Reviews for Mass Effect New Origins V2
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 18 . 8/4
what about master chief, is he dead or is he in cryo sleep. Also where are the other spartans
Yankee718 chapter 3 . 7/29
I just started to read this story minutes ago and now I can't stop reading it also I always wanted to say this
GO UNSC! Lol but you gotta love the RSN
Indecisive Bob chapter 2 . 7/10
Nice story says so far. Though I'm a but skeptical of how far Thebes's Council races would have advances technologically over 500 years. In canon, the Council races has been in space for thousands of years and didn't really have much to show for it. Real technological development (as opposed to the assumed scavenging that they used to do) only seemed to happen during times of war (thermal clips from Geth, Thanix canons from Sovereign, and basically all new tech from ME3).

One of the major complaints I hear about Mass Effect technology is how underutilized and stagnant it is. So I can't see much technological advancement happening in 500 years without a significantly amount of war.

It's been half a millennia since canon ME times, so maybe Aria has died of old age or finally been assassinated, resulting in turmoil in the Terminus and maybe even sparking a wad between the Terminus and the Council. As long as there's a reason behind the Council's technological advancement beyond advancement for the sake of advancement, I'm happy.
Koda Aya chapter 27 . 7/5
In both mass effect crossovers, you've killed the Shadow Broker. It's quite sad, his character has so much potential, but ah well.
Magnificently written, will be reading the rest avidly
Guest chapter 2 . 4/28
But they were only engaged by three unsc ships how were they outnumbered
highlander348 chapter 6 . 4/7
Tron Legacy sucked!
DogOfTheLog chapter 108 . 3/23
Hey, Dog here, this, is one of the better stories I've read, seriously, great job. I'm excited to see what you have in store for us, next.

Best wishes!

- Dog
Guest chapter 30 . 1/24
where are the spartans in all of this
Silky Button chapter 84 . 1/22
not happy Jun's gone... he's by far my favorite SIII...

but he did a great job and looked like a badass dying... so there's that I guess...
Silky Button chapter 57 . 1/21
and you fully won me back by making Jane Noble 6

(minus my confusion about the whole 400 ships in under a minute) ;)
Silky Button chapter 55 . 1/21
my first review... I almost ranted back when you killed of Ramos the Zealot, but held it in...

but this section... {shakes head} a single weapon that wipes out roughly four hundred warships within a minute?
I mean really?

You just finished saying Alliance forces lost 21%
Earlier you said they started with roughly 500 warships

That means you wiped out 400 ships... within a minute...

I'm throwing down the BS card on that one

plus killing off Mack didn't help the way I viewed this section...

If you story wasn't so well written (and I didn't want to know what would happen next), I'd stop reading now...

aka your story is too awesome to stop reading... even if this chapter almost ruined it for me...
Guest chapter 11 . 12/25/2015
i like this story more positive than ignorant
Guest chapter 6 . 12/6/2015
Yeah, those feminazi's are the worst, they bring a bad name to all feminists and have forever tainted the feminist movement. It would be funny if it weren't so sad that; in trying to spread the movement of equality, they belittle half the population and connote the movement of Female Equality with the movement of Female Superiority. Also, they seem to think that a viable way of gaining equality is by insulting half the population, which includes most of the people in a position to help them achieve their aims.
Another Victory for Logic.
DragonTurtle3 chapter 4 . 12/6/2015
The fascinating thing about alien encounters, and franchise crossovers, is the sense of awe and curiosity felt by the characters as worlds collide. Yet in this chapter, you didn't bother to note any features of this alien race humanity's encountering for the first time. I'm only imaging that they've been fighting Turians this whole time just because I know it's the Turians who investigate the activated relay. But for the text tells me, you might have made the Salarians in this timeline!
Sanitydzn chapter 18 . 11/28/2015
In response to the author's note on chapter 18: I know that i'm extremely late in saying this but however cheesy the dialogue is there has definitely been a bit of an improvement. My main advice for developing dialogue is watch youtube videos of politicians, celebrities, and scientists giving interviews. In fact, try and find a good sample of interviews from a lot of people with different backgrounds. Listening to them has helped me with pacing my dialogue.

Rock on erttheking
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