Reviews for All The Stars In The Sky
MWkillkenny84 chapter 4 . 3/31/2012
Read tha fic.

I will let my promoter speak now for the Truth on this fic.


Vote: 10
nightmaster000 chapter 4 . 4/29/2011
great chapter things are about to get very interesting can't wait for the next chapter
RandomNumbers523156 chapter 4 . 4/29/2011
Excellent, new chapter!

Poor Rossiu, but glad he's okay with Spiral Power working on his favor, but his vision was creepy, not only Chaos, but also Tyranids and Necrons; if everything is gonna be so screwed up, he should have seen a view of Rebecca Black too; but there's hope yet, I believe I know what he saw, hehe.

Kamina in this fic must be a very advanced spiral warrior to control so freely spiral energy, but now he's in the airship I hope to see what will happen. Yay, Viral gets a mention. It's nice to see Boota befriending DJ, that guy needs this.

So the airship is EVIL, no surprises. Leviathan is the name of a beast in the Book of Job, then its name was applied to designate some demons and, for another witty observation, in Latin, the first letter isn't spoken, so "daemon" sounds just like "demon", like "Caesar" sounds "Cesar" and so on (my professor once said this as a curiosity).

Nikigrotz is not an alien, just a boy with a rare skin condition, yep, everyone believes this and Baronne's warn must give them some preoccupation.

Now, Kamina's proper encounter with the kids will happen in the next chapter, but the khornates will attack the TD Earth? If this happen, I think they may have a change, but the planet probably will be doomed. Keep going!
Ri2 chapter 3 . 12/14/2010
And now for this one! I was looking forward to the next installment of this.

Nice one, Duncan.

Oh lord, what's this season going to be like?

So much food...

I'd feel sorry for Alejandro if I weren't laughing so hard at him.

Is there a hatch or are they messing with him?

So what will Sierra do?

Is Justin evil or not?

What's bad about eight outside of Discworld?

Does nobody like Total Drama Action?

I know, hard to believe there are scarier fans than Sierra, right?

I like Bridgette. She doesn't have an angle.

They can't have babies, Alejandro's a robot. How would that even work?

Looks like the season's off to a great start!

Oh. Hi Chris.

I don't think it's creepy.

Oh god, it's Big Brother all over again! But worse!

Yeah, Chris can be pure evil sometimes.


XD Oh, Sierra.

Owen is a nice guy.

Wait, are you suggesting something was causing that argument? Oooh.

Lousy mole people. Why don't they dig their tunnels somewhere else?

XD This Bishop guy is silly.

A bay window, man! A BAY WINDOW!

Never dismiss ANYTHING unusual as minor ever, you fool!

Oh, were the gorillas from Gorilla City? Was Grodd one of them?

XD I love the interaction between these two morons.


Oh yes, yell at the giant drilling alien spaceship. This will surely end well.

Hehehe. Gorbash is funny.

I'm glad good feels good.

Speaking of South Africa, that's where I'll be in a couple of weeks! What a funny coincidence, right?

Do the happy dance!

XD Kamina, you da awesome.

Da Word of Da Boss!

Aliens that are perfectly happy to get media coverage, huh? Don't get those often. Usually they want to remain secret or conquer the planet.

Ooh, prophetic dreams? Neat!

Izzy has fun wherever she goes.

...Izzy, you scare me.

It makes perfect sense that Izzy is so receptive to the Immaterium...because she's insane. And chaos comes naturally to her.

Why haven't Da Boyz stopped this yet? I thought it was what they did.

Nice room, Sierra.

Awww, that's so cute, they're rooming and working together!

Ew. They need to get out, methinks. And eat. And sleep. I'm getting worried about them.

Their celebration is cute and disturbing.

Their sharing a bed is both sweet and creepy, given the circumstances.

I think they've gone almost as insane as Izzy.

Hey, it's that Ork guy! Hi Ork guy!

Yep, those are Orks. Nice hat.


Izzy, you're very scary.

XD That's the best disguise ever.

Poor Noah. You're the only sane man left. That won't last long.

I'd ask how the Orks do this, but they're Orks, so it makes perfect sense.

It's Kamina! Yay!

Nice religious scripture.

It's so cute how they're both so focused on this and working together.

An Ork that does subterfuge? Impossible!

This is not a nice ship.

Well, I'm glad Rossiu's doing some good...of a sort.

They took him out of the robot? Darn. Is he hideously disfigured, at the very least?

Rossiu scares me.

Awww, poor kid.

You're not a Duncan fan, I take it.

This kid's life really sucked...

Stupid, stupid Duncan.

Well, this is getting disturbing.

That was way too close.

Hi Ezekiel! Bye Ezekiel!

The Mechanist? Who is he?

Da Boss certainly needs to know.

He's got a motorcycle? Cool! Does it have a drill on it?

Gorbash is awesome!

Are the Orks in that tank okay?

Da Orky Way rules. When it's used for good, I mean.

Here, here, Gritzgrotz!

When is Kamina not on fire?

That. Is an AWESOME motorcycle. Nothing less for Kamina, right?

Which army is Mei Fong unaware of?

That is an awesome armament on top of an awesome dinosaur! Do the Orks have anything that's NOT awesome?

I like that guy's hat.

The Orks are adorable. I love how they're so cheerful about being shot at by their own side.

Kamina is the awesomest guy ever. No wonder everyone loves him.


Is this green...Spiral? What's keeping it from destroying the universe? I thought that was a problem sometimes.

Wow, Yang's a dick.

And stupid. Kamina's not going to die, silly! He's Kamina! He can', okay, he can, but not right now!

The Dakkacycle is so beautiful. ALL of this is so beautiful. You're magnificent, man. I don't know how to top something this awesome.

Brakes? Blasphemy!

Boota is adorable. I want one!

A party? Oh boy, an Orky party! That's going to be awesome!

Hi Death! I'd forgotten you were in this story.

Well, I can't wait to see what you have planned next!
RandomNumbers523156 chapter 3 . 12/10/2010
Update good! So the contestants are now inside a big airship only to please the audience, but is Chris planning something greater? See, the Chaos has always existed, but why would they want to attack Total Drama Earth just now? Unless, Chris has something to do with this?

Noah is surely the smartest guy around, but even so it doesn't impede that he hang out with the crazy ones (Owen, Izzy, Sierra). Did I see a bit of Noah/Izzy?

Wilkus... did you based him on District 9? Zombie Zeke must be some type of hero to the orks.

Rossiu in this universe comes from North Korea. That's a good explanation, Adai and North Korea share some similarities, but Father Magin is nicer (and saner) than Kim Jong-Ill. It's better for him to take care, that was pretty creepy when the warp attacked him. Rossiu is pretty much in character (only but that I don't remember if he didn't matter to be called Forehead Boy by Kamina in the series).

Orks doing great stuff, with Kamina being crazy awesome, woo-hoo! Boota as a dinosaur, hehe, interesting.

Well, another good chapter, I'll look forward for updates (I still have to read you Kingdom Crossover story, but I'm still in the first chapter, in the part with Johnny). This takes the cake:


Izzy: "Worse... Or better?"
miliotras kurosaki chapter 1 . 11/8/2010
hahahaha at the random dreams but why a pool? BECAUSE POOLS OWN! anyways ill make a new review once i have more time read. keep wrighting and good luck!

proud owner of takeshi
ThunderRiver411 chapter 2 . 10/25/2010
This is looking great so far. So is this going to be something like 'World Tour' except they're going through different worlds for the challenges?
Ri2 chapter 2 . 10/23/2010
I'm reviewing this now since I have time, and I don't know when I'll get a chance to read the next part of Kingdom Crossovers, so here goes.

Not ANOTHER season. Those poor kids.


Why does it have sails? It's a spaceship!

I love that logo.

I'm guessing it helped. Whooo!

Is it Mork or Gork? Make up your minds already!

XD The Orks are hilarious. Any species that sees losing a limb as something to celebrate is okay in my book.


TV TIME! TV TIME! TV TIME! Awww, they're like little rowdy green children. I love them.

Ew, cheese on popcorn? Blech.

Aren't they villains, sort of?

They're ones to talk about sci-fi stuff working.

Kamina needs a lady boss.

...Orks aren't into sex? Oo

Oh dear. Kamina's going to make a man out of Cody. This cannot end well.

Is teaching the Spiral a good thing? I thought it could destroy the universe or something.

I can see their warp drive needs work.

Digging is something Kamina knows well, yes?

Noah! Owen! Buddies!

Is Izzy right? About the parasites?

They are big thighs.

Hey, where's Alejandro gone?

Oh, Izzy, you'll make a great Ork.

Oh, THERE'S Alejandro. He's a robot now. That sucks.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the omen. Guess it was true after all.

Awww, you're sweet, Owen.

Haven't they already jumped over sharks?

Makes sense to me. That's the way Chris works.

Oh, don't worry Alejandro, things are bound to get worse!

Oh lord, those all sound like...completely plausible reality show ideas.

Where'd the sphere come from? Oh, that's where. Nice airship.

Okay, where's the blimp from?

Oh lord, what horrible plans does Chris have in store this time?

Khorne's coming? Whuh-oh. Not good.
RandomNumbers523156 chapter 2 . 10/22/2010
I see, although this is an unplotted story, doesn't it have to be a bad story. On the contrary, this story is getting more and more interesting, not only because of CodyxSierra, but also because I watched TTGL last week, and combining both can be a great idea!

The Orks are fun, they gave a new meaning to the saying, "if life gives you lemons, put mechanical limbs on them." They watching TV is also pretty funny. Looks that Kamina put a little sense on them, but I still wonder about how did he become da boss of the orks? I believe this will be answered in future chapters, but I think there is an important question here: your fic continues TDWT from where it stopped, but about TTGL, is here an AU, other continuity, since there's no reference to Simon or Yoko, or other? I also found interesting that Kamina became interested in Cody; since Simon is a bit based on Shinji Ikari (but much more competent) and Cody is a Canadian Shinji, in my opinion, it makes sense.

It's amazing, you managed to make Sierra creepier, but this seems to make her even more likeable. Seems that TVTropes also ruined her life, hehe. Rossiu is here, I had the feeling that Duncan would call him Forehead Boy, but okay. Waiting for the next chapter, Khorne is coming, I hope he brings Khorne flakes.
Ri2 chapter 1 . 10/18/2010
Well, THIS should be an interesting crossover...

Canada, eh?

Dammit Crowley, quit screwing with people's minds!

They have...of course they do. Hail Canada! I hear they'll one day conquer the US with dinosaurs.

You know, this show is so crazy that challenge fits right in.

Hey, Ezekiel! Still insane, huh? That's nice.

How did the sharks run?

Should I know who Rossiu is?

It's really, really big. Got it.

It's the Orks! Should I cheer or weep?

Wait. Why is their boss human? They kill humans! And eat them! And stuff.

Is that...Kamina?

And what's Gork and Mork?

Spiral power pupil?


You know, it makes perfect sense for the Orks to have Spiral power...

Awww, I'm glad they're friends now.

And Cody's pretty blase to her attempts by now, the poor lad.

Yep, it's an omen.


The sad thing is, Sierra might have been right. Or not. Hard to say.

Hi, Death!

Death of Kindness? Does that mean he's a kindly death, or he's the death of kind things? As, you know.

And...which FMA guy is this weirdo?
RandomNumbers523156 chapter 1 . 10/8/2010
This seems interesting. Everything I know about Warhammer 40k comes from TVTropes (they have a quite interesting article there) and Gurren Langan is in my list of shows to watch (I always procastinate to download the darn torrent), but this seems interesting. I also love Cody/Sierra and I'd like to see what will happen (I don't know but I recently I thought "what if Sierra wields a chainsaw sword? It'd be cool" may this happen here, hehe).