Reviews for Class Distinction
Aria Breuer chapter 10 . 5/4/2013
Again, I'm proved wrong by the first chapter. This story was a good read.

That's true, we often don't hear about the class system in the Shire. I knew the class system was there, but it was only in mention or not at all noticed. I think the only time I defended Sam was, even in the books, Merry and Pippin didn't care he was there or treated him just like hired help. Otherwise, in my opinion, even during Sam's friendship with Frodo - since I keep talking about Sam, it seems Sam could have been the lead in this story with Frodo second, due to where the story was headed - Sam always acted like he would protect Frodo, maybe too far over-protecting. It does explain one reason why Sam earned more recognition after the quest, whereas Frodo had little choice except to leave the Shire and Middle-earth. Then again, towards the end of the books, I didn't appreciate this part, since it seems for Sam, Merry, and Pippin that they received the typical "hero's victory", which a majority of heroes in other stories already have as well. Same goes for the rest of the Fellowship. I understand Frodo received the same "hero's welcome" after leaving Mordor, but I'm sure after a while, with everyone forgetting him and remembering the other members of the Fellowship, this is what happened. Of course, this is still happening today, since I've noticed a couple other lead heroes in stories suffer the exact same dismay from the majority.

I apologize for the rant, if it was offensive, but the points are fairly clear. Overall, I liked this story.

-Aria Breuer

P.S. If this is all right with you, I would like to put this story in my community. You did well bringing up the class system, which isn't often said in other stories, even recently. Might as well bring this story back into the light, as I've done for other older, well-written fanfiction stories.
Stormyrose chapter 10 . 6/1/2005
What? It ends there? Aw, it was such a cozy story.
Frodo's sister chapter 1 . 12/21/2004
This is an interesting story.
G chapter 10 . 4/11/2004
-You did a great job of writing the amusing antics of young Merry and Pippin.
-good job of showing how despite the class system, there was a sense of friendship and respect between the Baggins and Gamgee families
hmsgirl chapter 10 . 3/29/2003
This is really good! I don't think I've ever read anything about hobbit class systems, really, but now I want to read more!
katakanadian chapter 10 . 11/28/2002
I remember the first time I read the book (after seeing the movie), I was quite surprised to see the word servant applied to Sam. I hadn't really gotten a strong sense of 'class system' from the movie. Maybe that means I'm not very observant since there is an obvious difference in their clothes, but it was never said in so many words.

I enjoyed how your writing style seems to reflect more Tlkien's style in the Hobbit. More conversational. You commented that this story kind of wandered off on tangents. True but you still stayed in Middle-Earth. ie. I never said, "where did that come from?" You could quite easily add a couple more chapters to balance things out and tie it all together more.
Mainframe chapter 9 . 5/12/2002
A topic mostly ignored in fan fiction! Nice to see someone tackle it!

“Stars in HEAVEN, that hurts!” he yelled.

“Yeah, it LOOKS bad, too” answered Merry, - Rachel

Great dialogue, the whole exchange is brilliant and accurate, kids!

Your accuracy with their ages is commendable for it is hard to get stories to work when there is such a huge age gap between our furry-footed friends. At least that’s what I found, it takes a skilled writer to stick to their ages and make it work, which by the way, and in my opinion you have done! (For what it counts).

I like the way you have written this one, constantly slipping us bits of information in this way is very nice to read. You certainly set story up well, I feel sorry for Sam already, being two years Merry’s senior and having to work like an adult already! Poor Sam!

“As Merry and Pippin limped on past him. Nary a “Hullo Sam” nor a nod in his direction did they give him for Pippin was rather wrapped up in his own obvious miseries and Merry rarely made it a habit to talk to other peoples’ staff”. – Rachel

Very, very telling. Class structure already unconsciously embedded into the young Hobbit’s, makes Frodo & Sam’s friendship all the more remarkable in light of this, no wonder folk thought Frodo & Bilbo weird. Especially when you then go on to read the contrast!

“Oh, excuse me Sam” Bilbo called out as he rushed past the boy”. - Rachel

Beautiful work!

I am also very pleased to see that you have written Frodo as a sociable hobbit, for now think him a recluse. But I’d have thought that it would have been quite a social upheaval to go from one extreme (Brandy Hall) to the other (Bag-End).

“He missed a dear friend and Frodo delighted in being socialable” – Rachel

“That Peregrin Took is an idiot and dangerous as well! And that Brandybuck, Meriadoc t’aint much better!” And he glared at the now silent trio of cousins” _ Rachel

Wow its amazing what can slip out when you’re petrified, great stuff. And then we get to see the Brandybuck temper start to take shape, no wonder Frodo wanted to deal with the situation himself. You are so good at this kind of stuff, truly wonderful. I also liked the dilemma it had presented Frodo, and how he handled it.

“Frodo could carry himself far better than the young gardener would ever know how” – Rachel

Is this a reference to Frodo’s fighting abilities? I would be interested (well as you know by no) to know if you intend to explore that? I bet he and Merry are more alike then Sam & Pippin realise.

And the way the tale is rounded off is very satisfying, the lads all spark out and Bilbo & Ham having a natter, very nice to see they share a similar friendship as Frodo & Sam. Lovely.

A thoroughly enjoyable story and I hope to read many, many more from you!


P.N.Batgirl chapter 10 . 5/7/2002
Great! Oh my, I couldn't breathe after some of those little cliffhangers! Poor Sam! This was a wonderful look at the class status breaks in the shire, and how it affected the story. it really wasn't all that discussed in the books, and therefore quite easily overlooked, but this gave it more depth... I think im gonna have to reread lotr now... wonderful story, as always.
Nilramiel chapter 1 . 4/16/2002
You have such wonderful insight into the personaility of these hobbits! I see it in each of your stories - and you somehow remain true both to the book and movie versions of the beloved characters!

I know that a lot of people don't like Tolkien's use of "class" among hobbits, and they are uncomfortable with Sam being "less than" the others. I, however, think it adds color and depth not only to the Hobbit society but to the relationships of the four hobbits on the Quest. Sam finds no shame in his station, so why should we?

Excellent handling of the entire subject matter.

Oh, and as a Samcentric writer, I have to say that I think you "speak Sam" very very well!

Squishy Hobbit Hugs!

Guest chapter 10 . 4/8/2002
That was so adorable! Very cute. It ofter caught my attention that Merry and Pippin don't quite treat Sam as an equal in LotR. And yet, they don't. And yet, they do... Oh, I don't know, but your story seemed to explain it perfectly. Wonderful! I loved the way you ended it, and yet I wish it had never ended! When Sam insulted Merry, I truly felt his anguish. What was going on in my mind was, "Oooh, Sam! Man, have you done it!" Anywhoo, that was so good! Keep on writing!
kateliz chapter 1 . 3/27/2002
What a wonderful story! Very true to characters - Tolkien would have been proud!

A wonderful blend of drama and humor. Thanks for a great read.
MarigoldG chapter 10 . 3/27/2002
What a lovely story...I'm so sorry it's over. This last, quiet chapter was perfect

as an ending point, ripe with the hints of things to come, and the way personalities

were being molded. You can easily look at these characters later on and see how they

came to be from the younger versions you've described...

I was intrigued by your casual mention of the Took's having good singing voices...

I've always imagined from reading the books that Pippin (just because he is how he

is - so fae in a way) would have a lovely voice...and now that I've seen the movie and

can put a voice to the words in the books, I can't help thinking that I was right..

might be a nice moment in a future story to have Pip sing - yes, it's a hint that

you should write another one soon, lol! Thank you for sharing : )
Eryniell chapter 10 . 3/26/2002
hey, that was a really good story! I loved it and I'm kinda sad that it's over now. I just love stories about the hobbits. They're always so good and yours was excellent. Thank you for the wonderful story. :)
Lonely Elf chapter 10 . 3/26/2002
Noo! If you're not going to write any more with that... PLEASE WRITE A SEQUAL! PLEASEE!
Lady M chapter 10 . 3/26/2002
Brava! This story has been a delight through and through. You've captured the hobbits and life in the Shire beautifully, I think. Thanks for sharing this.
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