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AegisLove7 chapter 14 . 10/1/2016
"If you would like something more indulgent, feel free to ask the Devil." Gia
"Cooking is a gift from the gods. Spices are a gift from the devil. Looks like it was a little too spicy for you." Sanji From One Piece
I now forever praise this chapter
nievelion chapter 15 . 9/29/2016
I love the theme of using certain foods and drinks to bring about different memories in the visions. It feels very authentic to KFP, nevermind Lin's own associations with food.

I had to re-read your story (not that that's an onerous or unwelcome task!) to remember who Guotin was. I'm glad I did, since it not only reminded me of how he factored into the story earlier, but of how much I liked him the first time around. He's just as likable here, both in the past where he shows sympathy for Lin (and admires her spirit) and in the present where he is a fair-minded bandit and good boss who has a hilarious, well-worn relationship with his second (who for some reason reminded me of the Wolf Boss-but it's Guotin who is modeled after him if anyone is, right? Because of the eyepatch, and being so affable?). I have to laugh at myself for my past speculation about him as well as Gia, just as I do about my not having picked up that Rahim had obviously been involved with Lin to explain all her comments about Bengals.

Anyway, point is: the timing works out too well, so while I am not certain how and when Lin gave Gia up (I am guessing it was sometime after she got back to Europe, probably in Italy based on her curses and before she ended up with the fiance in England who got shot), but clearly Guotin is Gia's father, and he fathered her after Lin left the Valley, just before she left China altogether. In which case him thinking Gia was pretty and flirting with her is...yeah, not touching that. I'm surprised he didn't put two and two together, since he realized she reminded him of Lin, but then again he'd last seen Lin thirty-some years ago and obviously never knew she was pregnant, so. This would certainly explain why Lin didn't tell Gia in her letter who her father really was-not that *she* had shame over him, but she knew a child born out of wedlock well might, and since whoever found the baby would read the letter and thus refuse to take her in because of her parentage. But at least he stopped the flirting! Though apparently he still considers her dating material. Oh dear...

Regardless, he's clearly back in the story because of the truth needing to come out about him being Gia's father, but I am also intrigued by his intersection with the British invasion plot. (LOL it sounds like the Beatles!) Are he and his men also going to end up helping in some way? Or is he just going to be a peripheral distraction, possibly a source of information? Maybe he and his men will encounter the Wu Sisters, and he'll be able to persuade them (for the sake of Lin herself as well as Gia) to not turn Lin in to the captain? Then again the invasion may provide enough pretext to keep Lin from being caught, especially once Rahim gets involved.

I do wonder what would have happened if Lin had gone with Guotin. Obviously it would have changed a lot for Shifu and Tai, and might have made it so Tai couldn't be redeemed now. I suspect they could have been good for each other and her life might still have been good. But she's right, it wouldn't have been on her own terms or allowed her to be as strong as she is now, and Oogway is right that dwelling on it serves no purpose. Even if it could have been good, it didn't happen, and she needs to live in the present-and make use of the experiences and contacts she now has, which she wouldn't have had otherwise, to influence all their futures positively.

Also: not even knowing the full story, I join Lin in having trepidation about this Salvatore, since (I assume) it's what led to her having an abortion. But Oogway is also right, the smug turtle: she has to face the past to let it go. It's just too bad there's no way she'd ever talk about any of this with Shifu (because she doesn't want pity, aside from her need for privacy and trying to forget her past), because it'd help him understand her so much better.

I know why she isn't telling Shifu what's going on (because she doesn't have a real plan and Tai doesn't *seem* to be making any real progress) but I wish Lin would at least tell him something, so he can be reassured a bit. But even the one thing she might point to (him working at the docks and getting drunk with his co-workers) probably wouldn't make Shifu feel better.

On a related note, things are going to go so badly when Gia and Lin finally meet, with them being so different as far as religion, propriety, sexuality, and truthfulness are concerned. That drawing Lin gave Shifu..and what in the world made Gia think Lin was virtuous?! I must say that Gia is quite smart though, if she's learned even as much as she has of Mandarin in the short time she has been in China. It is not an easy language to learn, especially for Westerners. But then look at her parents!

I love Viper. Her advice is spot-on, and it does make sense-as much as Lin does like to aggravate Shifu, I don't think she would have written all that and drawn the painting if she wasn't thinking of him...fondly, and wanted him to know it. (But OMG the idea of Viper seeing the painting, and what she'd do with it...!)

Nice inclusion of the backstory of Lady Lotus Blossom. Who'd have thought that had to do with Guotin? But I like that you explained just who it was Dog fought to rescue her (and how he lost his eye-interestingly this would seem to have happened not long before he attacked the camp of Lin's merchant husband).

LOL...and the tradition of Tai being forced to learn how to cook continues. Considering Lin's talents, it's actually more surprising it took this long-though of course back when she knew him, even though he loved her and enjoyed her company, he was still focused on his kung fu training and so would never think of learning to cook, and this is the first time as an adult there's been an opportunity and he's been in a place he could even force himself to take on such a task, let alone bond with her over it.

Side note: the bit where Chen reminisced about Oogway and showed fondness for him (in his own way) once again makes me have to reassess him a bit. Though now I am dying to see how the two actually interacted in life. Too bad that's unlikely to happen.

Even knowing her as I do, I can't believe Lin tried to come on to Meihui. But I do like that, despite everything, Meihui wants to try and be friends with Yan-Yan. Just because the man they both married is an ass doesn't mean she deserves bad treatment too, and really, them getting along *would* get his goat. And I can understand why Lin would sympathize with the poor girl.

The list, and the references back to when Tai and Lin grew a garden together, are so heartwarming. I love how even though he doesn't realize it, the simple fact he cared about being able to read the list shows Tai is still a good guy and not a vengeful villain at heart. (Also, nice detail that apparently he has really good handwriting. Makes sense both Oogway and Shifu would insist on that.) And he's definitely believing his own lies, as I had hoped would start to happen. And really, if he's thinking what he's going through isn't worth it for his revenge, then...wouldn't that mean he'd have to give up on revenge for real, since he has no other way of achieving it? In which case, without revenge won't he have to keep doing this stuff, and change?

I do wonder what will happen when Tai finally meets Po again. Whether or not he's given up on revenge at that point, it likely won't go well...but I am very curious how you handle their interaction, Po's kindness and forgiveness, and Tai's seeing him in a different light.

And the Wu Sisters are back, yay! And...working for someone who wants to punish Lin for humiliating him. Less yay. I'd say the sisters have no idea what they're talking about if they think they can just "spirit" Lin away, but even someone like her can be taken by surprise. Guess it depends on if she happens to be with Chen or Wei-Shan...or more likely, Tai, who is starting to care for her again whether he admits it or not and who in any case needs her if he's get to back to the Valley for revenge. Which of course is the elephant in the living room, what happens when the sisters find out what Lin is doing is helping Tai Lung.

On the one hand, we have no idea if they'd actually like him for being another snow leopard and a villain (or in Bai's case, want to bang him), or if they'd turn on him because of what he did to the Valley/their mistress's ex. On the other hand, what would the captain think, or the Emperor? The captain wants Lin to pay so he'd likely want to reveal the truth, since surely anyone helping the scourge Tai Lung would be portrayed as a villain. Even if the Emperor didn't immediately turn on Shifu for also trying to help his son, the captain has shown he doesn't care what the Emperor thinks if he's willing to go after Shifu, so the Emperor possibly taking Shifu's side wouldn't matter.

But then there's also the matter of Guotin and his bandits, and the British invasion which the Wu Sisters are well aware of, which Lin has a letter waiting for her detailing, and which her old flame Rahim is also coming with info about-all of this making it very possible Lin could be pardoned because of how important she and this info may be to saving the day. If nothing else, all this going on could make it very easy to claim the matter of Lin needs to be set aside until the invasion is dealt with...and who knows what might happen to the captain in battle, not to mention Lin (or a redeemed Tai) proving key to it all. And of course Tai could end up going after the captain for threatening Lin (or even Shifu, depending where he is in his redemption). Assuming Tigress doesn't use the nerve strike on him as soon as he gets back to the Valley... Lots of ways this could go. It's all so complicated and intricate a plot, I love it!

I can't wait to find out what happens next. I'm glad I have finally caught up and I will do my best now to stay up to date in my reviews. _
nievelion chapter 14 . 9/29/2016
Gia seeming to disappear, so that everyone thinks Shifu is tired and imagined her, also prompting the "Where'd he/she go?" line: priceless. But I love everyone's reactions to the news of her identity, and also Gia's reaction to the valley and palace.

As for the reaction to the news about Tai...yeah, pretty much to be expected. Though I had to laugh at both Mantis finding Gia hot, and Shifu's "never speak again" bit. As for the peach tree-wow. Just beautiful. Of course the question is, is it blooming because he repaired the staff, because of Lin's visitation from Oogway, or her agreement to use what she learns from him to help Tai?

Speaking of Tai: his not knowing anything about bars or drinking is so fricking adorable. I can't blame Lin and Yan-Yan for laughing. (Though of course as you know, I agree doing such things isn't something Tai ever would have done.) And seeing him dragged off by the boar brothers for a card game is rather endearing. And...his telling Yan-Yan's romance stories when drunk, OMG! :D Tai can't hold his liquor...the tradition of humiliating the snow leopard is alive and well, hee!

Also, ROTFL at the misunderstanding with Li Peng. Yan-Yan is as always a hoot! Double entendres are so much fun. ;)

I don't know which is funnier: Lin's letter, the drawing she made to go with it, or Po thinking she'll turn into a supervillain. Also, the fact Gia can't cook. Fitting, somehow.

"I am sure it is nothing important." Damnit...okay, Lin's mail is her own business, and it's good of Shifu to respect her privacy, but at this rate Rahim will arrive, thinking they already know of the British's plan, only for them to know nothing. Gah.

Gia's story about trying to fly is kind of depressing, but I admit I laughed too. :) But man, her sad but painfully true confession that's upset Tai is seemingly more important to Lin than her own daughter... *hugs Gia*

And oh...that painting of Lin and Tai. *tears up just as Shifu did* But how awesome that Gia knows about libraries and taking care of art and scrolls! And I really like the idea of her apprenticing with Zeng, it's always nice when people remember him and make good use of him in a story. I just hope he can handle her piety and fragile emotions... But of course, I think I see where you're going with this, that she's going to catch Tigress and Po in there, or at least figure out they have been, and innocently tell Shifu about it.

I love how Po thinks trying to train at the noodle restaurant would lead to both him and Tigress getting put to work by Ping-because I can totally see that happening! And apparently he isn't completely against the idea, since he said she'd do well in the restaurant business.

But I totally love his wisdom, how it shocks Tigress, and how against her will he's swaying her views, little by little. The bit about most people being nice, and about having fun once in a while, are especially meaningful. And I have to say, Tigress's reply of "I'm a kung fu master. Why would I want to be nice?" sounds a lot like something Tai would say...which just proves Oogway was right in what he told Lin of how he and Shifu screwed up in teaching kung fu.

Poor Tai, his first hangover. But LOL at him just picking Lin up and putting her in the alley! And I can't believe he sang (and vulgar bar songs!) while drunk. I can't even picture Ian McShane singing-can he? I wish I'd thought of something like this for my fic (it's hilarious!) but it fit my story more to have him rarely ever drink (and not have a bad reaction when he did, most of the time, due to moderation). Besides, my bit with the opium probably substitutes for this. ;)

Good job on including locations from the third movie. Are you planning to include any from the second? I'm specifically thinking of the Dragon's Grotto.
nievelion chapter 13 . 9/29/2016
I love the scene with Tigress and Po. It really feels real, not just true to the characters but to life. You also do a great job with the Five, but then you always have. It's good to see this, since so much of your stories have been devoted to just Shifu and Lin, with side digressions into Oogway and Tai; showing you can write the other franchise characters is important I think, especially since Lin is so anachronistic in many ways; keeping the others around, and so in character, makes Lin's differences seem more like what they are, idiosyncrasies, rather than examples of poor writing as some might be tempted to suggest.

On a related note, Lin's talk with Tai. It may not seem like it (and he doesn't think so either), but she is making headway, bit by bit. I especially love the part where she asked him how he got like he is, and he admitted to himself he'd wondered the same thing during his years in Chorh-Gom. And even if he did go too far (as usual), I loved the brief bantering between them.

I also of course loved his scene with Yan-Yan. Once again: he's lost, and he's just fooling himself otherwise. I think the funniest bit was him first being all proud he'd made her laugh, then being embarrassed at being caught "flirting." It totally reminds me of how he tried so hard (and failed so badly) at romance when he was a cub. He may think he won't change, that he'll never regret what he did and will just lie about it later, but he's already changing-or at least, letting out what was buried inside him. Eventually it's going to be real, and I bet it'll be more due to Yan-Yan than Lin or Shifu. Though probably everyone will play a part.

And the scene with Lin, Yan-Yan, and Chen. OMG, the feels! I love how the more you show of their relationship, the more we can understand why Lin and Yan-Yan were close. And it's good to see Chen finally admit he cares-although, poor Lin! I am so proud of her for standing up to him, just letting him have it...even if it looks like he does care, he certainly hasn't shown it the way he should, so he absolutely deserved that diatribe. I have to wonder why he's this it just because he never got to marry and have kids the way he wanted, or is it more than that?

And oh man, did Tai ever need to hear that rebuke from her! To be fair, he *did* go through hell in Chorh-Gom, he isn't lying or exaggerating about that, and it goes beyond the scroll and the chosen warrior status-though she doesn't realize it yet, and he would never admit it, it's about thinking no one cares for him, that Oogway didn't, that Shifu didn't even though he said he did, and that Lin didn't since she left him. So he does have a right to be upset. But not to do what he did, or to dismiss others' pain and suffering. So although he needs to confess at some point so she can understand (and he can face what he did and why), he absolutely needed that wakeup call. In fact he probably can't make that confession without it.

Wow...the scene with Lin and Oogway. That was absolutely incredible. First off we have the memory she revisited-I was totally getting A Christmas Carol vibes, with Oogway as the Ghost of Christmas Past-which I have to tell you, made me cry when it got to the end and you revealed what happened to Gia. As if I wasn't already broken up over her confrontation with Chen... And then the reveal of why Oogway never gave the scroll to Tai or anyone, and why he was never meant for it...that was absolutely beautiful, and so original! I mean, you touched on the same thing I did, that he was basically too selfish for it even if that selfishness was understandable or even not necessarily bad (wanting Shifu to love him and be proud of him, wanting to feel worthwhile).

But then you added onto that the whole past history of the scroll, what Oogway once did with it but no longer could, why Po was the right one for it, and even had Oogway explain what he did wrong-the point that training students in kung fu but separating them from the rest of the world so that they saw no value in it, only their own power and plays into, again, points I and others have made about how you can't use kung fu for good or be truly selfless if you don't understand or care for the people you're using it to protect, but it goes even beyond that. That Oogway realized he and Shifu had inadvertently ruined everyone's understanding of kung fu, that no one could love it for itself, is so sad, and so very realistic. Bravo!

And Wei-Shan and his reveal: now it makes so much sense! Though I'm not sure he and Lin are right about it not mattering; it seems to suggest the way to get someone to reconsider being villainous and dark is to get them to care about someone other than themselves, because that's how you get empathy, compassion, and love. In which case I guess once again love redeems. And...while the obvious interp of this (as Lin concludes) is Yan-Yan, I suspect love for Shifu and even Lin may play into it too.

Lin leaving out these details in her letter: good idea. Knowing she's trying to hook up Tai and Yan-Yan, or what she learned about Wei-Shan, would not go over well. As for what Oogway told her...I think Shifu should learn eventually, as it may help him understand why Tai was not chosen and Po was. But he probably isn't ready for it yet, and I know Tai isn't. Maybe someday.

Wow...the proverb you used for the chapter title so totally fits, in many ways. Including for this reader.
nievelion chapter 12 . 9/29/2016
I'm glad you didn't leave us hanging with that cliffhanger. And I admit as soon as you described the wolf more clearly I immediately thought of Lin. But of course there's no way Shifu could be her father-biologically, unless species can interbreed in your 'verse, but also logistically since he and Lin never slept together before she left the Valley. So...the question is why did she lie (because she missed him and still loved him? Because she thought she'd never see him again? Because she was ashamed of the real father? Because she wanted the girl to have a good home if she ever went looking-or because she thought she never would, so she'd never find out it was a lie?). And whatever the explanation is, Lin is going to be in so much trouble when she gets back to the Valley, especially with both Gia *and* Rahim there. The only thing I can think is that whatever led to the pregnancy, she was too ashamed to tell Shifu about it, and that when she left Italy she pulled the same thing Tai's parents did with him. Except, since Shifu is quite right about her feelings about religion, she must have left the baby somewhere else, and someone there took her to the convent.

Somehow I am not surprised Lin doesn't have much of a plan in how to carry out her intentions for Tai. But if she can't come up with anything soon, I think she'd do best to ask for Yan-Yan's assistance. It's the least she can do after embarrassing her that way with her ex (although that *was* quite the delicious scene). I do love their relationship though, it's very sweet and real, so I think they'd do well to keep working together. Especially since Yan-Yan has her own reasons for wanting Tai to reform. *snerks* Maybe she won't be sandwiched, but she can still have a young-*ish* stud!

Side note: I know she claims knowing details of her past is less important than knowing who she is as a person, but these snippets and tidbits you keep giving (a fiance in London, who got shot? Not to mention the threesome, plus whoever Gia's father is) keep making me dying to learn more!
Besides, she's wrong-knowing what a person has done, and why, is pretty damn important to knowing who they are. She's just too private, secretive, and well...clearly she's been through a lot of pain and hardship. She tries to laugh it off, pretend it doesn't matter, but as Yan-Yan says, it's a tough-guy act. She doesn't want to talk about it because it hurts. But I think she needs to. Hopefully if she can't confide in Shifu, she can at least come to terms with it all through Yan-Yan. (Or possibly Wei-Shan. Definitely not Tai though, unless he really turns over a new leaf.) But I have the feeling whether she does or not, meeting Gia will force her to do it anyway.

Tai: still not fooling anyone. If he's willing to allow an atrocious rug just because it would make Yan-Yan happy, he's already lost the battle. Though I like the newness of the fact it isn't love per se which might redeem him, but simply having a person he cares about and wants to be happy. Having it be a female, even if they might end up as lovers later, is a nice change. Though he's going to have to learn empathy if he expects to get anywhere with Yan-Yan (not that hers is exactly like what most of us would call empathy, or that Lin's version is either for that matter). I do wonder how it is he didn't learn that...Shifu's example again? Or simply from living at the palace with no normal, 'lesser' friends or companions to teach him about how ordinary people live and why they matter?

I love Li Peng. Classic case of someone given a nickname about their small size as a kid, only to grow up huge. And he's a bull...and will be Tai's new boss. Do I detect a Zhuang shout-out? :D
Love the irony in Shifu thinking he never has to worry about Tigress, while she's back home disobeying him on the nerve strike with Po. Speaking of, he and Gia will totally get along, assuming she can allow herself to have a male friend. Also, I think Tigress may be more okay with Gia than Shifu thinks-certainly more than she is with Lin, though that isn't saying much.

The ending scene is rather thought-provoking. I'm not surprised Tai still doesn't get it yet, but maybe eventually he will. In the meantime, Wei-Shan's reaction to being reminded of his villainous past is...rather sad, really. I can understand why he'd be upset and not want to think about it, but I hope he can at least talk to Lin about it eventually. And maybe Tai too.
nievelion chapter 11 . 9/29/2016
I can't apologize enough for how far behind I've fallen. Part of it is just being too busy with work, looking for work, and other things in my life; part of it is how far apart your updates became, to the point I was worried you would never come back and finish the story; and part of it is as the chapters finally started piling up, it seemed like more and more work trying to catch up. But at last I finally have done so! :)

So, the fight: worst one yet, so very painful. I understand why Lin reacted the way she did, but Shifu did not deserve that horrible treatment IMO. Chen and Wei-Shan were absolute asses to him, and even if it was because they believed he had hurt Lin, they were way out-of-line. (Though I did laugh at Wei-Shan's little dig in his seeming non-sequitur about intelligent life on other planets.) Shifu may not have been much better in some of those awful things he said to Lin, but I still don't think he deserved it as bad as he got. Especially knowing what we do from Shifu's thoughts as to why he reacted the way he did and couldn't admit he loved her back. I was absolutely cheering on Yan-Yan for reading everyone the riot act (including getting after Lin about the slaps).

I know it isn't in his nature, but I find myself wishing more and more Shifu would just confess to Lin what he's feeling and why. I know he's afraid of her reaction if he did, and he's not wrong to be, but part of me thinks she would understand. Of course knowing her she'd likely be shocked and disbelieving at first, and then immediately slip into something mocking and mean as her usual defense mechanism which would ruin things and convince Shifu he was right about her. Still...maybe confessing would help. It'd certainly be better than the crap they're going through right now. *hugs Shifu*

That said, the apology (complete with make-up sex) was actually pretty sweet. I just hope things get better between them. Eventually. Like, in the last chapter of the story. :P

The name suggestions for Tai: priceless, especially Dong.

Wei-Shan having been a villain: wow, I did not see that coming. It does explain a lot about him and Chen, and Chen wanting to help Tai (whatever he says to the contrary). And I like the retcon to explain his name's meaning. It's pretty hard to believe, but then Croc was redeemed too. Makes me a feel a bit less bad about being mad at Wei for the way he was acting...but also very disgruntled since it means to some degree I have to cut Chen some slack. Damn it. _ Especially with the scene later when Yan-Yan makes peace with him... Anyway, I at least still find Wei-Shan's interactions with Lin quite funny.

Poor Rahim. I hope he does get to see Manan again someday, somehow. Also, I expect things will be very awkward for him once he gets to the Valley of Peace...because eventually Lin will be coming back there, and then he'll be learning of her and Shifu being an item. Of course they broke up and he probably wants her to be happy, but not only will their relationship not look like happiness to him, it's for her sake he's committing this treason. To do that, only to then find her with another man (let alone the Grand Master) will be...hard.

Lin's plan actually does make a lot of sense. And while I hope Shifu can come up with a good plan too, I love that of course, as always, the key is teaching Tai humility. Ah, cats. :P Still, Shifu's parting with him got me tearing up a bit...and based on the things Tai said to Yan-Yan, I doubt he is as dismissive and dubious as he claims-even though he still plans revenge, I don't think he can ever really stop loving Shifu, or deny that Shifu still loves him.

LOL at Tai being hooked on Yan-Yan's romance scrolls. Sounds does the "lovers who are brother and sister but not really." ;) Also, always fun to see how much Tai is putty in her paws (and wouldn't she love that phrasing!).

You still write Po and Tigress so well. And even if I still think this secret training is a disaster waiting to happen, they're funny and sweet together for the duration.

As for the new development: okay Gia isn't what I thought she was, nor is she someone to worry about (at least not in the way I thought). And her religiousness aside (product of her times and all that), she's sweet, charming, and unusual-as well as absolutely right to react to those bandits and what they thought of her the way she did. But...her reveal...
Epon Aruim chapter 14 . 8/22/2016
Ok, I consumed both of Blue Plate Special and From Scratch over the course of five, long, obsessed days. I stayed up until at least 3 in the morning for four nights in a row just to finish it and could honestly not focus on anything else until I had caught up to this point. I would've liked to leave a review sooner, but it's taken me until now to recover and make coherent sentences about how much I enjoyed reading these.

I really love the way you characterize everyone; they stay true to their movie counterparts while also giving them a fresh spin, and you incorporate the less g-rated stuff really naturally. It's been a roller coaster ride from start to finish (or rather, midpoint here) and I loved every moment.

You've managed to put in so much heart and humor into these stories, making them your own while still fitting it perfectly into the world created by the movies. I love how you incorporated historical aspects to flesh out the settings and all of your OCs are fantastic. They feel so real, with their quirks and hurts and passions; you can really tell you've thought them through.

I cannot wait for more, but of course I know real life takes priority, so please don't feel rushed or anything. This series has probably been the best fanfiction I've read in years, so thank you so much for taking the time to make it. I truly appreciate it. :D
Guest chapter 14 . 2/6/2016
Oh my god I've been waiting for this
anon chapter 1 . 11/8/2015
hi i've checked out your livejournal and your dedication towards the fic really amazes me! your sketches of lin and shifu are so cute. please continue updating!
N. T chapter 13 . 11/1/2015
This fic definitely deserves more reviews! Great characterization and I love the moments between Shifu and Lin. I can safely say that this is the first OC that I've ever liked in the KFP fandom. Please continue writing! :-)

(Also, new trailer coming out on Tuesday. Just thought you'd like to know.)
Tigergirl713 chapter 13 . 10/5/2015
Great chapter! I loved that Chen and Yan Yan moment!
Tigergirl713 chapter 12 . 9/29/2015
Sorry I'm not logged in. But please please update, I love this story!
really chapter 2 . 8/29/2015
you must hate shifu or something cuz while this is hilarious i cant help but pity shifu
Mjoern chapter 5 . 6/30/2015
lol when I saw all the cooking pun in the chapter's name, I knew you would put a ratatouille reference in there..
and it was majestic!
I was like NOooo! WTF I was right!
Mjoern chapter 4 . 6/30/2015
wasn't she trying to get proves that Tai Lung was still alive?
why would she want to conceal this?
Anyway I hope that when they meet Tai Lung will not be too harsh with her because she left and abandon him a bit like Shifu did..
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