Reviews for The Challenges of Board Games
Kaiser Washington chapter 1 . 10/7/2010
THIS is the better version?
Star7 chapter 1 . 10/7/2010
Wow, I didn't know ffnet had trolls

What's the world coming to?

Epic fail.

Astell Epaz chapter 1 . 10/6/2010

Despite your 'odd' summary, I decided to take a peek inside, and my jaw dropped instantly. Here's a list to tell you why:

First, spelling.(polay?do you mean polar as in polar bear?)

Second, I don't understand a thing you're writing! So, they are playing a game, with them getting numbers and dares, and Hanamichi won. Then what? You didn't even explain how Sendoh felt when the ever-so-cold Rukawa cheered on him,when Hanamichi etc. did their just threw the information away like that.

Third,have you ever heard of aposthrope?Instead of (Sendoh-bla) you can write like this(Sendoh: "bla,bla.")

Fourth and last, I really have no idea how will you make a continuation of this, ended there when Hanamichi won,didn't they?

Geez, so much for me critizing you without the capability of making a well written ,don't feel discouraged. I'm not flaming you. But please, should you write another story,please try to find some informations can make this into a good story by expanding things up,like why Rukawa and Sakuragi actually bothered to come, and the way the game went etc.

Keep writing and good luck!

P.S: Forgot to mention regarding the OOCness. Try to fix that with any reason you can come up with.