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Black Corinthian chapter 9 . 8/15/2011
Wow, as in, wow. This story made a deep impact on me. Despite how very OOC the HTT people are in this story, the way the whole thing was weaved made me forget for a while that the girls were sweet, nice and innocent kids before 'this' happened.

It tackled deep emotional issues with each of the girls and so far, the story is slowly unfolding; Azuza's role in the HTT is yet to be revealed soon. I do love how the senior members of Houkago TeaTime had put on masks to hide what their real feelings for their bandmates and themselves. At the same time, I love how Azunyan's 'real self' is clawing its way out. w

I do hope you keep up the good work and hope to see a new chapter soon.
Tetsumi Amaya chapter 7 . 8/5/2011
So I am going stop reading this story at this chapter. Why? NOT COMPELTE. I don't usually read AU stories in the first place, not to mention the characters are so much more different from their anime selves, you could have just easily gave them different names and I probably wouldn't make the connection that this is a fanfic of K-ON!. Yes they have a few characteristics that show up from time to time that is more similar to the original but its in VERY SMALL doses. Again I suppose thats to be expected in an AU story. This is quite a deep story and its really the thing that kept me driven to continue to read. I like how chapter 7 ended and will leave it at that until I see a COMPLETE next to this fic. Either that or at least a more recent update. This also means I won't see any possible author's notes you may have put in the next two chapters, so if you perhaps said anything retaining to finishing the story, I will not know about it. I only hope that you are planning to finish this as it has been three months since the last chapter was released. If not, then I at least ended it at chapter 7 where things were "relatively" pleasent.

Nice story so far.
Virginia I chapter 9 . 8/4/2011
Your depiction of grief is stunningly realistic. Are you making them go through the phases of grief on purpose or is it unintended on your part?

Your story is fantastic. The characters are engaging and the plot is what is making me keep reading.

Besides the few times I was confused by the scene changes and a few missed letters, everything is in order.

The hospital scene brought tears to my eyes. I had to watch my Father wither away and it is just as you said... Hypocritical; because you want to spend time with them but you do not want to see them that way.

I look forward to you adding another chapter.
romancejunky chapter 9 . 7/19/2011
After looking over the many different fic within this section Im glad that I came upon this story. While this fic holds many emotions for the characters and the difference with their lives from the anime but it also holds a great story and while this may be marked as Drama/Romance their is a fair amount of angst within it as well. I'm a person that tends to get into these types of story at an almost emotional level and while I can never really relate to the characters that are given life within this story I can look upon the characters and have my own views and my own thoughts on what is going through their minds when it is not clearly defined by yourself or others.

I'm sad to see Yui in such a state and Azusa trying her best to cope with a situation that she has found herself in by both a random happenstance and her own will which at this point from what hints you have dropped so far her getting the front row tickets as well as her continued presents was not all by any type of random occurrence but at this point I will have to wait to see how you develop this story further. I'm sad to see that you have not updated this story for the last couple months but since the chapters are rather long and as you stated you seem to be going through an adjustment period I won't say anything about release schedules since I did just start to read this fantastic story of yours. I hope you are doing well and I hope you will be releasing the next chapter for this story soon.
Prophet7 chapter 9 . 7/8/2011
hello once more.

I wish to once again make clear that I find your wrighting to be fantastic and very well done; if with a few unavoidable mistakes.

This is yet another story I will be very glad to see updated, I wish you well and insperation for your future work and progress.

A literaracy addict

Cool Haruhiism-follower chapter 9 . 6/9/2011
Argh... The story getting more depressing and depressing.. But it's really interesting. The deepness of your story is swallowing me!
BuRiChiFaN chapter 9 . 6/6/2011
i'm back into reading fanfics (took a day off to relax)

last chapter's mitsu made me cry. T_T it's so sad. T_T they both love each other but they're so stubborn to realize. it really frustrates the hell out o'me. DX

ah, MiTsuGi in spiral is still the best thing i've seen . it's so complex, so beautiful that i want to kill myself.

Pure and Innocent Love (Mugitsu) VS. Wild and Passionate Love (MiTsu)?

which one would prevail in the end?

I can't tell.

UPDATE, mei-mei-chuan. )))
The Deadpan Snarker chapter 9 . 5/24/2011
OMG will this be like ichi liter no namidaaaaaaaaaaaa-? with more sex twists tho

This is getting reaaally exciting. Must I say that after I read all the chapters last month, I dreamed of this story every night, the girls having hardcore secks without expressions.. It kinda scarred me. I didn't look at my Ritsu and Mio plushies for days. I also refused to look at anything connected to the K-On! franchise.

..but when I saw that you updated this, I got excited. lol. Just skimmed through the secks part, except Ritsu and Mugi's. They were pure. It's like drinking a cup of water after running a marathon. I wish to see more fineries like this from you :3

ANYHOOS, I'll watch out for the next chapter Adrena-san! And please update "No, Thank You!" weeeeee
RSSL chapter 9 . 5/23/2011
Wow, I don't know what to say. I've been waiting for something like this since the semi-passionate YuiAzu scene a while back, something that actually involved feelings. The Mitsu last chapter was great too because of their history.

However, the genuine love between Ritsu and Mugi made me stare at the screen for a long time. I really don't know what to say, except their love really touched me. Unlike meaningless sex, this is something that lasted. At the same time, the hatred born from this love is more potent than anything else.

The scene between Yui and Ritsu is extremely painful as well. Before, we only saw moments filled with lust. This one is like that as well, except we're given context. Ritsu wanted to cause Yui the same grief she did on Mio, and to an extent Mugi as well. Ritsu did not care what kind of person she became. But the way Yui just took it seemed really off. Sure, she regained control later but at first, it looked as if she wanted Ritsu to do all this, and I'm not talking about remorse either. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Azusa is finally turning out to be the savior we all want her to be. Even though I said I will comment on Yui and Ui, I don't think I can, even now. All I can say is that Yui doesn't seem as cruel as the one from those flashbacks, now that she is so attached to Azusa.

Always looking forward to more. Peace.
Chaotrix chapter 9 . 5/23/2011
It's so nice to see you updating again, albeit once in a while. :D Take your time though, there is no rush, and education and your general daily routine is very important! Anyway, it's so great to see another update from you and I hope you're doing well! 8)

Let me just say right off the bat that I believe the Yui we've gotten to know IS Yui and that Ui is Ui. And before I start this "analysis", which I wasn't prepared for especially now that my brain has been reduced to goo, let me just say it was wonderfully well-written once again and I shall always love your writing, symbolism, and all-around cleverness with your stories.

The flashback at the beginning. Short, but full of questions. Where is/what happened to their mother? What happened to their biological father? What was this stepfather like? Why was Yui kinda' opposed to their stepfather, as shown by her reluctance of saying she's saddened or by saying that he's gone with simple ease, as if it's a load off their shoulders (or perhaps, just HER shoulders). And isn't it ironic how Ui mentions that Yui's eyes never lie, despite the fact that now everything in Spiral seems to be built on the base of lies and deceit? Gotta' love 'em bangs.

The small bit with Yui's POV (which was fun since it was different). I liked this line: "The last time she checked, there was a litter of puppies using it as a haven but now, it seemed that they had moved on in search of new homes." because I feel it also refers to Yui and Ui (who are commonly thought of, in terms of what animal they would be, as dogs to begin with) in their old situation, and how they moved on to find new homes or lives. One in an isolated hospital wing and one in the spiraling spotlight.

Ui is so ridiculously sweet that my heart aches from seeing her joy throughout the hospital scenes from something as simple as the presence of new and old people. Yui and Ui's hairstyles were switched, so I thought I was being tricked. XD But anyway, it was heart-wrenching seeing the two sisters together again. Bittersweet. It was nice to see Nodoka, by the way, and I like her role for this story. This line was slightly suspicious (or perhaps not suspicious, but more so very notable in my opinion) by the way, and I didn't read the other reviews yet so I'm not sure if someone caught it: "'I could say the same to you,' Ui said firmly, even though her voice was hoarse." Is Ui referring to Yui's emotional pain? The pain she hides from behind her mask? Or does Yui have her own physical problems as well (most likely the first one)? Brushing Yui's hair? That reminds me of Ui, Azusa, and Jun's first day of high school. The chosen songs fit perfectly, from one sister for the other in both cases, despite how sad it was to watch Yui's pain drown her eyes in salt water. The garden was a beautiful comparison, and I loved this line as well: "There was no definitive meaning. There were only fake truths and real lies. Everything was just a shade of gray.". And I love how Yui and Ui "are the same", because it makes sense. I like how it's kinda' like a split in Yui's personality. "Names separate them, distinguish them and drive them apart. And so there is only Yui.". And here we also see Azusa's resolute decision, where it is clear (at least in my opinion XD)that she really does love Yui. She swears to help her.

Gah, I always feel so bad for Ritsu. Having to live with the guilt that she trapped them in the Spiral, as she said herself. Her flashback of her confrontation with Yui. Yui with that constant expression. Had she become numb? Anyway, about Ritsu comprehending something about Yui's past. I'm going to predict that it involves sexual abuse. I'm thinking it could have happened to Yui's mom and then to Yui, or just to Yui alone after their mother left/(died?). And if that is what happened, then I can completely understand Ritsu's shaking and her horror. She thought she knew Yui, but she really knew nothing at all. And that's scary (along with perhaps she realized she was about to do something some abuser had done to her supposed best friend in her past, or something like that) And Ritsu getting all protective and flustered about rushing to see Azusa when she thought the poor kitty was hurt was extremely cute. XD Very real and very like canon Ritsu.

I really can't get into the Mugitsu, I really can't. DX It killed me because it was so sweet, too sweet, and it didn't have a happy ending (yet?). Anyway, the ending of Mugi's part: "One last time, Mio-chan, Ricchan. One last time.". Is this referring to how Azusa has changed them so much that perhaps soon the spiral will cease to rotate? Or is this going back to the "revengeful" Mugi we saw in previous chapters? I'm certainly hoping it's the latter.

Cute Yui is SO CUTE. Anyway, the last scene was very cute and nice compared to what we've been enduring during the rest of the chapter. But Azusa is right, communication needs to be used within the Spiral. There's too much physical, not enough social/emotional. Azusa's trying her hardest. But is she doing the right thing? Isn't venting out and letting things out through sex one of the main problems and driving forces behind the movement of the Spiral? So why is she resorting to that now, too? Yui can make people pretty submissive without realizing it.. And whose salt did she taste? From her own physical pain or Yui's emotional pain?

I think that about covers the general sections. I'm sure I missed a few things I could have gone in-depth about, but I tend to easily overlook when I go back and read for reviewing. lol. But thank you for another magnificently brain-melting and heart-squeezing chapter. It's nice to see you around again, as well as the occasional Spectre reviews too! Best of luck 'till next time!

kiddo09 chapter 9 . 5/23/2011
I missed this so much, but it was worth the waiting.

For some reason while reading this ch, i notice that while Yui seems to be the one with more problems, Mio would be the hardest to save of the band, i just have that feeling.

PD: its great to have a new chapter to read, even when you have so much things to do, i thank you for that.
unagi-sama chapter 9 . 5/22/2011
it's Adrena-sama and she's back with vengeance, making me cry like this... Mugitsu is beautiful beautiful that during my rereads, I had to skim-read it because it's too painful to reread word by word T_T.

"So before her rational mind pulled her out of this foolish whim, she was greeted by the most cherished memory she ever had."

TAT see what you made me do? *sobs* The only true love in this story! Yet it can never heal, ever. TAT

The Yuitsu is painful too, but it's quite...exciting 8D *nosebleed* I think that's the only time Ritsu is ever so aggressive and in control? (only for a few moments) I mean, before with the Mitsu, I don't count that because Mio really has a leash on Ritsu.

You're right, this chapter is all about Ritsu, Mugi and Yui. I'm guessing Mio's own entombed memories will be shown next because it's her chapter but I don't look forward to that. I don't think my heart can take another blow XD Anyways, there is just so many things to absorb in this chapter that I don't even know where to start. I mean, I saw some of the events coming but to actually read them in context...well, I'm speechless. Back in arc1 or even Dyad5, I was quite angry with Ritsu and her apathetic ways. As arc2 went on, I could only pity her and want to hug her (amongst other things XD) because of the tremendous guilt she had. In Ritsu's perspective, she must have thought this whole Spiral started because of her. By not telling Yui about Ui's sickness, Ritsu unleashed the emotionless Yui hidden under that canon airhead. Consequently, Yui vented out her anger on Mio and broke their group dynamic. And then Ritsu completely shattered Mugi's heart by cheating on her. Finally, Ritsu's confrontation against Yui ended in utter failure.

Oh Azusa, don't just help Yui, go help Ritsu first! T_T

"Hope was a pleasant feeling, she decided.

There just might be a chance for salvation after all."


But Azusa shouldn't 'help' Mugi too much though, seeing how the help awakened this dark persona in our gentle ojou-sama. And Azusa should stay far, far away from Mio. I can see the dangerous queen do to Azusa what she did to Ritsu in Dyad7 already. Ritsu may be able to take it, sort of, but Azusa definitely can't, because she admired and trusted Mio so much. Same thing for Mugi as well. Any hurtful actions by these two might break Azusa's newfound resolve, or just break her, period.

I can't blame Mio and Mugi for desiring revenge either. Hirasawa Yui really is the center of Spiral. I feel horrible for her, and in the beginning she meant good too. She loves her sister so much that the terror of losing her is just too overwhelming. But at this point, after seeing the other members' anguish, I cannot really pity her anymore. I still feel bad, but not as much. Like I said last chapter, seeing the Mitsugi situation and the happy YuiAzu on the side really got to me, again. Azusa deserves happiness, she's innocent in all this, but not Yui. However, I don't want to see UiAzu either...I mean, Ui is dying and the thought of Ui falling for Azusa is too much. It'll be really cute, I can imagine, but I can't take that.

Why do I sound like I'm complaining or ranting? XD I really am not! This story gets me talking and I can't shut up XD My whole point is, I want to see a fitting punishment for Yui's crimes. But since the girl herself is so apathetic, the only way to hurt her is through either Ui or Azusa which is no no...

As angry as I am with Yui, this part got my tears out again: "Yui slowly cupped Azusa's cheek with a distant look as if she was seeing someone else, perhaps a past demon she had yet to conquer." Putting it along side with the brief memory between the sisters and this part, I feel a knife stabbing into my chest.

In conclusion, I wish for YuiAzu to happen, but only for Azusa's sake. The kind girl deserves untainted happiness and love. If not, she will break like Mio did, or worse.

I didn't make any sense at all did I XD I'm really glad to see you back though, Adrena-sama! I'll be forever patient on any updates from you!

~ blob of bloody mess and goo washed up on a seashore

P.S. Saviors are busy...I will wait patiently while the sun dries up the goo on the beach
Andrew Sawaki chapter 9 . 5/22/2011
X99999999999999999999999999 more OMGs

Selective Mutism chapter 9 . 5/22/2011
My brain is now dead from this chapter. (And I'm going head-on into Mid-years like this in less than 48 hours...) Can't study seriously now...

This was originally on my dA account, but by a certain request, I am reposting it here.

Please be warned that I might be totally wrong with my speculations that I have came up so far since I don't have the time to read a second time until next week and solely relying on memory…

Please also be warned that I'm not a very good analyst and my comfort zone is only in illustration. (This is my first attempt at analysis, after all.)

And for simplicity sake, I just assume that Yui is the one in the band and Ui is the one in the hospital. (Because truthfully, I really can’t convince myself to truly believe who is who.)

First off, something was really bothering me in the starting flashback scene. I can't help but wonder if there is a connection between Yui's current behaviour and the situation with her mother. I know that it sounds far-fetched, but Yui mentioned that they would have the apartment to themselves after their stepfather pass away, which seems a little suspicious. The phrase 'always been the two of us' further emphasizes this. The fact that it is their 'step'father who had been taking care of them makes me wonder on this question: Where did their mother go?

Of course, there is also a point to note that Yui had something against her stepfather. There is this sense of hostility with the man, especially it came to terms with Ui. It was mentioned that he didn't like the two of them playing the guitar, and they had to play in the streets on their 'little stage'. Looking back into the earlier chapter (I think it's Dyad 5) of Azusa's dream, there is a little girl (either Yui/Ui) where she was asking for help as she played. Help from what? Linking back to their stepfather’s dislike for their hobby, I don’t think that the sisters’ love for the guitar is just that simple.

My thoughts on this, is that there is a high probability that the reason for the Hirasawa’s mother to be missing is directly or indirectly linked to the guitar, or more rather, performing. This, in a sense, leads me to ponder on the stepfather’s behaviour to the sisters. His stepdaughters’ love for the guitar, is conflicting with his dislike for it. Coupled with the potential reasoning that it is linked to the mother’s absence, it is likely that he tried to stop them from ‘walking down the same path’, possibly even leading to child abuse (maybe physical, or others). Yui’s cold attitude for his death shows little remorse supports this thought as well.

This is totally jumping the gun, but I think that this event already started the dormant cycle, especially with what Yui told Ritsu back in high school, ‘Even back in high school, even with all of my smiles, even before we met, Ricchan…’.

Back to current time, Ui is dying, and there’s nothing that either one can do to reverse it. I can’t say much about Ui’s denial, because I can’t figure out why, but there are points that stood out for Yui’s part. Yui, the one that is healthy, shows some characteristics of ‘Ui’, despite the fact that Ui is dying and will eventually leave her behind. Now, even though Nodoka’s reason behind them sharing the same name is reasonable, I still don’t understand why Yui, not wanting to separate from Ui, choose to act like ‘Ui’. What I can think of now is that for both sisters to be ‘Yui’ is not something that Yui believes that they would be together; ‘Ui’ is absent and thus Yui can’t truly feel that they are really together. Yui thus acts as the calm, responsible one, the ‘Ui’ from before, to make the Hirasawa duo become ‘complete’. Her acting as ‘Ui’ is somewhat evident with the anxiety pills. From canon you see that Yui is a totally klutz who can’t hold her ground properly, and going off screaming at the slight bit of trouble is nothing that unusual. So, the reason behind the pills is to keep herself calm and collected, something that ‘Ui’ was capable to doing. Another reason that she might be acting as ‘Ui’ is that she believes that Ui should be the one that deserves the best in life, and that ‘Yui’ should be the one who dies.

Then again, anxiety pills aren’t going to solve all problems, which leads to the point of Yui’s other habits. As I have earlier stated of possible child abuse, there may be also some links to Yui’s actions to her other band members. Her stepfather lost his wife, the sisters’ mother, his love, and there wasn’t anything (assuming here) he could to about it. Sounds familiar? Yui is in the same predicament, losing her only left blood relative to a terminal illness that she could do nothing for. If we relate the two situations together, this would explain the reason behind both father and daughter’s actions: to numb their pain, even if just momentarily.


Not much of an analysis (since I've only touched on the Hirasawa issue and not the rest), but my brain really isn't working right... May try again when I finish my exams... (but highly unlikely).

Good luck with your school work~


(not used to signing off lol)
bone chapter 9 . 5/21/2011
how happy am I to see an update oh wow oh wow oh wow! i felt everything cutting into me with this chapter...

I have no's just too amazing...

please update soon, and No thank you soon too :3
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