Reviews for Endgame
Pokeshipper chapter 1 . 10/26/2010
So good. Agree with everything Warlordess says
Samswimmer chapter 1 . 10/11/2010
Your Ā§piritverse stuff is looking great! Can't wait for another one!
Pokeshipper-Reborn chapter 1 . 10/6/2010
I'd like to begin by saying this was much, much less depressing than your last Brian-centric story.

I feel inclined to say that I'm in total agreement with Warlordess; the characters of Brian and Natty are part of what makes the Spiritverse great. These characters are as deep, three-dimensional, and altogether human as the canonical ones, and that's a rare, precious thing in fan fiction. Plus, having a Dragonite named Slifer is just damn cool.

As for the fic itself, it's a masterpiece as always. The battles are tight and explosive (literally), and they bring Brian's unique style into a very satisfying spotlight. Drake, especially, really deepened Brian's personality with that flashback - Brian being humbled. Also, I still have no idea where The End of All and Nothing is from, but it was a great nod to the Spiritverse's root for those of us who read OCAD.

Your style is great for showing interactions (and intraactions, if that's a word) of the characters. A classic example would be when the duo gets interrupted: 'Please be someone I can kill, PLEASE be someone I can kill'... 'Unfortunately, these were not people he could kill.' Again with the Thundershock bit at the end. Plus, the fact that Brian has no problem with some mild cursing is even funnier for the contrast. The Brian/Natty romance, too... there's a reason you're among the best.

Now, I'm going to commit a cardinal sin. I've got a single, tiny nitpick, that really could be totally ignored: where's the sword? I know it wouldn't really play a role here, but it seemed to have vanished altogether. Again, small and inconsequential, but it just bugged me a little.

All in all? It's another testament to the skills that put you head-and-shoulders over ninety-five percent of fan fiction writers, myself included. A Spirtverse story will always make my day. And I'm glad that this time, there were no revolvers in sight.

Keep it coming,

Warlordess chapter 1 . 10/6/2010
Oh goodness, oh Gods. . . Crap, I spent most of this fic with my eyes all watery and then I finally caved in and started freak-out-crying at the end of it. For some reason, the part where Ash and Brian got Thundershocked and Ash announced his immunity just - it was the last straw. Crap, crap. . . I mean, to be fair, I am an emotional person but still!

This was so beautiful and touching and. . . AND AMAZING. Jeezus, why the hell do you think I write well when you can pull off shit like this?

One of my favorite moments (for some reason that I can't figure out) was when Komodo and Kingdra got taken down by that Ice Beam. It was fantastically written and all I could see was Brian flipping out, agonizing over this. I really thought you pulled his anguish off well.

And yet you still had time to fit in so many hilarious jokes! Dammit, you're a freaking inspiration-machine! You once said something to me that I feel I should repeat to you now: why do you have to have a life and work and things to do when all you SHOULD be doing is sitting at home, writing? Like, FOREVER?

Your depiction of the hereby-claimed Fearsome Foursome was wonderful. If you were to write a sequel or a bunch of spin-off one-shots (or something!) based off these four characters I would read them all. You write romance, adventure, strategy - but none of those things overlap one another. It was all perfectly in sync. And this piece centered so much on original characters and it STILL left me speechless and tingling inside. Not many OC's pull that off, which is why most people avoid them. But I'm sure you know that.

Now I feel totally obsolete (despite receiving an email at 1:30 this morning telling me that I was the best Pokemon author on FFN by some crazy fan I've never heard of before). I might start crying again.

Sort of sad now. Thanks for the amazing, wonderful, stupendous, fantastic, beautiful birthday present. Though it makes me feel worthless in comparison. XD

Gonna go work on a one-shot now. Yay! (Btw, I'm writing this on an actual computer! WooT!)
Lefthon Aryn chapter 1 . 10/5/2010
Oh waao! Oh my god! Your story is very very beautiful, I like its, continue...continue... please