Reviews for Lonesome Hearts
Cecily chapter 90 . 4/14
That was just funny! Kids. Though I do hate that Rosalie had sex with both Edward and Emmett. I still do not care for that heartless whore one bit.
Cecily chapter 84 . 4/14
Thank god Bella is okay, it is a shame that Emmett will be raising some other man's kid.
Cecily chapter 81 . 4/14
Still hate Rosalie
Cecily chapter 79 . 4/14
Carmen is so right, and that is the reason why I just loathe Rosalie.
Cecily chapter 77 . 4/14
I seriously love Carmen.
Cecily chapter 76 . 4/14
I hate Jam s, but I am so thankful that he is stopping the men from raping Bella.
Cecily chapter 74 . 4/14
The first thing Rosalie did when she got to the ranch was ask how much money and land Emmett had. Now that she knows she will have a change of heart and agree to marry Emmett. What a money grubbing whore.
Cecily chapter 72 . 4/14
Go Carmen!
Cecily chapter 70 . 4/13
Bella has been kidnapped and who knows what the men are doing to her and Emmett is worried about Rosalie?! I hope he or Rosalie dies.
Cecily chapter 61 . 4/13
Rosalie never charged Edward? Does that mean that she had sex with Edward for free?
Cecily chapter 58 . 4/13
Ewww, I guess Emmett likes the taste of other men's sperm
Cecily chapter 55 . 4/13
Well, shit. I still love my Alice, though.
Cecily chapter 49 . 4/13
Hahaha! Jacob as Bella's present?! Classic.
Cecily chapter 32 . 4/13
I can understand why Rosalie became a prostitute, but being with Emmett when she knows he is engaged, makes her a disgusting tramp.
Cecily chapter 30 . 4/13
Rosalie really is a dirty skank isn't she? But Emmett is no better.
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