he shed each layer, each "archdemon scale" as it were, of pain, doubt, the past ... and then to rebuild himself, on the foundations that he had always had hidden away, just waiting to be rediscovered! And Leli too ... how difficult must it have been for her to come to such a decision about Morrigan and Cian ... to accept them as she did when she could have been bitter and angry (I know that is not her nature, like Aedan said, she always looks to see the best even after having seen the worst), and yet ...

I suspect I see the future setting itself up: Luke will have his "blight" (Flemeth perhaps?) and I believe that the entire family: Aedan, Leli, Rory, Grace and Luke plus Morrigan and Cian (and who knows, Ali, Zev and some of the others I'm sure as well!) will be involved. I know you mentioned something about a Luke story ... this just sort of started forming in my mind as I read it ... )

Beautifully, beautifully done, my friend! I cried - but good tears, healing tears - as I read this. It's about time Aedan - the REAL Aedan - returned! To have him welcomed home in such a manner can only reinforce that return I think!
leogrl19 chapter 14 . 11/29/2010
So, THAT'S why we were so poem-y that day, hm? And what a beautiful application in your story: I believe such works can only become better understood and more appreciated when used in others - should not art inspire art?

But maker...Whew. This (and other chaps) are HEAVY. It's funny; you know that these things are going to occur, there's always that little buzzing in your brain while you try to remind yourself so as to lessen the blow, but then you're still COMPLETELY and UTTERLY shocked. I give that credit to you: it's amazing, after all we've been through, that you can still so easily snatch up once firm emotions, make them so very malleable, and then bend them to your every whim. ;)

So, I see Aedan's been on butthead duty while I've been away. Le sigh...And this horrible new 'thing' between them; these careful steps and hesitant words - it's heartbreaking. I just can't stand to see the two of them that way. I find myself agreeing with Luke: they are the ideal; it just will not do to see them fall into the same pits deigned only for lesser mortals. But, perhaps these are the thoughts that condemned them in the first place...

As for this chapter, though, I find myself interested with how it started with Leliana looking in the mirror, seeing herself as older. And then we move to scent, her wanting to try something new. Aedan resists, and says he misses how she smelled before. A further indication that the two have grown apart, one trying to move forward, the other trying to grasp for what was...They've both been through so much. And while not everything can be salvaged, they'll discover that the very core of them will never change.

This makes me thankful for Brenna and their talk: what would we do without our faithful friends? A merciful respite before the impending darkness.

And now what? A secret revealed. A man departed. A heart stolen.

It is sad that it had to be this particular way, but I'm glad Aedan figured out that he is only man, and was in good company at the time. (hugs her Luke) But what will it change? Saying is so far from doing.

But I remain hopeful; forever the optimist. I'd like to think I've figured you out, missy - now is the point where things can only go up, right? ;)

Fantastic chapters. I'm convinced you, and they, get only better.
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