Reviews for The MySpace Admirer
tohs chapter 11 . 6/22
Rachel is a huge dork. I love how Quinn just plays along with Rachel's totally obvious, totally unimpressive scheme to get her to sing a duet with Sam. They're so ridiculously cute. Also the whole myspace thing was super sweet:) Forever happy for them.

I'm super late but a million thank yous for sharing this brilliant, beautiful, extremely hilarious story. I can't express how much I love it so much.
tohs chapter 10 . 6/22
OMG! LOL. I can't get over Rachel getting them kicked out of the community center... and then they were asked to leave the parking lot. I thought that was kinda insane but because it result in the girls going to Quinn's, where they ended up having very sweet sex (yes!), I'm totally happy it happened;) Now they can be nauseatingly cute together.
tohs chapter 9 . 6/22
"I've been waiting much longer than that for you to come out, Quinn." -GOLD.

Quinn teasing Rachel is just... *sigh* They're just really, really cute. And Rachel is just really adorable, coming up with ways to proof to Quinn that she's her MySpace admirer.
tohs chapter 8 . 6/22
No self-love for Rachel. LOL. Her fantasies are hilarious.

Amy is such a disease. Why can't she just focus on her own relationship? SMH.

*sighhh* Get it together, Quinn!
tohs chapter 7 . 6/22
That online convo between Rachel and Quinn tho;):) Delicious!
tohs chapter 6 . 6/22


YES! About time.
tohs chapter 5 . 6/22
Quinn is already whipped and she and Rachel aren't even going out yet. SO CUTE! I love that Q and San took Rach with them to spy on Sam and Brittany because that was just hilarious and Quinn was totally enjoying herself, just watching Rachel:) "Nicest Thing" is actually a really good song. Perfect song for Quinn to sing. Just sad that Rachel is getting serenade and she doesn't even know it.
tohs chapter 4 . 6/21
OMG I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! Your characterization is so perfect, its ridiculous.

Scene with Sue and Will in Sue's office was so funny to me. All of Sue's parts have been really great so far. Quinn needs to dump Puck. Her interactions with Rachel had me smiling:) They're so cute. I bet Q started hyperventilating when Rach admitted to having a crush on her. LOL. She's becoming somewhat of a stalker, showing up at the auction.
tohs chapter 3 . 6/21
Ahahahaa! I love Sue. And Rachel thinking Mike did her a favor when he was in Sue's office had me LOL! Also, I cringed every time Amy opened her mouth cause she sounded really pathetic being territorial over Finn. Anyway, aww, Quinn's plan didn't work out.
tohs chapter 2 . 6/21
Am I gonna be laughing throughout the whole story? Cause I'm totally okay with that. And awww! Leaving a teddy bear in Rachel's locker is so cute. I see you Quinn Fabray.
tohs chapter 1 . 6/21
It's kind of sad that Rachel is that appreciative of one nice comment cause everyone else is so shitty to her:( But I love how strong she is. For the most part, I was cracking up while reading this. Rachel's actions and thoughts are too hilarious.
garnmcgaughn chapter 11 . 3/31
Great story always love the secret poster ones and you did a great job with this one. Especially loved the hints you threw in. The epilouge was needed and well done after you basically killed the final climax reveal.
mine29 chapter 1 . 1/17
predictable..but still the chase and their dialogue is so good! i can imagine this is how they should act...
Guest chapter 11 . 9/29/2014
Yes the epilouge is way better also love the little self-deprecating bit via Santana
Guest chapter 10 . 9/29/2014
Finally they got together I can't believe it took me this long to read this story
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