Reviews for The Monster Within
slashfreakoz chapter 15 . 12/26/2011
Holy Crap! I've never read a story like this, probably what I like the most about it.

It was a lil out there at the start but the more I read the more I was sucked in and couldn't stop.

I am hoping there'll be more chapters to finish the story, been 6 months since your last update *fingers crossed*
JasonDragon64 chapter 15 . 6/23/2011
CyberWarlock chapter 15 . 6/23/2011
I love this story too. its really starting to hit me. You did kurt so well here. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Utena-Puchiko-nyu chapter 14 . 6/16/2011
We're in june now... D

I hope that you continue this fic!
Utena-Puchiko-nyu chapter 13 . 6/16/2011
I hope that the Monster finds that William
Utena-Puchiko-nyu chapter 12 . 6/16/2011
Finally I find time for read this fic! D

I love the chapter.
PuckKurtD chapter 14 . 3/26/2011
OMG I just read this WHOLE story and i can't even tell you how many times i cried!

Puck and Kurt are my fav couple in glee.

This story is soo good but it also has it sad moments which i love.

Poor Noah though! He'll never have kurt will he? I wish he would, Noah deserves him.

PLZ PLZ PLZ UPDATE SOON! I'm dying of suspense.
CyberWarlock chapter 14 . 3/11/2011
Very good job with this one rover (snicker). Cant wait for the next parts. You know how i hate reading non completed stories.
CyberWarlock chapter 13 . 2/18/2011
Utena-Puchiko-nyu chapter 11 . 12/21/2010
A big problem I think XD

Good chapter!
Jhyena aj jax chapter 11 . 12/8/2010
God dang Noah/puck has gone from stalker to full blown creeper it's sad though because after all that work and now his determine to finish what he started five years ago...

Oh and thanks for confirming that puck has his awsome body back lol
Jhyena aj jac chapter 10 . 12/7/2010
Nooooo Noah/puck don't go down that path again XD
Jhyena aj jax chapter 9 . 12/7/2010
That sucks Aries can't even hang with him

But puck being a bad ass can get through this
Jhyena aj Jac chapter 8 . 12/7/2010
Quite frankly I'm a little surprised I always though Kurt would peruse fashion but the boy can act XD he must of used puck to portray said horny teenage boy XD
Jhyena aj jax chapter 7 . 12/7/2010
That was way unexpected I'm sure u can get fired doing that to a patient right? I think I found a perfect song for puck that relates to this story XD
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