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nievelion chapter 4 . 2/3/2011
Once again finally getting around to is very annoying when one's own writing interferes with enjoying other people's.

Although the confrontation between Tigress and Lin was short (likely luckily so, for Lin's sake), it was well worth the wait. Once again, Tigress was perfectly in character. And while like Po I do like Lin because I know who she really is, how she feels, and why she acts the way she does (at least I think I do, she can still surprise me on occasion), I also think Lin needed to have that happen and hear those things. Because while Tigress is being a bit unfair, and does need to lighten up and be more polite, everything she said about Lin was absolutely true and she was right to say them. I can't expect Lin to ever change, let alone now when she's so old and set in her ways, but she does need to adapt and take different approaches if she expects to be accepted and to get alone with others-especially Tigress and Shifu.

I do understand though why Lin still keeps things from Shifu, aside from being a private person and loving to tease him. That whole bit about what she's doing at Bao Gu being to impress him (or at least that she wants him to be impressed by it) was very sweet. And while I understand why Shifu is so uptight about her sexual humor and crudity-not just his prudishness and formality but the fact he too is very private-I wish he would relax and loosen up because she is still a riot. The joke she played on him when Po caught them was mean, but fricking hilarious.

As usual, loving your take on the Shifu/Tigress relationship. Though by now the nature of it, why it's the way it is, and the things they say and think about it have been pretty much codified by most KFP authors (if for no other reason than that they make so much sense it's hard to view it any other way), you still have shown and expressed it in your own unique way. I do wonder what it will take for Tigress to admit to him what is really wrong and why she is trying so hard to learn the nerve strike (news of Tai's survival? Whatever the impending danger is? Her getting injured again, or him?), but I look forward to it when it happens. Side note: loved them both agreeing about Lin's, ah, unique traits, and how he used Po to find out where Tigress was.

I love Guotin. I really, really do, and even though he seems like a One Scene Wonder, I really hope he'll show up again (and not die). Even though he's a bandit, he seems like an honorable one (for one thing he doesn't seem to be in favor of killing most of his victims), but just as likable is his humor, and his constant flirting. He does seem like he might actually be quite attractive for his age (scar notwithstanding) but what makes him attractive and likable is his personality. His interactions with the female wolf were a gas. I also loved her inability to get the language right so she kept screwing up names, and her utterly naive innocence. Though I am still burning to know what she needs from Shifu (or Po?) in the Valley, whether this is connected to Rahim and India, or whatever the big threat will be, or if this is just one of a number of intersecting plot threads.

Loved the reference to the holiday special. Also loved the reappearance of your culinary knowledge, since we now get to see it from Po as well as Lin. LOVED the horrible mistake where Ping thought Po and Lin were an item, ROTFL! And it was just as funny how only Lin and her raunchiness could be the one to turn Po off of food. :P At the same time, it was really sweet seeing him be her friend, and really understanding her, including her love for Shifu. Too bad he can't explain it to Tigress, but even if he could put it in terms she'd understand, and even though Tigress has mellowed (somewhat) toward Po, I doubt she'd be persuaded by him about anything, let alone Lin.

So, Chen's letter got delivered after all, and of course we know why Lin is hiding it and the reason for her trip to Shanghai from Shifu. If he keeps pressing and trying to find out what's going on, this will end badly... Still, as long as she doesn't let him get his hands on the letter, I have every faith in her ability to keep a secret. :P So I will just wait eagerly for more of Tai's travails as a convalescent, everyone's reaction to Lin's beets, Shifu's doomed attempts (hopefully) to get that letter, and getting to see that hunky older tiger Rahim again-I mean, find out what is going on in India that is so compelling he has to travel to China to warn someone about it. Okay, actually I want both. ;) Because I really am very intrigued about what he knows and how that will affect the plot, not just how hot he is. :D
ShadowNuri chapter 4 . 1/13/2011
Funny chapter, and I can see the plot is really starting to roll. I don't have much to say except update soon! I hope Lin and Shifu get to travel together...though I doubt Shifu really wants to know what is being hidden from him. X3
SensiblyScrewy chapter 4 . 1/11/2011
Yus! Two days before finals, I find this beauty. Who said God doesn't love me? ;)_
Bowtie Lion chapter 4 . 1/11/2011
This was great chapter. Something tells me Shifu will try to steal the letter from Lin and she will try to keep it out of his reach. A funny image just entered my head. Who is the she wolf and who is she looking for? I suspect that despite what happened between them the two wolves are both going to end up banging each other, but that is just me assuming, thinking with my hormones, only time will tell. I loved the part when Po caught his master and Lin in the 'compromising' embrace, what he thought of it and Shifu trying to explain with Lin making it worse. Speaking of... maybe that's what Tigress needs so she can ease down a bit and not come off as a bitch. LinXPo... I just shrugged at the thought. To finish up here I want to say that cannot wait till the next time.

Also, don't hold back on the sex jokes, they're hillarious and they piss off Shifu.
Anasazi Darkmoon chapter 4 . 1/11/2011
To be perfectly honest, I thought the sexual humor was hilarious. I actually snorted aloud when Lin made Po think that she and Shifu were getting it on right then and there! She sure did turn into a horny old broad, didn't she? I do have a few questions, though. Who was that female wolf, and who is the "important person" she's looking for? And what was in that letter? Anyway, I'm looking forward to your next update, no matter how long it actually takes.
nievelion chapter 3 . 12/30/2010
Finally got around to this...been so busy with work, and writing, or trying to...

Anyway, as usual, each chapter just gets funnier and naughtier. I don't know which I laughed at harder: Shifu actually thinking his trip down into the village with Lin wouldn't be too bad, Yan-Yan being so evil as to make Tai Lung think she wasn't really giving him medicine but just tricking him to eat whatever she gave him, Lin joking about the elephant and the python, or Mantis's little slip about being fast. But really all of it was hilarious-when it wasn't profound, wise, thought-provoking, or character-driven and revealing.

I loved seeing Tai try to intimidate Yan-Yan and not getting anywhere (I can so see him trying to loom over her) and the thought of him taking suppositories is priceless. I am glad that Yan-Yan added in that she wasn't complaining about Tai's shirtlessness, otherwise I would have had to check her sanity, or perhaps her pulse. Though that does remind me of an interesting point...initially I thought Tai was shirtless all the time to show how hot and badass he was...but as the villain he wasn't supposed to be hot, though clearly the KFP makers failed on that one. Then I thought it was because he needed to have no shirt so the shell could be put on him...except he was without it before Chorh-Gom. In fact he even had no shirt as a cub! And Po is also shirtless. So I guess it must be because of their thick fur making shirts unnecessary?

Side note: please tell me Yan-Yan's name was deliberate when crossed with her being challenged in culinary pursuits...since you could easily say of her "Yan can't cook". *snickersnorts*

The scene with Tigress and Po may make people think you intend to hook them up, and this may even be the case, but what it tells me right now is that you definitely have a handle on Tigress, and I love how you are showing their relationship and how it changes so slowly. For that matter, you really have a handle on Po's diction and character, as shown by the kitchen and the peach tree especially. But then you seemed to have nailed him from the first moment he appeared in Blue Plate Special. You are definitely mastering his instinctive wisdom. And it is indeed quite clear why Tigress is trying to master the nerve strike. To which I can only say, I see why Shifu is concerned (wanting to master it because Tai did, or to earn his approval, is not the right reason at all for doing so), but Lin is also right to grab his ear the way she did. His heart may be in the right place, but the last thing Tigress needs is disapproval, commands, and being forbidden to do something.

Very curious as to whether Lin did in fact hear Oogway, the tree, or what. And if it is Oogway, how you'll handle him and what he will tell her-about Tai, about the looming threat, and whatever else she needs to hear. I also look forward to her growing relationship with Po. As for the upcoming Lin/Tigress match...all I can say is, I would not want to be in between them, or even in the same room with them, unless I was so quiet they didn't notice me. :P

Yay for the shout-out to Ning Guo-that was spot-on, exactly what he would have said! While Yan and Tai's interactions do feel a lot like Lin and Shifu, they put me in mind of Tai and Tigress as well. ;) Also, thanks for the continued references back to the movie, this time with Shifu's fight with Tai, and...those poor orphans! I don't know if what happened while Lin was there is a Noodle Incident or a Brick Joke waiting to happen, but man...

Can't wait to see more!
Bowtie Lion chapter 3 . 12/9/2010
This was a good chapter. Those poor orphans will never be able to heal the mental scars left by whatever Lin did or said at the orphanage. I think the sparks are starting to fly once again between Shifu and Lin. Do I prefer ingesting fowl tasting medicing or for it to be shoved up my rectum? My answer:neither, let it heal on it's own. My favorite parts were Lin's sex related anecdotes/jokes. This is so funny, cannot wait for the next chapter.
ShadowNuri chapter 3 . 12/8/2010
Ahhh, another great chapter. Drenched with sex jokes and topped with scenes of unbearable humor. I bow to such greatness that is your writing! Keep it coming Marie.

~Oh, damn, and I keep forgetting to tell you this: It is called the Hall of Warriors, not the Hall of Heroes. I think your confused with the Sword of Heroes. Meh...I hate correcting people...makes me feel like a whore. Anyways, yes, great chapter- Hall of Warriors- Keep it coming- So on.

Lovin it.
lildino chapter 3 . 12/8/2010
OHHHHH i bet on LIN she'll win hands down
SensiblyScrewy chapter 3 . 12/7/2010
Initially, I think I'd bet on Lin, but... it all depends on if things escalate past verbal. But who knows, maybe Lin's got some fighting moves of her own she picked up in her travels... I think I noticed three (count 'em, THREE) intended relationships in this chapter. The first is obvious. The second is kinda obvious (Po and Tigress). The third... well, I may be seeing things. But Tai and Yan-Yan sure do bicker an awful lot like another couple I know of... We shall see. Great chapter. ;)_
Wonder Panda Tan-Tan chapter 3 . 12/7/2010
30 bucks says the apocalypse is gonna happen. Thats all I can say for Lin and Tigress.
nievelion chapter 2 . 12/5/2010
Wow! When you decide to do plot advancement, you don't mess around, do you?

The first section not only shows your excellent and fascinating research and knowledge (so you theorize that the movie took place during the 1800's, when the British were colonizing India? But hadn't they already approached China at that point and been shut out of the ports? Hmm, guess that would explain why they never heard of Tai Lung), it introduces a fascinating new viewpoint. I love Rahim! He seems so intelligent, level-headed, and sophisticated. I am not sure yet exactly what this has to do with the plot-though the British doing their colonizing, the saber-rattling which seems to be happening the eastern provinces, and the shutting out of the ports I just mentioned give me a few ideas, and I must say if that's what you're going for it's quite the original plot bunny-but I do hope we see more of Rahim. And on a side note...yes this is probably TMI but I wouldn't feel right without mentioning that he sounds exceptionally hot. Not only is a tiger, big, and a daddy type (older men are hot), but you introduced him to us in a scene where he was contemplating nudity. 'Nuff said. :P

As for the rest...once again you've proven how good you are at writing Po and the Five. You say writing Tigress is difficult but it doesn't look like it from here. And yes, I knew she wouldn't be getting along with Lin at all. Lin, though, is as usual a nice contradiction-that spiritual side of her you revealed, and her connection (or lack thereof) with Oogway and Tai respectively was quite stunning, but at the same time she's still her usual annoying, naughty, contrary self. Yet I also had to enjoy the bantering, and she still has those wise life lessons to teach which Shifu refuses to see. Shifu himself of course is as clueless as usual, as well as evil to Po. Though he has a point about Lin showing up out of nowhere and inviting herself, he did give her that standing invitation to live there...

The part in the kitchen was comedy gold-you have Mantis so down pat, though really everyone there was totally in-character. And OMG, how Lin used her puppy-dog stare on Shifu, and how he then used the Grand Mastership she reminded him of to pull a fast one during the voting, was priceless. (Nice to bring that up, well as Shifu having lost both son and father, and the broken staff-and for that matter, Po's pants. It's the little details that stand out.)

So I wonder what Chen's plan will be for Tai. (Yes, I can SO see him as John Mahoney!) I also love Yan-Yan, she's a hoot! And who is that mysterious wolf seeking out Shifu? Unfortunately we get so few clues thanks to Wei-Shan's flakiness. I look forward to finding out more about this and everything else, and especially the continued interactions of Lin, Po, and the Five. Will be fun seeing them have to band together to face a new threat, and how that story crosses with Tai's possible redemption and whatever will happen with Lin!
ShadowNuri chapter 2 . 11/12/2010
Continuing to LOVE this story. I also really appreciate the "handsome mug" in Lin's sketch dump. XDDD

Anyways, keep on truckin with the story. Hope to see more and more of the Shifu/Lin couple. Halarious.

(Used to be AnimationlovBWMS :B) Anyways, yeah...GREAT chapter.
SensiblyScrewy chapter 2 . 11/11/2010
TWO. Th-there's TWO of them now! Two chapters! *falls over* ;)_
Wonder Panda Tan-Tan chapter 2 . 11/11/2010
It's good to see a sequel to the original story, it's funnier than the first.
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