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Wandering Zephyr chapter 50 . 6/17/2012
(Thought I'd save you the trouble of all those inane comments every few chapters, and just review once I reached the end this time!)

Well, this cements my opinion of your whole rewrite saga - it far exceeds the original Destiny! It says something that I read about ten chapters a day - so much for clearing up my backlog of books!

Anyway... It's good to see the characters visibly mature as this continues. Shinn is almost completely differant to his (canon) Destiny appearence but still recognisably Shinn, Meyrin is settling nicely into the captain's role (even though she really needs to hurry up her gradual progression out of Talia's shadow)... I'm still a little worried about Athrun though. He who fights monsters...

New Minerva OC's are a worthy entry - Roxy is an endless source of amusement, and Viveka (my favorite by the way, which makes me worried you'll end up offing her just as Athrun opens up) occaisonally veers into that territory as well (milkman line during her introduction - classic!). As for Emily...

Well, she's complex. Those lingering memories are slowly undoing her sanity, and Rau (character spot on again!) isn't helping. ... Considering you've made such a fuss over the ZAKU Goliath needing a Newtype to pilot/power it, it wouldn't surprise me she ends up in the cockpit... which won't be pretty.

Story - Kindof reminds me of SEED, Sahara to Alaska, at least in general style. It's darker than that was, but still lighter than your Destiny rewrite - if a character gets offed, he/she is usually minor. That said, this always has an effect on Emily, so it serves its purpose... on that basis, will the final sacrifice be Shinn? (Don't answer!)

You've done a good job portraying the internal divisions of the resistance - it seems stupid but it makes sense. And it's sad to think that there really are people as naive as Chiao Xu in reality. That mass gathering in Carpenteria was clearly a bad idea - the EA was bound to notice what was up, and even if they had taken longer to respond, Carpenteria to Iceland is a *long* way; plenty of distance for the EA to blockade the way and artillery the resistance to dust. That plan was doomed to fail, no two ways about it.

Anyway, excellent story, excellent characterisation, excellent development, and I'm moving straight on to Eternity!
Connor Prafist chapter 50 . 4/20/2012
Wow...Asmus and 20...I am shocked and surprised.

I think what Soma meant to say that Djibril was the same throughout the story because that is who he is. He hates coordinators and doesn't care about those who challenge him, because of his rich upbringing he feels he is the only one suited for dealing with the "space monsters." No matter what story, Djbril is ALWAYS portrayed the same. Yes, Asmus, even in Maderfole's Golden Age trilogy.

Look, I get it, Maderfole writes a good story, but THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE IS PERFECT. Asmus, just because you read Maderfole (and give him reviews/ideas) on FF doesn't mean everything else sucks here on the Gundam Seed fanfiction. Furthermore, Maderfole puts Djribil the same way in his Golden Age trilogy as Shadowcell does, only he is longer winded about it. BUT I don't see you complaining to him about how this is a mistake.


Because you worship the ground Maderfole walks on...and because Maderfole makes it clear that Djbril is gay. OOOOOOO! Big concept! Who cares? That doesn't change that his characterization is the same, with no back-story, no motivation, and him being defined by only a few characteristics. Honestly Asmus, when you go tell Maderfole to stop writing about Rico, Dud, and Spyro, and actually focus on characters like the Clyne faction in his story (people who actually matter) I will listen to you. Or even point out a flaw in his writing...because that man has been less then kind to me, and has acted like he owns fanfiction. Not only that, but he seems to think that he can do nothing wrong and his fans have done nothing to stop his big head.

Same goes for you Dr eXtra20. I know Maderfole is a good writer...BUT...he is FAR from perfect.

All you people need to get off your high-horse and stop talking about the "quality" of stories you read on the Gundam Seed fanfiction site.

Maderfole himself has honestly become pretentious and has lost sight of why he started writing in the first place, furthermore he seems to be under the impression that Bandai and Sunrise will take him seriously and actually publish his story. Which is honestly 1 chance out of 10000000.

There is no mistaking the fact that maderfole is a good writer, but really, where the hell do his fans get off in acting like you do in a review? This attitude of your's sickens me, since none of the stories here on Fanfiction are anywhere near perfect. You seem to be under the impression that since you give Maderfole long reviews and so forth, you are somehow allowed to act like dicks to everyone else on fanfiction.

I understand that Soma was out of line, and I get that Shadowcell is far from perfect...BUT! Reading your first review Asmus I understand why Soma acted the way she/he did.

I am not going to hid. Message me if you want to. This attitude of yours is so surprising, since I always thought very highly of Maderfole's fans...until this response and you people's reaction to Gundam Seed Shadow. Not only do you fans of Maderfole act like a bunch of 12 year olds in talking about the story, but Maderfole himself posts the challenge on his forum? The fuck is that man doing? He acts like an immature child. A mature person would take the challenge from clearly a young teenager with a grain of salt...without putting his challenge on a open forum and see him destroyed.

I am sorry Shadowcell for doing this to your story, but it needs to be done.

Look I am a douchbag who is a brat, annoying, and honestly kind of a jerk too. But I will admit it. What the HELL has happened to maderfole and his fans...who guys used to be people I would look up too. Now you guys sicken me with every action. You only listen to what Maderfole says...and never challenges him. You support stories that he says to support (anyone notice it is all female writers?). You never question that his portal of homosexual characters is laughable and a little offensive to homosexuals all over the world? But fans will never admit Maderfole's mistakes.

Shadowcell has made many mistakes and has missed much that I would never do in this story, but he did it...but he is growing a writer. It doesn't change the fact that his story really isn't all that amazing, interesting, or groundbreaking, but at least his fans aren't total pretentious douchebags. Really Maderfole, if you ever read this. Reign in your fans...because I know I am not the only one who is getting sick or your fan reactions.
Dr eXtra20 chapter 50 . 10/5/2011
Great story.

But I agree with Asmus,Dibril as a Cliche villain is one of Density,s flaws,it dumbsdown the story,People write fanfiction to fix the flaws they see in the canon story,Asmus and Me have a Right to give are Opinion on this and other stories,ShadowCell have the Right to accept or dismiss are critizes of this story,but you Soma Taozi do not have a Right to Order ShadoCell,Asmus or Me around at all.
Asmus chapter 1 . 10/5/2011

Now I know that replying like this is not the best way, but considering that I couldn't find your profile, (assuming you have one) sending you a PM was not an option.

You said that the answers to my questions, the faults I pointed out, are explained later on. That's good. However, if the story is unable to hold my interest until then, it doesn't matter if the answers are there or are they good enough, since I'm long gone by then.

A story should keep me interested until I receive answers to all my questions.

As for Djibril, him being portrayed as the cliche villain was one of Density's greatest flaws. I hate cliche mustache twirling villains. Now, you said that there is no reason for ShadowCell to change Djibril's character. I strongly disagree. This is not a retelling of GSD, this is an expansion of the Gundam Seed universe. Furthermore, I am aware of ShadowCell claiming that he wishes to improve Density. As a result, it is the responsibility of the author to improve not just the main good guys, but as many characters as possible, regardless of how they were represented in canon. In addition, I would enjoy a refreshing view on Djibril, since almost every fic tends to picture him in the same way.

Lastly, telling others to ignore me is not a mature thing to do. My review is my opinion, regardless of whether it's good or bad. In addition, not every review is a praise, sometimes they can criticize the story.

Perhaps my standards are a bit too high, but that's why I honestly stated my reasons why I won't be reading this story anymore.

P.S. ShadowCell, I apologize for turning the review section nto a forum, but understand that I had no otehr way of responding to Soma's words.
Soma Taozi chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
This story is amazing!

So those of you who are looking through the reviews and thinking about reading this story. Please, ignore what ASMUS said.

The reason is that EVERY SINGLE ONE of his "problems" with the story were dealt with at one point or the other in Twilight. You need to have patience in reading a story like this, and if you want immediate gratification or all the answers at once...then this story isn't for you.

Seriously, I couldn't help but shake my head at what Asmus said...because from the Alliance having information Emily and her past (which explains her piloting ability)...everything was answered.

Shadowcell is a quiet guy, which means that he trusts in people's intellect and patience so he doesn't tell you everything in the author notes...unlike so many of the other writers on FF these days.

Now I have no comment on the language usage that was brought up, since I don't speak Russian (or any other besides Italian and English)...but considering Shadow Cell TRIED to put in some cultural flare... that isn't a bad thing.

Finally...I will address this last part to Asmus (who knows? he might read this one day.), Djibril has always been a cliche villain. He was in the canon of Destiny and he is in Twilight. Why would he randomly change? He sat in a room full of video screens, stroking a cat for a majority of the Destiny your point is meaningless. In fact, your entire review is meaningless.

So please people, read this story. Show some love to Shadowcell...because really, his story is incredibly under-rated.

But hey, don't listen to me. Don't listen to Asmus. Form your own opinion and don't listen to anyone else. We are Gundam Seed/Destiny fans, we should be used to that be now ;)
Asmus chapter 7 . 9/29/2011
Hello, I've been reading your story and though it does look like a decent one, and it certainly has gained a following I'm afraid I'm going to stop reading it.

Thing is, I understand that the Alliance is supposed to be the bad guys, but I think you have made them too evil. They practically have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It's actually a surprise that the Alliance has managed to maintain its oppressive regime for so long. Even if you do keep the population in line by using fear, there is a limit to how far it can go. Push it far enough and the people will strike back. And not just in one or two places, but all over the Alliance's territory.

Furthermore, no regime can exist without the support of its people. You must have a good PR campaign if you want to institute some drastic measures. And though the Alliance certainly seems to be using rather totalitarian measures (the whole slave thing) there is absolutely no evidence of a good PR. Makes one wonder why do people allow slavery to exist.

In addition, Djibril is a bit too cliche of a villain for my tastes. He also seems to lack any virtues.

Moving on. Emily. Now I understand that she has a talent for piloting Mobile Suits. However, talent only goes so far and is no match for experience. Therefore it seems to be a bit unbelievable that she is capable of holding her ground against pilots who are supposed to be experienced and highly skilled combatants.

Yes, Kira did manage to do that in Seed, however, keep in mind that by that time Mobile Suits were something new. An entirely new breed of weapon. As a result humanity as a whole didn't have much experience about them like they did with tanks or other combat vehicles. It didn't take a lot to become an expert with Mobile Suits.

However, by the time of your story, Mobile Suits have been around for several years. Which means that the skill standard in order to be considered an excellent pilot in undeniably higher than it was during Seed and Destiny. Therefore, it does raise a lot of questions when a rookie pilot is capable of surviving against seasoned veterans.

By the way, this might be a nitpick on my part, but I advise against using Google Translate when it comes to writing a story. Yes, it's good for single words, but it's extremely bad for translating sentences. As a result there are a lot of errors in your foreign language sentences.

My advice, if you don't know the language, don't use it. Yes, you will lose that unique touch when dealing with characters who speak different languages, but it will be better than using erroneous sentences.

You can always stick to English and when a said character is using a language others don't understand, you simply tell us in the description.

Anyway, good luck on writing you story.
JSDF chapter 50 . 9/17/2011
So ZAFT has finally returned. The Resistance is in shambols. Things are about to explode here in the Cosmic Era. The world will be set on fire. I am looking forward Eternity.

Honestly, this story should be reviewed by thousands, it is so good.
IgNighted chapter 50 . 9/16/2011
WOw. That was awesome. Really can't look forward to the sequel. But Kira's alive. His apparent death made their series a whole lot more interesting.
Connor Parafist chapter 50 . 9/16/2011
Well here we are. The end of Twilight. The end of a epic story that is only half way done. I have said in my other reviews that this is a unique story and is one of the best here on Fanfiction. I have also complimented you again and again on making this story have fantastic action, real-likable characters, and a story that is both original and exciting. Not many people are able to craft a story like you are able to Shadow Cell and this story has been a pleasure to read at every turn.

Eternity can not come soon enough and unless I am mistaken that is going to be the last part in this epic tale of lose, love, and action. Things are going to be heating up in the Cosmic Era and I am pleased to say that I am going to be apart of this story until it finishes.

Best of luck in all your writing endeavors and I look forward to Eternity!
19Gaspar90 chapter 50 . 9/16/2011
I must say that it was the best fanfiction on the Gundam Seed I have ever seen. Well, I'll be waiting with impatience "ETERNITY".

Full review I will write later.
19Gaspar90 chapter 49 . 9/15/2011
Remained one chapter. Only one chapter!
Gaby chapter 49 . 9/13/2011
It,s Good

Maybe you can do a Dark Mirror reality where the Plants/Coordinetors oppresse Natural under Destiny plan.
19Gaspar90 chapter 48 . 9/3/2011
Well, the final battle has begun. I look forward to wait for the last two chapters.
19Gaspar90 chapter 47 . 8/26/2011
Well, the final battle is about to begin. I look forward to wait for the last three chapters.
Omnicron25 chapter 46 . 8/22/2011
Oh my... Emily has gone the point of no return I fear. Anyway, I've been reading this little remake of SEED you've been working on for awhile now. Why I haven't reviewed till now is beyond me, but I love the shear amount of work and thought you have put into this. The character development, battle scene rendering, plot twists, and technical work is simply amazing. You have made Shinn one of my favorite characters and worthy of a Gundam in my eyes. Emily is getting there though. Also I'm glad you kept Rau, because very few "bad guys" can really gain my respect. Rau Le Ceruset is no 2D cardboard villain and you have depicted him well.
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