Reviews for The Spiritfall Saga Part 2 - A Torn Land
Nighthawk chapter 1 . 9/25/2003
As much as I think you're a great writer and your story is very in depth and well-thought out, lay off of New Jersey please. First and for most, New Jersey may smell on the Turnpike-I'll give you that- but we have a great little state here, so don't pick on it. Second of all, if the Devils played the Mighty Ducks, it wouldn't be to a tie, hence this year's Cup (Our third in nine years). If I sound a little harsh, I apologize; New Jersey has a pride of its own and take some in our team. We love the Devils, even if we don't fill the arena, and our team has a great goalie and a great record. Don't knock it. I also apologize if my attitude seems to come out, but I can't stand the Devils being pick at about as much as I can't our state; so, if you please, no more comments.

Other than that, good story. I enjoyed reading it. The only part I don't agree with is the relationship between Nosedive and Wildwing. They really don't seem to care about each other in your stories. They seem more...distant than most of us here believe, but you have your own opinion, which is different, and I respect that. We're all entitled to our positions. However, I don't believe Wildwing would let Zelda yell at his brother for outburst of emotion(see "Final Face-off" after first game for my proof). Thanks a bunch, and hope you keep writing.